A Trip to the Beach

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Let me tell you what I got up to last weekend. For years now I’ve been flirting with Maureen a sort of friend of my ex wife. She’s a bit older than we were but only by about eight years. I’d say she was about fifty two. We always have a laugh when I go into see her at the off licence she runs and she always manages to sell me something when I go in. I suppose you could say she’s a little over weight but it doesn’t seem to bother her like it does some women. She’s good looking and always looks attractive, it’s her smile I’ve decided.

But back to last weekend. For about six months now I’ve been divorced from my wife but I still pop in to see Maureen whenever I’m passing her shop. Last Saturday I went there specifically to buy something. This shocked Maureen, as she usually has to badger me into it.

‘So what’s the special occasion?’ she asked.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked innocently.

‘Well, you’ve got something planned I can tell.’

I strung her along like that for a spell before telling her I was planning to spend the next day stretched out on a beach.

‘Oh I could go for that, I haven’t had a day on a beach for ages. Where are you heading?’

I told her roughly where the beach was. As cool as you can imagine she looked me straight in the eye and said that’d be the nudist beach wouldn’t it?

Now it was my turn to be on the spot.

‘There might be a nudist beach there some where I’ve never noticed.’ Then I lost it and started laughing. ‘Yea that’s where I’m headed, a day surrounded by naked women. Heaven’

‘That’s one thing I’ve never tried.’ Maureen informed me. ‘I always wanted to but John (her husband) never agreed with that sort of thing.’

‘Oh you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s the only time I feel completely relaxed, when I’m on that beach. Everyone there is so laid back you wouldn’t believe it.’

‘You make it sound worth trying. I bet all the women there have perfect figures! I’d feel so old and fat I know I would.’

‘Listen Maureen nine out of ten women on that beach look just like you. You can sit there all day sometimes and never see a woman with a perfect figure, what ever that is. And what do you mean old and fat, there’s nothing wrong with your figure I bet you look great naked.’ I added with a smile.

That pleased her I could see so I told her that I’d love to take her with me if she wanted and she could see for her self. I could see she was interested and I have to say the thought of seeing Maureen naked appealed to me more than it a little. She told me she couldn’t what with one thing and another etc. I knew she wanted to go so I told her to think about it and left her my mobile number.

All that night I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I had a feeling that she’d call me and say she could go. The next morning I delayed starting out as long as I could and it paid off because she called just as I was pulling off my drive. Her husband had gone off for the day fishing so if the offer was still there she’d love come with me. I told her of course it was and as an after thought told her not to wear too much.

I pulled up outside her house I saw Maureen had taken me at my word. She had on the lightest dress that came only to her mid thigh and by the way her tits moved she wasn’t wearing a bra. This was going to be a great day I could see. I leaned casino siteleri across and pushed the door open for her. As she got in I saw more of her leg than I ever have before as she settled down into the seat smiling like a teenager.

‘Hi, get going quick before I change my mind.’

‘When you’re told not to wear much you don’t mess about do you.’ I told her as we pulled out of her housing estate.

‘Well, I thought about what you said and thought to my self I’m going to me naked for most of the day, so why wear more than I need too!’

‘You mean that’s all you’ve got on?’ I asked.

We had stopped at some traffic lights at the time and to answer me she slid the dress slowly up her thighs to show me. I swallowed and just said ‘wow!’

As the light turned green we pulled off and I told her that I wasn’t far behind her as all I had on was my Bermuda shorts and a tee shirt. That broke the ice so to speak and for the next hour or so we chatted away about the beach and being naked. Before we got to the coast we stopped in a village to get some fresh bread and some sliced meat. Maureen followed me into the shop and I loved seeing her walking around wearing just the dress. As she moved her tits which had to be a ‘d’ cup moved freely in a very provocative way.

She knew I was watching her because when she was at the counter and I was about four paces behind her she casually lifted her dress to flash her arse at me. What she didn’t know was that a woman had walked into the shop at that point and she also got mooned! When Maureen turned round she realised what had happened but as she left the shop she merely smiled at the woman who had the most disgusted look on her face.

We parked as close as we could to the beach but it still left a three quarters of a mile walk. I had been there maybe twenty times in the past, but I still get the same feeling as I walk along the beach to the ‘nude’ section. I guessed that Maureen had it too as her step was as fast as mine, she couldn’t wait to get that dress off. Sure enough as soon as we were level with the first naked couple she dropped her bag and in one swift movement lifted the dress over her head. With out a word she stuffed it into a bag picked it up and started walking again. Wearing just a great big grin.

We passed about thirty couples and families before finding a spot we both liked. After we’d spread out our blankets I lost my shorts and shirt and sat down next to the still smiling Maureen.

‘Well what do you think?’

‘Oh Paul I think it’s just great. Every one is so friendly and like you said they all look just like me.’

Which was true out of the seventy odd people we had passed not one was drop dead gorgeous but they all were happy and they were all relaxed. We sat were we were for maybe fifteen minutes watching people walk past and my favourite bit was when they stopped near by and undressed. I always enjoy watching women undress. It’s daft I know but when they’re nude a woman is just nude, you can see everything so there’s no mystery. But while she’s undressing there is a kind of magic about her. Every one is the same. We could be surrounded be a hundred naked women but all eyes would be on the one who was undressing!

