A Sticky Situation Ch. 05

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School seemed entirely pointless these days. I sat in my chair in Spanish class squirming uncomfortably. I couldn’t wait to get home. The past three weeks had been more than amazing with dad. He’d been working out with me, taking long runs with me at night, and we’d end up in the park alone, making love beneath the branches of a willow tree. With him on top of me, inside of me, the whole world seemed to stop. All I could see was his eyes and he only had eyes for me.

Mom had been away on a business trip and I was glad of it, because when she was around I felt more than a little guilty. It was true that their marriage was simply for show, yet she was still my mother, no matter what else was going on. With her gone, it also gave me a few chances to slip into his bed at night, and climb on top of him when he was asleep and his cock was hard. I’d just shimmy down on top of him and ride him hard, waking him, and he’d look up at me in amazement as I took him with me as waves of pleasure rocketed through my veins. I loved making my daddy cum. I liked seeing the tiny rivulets of white shining on my skin afterwards, the musky manly smell of him woven with my young girl scent. He sometimes pretended that he didn’t want me, that what we were doing was wrong, but I’d convinced him that things were better this way.

My dad had started talking dirty to me when we’d be watching TV on the couch at night. He’d whisper “Is my little bitty girl all wet for her daddy?” and I’d smile up at him adoringly. Then he’d part my legs and run his finger up the inside of my thigh to my soaking wet crotch. He’d run lazy circles up and down my slit getting my panties sticky with my juices. It was times like these where it seemed that he was over feeling guilty for his actions. It had taken a little bit of convincing on my part to get him to see it my way. We were two people really, and the fact that we were father and daughter really didn’t matter.

After the first time he’d fucked me at Bart’s house, my dad had clammed up again. This time I didn’t let him have his solitude. I’d worn the most sexy and provocative outfits I owned and even borrowed a few from friends. I’d paraded around in front of him in the living room and would sit down on his lap, wiggling against his crotch until I’d get a slight moan or feel him grow hard beneath me. I had to do it when Kyle and Em were around so that he wouldn’t rebuff me. After one night when I’d teased him mercilessly, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I felt him behind me. His hands gripped my hips painfully and pulled me back against his rock hard cock. “You think you can just do whatever you want and get away with it?” he’d whispered menacingly. Then he’d hiked up my shirt and molded my breasts with his hands while his cock seemed to be pushing my thighs apart. I’d eagerly spread my legs for him and with a gasp he filled me. He shoved my head forward practically into the sink as he took me, fucking me so hard I nearly cried. I was paying for what I’d done to him; I knew that I deserved it. Every thrust was more powerful than the last and just when I thought the assault was over, he turned me roughly, and picked me up, setting me on top of the counter. He’d pried my legs apart forcefully and slid his manhood into me once again. “Put your hands around daddy’s neck.” He’d ordered and I could do nothing but obey. He crushed me to him and fucked me there on the countertop.

Tears clouded my vision but at the same time, a heat had begun to grow inside of me, a primal and deep heat that was causing my pussy to clench around his bahis firmaları cock. “That’s right, I can do this to you too.” I came then, and sobbed as fire raced upward, filling me with a molten pleasure at my center. I felt him convulse with me and his hot liquid shot deep inside of me. We panted together, and leaned against one another for what seemed an eternity. Slowly he pulled himself away from me and kissed me tenderly on the lips. “Baby, you’re driving me nuts. I can’t control myself anymore. I tried so hard to not want you but then you do those things deliberately and I can’t not react to it. Just remember Kerry…you’re a big girl and you’ve made a choice to pursue this with me. I’m not going to be the only one responsible, you understand? This is your last chance, we can stop this here and now and go back to having a normal relationship…or we can have this. And I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop. It’s up to you.”

I had made my decision. I couldn’t go back to having a normal relationship with him, not after what we’d done. Thus, I’d had three weeks of wonderful sex with a man that I not only admired, but loved. The bell rang. I jumped up quickly and raced to my locker. I grabbed my books and was walking home when a car pulled up next to me.

“Hey kiddo, need a ride?” Uncle Bart smiled down at me.

