Age Equals Experience

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It seems pretty rare these days when a house in a neighborhood sells quickly once it’s put on the market. We’ve even seen some homes, priced at what seems to us, very reasonable prices, hang around for months and months and months with no offers and little activity.

Then, the one next to us went on the market. It was priced a little high, we thought, for what the market currently holds, yet we saw a sold sign added to the top of the sign about a month on the market. Evan and I had several discussions of just who might have paid, so quickly, what we thought was a price a bit too high.

Now, it was a nice house and in good condition needing very little in the way of rehab or upgrading. But, still, we felt there were better buys around.

Then a moving truck came and unloaded into the house, a truck from Cincinnati which is about three hundred miles away. Evan and I had just gotten home from work as the truck was pulling away and our new neighbor was turning to walk back into his house with the signed paperwork.

He waved as we pulled in, then turned and walked toward us. Well, now we get to meet the mystery buyer, I thought. As he neared us, I saw a nice looking man, maybe around fifty or so, dark hair graying, especially at the sides, trim, about six feet tall or so with a delightful grin.

“Hi, folks, I’m Scott Momson, looks like we’re neighbors,” he said as we all shook hands.

So, we chatted for a few minutes, found out that he was being transferred here as a production manager for a factory nearby and that it was just him, he’d been married in his twenties but divorced and single ever since.

Since that first day, we’ve gotten to know Scott pretty well, he’s shown Evan how to prune trees and shrubs along with some other work around the house, which my hubby never learned growing up the way he did. He also helped put up some new light fixtures in our master bath and helped replace the garage door opener.

So, he was a gem of a neighbor and I always took some food over, a casserole, or something, as thanks for his help.

As the months went by, there were some aspects of Scott that began to impress me more and more. He was muscular and tanned, lean and handsome. He had an inground pool with a tall privacy fence around it and we often saw him in just a pair of jogging shorts. Yes, he was older, but, well, pretty nice and, well, sexy. And, very polite and considerate.

One evening, I’d mentioned Scott and my husband, Evan, said, “You know, he’s often checking you out. You know that don’t you?”

“Oh, come on, he’s what, about fifty, I never see him with any women. He probably can’t even get it up without that stuff on television.”

“Oh, hon, just because he’s fifty or so, well, trust me, he likes you. Oh, and more than just for your casseroles, casino siteleri babe.”

Well, I brushed it off and went on but, actually, in the back of my mind, I was attracted to Scott. His tanned good looks, his lovely demeanor, his strong confidence in who he was. He was not the beer-gut slob sitting around watching monster truck tournaments all weekend, he was a fit, sexy man and he was right next door. Well, look, I’m human. And in those jogging shorts, he looked good.

I even fantasized about taking something over and going through his back gate and catching him naked out by his pool getting an all-over tan and offering him a handjob. Yes, slutty thoughts, yes, they were, like I said, I’m human. Then, I even dreamed about coming in his back gate and pulling off my clothes to straddle him in the bright, warm sun.

I did begin to dress a bit differently when I knew I would see him and started choosing what I wore to be just a bit sexier, a bit more provocative. I began to see for myself that he was looking at me, and looking at me in a way that a man looks at a woman he wants. As each time went by, it seemed like we were each just a tiny bit more open with the flirtatious nature of our banter and actions.

He would now hug me when I brought something over, little pecks to the cheek became pecks to the lips, then to short, soft kisses.

Evan now began teasing me, “You know, you’re giving him rises in his shorts, hon, you may have to relieve that for him one day, you know.”

“Oh, come on, Evan, you’re seeing things where nothing exists.”

“Check out his shorts when he’s around you, babe,” he shot back smiling.

So I did.

Well, I had an admirer, that was certain. His erection, whenever I was around him was rather obvious and, well, I loved it, I was tickled to death. Here I am, now thirty-five, no longer in my teens and twenties and I’m giving hard-ons. Even if he’s fifty, well, it still felt good.

Then, one Saturday, I came out to the patio where Evan was sitting with a beer. I brought out some nachos and put them down for him, then went back inside and brought out a foil-covered plate to take next door to thank Scott for helping with the garage door.

I was wearing one of Evan’s tank tops which looked like a short sundress when Evan asked me, “Are you taking him dessert, too?”

“No, just dinner, I didn’t make anything for dessert.”

“Come here, hon,” he asked and I stepped over to him and he reached up and pulled my panties to the floor.

“Dessert, all nicely prepared and ready,” he said as he patted me on the ass.

“You are kidding, Evan?”

“Hey, he lives by himself, I never see any women going in and out. You know he’s hot for you. Well, he needs a treat with the nice dinner you’ve made,” he said and canlı casino he winked at me.

