A Very Intimate Family Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: CAUTION. This story contains some male bi-sexuality. If that disturbs you, then you should probably stop reading and select another story.


Beth and I rested for a few minutes before we turned off the lights and cuddled up in bed together. I couldn’t believe I’d just walked into my son’s room naked, with a hard-on, and gave him the juice soaked panties I’d pulled out of my wife’s pussy not more than a couple of minutes after we finished making love.

Charles’ eagerness to take his mother’s messy panties from me and his indifference that they were coated with my cum puzzled me, but, apparently my wife was absolutely confident he’d want them. The way he eagerly reached out for them surely spoke volumes to me, and as I laid there next to Beth cuddling against her breasts, I knew my son was in his room, right now, sniffing and licking those panties as he stroked his cock.

“I’m going into work early tomorrow.” Beth said, casually. “I want to get off a little early so I can do some shopping, but, I should be home about the same time as usual.”

“Shopping?” I asked. “You mean for groceries?”

“No, silly.” Beth said, giggling into my chest. “I want to pick up two or three more sets of that mesh lingerie – like the white ones you want me to wear tomorrow.”

“I don’t think I’d need more than two or three days worth before we end up switching over to full nudity,” she explained, “but, just in case it takes us that long, I want to make sure I have something to wear in front of my two men.”

As soon as she explained it to me, it made total sense and I was ecstatically happy she was thinking about what was going to happen the next few days. Along with that, if she was able to find more of the almost see-through bra and panty sets, that’s obviously what I wanted her to wear in front of Charles.

“Hey,” she said, softly, “can I ask you a serious question?”

“Sure.” I answered, reaching up to pinch one of her nipples.

“No,” she continued, “I mean it. Can’t you be serious for a minute?”

“Okay, okay.” I replied. “Fire away.”

“Well,” Beth began, “I think we’re both in agreement we’d like to offer our son a chance to be sexual with us, but, I need to know what the limits are. I mean, have you really thought about this?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“For instance,” Beth answered, “when the time comes, is anal sex off limits with him? And, should I let him cum in my mouth? My vagina? You know, stuff like that.”

In the time she asked her question, my cock engorged itself and I was hard again despite the fact that we’d already made love less than thirty minutes earlier.

“Truthfully,” I replied, “the only limits I can think of are what you will allow, and what you won’t allow. As far as I’m concerned, you can take it as far as you want as long as you’re not trying to hide it from me.”

“I’d never do that, Sweetheart.” She said. “I want us to do this together, like we agreed. But, I need to know if I have your blessing to do everything with him that you and I do.”

“I don’t see why not.” I answered. “I’m not going to get jealous, Beth. You can do anything you want with him.”

She reached down to stroke my cock, and then said, “That’s not exactly what I meant…..”

I asked Beth to be honest with me, and she finally got to the point. She asked me how I was going to feel about kissing her, or touching her after she’d had sex with Charles. She wanted to know if I expected her to wash herself or brush her teeth after they’d been together.

“Hell no.” I said, chuckling. “I’ve been truthful with you since the beginning. If it were up to me, I’d actually prefer it the other way. What I mean is, I’ve spent years fantasizing about you being with another man and thinking about another man’s sperm in your pussy or in your mouth. I want you to feel free to do anything and everything with him.”

“As long as you can watch and participate?” Beth asked, in reply.

“Yes.” I answered. “But, let’s make sure we remember it’s not just me that wants this. It’s you, too, as well as Charles. We all get something we want here, that’s what makes it so good for us. He’s the perfect lover for you, and the perfect addition for us.”

I was happy the light was off, because I felt my cheeks heat up with embarrassment as I continued, telling her I hoped Charles would be open to some touching back and forth between the two of us.

“Wouldn’t that be so perfect?” Beth sighed. “I mean, if the three of us were able to touch and suck and fuck each other openly. Do you think he’d go along with that?”

“Well,” I said, “he didn’t seem at all concerned when I handed him your panties with my cum all over them a few minutes ago.”

“Let’s just play it by ear and see how it goes.” I added. “We’ll start out with the underwear, like we agreed, and if he shows interest we’ll do more. If you get a chance to ask him about it….. you know….. about mutual touching and the three of us playing together, then by all means, bring it bahis firmaları up and see what he says.”