“Sure.” I said eagerly, thinking I’d get home quicker.

I climbed in and we sped off, but after awhile I realized we weren’t headed back to my house. I looked over at him and he smiled at me. He reached out and took my hand in his.

“Where are we going?” I asked timidly. He didn’t answer but kept on driving. We were out of the town now, on a country road that led to the mountains.

“Uncle Bart?”

“Relax Kerry. We’re going to go somewhere where we can have a little privacy.”

A tiny knot of fear filled my stomach. I remembered what had happened at the pool, when he’d kissed me. All sorts of torrid and fearful thoughts entered my mind but when we took a left turn I finally relaxed. We were headed towards the family cabin. Surely this was a surprise, my dad had promised me a week ago that we’d go up there and have some time alone. Then suddenly Bart pulled off to the side of the road. The air was hot and still. No one was around.

“Kerry we need to talk about what happened.”

“Why? It was nothing, really.”

“It was for me.”

I could only stare at him.

“Girl…you are so hot. With that tight little swimsuit I could see everything.”

I looked out the window and he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Kerry…I saw what you and your daddy did.”

I jerked in surprise and dismay.

“That’s right,I saw you fuck your daddy. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time now. Every night Kerry, when I fuck your Aunt, I’m thinking about the two of you, but especially you.”

“Shut up.”

“I will on one condition…see I bet that you and my dear brother have had a thing going for quite awhile now, am I right? Father’s don’t just fuck their daughter’s like that unless things have been hot and heavy before. Tell me what you did Ker. Tell me everything in detail and I won’t ever mention this again.”

I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Well, you can tell me, or you can show me. Your choice.”

I thought about it. I really liked keeping things a secret. All of the times with my dad were kind of sacred to me. At the same time, I’d never even considered Bart in a sexual way. I looked him over. He was a little taller than my dad, and a few years younger. The kaçak iddaa same golden hair, the same tanned skin and tight body. They really did look a lot alike. I felt my pussy pulse slightly. I realized I was incredibly horny. I didn’t know if it was thinking about my dad or the possibility that Bart might touch me here in the middle of nowhere. What if I refused to do either? Would he lean over and pull me underneath him? Would he pull my legs apart and fuck me here in his truck? My pussy was drenched as these thoughts swept through me. It was wrong to be turned on by something that should have been so vile, and yet…I was.

“What would I have to show you?” I stalled.

He looked taken aback by my question.

“You serious? I hadn’t thought that you’d even consider…”

“Consider what?” I pushed.

“Touching me. Letting me touch you like Jake did.”

“Well…I’m considering.”

“Wow” he whispered softly. “Kerry baby, you don’t have to…”

“Maybe I want to.” I was feeling incredibly reckless. I wondered what it would be like, they were brothers after all. They looked so much alike. I realized then I’d made my decision. I took off my seatbelt and faced him. I lifted my shirt over my head and undid my bra. My breasts fell out before his hungry eyes. He looked like a wolf, ready to pounce on its prey. I unbuckled my skirt and pulled the zipper down. I lifted my butt off the seat and slid out of the skirt, pulling my white cotton panties with it. He glanced down at them and I followed his eyes, to see the damp crotch, sticky with my cream.

“Oh my God Kerry. You are so damn beautiful.”

He seemed frozen, unable to do anything but drink me in with his eyes. I decided to help him. I reached for him and tugged his shirt over his head. I reached down to his pants and undid the belt buckle.

“I can do it sweetheart.” He said huskily and pulled them off.

His cock was thick and hard, the veins almost seemed to pulse. He reached down to his cock and played with it, running his fingers up and down the shaft, letting his fist encircle it. He started jerking it, watching me, his lips parted, his eyes glazed over. I suddenly realized that he didn’t intend to fuck me; he just wanted to see me naked. I was frustrated. After all this, he wants to jerk off? My fantasy about him fucking me roughly in the truck seemed to evaporate. I was a little pissed off. Who does he think he is?

I laid down then, parting my thighs, showing him my pussy. He gasped. I ran my finger up and down my wet slit, lingering on the button of my clit. With a grunt he pushed himself up and leaned over me. I felt his hard cock against my thigh.

