A Slave Called Daisy Pt. 01

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Authors Note: No one in this story is underage. The main character is 18 years old.


Right as the sun began to set, Masta Kingsley came riding up on his great black stallion. Upon his arrival, Mama quickly ushered Pa and me out of the hut. Hours had passed since Pa stormed off so I decided it was best to sit down near the lake, with my feet in the water.

I knew why Pa was mad; the presence of Masta Kingsley made his blood boil. I knew what the business was that Ma conducted with Masta Kingsley; Masta was fucking my mama. How could I not? After Masta Kingsley would leave, I would come back to the hut and be greeted with a strong musty scent. This scent was something I’d smelled before. Late at night when Ma and Pa thought I was sleep, in our cramped one room hut, I’d hear Pa grunting and see him moving on top of Ma. In return I’d hear Ma moaning and a sloppy wet sound every time Pa moved. I knew Pa was over there fucking Ma, just like I soon learned Masta Kingsley was fucking Ma.

Masta Kingsley seemed to be in there longer than usual. My stomach was starting to cramp, begging for dinner. I made up my mind to go take a little peek in the window to see what was taking so long. I crouched along the yard and hoped I didn’t cast a shadow in the window. I stood on top of the scrubbing stone and rose up slowly.

The first thing I saw was Masta Kingsley’s tight tanned ass. I was mesmerized with what I saw; he was plowing into mama with a great speed. I watched the way his balls slapped against mama’s pussy with each thrust. Mama’s legs were raised up high in the air with her toes curled.

“P-please Masta”, she cried.

Mama started to shake violently and next thing I knew, a gush of fluids shot out of her.

Masta Kingsley wasted no time in flipping Mama over. The sheer gaze of the moon pierced through the window nearby and illuminated the juices that laid at the base of his penis, still buried in the mass of curled hair. I peeked over the window more, somehow mesmerized by the rhythmic squelch of their combined fluids.

With my eyes fixed on their motions I felt a resounding ache deep within my stomach. It wasn’t a hunger pang but… I bit my lip as I saw Mama’s ass bouncing on the thrusts of Masta Kingsley. The brief glimpses of his pale penis continued to feed the ache inside me. I suddenly felt something wet trickle down my leg. Lifting my dress I touch the wet trail on my leg curiously.

“Sticky”, I mumble as I rub the mysterious substance between my fingers.

My eyes follow up the trail and see that it’s coming from my pussy. I spread my lips open, revealing its pink insides. A breeze starts up and takes advantage of my exposure and I begin to tremble. Still holding my dress up I look back up through the window. I start to think güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri back to a trick my friend Anne showed me before.

“Listen Daisy, men are greedy dogs. They only care about pleasing themselves. Us women had to learn to please ourselves so we developed this technique,” Anne preached.

I listened and looked tentatively that day. However I never had the nerve to try what she taught me until now. Watching Anne buck around the barn that day, I didn’t understand how a woman could feel such pleasure until now. Looking at mama now riding on top of Masta, I took my right hand and began to caress the bud between my lips. I felt a pool of heat building in my belly.

“Coat your fingers with your juice and use that as lubricant to get your fingers inside your pussy,” lectured Anne.

Rubbing my pointer finger in my wetness I squat down slightly and try to slip it in. After a few tries I finally find the right spot and my pussy accepts it snuggly. Slowly I pull my finger in and out. Rubbing my bud and fingering myself, my breath becomes shallow. It feels like my pussy is getting tighter and tighter. I can hear my juices and start to move faster. I think back to how I saw Mama gushing. I want to do that too. I feel something building up inside. I don’t know what it is but it feels good. Maybe this is what Anne called…an orgasm. I’m so close, I don’t know what’s happening but I know I’m close.

“What in the hell do you think you doing,” someone shouts.

Right before I could hit my peak, I turn and find Pa standing right behind me. I struggle to fix my clothes.

“P-pa I-I wasn’t… it wasn’t what it looked like,” I plead with tears in my eyes.

Pa stumbles forward towards me making me back up against the wall of the hut.

“Not what it looked like?” he questions. “Well it looks like you was digger for gold in that black cunt of yours!”

“I’m sorry Pa, I’m sorry. Please don’t tell Mama,” I plead quietly. I pray that Masta and Ma don’t hear us.

Pa stares at me with vacant eyes; I think he’s drunk. He’s standing so close to me that I can smell alcohol on his clothes.

“Be quiet now or else Ma will find out,” he threatens.

I start to nod my head in response and was about to take a a celebratory deep breath when Pa suddenly started to unfasten his belt.

“Pa what are you…, I’m slapped before I can finish my sentence.

Pa’s pants have dropped to the floor now and before me is a giant black cock. I try to move away but he snatches me by my hair and pulls me close.

“Do as I say Daisy and Mama won’t find out. Now open your fucking mouth.”

I open my mouth slowly and in comes Pa. He thrusts straight in with no warning and I gag instantly.

“Suck it,” he orders.

