A Vacation to Remember Pt. 03

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I stood there looking at them, I can’t believe it, I was about to have sex with two very beautiful eighteen year olds, I was the luckiest guy in the world…


I opened my eyes and stretched, as I looked at the window I could tell it wasn’t early morning anymore. I probed around my surroundings looking for my phone, but couldn’t find it. “Strange” I said out loud as I got off the bed. I looked around the bed and finally found it underneath. The time said 11:37. I stood up and scratched my head. “I haven’t woken up past eight since I was a teenager.” I said to myself.

After a quick shower I went downstairs expecting to find people but the house was totally empty. In the kitchen, however, there was a wooden bowl with a set of keys inside and a note underneath the keys:

Morning Jack,

Chelsea and I went to the mall and we didn’t want to disturb you. I left copies of the house keys and if you’re in the mood you can meet us at Pine Mall. I left instructions in case you don’t know where it is. You should call or text us in case you decide not to come, but we’d both love your company.


I looked around, getting out of the house sounded kind of nice. I got dressed, I put on a white v neck t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown shoes. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and left the house. The mall wasn’t that far, less than fifteen minutes, and I lucked out finding a parking spot underneath a shade. The sun’s summer beam was on full blast, triple digits. I called Chelsea and she directed me to the store they were in. I waved to them once I got there and my granddaughter ran to me, gave me a really strong hug and a kiss on the check.

“Looks like someone is happy to see you.” Jen said approaching me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek also, but hers was more pronounced, she made it linger longer than she should have. “Find the place ok?”

“Yes, not that hard to get here.” I replied.

“Listen, I need to go to the hair salon, why don’t you guys go around, I’ll text Chelsea when I’m done.” Jen said as she pulled out her wallet and gave some money to Chelsea.

“Sure thing mom.” Chelsea said as she grabbed my arm and led me out of the store. “You’re hungry?” She asked me once we were out of the store. “I am, let’s go to the food court.”

As we walked around I quickly noticed that my granddaughter was turning heads left and right, from both young and older men. I looked at her, she was wearing a pink crop tank top, white skirt that reached her upper thigh, much shorter than you’d expect, pink converse sneakers and a brown knee length cardigan.

I stared for a few seconds and smiled, her beauty was remarkable and once I was able to undo the trance of her feminine charms I again looked at all the men as they gawked. I laughed internally at the realization that I had done things with this blonde teen that they could only dream of. I pulled her close to me and kissed the top of her head. She reciprocated by giving me a side hug.

I decided I didn’t want to eat too heavily so I ordered something light, fruits. Chelsea, with that amazing metabolism, ate more than I’d ever seen a woman eat. I always loved a woman with a healthy appetite, and I loved her. “Grandpa, I need to talk to you.” she said after taking a big gulp from her soda. “Do you remember my friend Hope?”

“Yes, the young lady that was at the house yesterday.” I replied.

“Hope has been my best friend since we were little, even though her parents moved away a few years back we’ve managed to keep in touch.” She looked at me and smiled. “She knows.”

“What do you mean she knows?”

“While we were camping, I told her. At first she was confused as to why I had done it and quickly dropped the subject… at least for that first day. As the days continued, she kept asking more and more questions.” Chelsea took another drink from her soda. “Remember I told you I had a surprise for you? Hope wants to have sex with you. I told her I’d talk to you but I wasn’t exactly comfortable with sharing you like that, so she convinced me to try a threesome, you, me and her, tomorrow. Would you like to?”

I almost choked on the piece of pineapple I was chewing on. Holy Shit! Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Chelsea wants to have a threesome? and with her friend? I coughed, trying to free up my windpipe. “Umm…” I started to say and Chelsea quickly interjected.

“If you’re worried don’t be, she’s eighteen, in fact Hope and her twin brother share a birthday with me.”

That wasn’t what I was going to say, but it was nice to know. “Tomorrow? what about your parents?…” I asked curiously, truth be told I wondered where this would take place. “…and, are you okay with this?”

“I am, you only live once, right? I have been thinking what it would be like to have a threesome and Hope said the same thing. I think we’re mature enough not to let feelings get in the way. It’s just sex, it’s meant to be enjoyed.” Chelsea said as she finished off her fries. “And as to where… Dad’s taking mom out to dinner tomorrow, he called me yesterday morning to let me know… that means we bahis firmaları have the whole house to ourselves.”

