A Summer Shave

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Sometimes the naughtiest nights begin innocently enough. As a matter of fact, I would say that most of them do. That’s just the way it goes I guess.

This is one of those times. One of those times when honesty, and boredom and drinking all lead down a path you weren’t expecting. Least of all from someone you’re related to…

Summers in Louisiana are hot, and long and boring. When the mercury gets over 90, all you want to do is stay in the air-conditioning and leave the heat outside. This particular summer I was staying with my cousins from the country. I was sent there, right after my 18th birthday by my parents who thought I would benefit from getting out of the city for a while, and staying on their farm.

My cousins’ names were Bob and Kay Lynn. Kay was my age, and she was a really pretty, in a country girl sort of way. She had long blond hair, (contrast to my red), and although she was only slightly overweight for her height, most of it was located in her breasts and her hips. She had filled out a little late and all of her clothes looked to be about a size and a half too small for her, her tits pressing and straining against her tops. She wore her shorts just a little low on her hips so they would button easier.

Bob was a different story. He was a couple of years older than us, and his body was hard from working on the farm his whole life. He was tall and handsome and in this heat, he almost never buttoned his shirt, or worked without one while he was outside.

Only a year or two earlier had I begun to realize that I was not just attracted to boys, but girls as well. I can clearly remember waiting around after gym class to see some of the other girls changing and the anxiety it caused when I realized that it made me wet to do this. I remember the first time I woke up after dreaming about a girl and touched myself, surprised at how wet and ready I was. The panties that I had slept in that night were soaked and when I shifted the covers I was assaulted by the musky smell of my sex: hot and earthy. The puddle I made that morning while I was exploring this new fantasy soaked clean through to the mattress and left a stain. A small reminder of the changes I was feeling.

But by the time I went to stay with my cousins I had come to grips with my sexuality and thoroughly enjoyed looking at both of them.


Kay and I shared a bathroom that summer, and although I was turned on by her, I did not want her to know. I tried not to use the bathroom when she was around, but she was very open and it was hard not to.

That morning I got up and went into the bathroom to take a bath, and just soak before the day started. I slept in my panties were grey cotton, and to my dismay they were wet again. I took off my shirt as well and took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. There aren’t many girls that can say they love their body just the way it is, but I do. I am skinny, without being bony. My breasts are a large B cup, and I have very white skin with light colored nipples. This morning my nipples were hard and poking out from the night’s dreams. I turned to the side a bit to take in my own ass. It’s nice and round, just the way it should be, and I have a little dusting of freckles just above the crack in the back. I thought again how I would never get a tattoo there because of the freckles. I wouldn’t want to cover them up. I keep my little pussy shaved, not really because I expected anyone to see it, but because I think it’s so pretty when it’s perfectly bald. My clit was just poking out this morning, and I could see a little glistening where the lips met. I wanted to finger myself so badly it almost hurt, but I was scared of making noise and being heard. The old farm house had drafts and thin walls and my aunt and uncle slept just behind the wall the bath tub sat against.

Instead I just drew a bath and eased myself into the too hot water. I soaped up, careful not to touch myself anywhere too sensitive, knowing that if I did, there would be no stopping my desires.

After I finished with the bath proper, I just laid back in the murky soap filled water to relax. Living with other people in a strange place was stressful and I needed time to myself. The fact I hadn’t come in over casino şirketleri a week of living here wasn’t helping either.

I heard the door creek open suddenly, and my eyes flew open and I tried to cover myself. Kay came in quickly and scoffed at my trying to cover up.

“Silly, it’s just you and me,” she said. “You ain’t got nothing I ain’t seen before. Anyway I’m sorry to interrupt your bath, but I just couldn’t hold it anymore.”

I slowly lowered my arms to my sides again, and just stared at Kay. She was gorgeous. Her silky blind hair was messed up from sleeping, and hung behind her shoulders. She was wearing an old, thin, white tee-shirt and I could clearly see the nipples of her large breasts pocking through. They were darker than mine, and the little shirt that was too tight did a poor job of hiding them from my gaze. The fabric strained to hold her in. Her panties were more like shorts, boxer briefs, loose and a shocking color of purple. Before I even knew what was happening she had pulled them down and sat on the toilet, less than a foot and a half from where my head was.

As soon as she sat, she started to piss, and I couldn’t help but turn my head to the side and look. Her legs were spread, just a little, and I could see the top of her blond bush. She leaned forward, giving me a great look down her shirt and into the space between her breasts.

“God,” she said. “I just couldn’t hold it any longer.”

She paused, and wiped once, and then leaned farther over the tub. She made me uncomfortable with how close she was.