“Tell me the truth here.” Beth asked. “If you got the chance, would you suck him? I mean all the way? Let him cum in your mouth?”

“Are you kidding?” I replied. “As long as he was comfortable with it, of course I would.”

“Gawd, I’d love to see that.” Beth moaned as she gripped my cock and jerked it up and down for a few seconds.

“You know, I could help.” Beth added. “I could teach you guys how to suck each other, and how to fuck each other. I’m sure the real thing is going to feel much better inside you…. better than our strap-on does. I’d love to help you guys with that.”

Well, that sure made me stop and consider things. I remember how emotionally difficult it was for me to actually enjoy the strap-on. And that was just a plastic cock. Sure, we’d fantasized together about having a male lover who would play with me, too, but that was just fantasy. Beth was talking about a real, live cock fucking my ass – my son’s cock.

“I’ll try to find the right time to feel him out on that.” She finally said, giggling at her choice of words. “But, if I had to guess, I’d say he definitely inherited his father’s curiosity.”

We both fell asleep and I woke up the next morning as Beth was just getting out of the shower to get into the office early. I watched her as she puttered in the bedroom, enjoying the sight of her naked body – her breasts and the hairless lips between her legs.

“I was just thinking,” she paused and looked over at me saying, “what if you and Charles went shopping with me later?”

“For lingerie?” I asked. She’d really gotten my attention now.

“Sure.” Beth said, smiling over at me. “You guys could help me pick out bras and panties you like, and we could grab a bite to eat and come home and….. uh……”

“And?” I asked.

“Maybe I could model them for you. Both of you.” Beth said.

Before I could react, she added, “You know, I could use some new bras and panties. Some of my camisoles have seen better days, and……”

“Yeah! That sounds good.” I answered, sitting up in the bed.

Beth snickered and sat down on the edge of the bed, reached under the sheet and grabbed my now hard cock. “I knew you’d like that.” She whispered. “We could turn it into a whole evening, Sweetheart.”

I stopped to think about it, and she had a point there. If things went okay, we might even be able to use it as the reason for Charles to get his first look at his mother naked. My mind went in several directions after that; there were endless possibilities all cleverly surrounding the purchase of a few pieces of lingerie.

“I’m thinking you might need a whole bunch of new things.” I replied. “Charles and I would be happy to give you our opinion as you tried things on. I mean, it’s the least we can do, right?”

Beth squeezed my cock and smiled. “My thoughts exactly.” Beth answered. “I’d probably have to stand in front of you….. twirl around…. bend over….. let you guys look at me. Don’t you think?”

“Well, if you want us to give you our opinions, I think you’d have to.” I agreed. “We’d have to feel the material and check the fit, too.”

“Absolutely.” Beth answered, smiling along with me.

We bantered back and forth in a comical fashion, reasoning out why it would be a good idea for Charles and me to watch her model her lingerie. We were talking around it, but, we both knew exactly what would probably happen.

I asked her what we were going to tell Charles and she looked at me and chuckled. “We’ll tell him the truth.” She said, quite convincingly. “We’ll just say if I’m going to start wearing just bras and panties around the house I’d rather not be seen in those ratty old things I’ve had in my drawer. How’s that?”

I could see the excitement in Beth’s eyes, and, telling Charles the truth had its merits. It would definitely set the stage for an enchanting evening and start him thinking about the possibilities that might unfold between the three of us. Plus, it would seem plausible and provide a natural flow for what could happen.

“I want him to see you naked tonight.” I said, quietly. “Promise me that will happen.”

“That’s up to you.” Beth answered, bending down to kiss me. “As far as I’m concerned, whatever happens is fine. I’ll go along with it.”

“But,” she quickly added, “I want it to be just like we already talked about. I want you to be the one to expose me to him. You have to be the one to make the first move. Okay?”

My cock was throbbing. I reached down to grab myself but she asked me not to masturbate this morning. “I’d like you to be really ready in case this works out like we’re thinking.” Beth said. “And, maybe you should get Charles up after I leave and keep him busy all day so he doesn’t have time to get himself off, either.”

Beth was smiling as she said it, but, I was right with her on that. So, as she stood up and finished getting dressed, I got up and started thinking how I could keep kaçak iddaa Charles busy all day. As Beth was finishing her make up, I got a brilliant idea.