I pinched myself on my leg, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was invited to have sex with two hot teenagers, tomorrow. “I would love to.” I said as I looked into Chelsea’s baby blues. She smiled and picked up her phone to text her friend. While she texted I noticed sitting a few tables away a young brunette, based on her attire she was more of the professional type, a business lady. She kept stealing looks at me and it suddenly dawned on me that as I was having the time of my life its end was drawing near. My birthday is three days away and shortly after I’ll be headed back home to my fortress of solitude. I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want this to end. As I looked at the brunette and locked eyes she finally smiled and left, probably going back to work. But maybe, I could simply date again, start anew.

“Okay, so Hope is coming tomorrow and spending the night, dad’s gonna take mom to dinner around six o’clock. I can’t wait.”

I walked around with Chelsea some more until Jen called us, when we met up I was mesmerized as I saw Jen coming out of the salon, her hair and nails were well done, she was carrying two bags, on each hand, she wore a blue floral cami sundress that ran halfway down her nice thighs, white sandals and her amber colored sunglasses were poised on top of her head.

“What do you think?” Jen asked as she stood there only looking at me, she appeared to be seeking my approval, even with Chelsea saying she looked amazing, Jen only looked at me.

“You look beautiful.” I said to her and that made her smile. I took her bags and we walked around some more.

“So where to?” Chelsea asked her mother as we entered yet another clothing store.

“You guys ate?” Jen asked.

“We sure did.” Chelsea said. “Wanna maybe watch a movie? I can see what’s playing.” Chelsea pulled out her phone and started searching for movie start times.

Jen and I walked around and she would occasionally smile when looking at me, I chose to not ask anything about her date since I would prefer her and Tim to enjoy themselves. She showed me a red dress and I nodded my approval, she then went to the fitting room to try it on. Jen exited the fitting room to show me and I was blown away with how amazing it fit her and how it accentuated her curves. “That looks amazing on you.” I said to Jen right as I got a text message. “You should wear that tomorrow… It looks like Chelsea wants us to meet her, she wants us to see a movie.”

We found Chelsea sitting down in the center of the mall. It appeared that there was a movie that was about to start, so we decided to buy the tickets and go and watch it. It was some hyped up space movie, not much to write home about. I’ve never been a fan of Science Fiction. The movie theater itself was empty, the seats were decently sized and the cup holders could be moved. As I sat and the movie started, I moved slightly and noticed that the seats were somewhat comfortable.

Twenty minutes into the flick, I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh and it was slowly moving towards my crotch. I looked down as Chelsea’s hand started massaging my crotch, playing with me, slightly squeezing me, all while attentively watching the movie. She kept touching me for almost ten minutes before pulling her hand away. Chelsea had just teased me, got me horny and suddenly stopped, leaving me turned on. She did this again, following the same pattern a few minutes later and suddenly nothing more.

Nothing happened for the next ten minutes which started driving me crazy, she had riled me up and left me like that, so I slowly unzipped my jeans and took out my cock and carefully grabbed Chelsea’s hand and moved it, her hands were so soft as she wrapped her fingers around the base. Chelsea smiled without looking at me, removed her cardigan and used it as a blanket and also shifted her sitting so now both knees where completely at her eye level, blocking anything that might be happening. She grabbed my cock again and slowly started moving her hand up and down until there was a good nice rhythmic motion, her hand squeezed gently, she would stop to play with my cockhead by tracing her fingers, then again slowly stroked me. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

“How are you doing over there grandpa?” Chelsea whispered as she looked at me and winked. “Are you enjoying the movie?”

“Yes” I said as I kept looking at her sweet hand.

She kept stroking me very slowly, so slowly that it felt more like torture, and after twenty minutes of that slow stroking I began to loose control, I wanted more. I moved the armstand that was between us up and put my hand under her cardigan and carefully led it towards her juicy center and started playing with her as well, going slowly, teasing her. She started breathing a little faster and I would steal looks at her, she never stopped watching the screen.

