A Tryst With Her Sex God

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When she opened her eyes, she saw that they were in the lift and her head rested on his chest slightly. Her eyes closed again because of all the liqueur she had consumed. Her heavy eyelids opened again in a few minutes and she saw that we were walking in a corridor, carpeted floors, his hand holding hers and leading the way, the warmth of his hands slowly spreading to hers and giving her goosebumps. That’s when it hit her that they were actually doing this!!

‘Oh Shit!!’ she thought.

He had picked her up about two hours ago, thinking they will go for a drive, but they ended up in the lounge of a hotel sitting down and sipping cocktails in the middle of the day. They talked about stuff and discussed about what they were missing in life, about their really happy, but passion-lacking married lives and how to cope with it. This was the first time she was sitting across him and talking, in all the years that she had known him, secretly smiling to herself that she had the full view of his handsome face and undeniable charm, slowly stealing small stares to his lips that were so irresistible to me… small and cute, rosy pink, soft and juicy, the tiny hair of his faint beard, circling the skin around it.. how envious she was of them.. who always got to stay so close to his lips, but not too envious, as they never got to kiss his lips like she could.

The alcohol had started showing its effect on her and she had started to feel dizzy and relaxed. He kept asking her.. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to a room?” and she kept saying “No.”

But his persistence and charm finally wore her down and in one weak and intoxicated (both by alcohol and his charm) moment, she said “Let’s do it!”

After that, the only time her mind registered what was happening was when they were in the hotel corridor.

He led him to the room and opened the door. She entered the room, placed her bag on the table and sat down on the bed as she was too dizzy to stand. He locked the door, walked towards her, held her hand and pulled her towards the door saying, “I need to win the challenge baby, come with me”.

In their earlier conversations, as they spoke of this day for months together, she kept telling him that he would not be able to lift her up as he is not strong enough to handle my curvy plump figure. And he kept saying that he is stronger than he looked. And that’s when they waged a bet with each other that whenever they would meet in the room, he would lift her up in his arms and cradle her to the bed. If he won, she would let him eat her pussy. He was so confident about himself that he didn’t want to discuss what they would do if he lost.

Her heart started beating faster as to whether it would be possible for him to lift her up. As she kept thinking about it, to her shock, he instantly lifted her up, literally swept her off her feet, smoothly, cradling her in his arms as she gasped. Oh God! that move was so titillating that she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. He walked towards the bed and simultaneously placed his warm lips on hers and gave her a soft kiss and placed her on the edge of the bed.

She stay still for a few moments enjoying that beautiful move, got up on her feet and took off her shoes. As she did that, he wasted no time in holding her hand and pulling her closer. reached behind her, unhooked her bra from inside her top, his hands reaching the back of her thighs and lifted her up again, vertically. Her legs registered this quickly and mindlessly wrapped themselves around his waist. He rested her against the nearby wall and said, “Now, Am I strong enough for you?”

From then on, her mind realized this is going to be a roller coaster ride, unlike any other in her entire life. Within the first 2 minutes of being in the room, he had surprised her so much with his moves that she kept thinking in her head, “Oh my God! I underestimated all that he has narrated to me for the last few months about what he would do to me when we met.”

His whispers and his confidence, sent currents across her body, giving her a signal that she is in safe hands, she can relax and let go and look forward to being devoured by the sex god. Her Sex God!!

He slowly brushed his hard cock from within his jeans, against her warm pussy, mimicking how he would fuck her if she allowed him to. His warm breath so close to her and her hands holding him tighter as her mind told her body not to betray her.

He lifted her up again and placed her on the bed, climbed on top of her and that’s when she witnessed the full power of his kiss. “OHH MY GOD!!”, she thought. That moment, the power his lips had over hers and his hands had over her body, it felt as if she was a ‘touch-me-not’ plant who had casino siteleri just been delivered the most divine touch of all. As her hesitation withdrew slowly, her horniness and her unruly body refused to listen to her ever-controlling mind and just gave up all protests and gave in to his every touch, every kiss, every lick and his every move. She couldn’t even recall where all she had been kissed and licked and how (but she was sure every inch was explored as he had promised her months ago). Her neck, her ears, her hands and arms, (She couldn’t believe she was never kissed on her arms before and it felt so awesome), her tummy. It was pure ecstasy, transporting her to a different world, a beautiful world, where only uninhibited pleasure, insane gratification and pure joy resided.

He got up, held her toes and sucked them so sensuously… her eyes rolled back, her mouth agape, her neck exposed, and she let out a moan she never knew she could produce. Once his toe sucking thoroughly relaxed her, he pulled her top up exposing her heavy breasts and grabbed her right boob with his lips while the left one got thoroughly fondled in his hands, causing her body to surge with so much energy that she held the nearby pillow and squeezed it hard, enjoying every moment of his lips on her boobs. His lips. tongue and teeth together were sucking her large hard nipples so sensuously like it was the first sweet ripe mango of the season and he wanted to devour it fully. She was groaning and moaning uncontrollably. He stopped kissing looking at her losing control and said, “I have not yet stripped you baby,” with a naughtiness in his voice and she looked at him and pleaded , “Strip me… Pleeaassee!!”