“Do all of the girls in the city do that?”

“Do what,” I asked. I was so distracted by her body, and how close she was I wasn’t thinking too clearly.

She pointed between my legs, “Do all the girls from the city shave themselves like that?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I always did it because I liked the way it looked. But I don’t think everyone does.”

“Maybe, I should.”

With that she slipped the purple off her ankles and leaned back on the toilet. She spread her legs and touched her bush. Her hair down there was light blond, and perfectly straight, not curly. The lips of her pussy were large and round and slightly parted, visible through the hair. She slid her index finger back and forth through the hair a few times, moving it from side to side, exposing herself completely for me.

The water in the tub had long since cooled, but there was a new heat coming from between my legs. I was breathing too quickly and I felt flushed. I was suddenly terrified that she would realize how turned on I was.

“Well, what do you think? Should I shave it like yours? I’m kind of scared I might cut myself.”

“I… I don’t know. That’s up to you.”

With that she giggled a little bit. She stood up and turned around to flush the toilet. I got a great view of the underside of her ass. He legs were spread just enough for me to see her pussy from behind. When she bent over to pick up her purple shorts, her lips spread ever so slightly, and I could smell her; she was only inches from my face. Her pussy smelled sweater than mine did. She turned and walked out, taking her shirt off and throwing both into the clothes hamper.

I was so horny I was trembling. As soon as she shut the door, I got out of the tub and locked the door to her room first, then the one to mine. I spread a large towel on the tile floor and lay on my back. I rolled a hand towel up, and bit down on it so I wouldn’t make any noise. I closed my eyes and spread my legs and set to fingering myself. I used the other hand to pinch my nipples, hard, and it wasn’t long before my hips were bucking off the floor on their own.

My orgasm was hard and wet, squirting onto the towel and my thighs. The movement of my hand and wrist spread it onto my stomach.

I laid there for a long time trying to get my breathing under control again. When I felt steady enough to stand, I took the towel out of my mouth, ran it under some warm water, and wiped myself off to clean up the mess my juices had made. When the towel brushed slightly against my clit, I flinched. It was too tender to touch after coming so hard.

I always have to piss right after an orgasm. I sat on the toilet, and let it flow from me. I thought of my cousin casino firmalari sitting there a few minutes ago, and hurried up to leave before I got turned on again. One time was pushing it. Twice was begging to be caught.


A few nights later Kay Lynn and I were sitting in her room drinking some Tequila she had smuggled upstairs. Everyone else in the house was asleep and we were chatting and gossiping. The more we drank the more she would talk; she wasn’t as used to tequila as I was. It was too hot in the house to begin with, so we were sweating more and more as we drank.

She was wearing another tight white shirt without a bra, and her sweat only accentuated her nipples. This shirt didn’t have sleeves, and her large round breasts protruded from the arm holes. Her stomach was exposed, and I made a mental mote that her middle was flatter than I had realized. All that extra weight was only in her breasts and hips.

A little bead of sweat ran down her flat stomach and was absorbed in her blue jean shorts. She was sitting on the bed, leaning against the head board with her tanned legs curled under her. She was the picture of sex, and I already felt myself getting turned on.

I was laying across the foot of the bed in a loose blue shirt and a pair of boy-cut gym shorts. I hadn’t bothered to wear panties because of the heat, and I began to worry about getting a wet spot in my shorts. When I get horny my cunny positively starts to drip.

“So I was thinking about it, and I think I want to try it, but I’m still a little worried about how,” she said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Shaving my pussy, silly. I think I want mine to look like yours, but I’m worried about cutting myself.”

“It’s not hard, you just be careful and watch what you’re doing. I’ve never had a problem.”

“That may be easy for you to say,” she commented a little indignantly, “But I can’t see past my tits.”

As if to demonstrate, she uncurled her legs from under her and thrust her hips into the air. She looked down, and the problem was apparent, she really couldn’t see past her large breasts. Watching her arch off the bed like that, I felt the heat between my legs double and the first little drops of wetness leak onto my shorts.

“I can see the problem,” I said.

“Good, then you’ll help?”


“You’ll help me shave it right? So it will look like yours?”

I was horny and wet and I was way too drunk and all I could think to say was: “sure.”


She jumped off the bed, and dropped her shorts on the way to the bathroom. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties underneath the shorts, and like all of her other clothes they were too tight. They had slipped down so the crack of her ass was showing and had wedged themselves between her cheeks.

“What, now,” I asked lamely.

“Yes now. That’s why I’ve been drinking. I would have been too shy to do this sober.”