After ten minutes of teasing each other I very slowly started moving closer and closer to her until I was right next to her, I lifted the cardigan slightly and got underneath, kaçak iddaa I then slightly moved her until her right ass cheek sat on my left thigh. Chelsea got the message and twisted her hips slightly so I could get direct access to her very wet pussy, once she had repositioned herself which required her to drop her legs a little, something that I didn’t think off and put us in real danger of getting caught- lust, however, had completely overcome us both, it commanded us to fulfill this incestous deed regardless of who was near. I waited for a few seconds, gaging how to move so we wouldn’t draw any attention to ourselves, then finally after a slow, torturous teasing, I let myself inside and she welcomed me by squeezing me gently.

I had to move my hips slowly, so slowly in fact that I felt more tortured by having sex with Chelsea than when I was just being jerked off. Chelsea slowly moved her hips in a circular motion and I was amazed at how she was able to keep a straight face. We kept slowly fucking until as inevitable as it was Chelsea let out a low moan, drawing attention from her mother.

“Chelsea, are you okay?” Jen asked her. “Your cheeks are looking a little rosy.”

Chelsea said something to Jen, it was so low that I couldn’t make it out. “No, I don’t, but I’ll get you something.” Jen said in a low whisper as she got up and walked towards the isle, walking until she left.

“Ohhhh…” Chelsea moaned very low as she started thrusting her cute ass back to me, making my cock go deeper. “She won’t take too long.” she whispered.

“What did you tell her?” I asked as I grabbed her slim teen waist and started thrusting a little faster.

“That… I just got… my period… and I need pain pills…” She responded, moaning and breathing heavily between words. I paced myself, Chelsea’s teasing did its job, I was so horny that I could easily cum at any moment. I slowly went faster, the seat made a slight creaking sound, thank God no one else was there. I could hear the wet noise of my cock sliding into her pussy. “Please, make me cum… I need it.” she said as she let out a louder moan.

I knew that her mother could return at any moment and I would give her anything she wanted, even at my own expense. I stopped fucking her so I could move my face down to her sweet smelly nectar, I opened her legs just enough that I could get in there and started licking her, within seconds her breathing got heavier and her moans a little louder. I put my hand over mouth to make sure no more noises would come out and kept licking her pussy, sucking on her clit until she started moving her hips, all the teasing must have made her really sensitive because seconds later she started shaking, her legs locked around my head as she shook and in mid-orgasm her hands tried to push me away, I adamantly kept on enjoying her pussy, licking it through her orgasm, she screamed into my hand as she again had another orgasm, and again she tried pushing me away as I again kept my pace. I felt her again have another orgasm as she started twisting in a way that finally caused me to lose the lock my mouth had on her pussy.

I quickly put my cock back inside her, I knew that I didn’t have much time left, so I moved my hips as best as I could while she laid sideways on those semi-comfortable seats, I pumped in and out fast, Chelsea face was buried into her cardigan as I unleashed all I had, I thrust faster and faster, the seat started making noise but I didn’t care. I heard Chelsea’s moans, muffled by the cardigan and that sweet noise pushed me over the edge, I felt my cock empty as I shot very deep. I was getting spoiled very quickly, I was beginning to want more and more. Despite having just came, my erection did not subside, So I kept slowly pumping until I could hear the wet sounds of sex become more prominent, Chelsea removed her mouth from her cardigan and moaned louder, I fucked her faster now, she looked at me, her sweet mouth half opened, her eyes closed. She turned slightly and started massaging my balls as I started to feel myself getting close again, I thrust harder, Chelsea’s moans were getting loud, so I had to put my hand again on her mouth. I increased my speed as sounds of sex became prominent, our skin was slapping and the seat was creaking. I knew I was running out of time, even though I didn’t want to stop, it felt so good. I pumped a few more times, and the combination of her massaging my balls, her sweet moans and her cute face overwhelmed me as I felt myself cum again. I was in heaven as I again filled up her teen tight hole.

I fixed myself and sat back into my seat, Chelsea finally composed herself enough to get back up, she put her panties back on and sat up, covering herself again with her cardigan.

Jen appeared shortly after and as she sat down she handed Chelsea something. “Chelsea are you okay? your cheeks are so red.” She whispered.

Chelsea nodded as she got up. “I’m okay, I need to use the restroom.”

Jen watched her daughter leave and then looked at me. “It’s a women thing…” Jen said as she handed me some popcorn. I smiled and took some.