He responded, his eyes shining, “Not so soon baby.”

She reached forward and her hands fumbled with his shirt buttons to release his magnificent chest from the grip of his shirt. Once his chest was free, he wasted no time, pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her up vertically again, her legs wrapping around his waist and slowly walked towards the full length mirror in the room and placed her down, her hands still wrapped around his neck, refusing to let go of him even for a second. He said, “Look in the mirror. Look at us. See how we look together.”

She turned around and looked in the mirror, and all she could see was her boobs resting on his shirtless chest, his hands tightly around her waist, hers around his neck, his proud face, her satisfied smile and two carnal beings completed present in the current moment exploring each other’s bodies. Her smile grew bigger as he looked at her face in the mirror and picked her up once again and took her back to the bed. This time he placed her on the bed, turned her around and tugged hard at her jeans that she was forced to unbutton it even though she was in no mood to strip her lower half of the body. But he didn’t let a minute pass for her to regret her decision as he bent down and gave a hard bite on her butt cheeks and she groaned hard with pleasure and pulled her jeans off her legs.

She turned around, reached forward and unbuttoned his jeans too and pulled his boxers down to reveal him fully. “Fuccckkk!!” she let out of her mouth. There it was, His hard majestic cock standing upright, pointing and staring at her and she gasped at how hot he was looking at that moment, fully nude in front of her, his hairy fair chest, his strong arms which had the strength to lift the ball of flesh that she was, his chiseled abs, smoothly flowing into his hip and thigh muscles… those strong thighs which would smack against her butt as he would fuck her brains out. That moment he looked like Kratos (the Greek God of strength ) and Himeros (the Greek God of sexual desire) combined together, just manifested themselves in front of her… Now That!! was a sight to relish for a lifetime!!

He broke her out of her trance when he pushed her back on the bed, helped her out of her clothes and resumed sucking her boobs hard.

His softness on her body was slowly turning into untamed hunger for her when he stopped sucking her and laid a smack on her left boob. She was taken aback. Not coz of his smack but coz how much she enjoyed it. She used to watch this on porn videos tens of times and would think who would want to get smacked on her boob. But here she was, surprised at how her body was responding to his wildness. She got goosebumps all over, her moaning became harder, her butt was pinned on the bed, her lower back curving inside and extending her boobs further towards him, hungry for more. She thought she was fed up of having vanilla sex all the time where there was no sexual appreciation for her body and this smacking and getting treated like a slut was turning her on canlı casino more and more.

His wildness became more prominent when he put his hands under her back and in one smooth motion pulled her up on his lap in a lotus position, their bodies touching each other fully and heat radiating from them, his cock soooo bloody close to her pussy that with a slight slip, it would enter her easily. Pulling her in lotus got her out of her daze as this was one of her most favorite positions and she had mentioned this to him tons of times. Without wasting a moment, he landed a hard spank on her butt. Before she could recover from that feeling, he planted another hard one on her butt turning her skin pink within seconds. That feeling was so much more amazing than she had built up in her mind that it felt as if his wildness moved into her and she wrapped her legs tightly around his butt and dug her teeth on the skin of his neck and shoulder, unable to control the energy emanating out of her. She was ravenous, sucking his neck, nibbling on his ears and shoulder. The creature inside her grew stronger and she pushed him on the bed, while she was sitting on his lap, slowly brushing her wet pussy on his cock, She spread his arms and pinned his hands down, locked his fingers with hers so that she could get full access to his bare body, bent down and sucked his lower lips like she was milking all the sweet nectar out of them. Her teeth let go of his lips and her tongue and lips took over to explore his neck and chest, sucking them hard but being aware not to make marks on his body as he had to go back to his wife that night. Her lips kept sucking and licking his chest, nipples and his hard abs, slowly moving lower and lower and sucking his thighs. She then got off and asked him to turn around as she was craving to touch his cute butt which had eluded her attention all this while.

He obeyed and lay on his stomach. That is when she saw those luscious, yet firm buns and her hands could not wait any longer to touch them and feel them. But surprisingly, the beast in her took over and she spanked him hard instead of just touching them, held them, squeezed them, and pulled those juicy butt cheeks apart to reveal his beautiful hole. She didn’t realize what came over her coz the next thing she did was just dig her teeth into his butt cheeks and bite them hard, while her tongue immediately took the place of her teeth to sooth his smooth skin. As she kept moving down, he tensed up and she realized he doesn’t like to be licked on his hole, as he had mentioned as his only restriction for her. She let go of her greediness as he turned around and took control again.

This time he pushed her on the bed and a sense of calm came over him, he looked deep into her eyes and bent down and kissed her forehead softly and then her eyes and her cheeks. He looked at her again and pressed down on the corner of her lips and parted her slightly parted lips with his thumb. The moment he did that she knew she was up for an amazing kiss and as expected, he bent down and sucked her lower lips and then moved over to her upper lips and kept switching between them devouring both of her lips while his hands kept wandering all over her body and feeling and squeezing every lump of flesh he could get his hands on.