The faucet fixtures in the master bathroom needed to be replaced. They made noises from time to time when we turned them on, and today was a wonderful day to pull them out and replace them – a job I knew would take us most of the day. It would give me time to set the stage for our shopping adventure and plant the seeds of thought in Charles mind about the evening’s possibilities.

So, the instant Beth left that morning, I went into the bathroom, threw a little water on the floor, and some on the vanity and then stepped back to look at it. Satisfied that Charles would bite on my sneaky plan, I walked across the hall to his room and knocked loudly on his door.

I knocked twice and then opened the door. He was still sleeping, but, as I called his name, he lifted his head and looked up at me.

“Hey, Buddy,” I said in an urgent tone, “we’ve got a water leak in the bathroom. Can you come give me a hand for a few minutes?”

“Yeah, sure.” My son answered, throwing back the covers and sitting up out of his bed.

I hurried out, going back to the bathroom where I got down on my hands and knees with a bath towel to make it look like I was trying to get the water up off the floor. When Charles came in, I looked up at him with an exasperated look on my face.

“The damn faucet just blew out.” I told him. “Water went everywhere.”

Now, Charles has no idea how a faucet works or the principals behind it, so he immediately accepted my explanation.

“We’re gonna have to replace it.” I groaned. “Can you help me out?”

Charles is good about helping both his Mom and me around the house, so of course, he agreed. I told him we might as well replace both faucet fittings with something nice from the hardware store and he just nodded his head. Fifteen minutes later, we were in the car on the way to the hardware store. It was still early – maybe seven o’clock that morning, so I pulled into a fast food place and told him we could get some breakfast and coffee there before we tackled the faucets. As we ate and drank our coffee, I began setting our snare.

“Hey,” I said, quite matter-of-factly, “Mom asked if we wanted to go out with her this afternoon to do some shopping and have an early dinner out somewhere.”

“Shopping?” Charles moaned. “With Mom? Dad, are you kidding? You know what that’s gonna be like?”

I chuckled to myself when he said that. This was going to be so easy……

I looked up at Charles as I took a sip of my coffee and said, “She wants to shop for lingerie, Son. She said if she was going to be wearing bras and panties around the house from now on, she didn’t want to be wearing her old, ratty stuff.”

“And,” I added, “she wants us to help her pick out new bras and panties.”

“Oh.” Charles answered, looking up at me with a surprised look on his face. “Really?” He asked.

“That’s right.” I said. “Interested now?”

“Yeah.” Charles said excitedly. “That would be pretty cool.”

“That’s almost exactly what I said.” I replied, smiling up at him. “So, we’ll just go along, give her our opinions, help her pick out some stuff and then we’ll go eat. Sound okay to you?”

Charles was all for it, and I snickered to myself as step one of our nasty plan was accomplished. Soon, we left for the hardware store and spent an hour there picking out new faucet fixtures and all the various items we’d need to pull the two existing fixtures out and replace them. On the way back, I launched step two of our plan.

“So,” I began, as I drove, “if we’re going to be the ones to help pick out her new bras and panties, I’m thinking we ought to have a strategy before we get over there.”

“A strategy?” Charles replied.

“For sure.” I answered. “I don’t know about you, but, I’d prefer we walk out of the lingerie store with cute and sexy stuff instead of granny panties and armor plated knocker lockers.”

Charles broke into a good belly laugh after I said that.

“I just think we should have a strategy about what we’re going to like and what we’re going to suggest.” I followed up quickly. “That way we can have some influence over what she picks out.”

“That seems reasonable.” Charles said, agreeing with me. “I like the idea of cute and sexy.”

“And, if we play it right,” I added, “once she’s got a handful of stuff in her arms, we could start complaining about being hungry and suggest she could….. you know…. try on everything at home.”

I let that sink in for a minute before I added, “We could offer to let her model for us once we got back to the house.”

Charles squirmed in his seat next to me, reaching down to adjust himself so the growing bulge in his pants wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Once I saw what he was doing, I did the same, pushing my hard-on to the side so it would have more room in my jeans.

“We’re gonna be in our underwear, too?” Charles asked.