The sun started to do its thing by then and we both dug out our suncream. We slapped it onto our fronts as we talked canlı casino and watched. As Maureen struggled to get it onto her back, I gallantly offered to ‘do’ it for her. She handed me her bottle and rolled onto her front. I poured a generous measure onto my hand and proceeded to not just apply the cream but give her a slow and sensuous massage.

I started at the top of her back and spent about tree or four minutes slowly working my way south. By the time I was smoothing it onto her bum she was purring like a kitten. As I moved onto her thighs her legs parted slightly and I was able to rub cream onto the inside of her legs. This gave me an excellent view of her pussy. I watched it intently as I worked on first one and then the other leg.

As I finished I realised Maureen had fallen asleep. A fitting tribute to a good massage. I decided to leave her be, for a short while at least and went for a walk into the dunes. Here I saw one or two good looking women. One seemed to be on her own and was the best looking of the women I’d seen.

When I returned to Maureen, she opened her eyes as I settled next to her.

‘That was delicious Paul if I’d know you were that good a masseur you could have done it years ago.’

‘Why thank you madam, it’s always a pleasure working on someone as charming as you.’ I can lay on the bull shit when I want to you know. Then in a similar fashion I added, ‘When you want the other half doing you’ll have to let me know.’

‘Well….I am about ready to turn over, you can redo my front, if you want to that is.’

‘Roll over than and I’ll see if I can send you to sleep again.’

I watched as she rolled onto her back and took a second or two to study her body before I got started. Like I said she wasn’t slim but Maureen was far from being fat. Her tits were a large handful and she had a nice full bush. I poured some cream onto my hand and began with her right leg. Starting at the foot I slowly massaged the suncream into her skin. As I moved onto her thigh, she again opened her legs slightly. As she did this I glanced up to her face to see her eyes were shut and she had a contented look on her face. I spent more time than I had to rubbing her thighs as the view of her pussy was pretty good. I reluctantly started on the other foot and worked up to her thigh again. This time her legs opened even more and as I worked some cream onto the inside of her leg I let my fingers touch the soft folds of her vagina.

I poured more cream onto my hands when I had finished her legs and started at the base of her stomach, I worked some cream into her pubs, hey you can burn there too. Her tummy felt luxurious to my fingers, the soft folds of skin moved like jelly. From there I moved onto the top of her chest and then back down her tits, which I did one at a time. Maureen purred even louder than earlier as I did that. From there it was onto her arms. This time Maureen stayed awake and when I had finished she once more complimented me on a fabulous massage.

Maureen told me it was my turn to be massaged and told me to lie on my front. She knelt astride my legs to work on my back and I was able to feel her moist pussy against the back of my legs. When my back had been done I was instructed to roll over. Maureen slowly massaged my chest and stomach before working all around my stiffening dick and onto kaçak casino my legs.

‘There!’ she said, ‘All done.’

‘Not quite.’ I replied. ‘You missed a bit!’

Maureen squirted a load of cream onto her hand and mindless of anybody watching slowly tossed me off of about ten seconds before stopping and laughing at my embarrassment. I suggested a walk when she’d got off me and we slowly walked along the line of people casually looking at them as they watched us go by. I never tire of seeing naked women with shaved pussy’s lying with their legs open. All there delights on view to the world.

We walked back along the shore line both content to walk in silence. When we were once more settled on our blankets we sat and watched the sights. After about an hour of that I stood up and sat behind Maureen. I shuffled close to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. With out saying anything my hands rested onto her pubes and gently played with them.

Maureen’s legs were already open so it was easy for me to slip a finger down to her clit. I gently stroked it, hardly moving my finger at all. It didn’t take long for Maureen to shudder soundlessly though and orgasm. She never asked me to stop so I carried on gently stoking her clit. For thirty minutes we sat like we were, her orgasming every four or five minutes and me with a boner like I hadn’t had for ages squashed into her back.

When I finished I had to stay where I was until my erection had gone. Maureen told me how good that had been, John never played with her like that, in fact no one ever had. We went for another walk after that hand in hand like lovers. When we had past the last of the sun bathers Maureen led me into the dunes. We walked into them for about two hundred yards before Maureen sank to her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth.

I had been hoping that was why she had led us there but it was still nice when she did it. Once I was hard she looked up at my face and said in a normal tone of voice, as if she were asking me to pass the salt, ‘fuck me’. She lay back on the sand and opened her legs for me. I dropped to my knees and entered her hungrily. We mad love with a furious passion, both wanting it badly. I didn’t last long, I hadn’t expected to really. But Maureen came before I did and that’s what matters I suppose.

When we had recovered we realised we were covered in sand so a quick swim was in order. The sea was too cold for swimming but a quick dash in and out did the trick. We washed the sand off each others bodies which was nice I can assure you. By then it was past three and we packed our things and wandered back to my car. Both of us silent as we walked. Maureen reluctantly slipped her dress back on as we drew level with the last nudists.

When we had been driving home for about forty minutes I pulled into a pub. We sat in the quiet bar with our drinks and talked about the day we’d had. Maureen told me I was only the second man she’d been with all her life, she had met John when she had been eighteen and never been with anyone else until today. I asked if she regretted doing what we had and she assured me in no uncertain terms that she did not. Going to the beach was something she had always wanted to do but had begun to fell like she never would. And the sex, well that had been between the two of us and no one else’s business.

I told her how good she had looked naked and how I could see she had enjoyed herself. I also told her how much I was turned on knowing she was wearing only her dress, not even her shoes! How turned on she asked. A lot was all I said.

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