After some time of exploring each other, he got up and said, “Let’s go take a shower.”

She said “OK” and she started to get off the bed.

He stopped her right there and said, “No baby, I can’t let my angel walk on the floor? I will carry you there”.

With that he lifted her up in his arms again without waiting for her to answer and her skin was taut with goosebumps at his beautiful words.

He took her into the shower and placed her below the warm stream of water and kissed her on her lips hard while the water was flowing in between their lips. It was one of the most erotic kisses she had ever experienced. He slowly backed her up to the wall and lifted her up again and humped her against the wall.. all the while whispering in her ears as to this was how he would drive her nuts if she would let him fuck her. He did not stop at that. He then turned her around and pushed her to the wall, her heavy breasts pressed hard, with the cold wall sending goosebumps all over her body, spanked her ass hard, squeezed them and struck his cock in between her legs, while nibbling on her neck and ears. She was going crazy with this as he was aiming at every one of her weak points while her erotic moans echoed between the damp walls. It took her all the courage she could muster to say no to him to fuck her.

He turned her around and continued his teasing by bending down to kiss her and when she leaned forward, he would move away, making kaçak casino her crave for those succulent lips and making her lean more and more forward while digging her nails on his back and pulling him closer. Then in one instant he bent down and gave her a kiss that was one of its kind. He opened her mouth, sealed her lips tightly and sucked all the air out of her like he was vacuuming the crap out of her. That kiss was so heavenly that all her nerves calmed down and she just melted into his arms. He then sat down on the floor with the shower running and pulled her close to him on his lap, in lotus position again. His cock again dangerously close to her pussy. This time she could not hold herself, she voluntarily started stroking and moving such a way that his massive cock rubbed against her pussy sending currents all over her body. Her hands were wrapped around him and her moans became rhythmic with her movements. She never thought she could do any movement in this position. But she realized she was more flexible than she thought she was (thanks to the sex god!).

After making sure that her pussy was as wet and dripping as the water from the shower he slowly got up and pulled her up. But she had something else in mind. She went down on her knees as if bowing to his massive hardness which would drive her crazy for the next few years to come.

Her mouth was now directly across his hard cock. He held it in his hand and patted his cock softly and deliberately on her lips as they opened involuntarily to take him all in. He gasped, lifted his head up, slowly taking in the pleasure, held her head and started moving himself against her mouth. It was the most amazing feeling ever as it was her turn to worship her sex god. His movements became faster and harder as she gagged at his length and struggled to maintain pace when he let out a moan and deposited his sweet cum in her mouth. She gulped it down with a smile on her face at having got the first chance to please him.

As he had brought her to the shower, he lifted her up in the same way, water dripping down their bodies and placed her on the edge of the bed. Her knees automatically shut blocking any access to her pussy. But his slow and soft kisses on her thighs forced her legs to spread wide without any protest. He bent forward, stuck his tongue out flat and licked her clit softly and gently. That first lick was so divine, her moans were back and all the crazy pleasure she was experiencing made her hands go back and hold her head tightly. He then gently inserted his finger inside her hole. Her eyes opened up in shock and she lifted herself up on her elbows in protest. But before she could say anything, he inserted another finger inside her pussy and stroked her hard. Her loud moans were back, and she was screaming loudly as she was so close to her release, her hands wandering and squeezing and pulling any and every piece of bedding she could get her hands on.

He let her enjoy my release for a moment before coming on top of her in missionary and humping her hard and driving her even more crazy than she already was. That moment he stopped and did something that she would never forget. He bent forward , held her left boob and aligned his right nipple with it and kept brushing on top of it. “Fuuccckkk!!” she gasped. This was her fantasy since the time she hit puberty and had just started to explore her body. She always dreamt of doing this and there it was… her Sex God, reading her mind and fulfilling her every fantasy.

While all this transported her out of this world, she badly wanted to lick him and suck him hard. She got up and said “Please let me suck your cock. I want to taste him again.”

With that he turned around and lay down on the edge of the bed with his feet dangling below. She went down on the floor, on she knees again, ready to worship her sex god. Her tongue and mouth took complete control and her neck kept moving at a pace which surprised her. Sucking his cock so hard and tight that it was just short of making a pop sound out of her mouth and within seconds his cum came gushing out like a pressurized fountain, flooding her mouth, while she choked at the force and volume of it and coughed up his cum. He lifted himself up on his elbows and smiled proudly at her powerlessness.

After a few moments of calming down, they got up and got dressed. She looked at the broad smile on her face. But something caught her eye. her lips… they were red and swollen. This made her blush red and her smile grew wider, spread ear to ear. Her mind reprimanded her to shut up and make sure her husband does not observe my swollen lips once she reaches home.

As they got going, she turned around and gave him a satisfied hug, her mind recalled how he had touched her and bloomed her unexplored flower bud. She had her encounter with a bad boy that day and only one song kept playing in her mind for the rest of the day – “They say, all good boys go to heaven. But bad boys bring heaven to you…”

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