I stared nervously kaçak bahis at the clock, it read 4:37, Tim was on his way home and he would then take his wife out to dinner leaving me alone with two horny teens and the entire house to ourselves with no chance of interruption. “Well… he doesn’t need to know that.” I said softly and a small smile creeped on my lips. Jen was showering upstairs as I sat in the living room, trying to finish the mystery novel, Chelsea had gone to pick up her friend. I was visibly shaking, nervously excited, I must have read the same paragraph at least ten times before realizing it was a futile attempt and put the book away.

I paced around for minutes before the front door opened and I saw my son walk in, he waved and like he’d done all week would leave his stuff next to the door and walk towards me. It was nice talking to him, my eldest. “Hey dad, so I made arrangements. I will be here this weekend and we could have your birthday party… small, of course, I know you don’t like big parties.” he said to me, and he was partially correct, in the past I would have preferred a small shindig, but things have changed. Now I would actually prefer something bigger, more chance to see some nice tail. “Oh and Allie is flying in tomorrow.”

Alison, or Allie as we affectionately call her is my daughter. She just turned twenty and is still in college, I had her later in life. I haven’t spoken to her in almost a year. Although we’ve always been close, as of late we kind of drifted apart. I am going to make an attempt to fix that, it will be nice to see her.

“Where are you taking Jen?” I asked him as I finally sat down, using this moment to calm my nerves.

“This nice restaurant called Fleur, something… damn, I can’t remember right now. Either way, we haven’t gone out in a while and it was recommended by a friend.”

“Sounds nice.”

“Are you going to be okay with those two here all night?” he asked me jokingly. “Nah, they’re good kids, Hope is pretty much family.”

If he only knew that while he will be dining with the beautiful Jen, I will be pounding away inside those two tight teenage holes. Again the nerves hit me. Just as I was starting to speak with Tim, the front door opened and in walked my main course. Chelsea was wearing black jeans, white sneakers and a tight blue shirt, her friend Hope was wearing an oversized purple sweater that was much bigger than her petite body. She most likely had on shorts, but they were covered by the sweater and black sneakers. Both the girls had their hair loose. As they entered the house our eyes met, my knees got suddenly weak. It took me a few seconds to realize that my son was still talking, although he sounded so far away. My adrenaline was in full swing, the air felt cool, it got very warm all of a sudden and a cold beat of sweat left my brow.

“Hi Mr. Rose.” said Hope as she waved to us in the kitchen, despite my son sounding so far away, she sounded very close, as if she was right next to me.

My son waved to them as they left and I again sat and made every attempt to keep the conversation alive. We spoke for a little while longer before he himself went to shower and get ready.

The next thirty minutes felt like an eternity, I could hear them giggling upstairs. I was a nervous wreck, so much so, that I needed a drink to calm down. I poured a tall glass and downed it. Hopefully, that will help.

I watched as Jen in her beautiful dress and my son left, turned on the car and drove off. I sat down, my heart beating quicker than normal, I continued to peek up and waited.

After what felt like forever, I heard a door open and I saw them coming down the stairs. They looked at me, Chelsea’s smile helped calm my nerves a bit. “Looks like we have a very attractive looking man staring at us Hope. We might need to do something about that.” Chelsea said as she approached me.

Hope walked behind Chelsea. I sat and watched. Once they were close enough they each sat down, Hope on my right and Chelsea on my left. “He’s really cute.” Hope said as she looked at me, her emerald gaze laser focused on my lips. I was so lost in the moment that when I felt Chelsea’s hand on my thigh it completely caught me off guard. I have only done this once, in college, eons ago. I spent the better part of the morning watching videos, educating myself on threesomes.

“He is.” Chelsea said as I felt her lips on my neck, followed shortly by a small suction. Her hands moved up to my chest, she squeezed my pecs before going down to my crotch.

I closed my eyes once I felt Hope’s sweet breath on me, it had a fruity flavor, most likely she had been chewing gum, her lips pressed softly on my cheek. I sat there and let them softly enjoy themselves. Hope then turned my head and kissed me, she softly sucked on my bottom lip and that really got me horny. I hadn’t touched either one of them yet, I simply sat and enjoyed them kissing and nibbling on me, but after that kiss, I wasn’t going to hold back anymore. I grabbed Hope’s face and planted a deep kiss, my tongue examining her fruity flavored mouth, my hand instinctively moved to her bare thigh, I moved it up, squeezing gently until I got to where I expected to find shorts, instead there was nothing, no shorts, no underwear; the sweater was still protecting her petite body from complete exposure.

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