“You like what you see?” I taunted.

He looked down at me with a grim expression.

“Kerry… all I wanted was to hear about what you two did. I had to know. My imagination has been going crazy. I didn’t plan on this exactly.”

“Well what’s the plan now?” I had succeeded on turning the table.

“With you looking like this, with your little cunny practically in my face…You want it don’t you? You want my cock inside you just like your daddy. You want to know if I’m any better, that it?”

I smiled sexily.

“All right Kerry. All right.”

He rammed me then, his cock filling me to the hilt.

“Yes baby…take my cock. Take it all.”

I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, he was humping me quickly, never letting his cock get too far out of my pussy. He opened his eyes then and leaned forward kissing me passionately. Our tongues entwined and his kaçak bahis flesh was a heavy mass of muscle on my supple young body. He leaned back then and pulled my legs around his head. He reared up and plowed me. My pussy bounced off of the solidity of him. Slapping wet sounds filled the space between us. He grunted with each thrust. He was staring at my tits, bouncing with abandon.

“You’re such a little girl Kerry. You’re so little. God yes…”

I cried out as he pummeled me, slamming into me so forcefully. He parted my legs then as far as they could go and lazily let his cock slide in and out of me so slowly. He watched our fucking like he’d never seen a cock inside of a pussy before. He then began to pick up pace, he leaned over me, an animal once more and fucked me until I couldn’t think. My pussy was raw with the carnage he was causing. His cock was so much thicker than my dad’s.

“Such a little whore…my little baby Kerry. Call me daddy. Call me daddy.”

What spurred me on was something so far beyond logic. Some animal took control of me then.

“Daddy fuck me. Please fuck me harder. MMMmmm daddy your cock is so big. It’s filling my little pussy up. Oh daddy I like it so much. Are you going to give me your white stuff daddy? Please….I’ll be a good little girl for you.”

He groaned loudly and I felt his sperm fill me to overflowing. Like a river it filled me completely and gushed out as he withdrew his cock. His cock was sticky and wet with both of our juices. I leaned up and then over, and took his cock into my mouth. I slurped up the results of our sex and found them satisfying. When I was done his cock was flaccid against my lips.

“Holy shit Kerry. Holy shit. You do this with Jake all the time? When did it start? The lucky bastard.”

I smiled. “You said I could tell you or I could show you. I just showed you. Take me home now.”

He shook his head in disbelief. I reached down for my panties and pulled them back up around my hips along with my skirt. I put my bra back on and slid my shirt over my head. I looked over and Bart was once again dressed.

“Do you think we can ever…do this again?” he asked hopefully.

“I don’t think so.” I murmured.

“Why not? You let your dad fuck you all the time.”

“That’s not true.”

“The hell it isn’t. Please fuck me harder daddy.” He mocked.

“Even if it is, what business of it is yours?” I retorted.

“Oh it’s my business now. I have the goods on you. But I could be persuaded to forget all about it, you just have to show a little good faith now and then.”

“Fuck you Bart.”

“Yes please.”

“If you think you can blackmail me, think again. You just fucked me. I have your cum in my pussy. If I went to the cops I could tell them you raped me. So shut up and forget about it.”

He looked hurt. “Fine Kery. Have it your way. I’m sorry I got tangled up in this whole sick thing anyway. You’re really a piece of work. I wasn’t even going to touch you.”

I suddenly felt sick. Why had I done it? I guess he just reminded me of my dad. But he wasn’t my dad and he wasn’t nearly as good. Even Kyle fucked me better than that. I hadn’t even cum. Hmm…Kyle. He’d been home from basketball camp for two weeks but had been pretty busy. He got a job working after school and didn’t usually get home until we’d all gone to bed. I thought that as soon as he got back he’d try to get into my pants. I knew what a little perv my brother was. I wondered why he hadn’t tried anything. It was really weird. I knew that I’d been hanging out with my dad a lot…and then it dawned on me. I’d been hanging out with my dad. Kyle hadn’t had any opportunity. Well…I was still horny. I hadn’t cum even though I’d been fucked hard. Maybe Kyle could help me out…

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