Abby’s Lesson in Sexual Relations

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“Did you see what that little tramp was wearing?” fumed Marybeth as she dropped into a chair on my patio and grabbed a beer.

I figured the subject of the visit would be Marybeth’s daughter. Abby was a late bloomer but had recently ripened from a gawky teenager into a well-built hottie with firm tits and a sweet ass. Since graduating from high school she’d given up t-shirts and jeans for skin-tight mini-dresses, tube tops, short-shorts, and thongs. Her attitude had heated up, too, and it was driving Marybeth a bit crazy.

“Honestly, I don’t understand where she got her taste for those kind of clothes.”

I was smart enough not to suggest that Marybeth might not have been the best role model. She was proud that even after two kids her body was still tight enough to bounce a quarter off. After her husband left her, she rarely missed a chance to let her MILF flag fly in a wardrobe as sexy as her daughter’s.

“And yesterday I caught Milley hacking up her NEW jeans so they would be short like Abby’s!”

Marybeth slammed her beer onto the arm of chair hard enough to make it foam out the neck. “Doesn’t she realize what guys think when she dresses like that?”.

I tried to look concerned and nodded silently. Marybeth didn’t know that when I was working my yard that spring Abby had been regularly flashing her blossoming tits and bare beaver, and could tell from the swelling in my shorts exactly what a typical guy would think of her body.

Marybeth declared, “I’m ready to do something drastic so she understands how men think. But I need your help.”

She briefly explained what she intended to do that evening when Abby returned from shopping with friends. I was shocked but excited by Marybeth’s plan to teach Abby a lesson in sexual relations. Marybeth definitely noticed. As she stood up to leave she leaned over and patted the ridge evident in my shorts.

“I knew you’d be up to the job,” she grinned wickedly, “Just hold that until later and I’ll put it to good casino siteleri use.”

I headed over to Marybeth’s house after a quick phone call from her later that evening.

“Get down here NOW,” Marybeth thundered as I stepped into living room. “You are NOT going out again.”

A breathless Abby flew down the stairs, stiletto heels in hand. The hem of her fire-engine red mini-dress flew up as she spun around, revealing a tiny matching thong disappearing between her tanned ass cheeks.

“I’m not a little girl any more!” she screamed back at her mother before noticing that I was standing just inside the door.

The bravado dropped out of her voice, “What’s he doing here?”

Marybeth announced, ‘He’s here to teach you that when you dress like a slut, you get treated like one.”

Abby stood stock still, the confused look on her face changing to one of terror. “What do you mean?” she half-sobbed and started to back away from her mother.

“It’s time you learned how men treat little whores like you.”

Marybeth grabbed Abby’s arm, jerking her off-balance and sending her shoes flying, and swung her towards me.

As I caught Abby, she instinctively wrapped her arms around my neck. Instead giving the protection she craved, I started to drag her towards the living room.

She struggled, sobbing hysterically now, “No, No, No, please stop.”

I held her easily with one arm around her waist even though she struggled and slapped at my chest and shoulders. My other hand roamed over her body, squeezing her tits and ass, then grabbed her hair and forced her face to mine. I pressed my lips against hers hard and thrust my tongue into her mouth.

Her sobs began to mix with soft moans and her struggles quieted. I pulled back and looked at her tear-streaked face. Her eyes were still wide but now with more excitement than terror. She flashed a tiny smile before kissing me with akward first-time passion, her tongue thrusting eagerly between my lips. Marybeth canlı casino could tell what was happening, and she was pissed.

“Damm it! This isn’t a make-out session”, she yelled as she smacked Abby’s bare ass hard enough to leave to a bright red handprint and bring tears to Abby’s eyes again.

MaryBeth grabbed the collar of Abby’s dress and ripped it down, exposing her firm round tit topped with a taut pink nipple.

“You’re supposed to be fucking her. Now use this little cunt hard,” Marybeth growled at me.

I bent to Abby’s chest, sucking her tit into my mouth and taking it deep. Abby moaned, squealed when my teeth raked her tender nipple, then moaned again deeper. Marybeth reached between Abby’s legs and rubbed her cunt.

“Shit! She’s getting wet!” exclaimed Marybeth, who promptly gave Abby’s ass several more smacks, hard enough to slam her hips against my quickly stiffening cock. Marybeth reached between us and pushed me toward the couch.

“Take your cock out and sit down,” she ordered, grabbing Abby’s neck and forcing her down to her knees.

My thick cock stood at full attention as Marybeth pushed Abby’s head towards it. Abby tried to shake her head and kept her lips tightly close but her mother was insistent.

“Suck his meat, you little shit.”

She smacked Abby’s ass until she opened her mouth and then forced the head of my cock past Abby’s lips. Marybeth jerked Abby’s head up and down, pressing her tight mouth farther down the shaft each time. I groaned deep as Abby’s hot mouth engulfed my swollen dick. Marybeth pulled her head back, and Abby came up gasping.

“Do you like taking a dick in your mouth?”, Marybeth was triumphant until Abby grabbed my cock in her hand and strained against her mother’s grip to wrap her lips around the head.

Marybeth was enraged again, and pushed Abby’s face into my crotch. She held her down until Abby’s arms started flailing before hauling her up again, and repeated the gagging treatment several times.

“Had kaçak casino enough yet?” demanded Marybeth.

Abby gasped, gulp a deep breath, then defiantly slide her mouth around my swollen cock, pulling it deep into her throat.

Marybeth stormed off, and Abby quickly rose from her knees to straddle my hips. She gave me a self-satisfied smile as she leaned on my chest and rubbed her plump young puss on my cock. I grabbed her ass and positioned her hole over the head of my cock.

We both groaned as she started to squeeze her tight twat down my cock. Her pussy gripped my meat tighter than a miser’s penny. It took her only a few strokes to find the rhythm and moves to give her the most pleasure, and she swiftly came to crashing orgasm.

She snuggle up against my neck and murmured, “I always wanted you to be my sexy daddy.”

Marybeth announced her return by slapping Abby’s ass with the thick dildo mounted on a strap-on around her waist. Abby reached back, grabbed it, and pulled Marybeth to the side of the couch. Her mouth wrapped around the tip and she pumped it with her small hand. My cock, still enclosed in her tunnel, felt like it was going to burst while I was watching her blow the fake dick.

She spit on it several times to lube it up before telling Marybeth, “Fuck my ass good”.

Marybeth grunted as she forced the thick rod into Abby’s tight bung. Abby screamed with each thrust, pushed her ass back hard to take more. She was soon writhing on both of the thick rods filling her cunt and ass.

“OOOOOO yeah, fuck yeah,” she moaned over and over, and finally exploded in another thunderous orgasm.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted inside Abby, filling her tiny puss so full of my cream that I could feel it dripping down her thighs. My hand slide between Abby’s legs and reached for Marybeth’s pussy. I could feel her wetness and quickly found her clit. My fingers stroked and teased it while she pumped the dong in and out of Abby. I could feel Abby’s fingers still furiously massaging her own clit. Both she and her mother screamed out at the same moment, their bodies shaking together.

Before I left they made sure to invite me back the next night…

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