A Week with Cathy Ch. 02

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Chapter 2A: Vicki

Once I was in my room, I was naked within seconds: first, because my panties were soaked from having worn them in the pool; and second, because… well, my panties were wet because I was horny as hell.

I’d been swimming almost naked with Cathy and her cousin, Scotty, watched Cathy jerk him off in the pool, and was a minute away from fucking Scotty right then and there, in front of everybody. I was no virgin, but I’d never been so horny in my life, never needed to be fucked that badly.

Before he left I gave Scotty what was probably the best kiss of his life, and his cock got so hard, it felt like he was about to fuck me right through our clothing.

I pulled my favorite electric dildo out of its hiding spot. Switched it on “low,” mentally renamed it “Scotty,” and settled in for what I expected to be the greatest masturbation session of the year.

And then my door began to very slowly open. “Vicki?” my brother’s voice said barely over a whisper.

I quickly turned Scotty off and slid under the cover. “Barry, what the hell!!”

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, walking tentatively into the room. “I was knocking, but you didn’t answer and I thought you were asleep.”

“So you should have just left. Shit, what do you want?”

Barry’s eighteen, a year younger than me, and we usually get along great. We’re close to best friends, in fact. But fuck, not now!

“Sorry,” he said again, “I was just trying to keep you out of trouble.” I saw that he was carrying a bra. “I don’t know what you and Cathy and her cousins were doing on the patio before, and I probably don’t want to know, but you left this behind. I noticed when I came home, and grabbed it up before Mom and Dad could see.”

I thought for a moment, then realized it couldn’t be mine: I’d left mine on top of my shirt, and put them both on before my parents got home. And I’d just taken it off. “It’s not mine,” I said. I pulled myself up to a sitting position, keeping the blanket covering my front up to my collarbone..

“Cathy’s?” he asked, suddenly seeming more intrigued.

“No, she wasn’t wearing one.”

“Damn,” he said. “So… Cathy’s cousin left this behind? Wow, I wish I’d come home from my date a little earlier.”

“Why, so you could skinny-dip with your sister?” I teased him.

“You were skinny-dipping?” he asked. “Damn,” he said again.

“No, we were wearing our panties.”

“Well, I would have looked at Cathy and her cousin and ignored you,” he said with a grin.

“I don’t know… I’m kind of hard to ignore,” I said. “I take it the date didn’t go well?”

“Well, casino oyna you know…” he said, a bit embarrassed to be discussing this with his sister. We’d discussed our respective dates in the past, though not in any explicit detail.

“Come on, you already know what I did tonight, and exactly what I was and wasn’t wearing.”

I lowered the blanket for a moment just enough to expose the top of my breast tattoo, just to illustrate the point. Which wasn’t really all that low, since I have blouses that show more of the tattoo than that, but it felt kind of naughty. Probably because my hormones were still at least at Defcon 2.

Barry made a show of turning his head to the side so he wouldn’t see any of my exposed breast.

“So you and Anna?” I prompted.

“Well…” he said, “we drove out to the lake.”

The town’s make-out spot. I smiled. “And?”

“Well, we kissed. And, well…”

“Come on, tell me.”

“She let me slide my hand inside her shirt. And then finally she let me take her shirt off.”

“Good going,” I said.

“But she wouldn’t let my hand inside her bra or let me take it off. And I’d seen her in her bra before.”

“And the weird thing is,” he began, and then quickly said “nevermind.”

“Out with it,” I commanded.

“As I was rubbing her through her bra, she kept saying how sensitive her tits are. You’d think she’d finally let me touch them, then.”

Mmm, I thought. If only he knew his sister was the same way: I’d almost cum a little just from rubbing my nipples against Scotty’s chest.

“Did she do anything to you at least?” I asked.

“She put her hand on my lap.”

“Oh,” I said with a smile.

“No, just on my lap. Not touching my…”

“Your dick?” I offered, probably the first time I’d used that word in his presence.

“My dick, yeah,” he said.

I lost my concentration for a moment, thinking about how I’d missed my chance to grab Scotty’s dick and then, if I’d had the nerve, felt it thrust into my hot pussy with Cathy standing right beside us watching.

I didn’t realize until I saw Barry staring that I’d let go of the blanket and it had fallen to my waist. I quickly yanked it back up to cover myself, realizing I’d probably just given Barry his first look at a woman’s naked breasts.

“Sorry,” I said. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Quite all right,” he said with a grin.

“Did you like them, at least?” I asked.

“You better watch it, though, or I might forget you’re my sister.”

“Oh?” I said.

