About Last Night

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The below narrative is a follow-on to the Sisterly Love series, of which I recommend reading as an introduction. Or at least Part 7 & 8. I know, it sounds like a lot, but the following might not make much sense unless you do. If you choose not to, I hope you still enjoy the continuing saga of Brenda’s sexual awakening.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


The next morning I slept later than usual. When I woke up to what appeared to be a gray overcast day through the partially open blinds, Walter was nowhere to be found. Most likely he went for donuts and the Sunday paper as he usually does on weekends.

After putting on a robe I made my way to the kitchen where Brenda was having a cappuccino. And once again she looked terrific for first thing in the morning. Already showered with her make-up on, and as usual wearing her favorite short skimpy robe without anything underneath it by the way her large breasts swayed freely when she moved.

When she saw me…”A very good morning to you Lacey. And while I made you a cappuccino, it’s most likely cold by now.”

“Thank you for thinking of me, and since it probably is, I’ll make myself one. Do you want another one too while I’m at it? And before I forget, you look lovely this morning. But you always do. Since you’ve been staying with us I can’t recall seeing you straight out of bed in the morning. Maybe once, but that’s been it.”

“Thank you. It’s nice of you to notice…and to say something. And if you don’t mind, yes I would like another cappuccino. By the way, where’s Walter?”

“Where he is first thing most Sunday mornings. Getting donuts and the paper. Plus he sometimes stops at the Electric Percolator for an espresso, and when he does he often bumps into someone he knows and chats with them for a while.”

Up to that point I was surprised Brenda was in her normally casual mood. I thought for sure after last night she’d be more reserved, or feeling somewhat conscience-stricken, but wasn’t. Or else she was doing a good job of suppressing it.

As I was busy making the cappuccinos, Brenda received a call on her cell phone. From her side of the conversation it was easy to assess her house back east sold, which she put on the market with a real estate management company before coming to stay with us.

The call ended just when I finished making the cappuccinos and sat with her at the kitchen table…”Based on what I overheard, it sounds like your house sold.”

“Yes it did…and for the asking price, which I thought was kind of high, but the realtor insisted. Claimed she wouldn’t have any trouble selling it, and apparently she was right. Plus the buyer wants to close in thirty days and is able to pay cash to do so. So it’s a win-win situation for me and the agent. She’ll get her hefty commission fast, and I’ll avoid the house being on the market for a long time while paying a steep fee for the real estate company to take care of it for me.”

“What about your furniture and personal belongings?”

“They’ll have everything moved into storage until I decide what to do and where I’m going to live. Problem is I have more furniture than I’ll ever need going forward so I’ll probably end up selling some of it after my daughters pick through it, or donate it to charity.”

“Speaking of which, what have you decided about where you’re going to live?”

“I haven’t. I’m still not sure what I want to do. Part of me wants to stay here with you, but another part wants to be near my daughters and their families. Who I’ll surely miss being close to in some ways if I choose to stay here.”

“You don’t mean live with Walter and I forever and ever?”

“Of course not. I’d get my own place. Either an apartment or condo in a 55 or older community. The latter for tax purposes would be best, but I’m guessing there aren’t many here.”

“I kind of thought it might be what you were thinking when you asked Lois if there were any vacancies in the complex she lives in. As for condos, you’re right about the lack of them since I can’t think of where there are any. So I take it you have no burning desire to return to Massachusetts?”

“Right now I don’t. I’m afraid if I do go back anytime soon I’ll end up in the same rut and mental state before coming to stay with you.”

“It’s highly possible, but no matter what you decide you need to make sure you don’t until you’ve got your head screwed on entirely straight again and think things through thoroughly after you do. Now it’s time to change the subject before Walter returns. Any regrets about last night? The reason I ask is because of how relaxed you seem this morning in spite of what transpired.”

“To be honest, when I first went to bed I thought for sure I’d be guilt ridden or ashamed of myself once I was alone with my thoughts. But I wasn’t. Maybe it was still the lingering effects of the wine or how much I enjoyed myself. Or a combination of both, even though casino siteleri I didn’t have much to drink. I was even still horny and ended up masturbating so I could fall asleep.”