“That’s the deal kaçak bahis we made.” I reminded him. “Remember?”

“Yeah, but…..” Charles groaned, “Dad, I probably won’t to be able to keep from…… you know…. getting a little hard if we do that. She’s gonna see it.”

“I know.” I said, as I drove. “It’ll be the same for me, I’m sure. But, don’t worry about it. Trust me, she’ll see it as a compliment.”

I glanced over at Charles and he was sitting there with a miniature grin on his face as he stared out the window. I could just image what was going through his head visualizing his mother trying on her new wardrobe of bras and panties and modeling them for us.

With step two of the plan now complete, I let it go for now, thinking it was best to let everything I’d said so far percolate in his head for a while.

Once we got home, we cleared the junk out from under the sinks and set out on the task to remove both of the old faucets. I showed him how to do it right, replacing the lines from the cutoff valve up to the fixture and how to use the wrenches correctly. All in all, it was two o’clock before we were done, and I knew his mother would be walking through the door in less than an hour.

Suggesting we both take showers and put on some clean clothes before she got home, he agreed and took off for his room. I stripped down in our bathroom and was just about to turn on the water in the shower when Charles called out to me and appeared in the bathroom doorway while I stood there naked.

He turned to leave, but I stopped him, asking him what he wanted. When he turned around, I faced him and his eyes went straight to my soft cock. He stammered for a second and then asked what he should wear shopping and out to dinner.

Honestly, I probably should have given him a straight answer and let him go take his shower, but, when I saw his eyes drop down between my legs a second time, I made a conscious decision to keep him engaged in conversation a little while longer.

I asked him where he wanted to go eat, and stood there with my hands on my hips while he tried to think about that. The only problem was, after a second, he was openly staring at my cock again. Seeing where his eyes were focused, I started getting hard and once he saw my growing penis, he looked up at me with a half-guilty look on his face.

“It’s no big deal, Son.” I said. “All guys have dicks, and, dicks get hard. It’s no different than last night. You saw mine and I saw yours.”

We stood there for about thirty seconds looking at each other. His eyes kept looking down at my rising cock, and I kept getting harder and harder.

“Being curious is natural.” I said. “You looked at guys in the locker room at school, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but….” Charles replied, “everyone tries not to stare….. you can’t really….. uh….”

“Well I don’t care if you look.” I said with an even tone. “I’m not embarrassed and you shouldn’t be embarrassed, either. It’s not wrong to be curious….. to look and compare.”

With that, Charles must have decided it was okay to look at my cock, and once I saw it in his eyes, I simply let him. As I stood there in front of him, I got completely erect. At first, it was a little unnerving, but when he continued to watch and looked up at me searching for my approval, I told him both his mother and I had no problems being naked in front of him.

He didn’t say anything as he looked at me, and this went on for two or three more minutes before I decided to cut it off by telling him his mother would be home soon and if we wanted to get to the lingerie store, we ought to get going with our showers.

I told him to go with jeans and a t-shirt since that’s what I was going to wear and he nodded and then just turned and walked out. I have to say it actually felt good, standing there in front of him naked. And, as I thought about that, my cock stated to throb to the point where I reached down and tugged on it a little bit until I remembered how Beth made me promise I wouldn’t jerk myself off before she left for work.

I took a nice, long shower. Relaxing under the hot water as I thought about all the different possibilities, my cock stayed hard and I was daydreaming when I heard Beth’s voice.

“You almost done in there?” She asked.

Sliding back the glass doors of the shower, I saw Beth in the doorway of the bathroom with a smile on her face. “Are you being a good boy in there?” Beth asked. “You’re not pulling anything in there, are you?”

“I’ll be out in a second.” I answered, keeping my body behind the frosted doors so she couldn’t see my hard-on.

She closed the door and I finished rinsing off, and then got out and dried myself with the towel and hung it up on the towel bar. When I opened the bathroom door and took a step out into our bedroom to get dressed, Beth was sitting on the edge of the bed……. and she was talking to Charles.

He was already done with his shower and dressed, and when I stepped out into our bedroom totally naked, they both looked over at me. Acting as if this was a completely normal occurrence with us, I pretended it was no biggie. Inside, though, my heart was thumping and I was incredibly nervous – unsure exactly how this was going to go over with my wife.

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