“Sorry,” he said, “that was totally inappropriate.”

“No, no,” I said, “go canlı casino on.” And to encourage him to continue, I let the blanket drop again.

“Shit, Vicki,” he said, staring openly now. “I meant Anna left me horny as fuck.”

“And you’re saying what, you might not be able to resist walking over here and touching your sister’s tits?”

“Well, yeah, I wouldn’t, but…”

“Rubbing her sensitive nipples…?”


“You know you want to. Get over here before I come to my senses.”

He came over and, tentatively at first, cupped my breasts with his hands. Then he began caressing my hard, sensitive nipples as well as any boy ever had. Not bad for a boy with no experience.

Anna doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Then he leaned in and took my left nipple in his mouth.

And began to slide his right hand down my body, under the blanket, toward my still-naked pussy.

Showing him my tits was one thing, but I never offered him access to my pussy. Did I want him touching me there?

Could I possibly say no at this point? I felt as if I were about to explode.

His finger hit my pussy, my wet pussy, my brother was stroking my wet pussy, and I started babbling “You’re going to me make me… you’re going to make me… oh fuck, fuck, I’m cumming… FUCK!”

Goddamn, that was good. But even in my haze I could see that this all had made Barry even hornier. I’m surprised his pants weren’t splitting open.

I reached over and unfastened his belt, then yanked his pants and underwear down with one pull. His dick, fatter than I’d expected it to be, pointed straight out at me, almost angrily, and I wanted so much to close my mouth around it, but that was just too much to do to my brother. Instead, I used both hands to stroke it, all before he knew what was happening.

I don’t think it took thirty seconds before moaned and began to cum, shooting four or five streams of thick cum all over my tits. By the end he seemed weak-kneed.

Exhausted myself, I fell backward onto my bed, my tits covered with cream, the blanket falling away completely, exposing my wet, naked pussy to him.

If he’d crawled onto the bed with me wanting to fuck me, I don’t think I’d have had the will to tell him no.

Chapter 2B: In Scotty’s Room

I opened the door to the guest room, and the first thing I did was go to the window and close the curtain, leaving the room almost completely dark.

Well, actually the first thing I did was glance over at the bed and make sure he was alone. That’s would have been awkward.

All I was wearing was the extra-long t-shirt kaçak casino I sometimes slept in, only tonight I wasn’t wearing panties: I had to be able to grab my clothing and run.

I pulled the t-shirt up and over my head, and left it on the floor by the door, then lifted the blanket off Scotty. He was wearing boxer shorts, but we’d soon take care of that.

I climbed onto his bed, and started easing his underwear down. Which woke him up of course.

“What?” he asked. “Who?”

The “what” should have been apparent.

“Shhh,” I said in a whisper.

I continued undressing him and even in the near-darkness, I could see that his dick was beautifully erect.

He reached over to touch me, but all he could reach was my ass, since I’d already turned to move my face close to his dick.

I was pretty sure he’d never had a blow job before.

I took his dick into my mouth, and began to lightly suck on it. His whole body twitched as if shocked.

I positioned my own body against his, and lowered my pussy into his face.

Hesitantly, at first, he began to lick, then thrust his tongue into my pussy.

I wondered how he liked his first taste of pussy juice.

Well, I didn’t even have to wonder: his dick seemed to get even harder, almost making me gag.

I moved my head back a bit, no longer able to keep his whole dick in my mouth, but began sucking more vigorously.

Meanwhile, he grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy tighter against his mouth. After a moment he started fucking me with his tongue.

I came. I think I might even have squirted a little. As if by instinct he began going easier on me, now using his tongue to gently massage my clit.

I grabbed his ass now, pulling him close as if I wanted his dick to go straight down my throat. It’s as if I were so aroused, my gag reflex had shut down for a moment.

He was lightly sucking on my clit now, and I was thrusting myself up at him.

I wanted to shout out that I was cumming, and if I didn’t have so much of his dick in my mouth, I might have.

And then he made me cum again, even better than the first one, and at the same time he moaned and began cumming down my throat.

I managed to wait until he was done before beginning to cough, or maybe I was so enjoying my own orgasm that I forgot I was supposed to be breathing, but in the end I did end up spitting a lot of his cum back onto his body. I’m sure he didn’t mind, though.

Still catching my breathe from both the orgasms and the choking, I climbed out of the bed, picked up my t-shirt, put it on, and left the room.

I’d have preferred to stay in the bed for the rest of the night, but of course I couldn’t do that.

But I was already thinking about coming back the following night, and this time taking Scotty’s dick in my pussy instead of my mouth.

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