“I hear you about still being horny. Quite often Walter and I will have sex soon as we’re alone after one of our get-togethers. And we’re usually horny as hell for the next day or two afterwards. It’s when we have some of our wildest sex together.”

Brenda thought about what I said…”Then it explains why I was so horny when I woke up this morning, and masturbated again. As for any regrets. Not really in the pure sense of the word. At least not yet.”

“What do you mean by at least not yet?”

“I’m obviously concerned about what you and Walter think of me now. Let’s be honest, it’s not everyday when you get fucked in the ass by your brother-in-law, and with your sister present. I’m also concerned about how you and I acted together and what you might think of me since I was the one who encouraged it.”

“As for your second concern, and in case you forgot, I was the one who initiated it. You just made things easier by eliminating any concern I had. As for you and me getting intimate’ with each other, it’s what we both wanted…and apparently have for a long time. And so you’ll know, I hope it doesn’t end with what took place last night.”

“Me either Lacey…now what about Walter?”

“While I shouldn’t speak for Walter, I can’t imagine anything changed. He’ll still think the world of you and if I was a betting person he might even act like last night never happened.”

Just then Walter coincidentally returned with the donuts and Sunday paper.

“Perfect timing Walter, I just made us cappuccinos and a honey cruller would go perfect with it.”

“Have at them then, but make sure you save me one. And how are my two favorite ladies this morning?”

“We’re both fine. Excellent actually after Brenda and I had a brief conversation about last night.”


“And Brenda was concerned about us, and if our feelings towards her changed in any way.”

Walter then spoke directly to Brenda…”There isn’t anything to be worried about Brenda, unless your opinion of us changed. Otherwise as far as I’m concerned everything is the same as before. If anything, and I’m sure Lacey would agree, we have a much better appreciation of you after last night. Now I’m not going to rehash things if you two already talked, and if you ladies don’t mind, I need to mow the lawn before it rains, which it’s supposed to do before the day is over. Speaking of which, if you’re planning on your usual bike ride, you better do it sooner than later.”

Then off he went to change clothes and work in the yard.

“See, if I didn’t mention anything, Walter would have acted like last night never happened. Or it wasn’t anything to be concerned with. But don’t think for a minute he didn’t enjoy it. Or it wasn’t special for him. After we went to bed he talked about nothing but…and you in particular. And in a glowing way I might add. The only way I could stop him was sit on his face.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did, and I didn’t get off it until he made me cum.”

“Good for you, and knowing how Walter feels does make me feel better. Now if Walter’s right about the rain, we should take our bike ride before it does. And hopefully it’ll hold off long enough so we can stop at our favorite place to continue our conversation.”

Since I hadn’t showered yet, I decided to wait until after we returned. As soon as we were outside it felt and smelled like rain. Wasn’t long before we reached our favorite resting place, and by the time we did we were both perspiring heavily because of the high humidity and warm temp.

Once seated, and after we drank nearly all the water we usually carry with us, Brenda asked…”Now where did we end our conversation back at the house?”

“You said your mind was more at ease after you knew how Walter felt.”

“Yes I did, now what about everyone else who participated in last night’s activities. How do you think they feel?”

“There’s no reason to be concerned. I know Rita, Lois, and especially Teresa, think the world of you and last night wouldn’t change anything. As for the men, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about as far as them either. Most likely, the exact opposite. Plus I’d be surprised if Rita, Lois and Teresa don’t call today to check on you.”

I then paused for a few seconds before continuing….”I think you’re worrying too much. I know what transpired last night was something people normally don’t do every day, but it’s not unusual for others to indulge in the same kind of activity. Probably more than we realize. Like you said yesterday, we’re all consenting and like minded adults, so what possibly could be wrong with it other than some people might not approve. No harm was done since there wasn’t anybody present that didn’t want to be. Or was there anyone who participated and didn’t really want to, or canlı casino wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. I know you must be having second thoughts. Everyone does after the first time. It’s perfectly normal. Besides, it’s not something you ever have to participate in again, and if it’s the case, no one will think badly of you. But trust me, it only gets better after the first time after any initial remorse you might have has passed. Plus if you enjoyed it as much as you seemed to, you’re probably already looking forward to a repeat. I know it was the case with Walter and I.”