So, I strode over and knocked on his door. He swung it open, looked at me beaming and said, “Oh, Abby, well, you…oh, come in, please come in,” and he led me back to the kitchen where I put the plate on the stove. I could tell he was looking me over and I loved every minute of it.

“I just brought something over for you, Scott, I hope you like it,” I said a bit saucily.

“I’m sure it will be lovely, just like the woman who so generously made it,” he said. I looked down and knew I was having the desired effect from the bulge in his shorts. I’m sure he noticed my downward glance and I decided to just go ahead.

“I’d be happy to take care of that before I leave, if you’d like, Scott.”

He stepped to me, reached down, took the bottom of my shirt and pulled it right up off me as I raised my arms to stand there naked in front of him. He just stood there for a few seconds looking at me.

“Abby, you are so beautiful, just incredible,” he murmured as his eyes devoured me.

I knelt down and pulled his shorts to the floor and was happily met with a lovely cock tanned the color of mahogany, it was beautiful. I lifted it up, feeling its heft, then leaned forward to take it in my mouth.

“Mmm, oh, Abby, you are such an angel. So, hot, so sexy, mmm.”

I know how good I can suck a man, I’ve been doing it since I was twelve and have relished every one. There have been quite a few and they’ve all sung my praises.

I sucked him for a minute more then raised off him, stood up, looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Can you show me your bedroom now, Scott?” and he grinned and led me back down a hall into his bedroom and pulled back the covers.

Well, well, a guy who lives on his own and makes his bed every day. What a wonder.

“I want on top, Scott, it’s my treat,” and he got down on the bed, that deeply tanned cock hard and ready , waiting for me as I got up over him and squatted down, reaching under to hold him steady, easing myself down onto him, down, down, down.

“Mmm, nice, oh, yes, very nice,” I moaned and I began scissoring straight up and down over him, our bodies not touching except for his cock sliding in and out of me. It was delicious.

His hands were on my breasts kneading them, tweaking my hardened nipples, as I fucked him under me. I was loving it; he was fifteen, maybe just had his first kiss, about the time I was born. Now, I was fucking him and enjoying it so, so much.

“Abby, god, you are so hot, so beautiful. I’ve just wanted this so much but didn’t want to risk damaging our nice relationship. But, oh, this is wonderful.”

“Mmm, yes, oh, it is. And, well, you don’t need to worry about Evan finding out. He took my panties kaçak casino off me when he sent me over here. He knows not to expect me back for a while.”

“I don’t know what to say. He knows we’re doing this? And he’s willing to share you like this?”

“Well, we have an agreement that we can each have some fun with other people as long as the other knows about it and approves. We even sometimes add another person to our own fun together. If you’re interested.”

“Me joining the two of you? Well, I’m not into guys so if Evan is looking for that, well, I’ll pass.”

I laughed, “Oh, no, not at all, he’s not into guys at all. It would be the two of you taking nice care of me. How does that sound?”

“That sounds lovely, beyond my wildest dreams. I’d love to have you any time I could, Abby, any time I could.”

“Well, I know if I want to include you that it’s all right with Evan. He lets me have the partner I choose. So, I choose you, Scott.”

“Oh, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I have to be honest, Abby, ever since the first time I saw you, well, I’ve wanted you in my bed. What man wouldn’t? And, well, if we get together with Evan and did a threesome, well, I’m sure we’ll both try our best to make you satisfied.”

“With the two of you, I’m sure I’ll be wonderfully satisfied,” I whispered as I rocked up and down over him. His hands were on my breasts and gently stroking across my clit as I fucked him up and down. I was really close and it was feeling like a big one, I was so ready.

“Now just make me cum,” I whispered as I rocked back and forth over him up and down, up and down. It just felt so good. I don’t know how long it had been since he last had sex but, unlike I was expecting, he didn’t cum right away. As I was to learn after Scott’s cock had spent more time inside me, he had a masterful control over his ejaculating which I soon learned to love and appreciate and yearn for.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, that’s got me, yeah, mmm, oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm,” I gasped as I was taken over by wave after wave of enormous sensual pleasure.

Then, I saw him close his eyes as he pushed up into me, “UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, you are so good, Abby, so good,” he groaned as I moved down over him and kissed him over and over.

“That’s just the beginning, Scott, you’re gonna get a lot of my pussy from now on.”

As it turned out, I’ve rarely said anything truer than that.

Scott has often been at our house, in our bed, as a second partner for me, which resulted in just about the right amount of sex to match the level of my desire. And, when Evan traveled, Scott would take his place beside me in bed each night and several times during each night, take Evan’s place inside me.

It’s been three years now, Scott’s a little grayer now, perhaps from the workout I give him and I’m now finding some gray hairs on Evan’s head now and, yes, he’s even a better lover now than before.

So, maybe a little gray hair on a man is a good thing. I’m sure convinced.

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