I followed her into the bathroom and somehow I knew this was going to be more than just another night for either of us.

She retrieved her razor from the cabinet and pulled her panties off. I was standing in the door way looking at her. She looked at her own bush in the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Are you sure you want to do this,” I asked.


With that she turned around and hopped up on the bathroom counter. I was still standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame. She held out the razor for me, and I stepped into the bathroom to take it.

“One problem though, we’re out of shaving cream, so we’re going to have to use soap.”

Her shirt was positively transparent now. My shorts were wet and clinging to me, but my shirt was long enough to cover it. She turned on the faucet and grabbed the bar of soap with her left hand. She ran them both under the water, and then turned the soap in her hand to work up lather.

Without hesitation she rubbed the soap into her bush until it was well lubricated.

“So, how do you want to do this,” she asked.

I was too horny to object to anything anymore. The thought of playing with another woman’s pussy was turning me on beyond belief. The very idea that it was my cousin, güvenilir casino and how beautiful her lush body was, was indescribable.

“Scoot to the edge, so I can get too it better. And spread your legs some more.”

She complied readily. I kneeled on the floor in front of her, and between her legs. She leaned back with her head against the mirror and her breasts jutting out.

With precision and delicacy, I started scraping the hair from her pussy. I started with the area under her stomach. Then I moved down to her lips. I had to use two hands here to spread them open. My fingers brushed against her clitoris, and she moaned just a little.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’m just not used to so much attention down there.”

“That’s okay; I have the same reaction when I shave mine.”

“Have you ever cum from doing it?”

My cheeks flushed. I was shaving my cousin Kay’s pussy and we were talking about orgasms.

“Yeah, sometimes,” I said. “But you can’t help it. It’s natural to get excited when you are touching yourself there.”

“Good, then I don’t feel so bad. I bet it’s hard to tell with all the soap, but I think I’m really wet. If I cum before you finish shaving me I’m going to be really embarrassed.”

“Do you want me to stop,” I asked.

“Fuck no, It feels really good.”

I smiled and went back to my task. I was feeling more comfortable now knowing that she liked my hands on her, so I was rubbing a little more than I had to. Her pussy was almost bare now, but I was still enjoying myself, so I kept working. I met the thumb of my left hand rub against her clit again, and she gasped. I saw her pussy contract, then relax.

“Sorry,” she said again. “I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s alright, I like knowing that you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Sarah,” she asked. “Are you turned on from shaving me like this?”

I hesitated. I made the last three strokes of the razor without saying anything. I set the razor in the sink, but I kept my left hand on her slit. She was very warm, and I was sure all of the moisture I was feeling was not from the shaving water.

“Yes,” I said. “I’m very turned on. You have a gorgeous body, and I like touching you. I like looking at your pussy, and I like making you gasp.”

With that, I flicked my thumb over her clit again.

She gasped, just like I knew she would. The muscles of her groin convulsed.

“Do you want me to finish what I started,” I asked.

Her voice was very small. Almost shameful, but ardent.

“Yes,” she whispered.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her hips into my face. She was already wet, and swollen, and there was no reason for me to tease her. Besides I didn’t have it in me to wait any longer. I immediately attacked her clit with my tongue, and slid a finger from my right hand into her. No sooner than my finger was inside her, than she started to come. Her pussy was tight and gripped my finger with her spasms.

She moaned a few times, and I had to reach up and put my hand over her mouth so no one heard.

When the last of her contractions stopped, I lowered my hand, and rested my cheek against the inside of her thigh.

“Thank you,” she said in the same small whisper.

I stood and my knees wouldn’t quite hold me up. I steadied myself on the counter. Seeing my shakiness, she lifted my shirt to my waist and looked at the spot between my legs. I was soaked. My shorts clung to me, and thin as they were, I was sure she could see the outline of my swollen lips.

“Well,” she said in a much steadier voice. “I guess it’s your turn.”

She used her other hand and lifted my shirt all the way off. I raised my arms to let her. My breasts weren’t nearly as large as hers, but they were well formed and very white. They had flushed from my arousal and it made me feel that much more exposed.

She ran a hand over my right breast. Feeling my tit, and pinching my nipple. She let her hand fall, and took mine. She hopped down from the counter, and I followed as she led me to her bed.

“Take off your shorts before you get in,” she said. “They’ll just be in the way.”

I did as I was told and got in bed with her.

It was only then that I realized that he had planned this night from the start.

I smiled when her hand found my pussy. My first thought was whether or not I would be able to control my moaning, or if my aunt and uncle would hear me.

Honestly I didn’t care.


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