Brenda gave some thought to what I said…”I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a wonderful time last night. Actually, I felt liberated in many ways. And I’m not concerned about what took place, or what I did, as much as I was about what people thought at the time, or think of me now. But I suppose it is perfectly normal to have second thoughts after the first time. Thank you for being frank with me. While I did have some initial remorse, it’s quickly fading away thanks to you.”

Brenda then put her arms around me and gave me a big loving hug. If there weren’t other people nearby in the park I’m sure we would have kissed.

Once we returned home, the first thing I did was check my cell phone. After I did I showed it to Brenda…”Three messages…one each from Rita, Lois and Teresa. I told you they’d call to check on you. Now I need to take a shower.”

“I’m going to take another shower too. I sweated like a pig today.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t we take one together in my bathroom.”

“Really…are you serious?”

“Of course I am. I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t.”

“I’d love to. It would be nice, but what about Walter?”

“It’ll be awhile before he finishes mowing the lawn. Even if he saw us together in the shower he wouldn’t think twice about it. Rita and I have showered together a number of times when we’ve stayed at Bill’s place so it’s not like he’d be surprised or concerned about it. Especially after last night. But before we do I probably should return Rita, Teresa and Lois’s phone calls first to alleviate any concerns they might have. Otherwise the’ll begin to worry if they don’t hear from me soon.”

“While you do, I’ll get some fresh clothes to put on after we shower.”

The phone calls were short and mostly uneventful since as I assumed they called to check on Brenda, who I assured them was doing fine. Actually better than any of us expected. Just as I was finishing with the last call, Brenda rejoined me in the family room.

“Who were you just talking to Lacey?

“Lois, and along with Rita and Teresa they were all pleased to hear you’re doing fine after last night.” Then I said jokingly…”And to know you’re still horny.”

“Thanks a lot Lacey.”

“You’re very welcome. And the conversation with Lois was interesting. She claimed Bob did nothing but talk about you all the way home, and still is today. Seems you made quite an impression on him between the foot-job and blow job you gave him. Speaking of which, what did you enjoy the most last night?”

“There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy, and I never thought I’d ever participate in something like it. Now that I’m over the concern about what everyone might have thought of me during and after the fact, I’m kind of basking in the afterglow. Make sense?”

“Very much so, but you didn’t answer my question.”

“If you’re asking what I enjoyed in particular, it’s a toss-up between going down on Teresa, and Walter and I having anal intercourse. Both of which I relived while masturbating after I went to bed. As for performing cunnilingus on Teresa, I can’t believe I enjoyed it as much as I did. I fantasized about going down on her pussy all week and when I finally did it was an incredible experience. I could have eaten her pussy for hours, and I swear I can still taste her. Little did I know how nice she would taste.”

“Now what did you like most about being fucked anally?”

“The fact that I orgasmed from it. I never knew you could from anal sex and it was more intense than being fucked vaginally. It hurt a bit at first, but any pain was quickly replaced by a feeling of fullness, and I never knew my asshole could feel so good from being fucked. With my first husband Frank, it was torture because of how rough and crude he was. My asshole would be sore for days, but it’s not with Walter. As I said before, I now know why you enjoy anal sex as much as you do.”

“Is there anything you, or we, didn’t do that you would like to have done?”

“Yes, vaginal intercourse, which as you know I haven’t had the pleasure of since my divorce. Hopefully we can remedy that one and only shortcoming soon. Now maybe it’s just me, but does it smell like a bordello in here?”

“You have a good sense of smell Brenda. And the odor isn’t unusual when considering how many of us cummed and discharged bodily fluids here last night. Including you ejaculating all over kaçak casino the sofa, which we need to clean better otherwise we’ll be smelling you for days.”

“I thought it smelled like sex, and I don’t know about you, but it’s affecting me like an aphrodisiac would.”