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wanted to scream, I wanted to resist, but I ain’t want Mama or Masta to hear. Either one of them would kill me for spying, so I obeyed. I never sucked before, I wasn’t t sure what to do. I started to bob my head back and forth, swirling my tongue around the head. His coarse pubic hair tickled my nose and it held a musty scent. Every time I slowed he’d grabbed me by the hair and start fucking my face. My eyes were watery, my nose was running, my saliva had dropped on my dress creating a large wet patch and my jaw was sore.

“Lay down now!,” he commanded.

I laid down quickly thankful for the break my mouth received. Pa yanked my dress and snatched my panties off. I was so scared of what Pa was going to do that couldn’t speak. All I could do was shiver in the dirt. He took my wet panties and stuck them in my mouth.

“Look at your cunt. It’s like you a damn river. I bet you’d tase just like your mother,” he whispered wickedly.

I started shaking my head furiously begging him with his eyes to leave me alone. But he ignored me and hurried his face between my legs. I was happy for the panties in my mouth now because the shriek I let out would have been loud. Pa took his tongue and flicked my little bud and I couldn’t help but arch off the ground, shoving myself closer to him. He then moved down further, licking at my entrance. I start to move my hands in an attempt to push him away but he gives me a look as if daring me to interrupt.

“Take those hands of yours and unbutton your dress now,” he growls out before going back to his meal.

With trembling hands I unbutton the dress fast. He then slaps my hands out the way and grabs my breasts and squeezes them hard. Pa started pinching my nipples and sucking on my bud at the same time and I started getting hot. I feel like I needed to pee and tried to fight my way away from him but he just pulled me closer. Suddenly I arched off the ground and just like Mama, liquid gushed out of me and all over Pa’s face. I convulsed on the ground, covering my mouth.

“Gusher just like your mama. Now for the real fun,” he grinned.

Pa pulls me out of my fetal position and back on my back. He spreads my legs and I see him reaching for his cock. I snatch the panties out my mouth alarmed.

“Pa, no! Please don’t do this, I’m your daughter,” I whisper through tears.

He places his hand on my mouth and smiles. “No, I’m not,” and then he thrusts into me.

I scream into his hand and started hitting at his chest. It hurts, it hurts so bad. But underneath the pain, there’s a little bit of pleasure. I can’t give into it.

“Your Mama is a liar and a cheat. I’m not your daddy. I had no part in making güvenilir bahis şirketleri you,” he confesses as he removes his hand from mouth.

“W-who?,” I whimper out.

“Ain’t it obviously. Kingsley is your daddy. He a ni**** loving white man. He’s been coming out here for years to fuck your whore of a mother,” he answers.

My hands clench into fists. I can’t believe Mama has been lying to me all these years.

He chucked at my angered expression, “Oh and that’s not all. You know your mama is planning to sell you to Kingsley in exchange if your freedom.”

I look at him and I can tell he’s not joking. I feel so empty. I’m laying here in the dirt with a man who I thought was my father for the last eighteen years pounding into me and inside my mother his fucking Masta Kingsley… my real father. So this is the true feeling of slavery. This is my purpose in life, to be fucked with. Then fine, I might as well enjoy it.

“Harder,” I grunt and wrap my legs around him.

He starts thrusting his big cock into me. It was hurting before but know it felt great. It almost filled the hole inside of me that was created by my mother’s betrayal. I could hear the wet sounds my pussy mad every time he trusted in. I loved hear my juices. I loved the idea that I was fucking right under my mother’s and real father’s noses. I wish they would come out here and see us. See they property laid out in the dirt like a whore taking a giant cock in her pussy.

“I’m about to cum,” he growls out and it looks like he’s about to pull out.

“No, leave it in. Cum in me! Cum in my fucking cunt!

He smiles briefly, pushes my legs up towards my head and power fucks me. My large breasts bounces wildly and my gets wetter. Before long, with some deep thrusts he empties his load in me and I clench my pussy, milking him dry.

“Clean up. They should be done soon,” he instructs and then disappears.

I go and rinse of in the lake quickly, dry and redress just in time to see Masta Kingsley living the hut. He jumps on his horse and rides into the moon light. I heard home. When I come through the door I see Mama opened the window in an attempt to air out the scent of sex but I can still smell it. There’s also a wet stain on the floor boards from when I saw her gush our that liquid.

Mama sees me staring at the wet spot, “Something wrong Daisy?”

“Not at all,” I snap.

“Daisy Anne Marie, I don’t know what’s your problem but you better tone it down little girl,” she retorts. “Now, go pack your bags. You going somewhere tomorrow.”

“Where?” I ask.

“Masta Kingsley bought you from Masta Peters. You going to tend to his new wife,” she responds.

So he was right. Mama did sell me. With a straight face, I pack my sack and lay down on my mat in the corner. I don’t bother to eat dinner and I refuse to speak for the rest of the night. At some point I hear “pa” come home and him and ma fuck like nothing ever happened. I close my eyes and try to ignore them.

I’m suddenly woken with a rough shake, the sun is coming in bright.

“Get up girl. Masta is here.”

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