“The smell is probably reminding you of when you went down on Teresa, since most of the odor is from us women more so than the men. Now it’s time for us to take our shower.” After which we headed to the master bathroom.

As for the shower stall in the master bathroom, it’s huge. Six feet by four with two showerheads and a bench built into the wall so you can shave your legs easily, although Walter and I use it often for what it wasn’t originally intended. Such as for supporting myself while bent over as Walter does me from behind either vaginally or anally. I’ve even used it once to stand on to give him a “golden shower” even though we’re not into “water sports”.

As soon as we were in the shower we looked at each other the way only women do when dying to get their hands on each other. First we embraced before kissing lovingly as the hot water streamed down on our equally heated bodies. Brenda’s huge breasts felt heavenly pressing against mine while my hands found their way to her velvety bum, which I rubbed and kneaded as though giving her a massage.

It wasn’t long before our kissing became more passionate, but before we got too carried away just yet…”I think we first need to tend to why we’re in the shower Brenda, and let’s start by washing each other’s hair.”

Reluctantly we did with me washing and conditioning hers first, after which she did mine. Once we finished I grabbed the scrubby hanging in the shower and loaded it with body wash before washing Brenda from her head to her cute little toes. All while paying particular attention to her breasts, vagina and anus, of which I made sure to clean the latter by inserting a soapy finger.

As I was, Brenda bent over slightly and spread her bum cheeks for me…”Your soapy finger feels awesome in my butthole Lacey. While I clean it the same way, it never felt half as good as you doing it.”

For her enjoyment I continued to finger her longer than necessary, but to her disappointment stopped and asked her to turn around. When she did we began kissing again before my hand found its way to her pussy and I probed it with my fingers until I found her vaginal orifice. As soon as I did I slowly inserted a finger, which elicited a very audible sigh followed by her spreading her legs and thrusting her pubic mound against my hand. I then inserted a second finger, which prompted her to reach down to part her long pussy lips so I could insert them deeper. When I did I was surprised how tight she felt in spite of being very wet, which I shouldn’t have when considering it’s been a while since she’s been fucked vaginally. With that in mind I was very gentle as I slowly finger fucked her while using my thumb to stimulate her now swollen clitoris. As though mimicking me, Brenda began tonguing my mouth at the same pace as I was fingering her pussy. And nearly as deeply.

Wasn’t long before Brenda’s breathing became labored and she stopped tonguing my mouth so she could breathe easier. As her fuck hole relaxed I gradually increased the speed and intensity I was fingering her until the palm of my hand repeatedly made contact with her pussy with a fairly loud slapping noise. By the time it was, Brenda was moaning constantly in between mumbling how much she was enjoying it.

Then unexpectedly she grabbed my hand and literally used it to finger fuck herself even harder and faster. Nearly at the same frenzied pace I use a dildo seconds before I orgasm when masturbating.

Just when I thought collectively we couldn’t go any faster she nearly yelled…”I’m going to cum Lacey, so don’t dare stop fingering me.”

I felt like saying I couldn’t if I wanted to because of the way she was using my hand, but didn’t.

Just when it started to get numb from her holding it so tight she released it and let loose with a loud scream and orgasmed. Her whole body shook and she nearly collapsed. Fortunately she didn’t by hanging onto me as a flood of vaginal fluids streamed out onto my hand and eventually down the drain. A huge stream of translucent milky fluid, which seemed like it would never end.

When she finally stopped cumming I helped her to the bench where she could sit until regaining her equilibrium. It took a while, and for her breathing to return to normal. While Rita and I have had some pretty intense orgasms from pleasuring each other in the shower, nothing compared to the orgasm Brenda had. It seemed her first night of sexual fun and games affected her way more than I imagined. But I shouldn’t have been surprised since she’s been dealing with a lot of pent-up sexual energy.

As soon as her breathing slowed, and in between deep breaths…”I can’t imagine what came over me Lacey. I’m so sorry. It was almost sinful the way I couldn’t get enough of you fingering me. While I thought you were exaggerating when you said you have some of your wildest sex after one of your get-togethers, now I know you weren’t and can appreciate why.”

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