All in the Family Ch. 02

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(RECAP: Lisa and Narda are sisters who have always shared everything. When Lisa married Wright, she had to determine how much she would continue to share. She knew she would let her sister shave her husband smooth. Would that lead to more?)

Lisa was up early the next day, while I enjoyed a few minutes of extra time in bed. I heard voices and figured the rest of the family were up and about. The door opened and Narda peeked in. I was covered by the sheet.

“Morning,” she said.

“Hi. What’s going on out there?”

“Papa’s made arrangements to go deep sea fishing and wants to know if you’d like to go along.” She entered the room as she spoke, leaving the door ajar. I thought that coming into your brother-in-law’s room while he was naked in bed must be no big deal for the family.

“I hate to disappoint him,” I said, “But I get really seasick. I could try. I don’t want him to think I’m a wuss.”

“Don’t worry. I have a feeling he’d rather go by himself. There are three old buddies of his joining him. I think they’ll be drinking and telling stories from the old neighborhood more than they’re fishing. Papa was being polite.”

I nodded.

“So, come on,” Narda said, “Breakfast is ready. Mama made lots of food.” She tugged at the sheet, pulling it down until the top of my pubic patch appeared. I grabbed the edge and stopped any further exposure.

“I can handle it, Narda. Why don’t you tell them I’ll be right there.”

She grinned. “Not shy are you? Remember we still have a date with a razor.” She looked at my half exposed crotch. “You will be a challenge, but I’m up for it. I wonder if you’ll be, too.” She giggled.

“Grooming is a topic for another time. Now, take your ass out of here and let me get dressed.”

She turned wiggled her ass at me. She was wearing her bikini bottom under a tee shirt. Shaking my head I quickly dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, hit the bathroom and joined the family in the kitchen. Leonardo was on his way out and shouted good-bye to me. True to Narda’s word, there was a pile of sausage links, a heaping bowl of scrambled eggs with peppers, toasted Italian bread, and a bowl of fresh fruit salad. The ladies were filling their plates and talking about five different subjects. I sat, ate and enjoyed watching three beautiful women have fun.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” Maria asked.

“Nothing too much,” said Lisa. “Looks like the morning will be good beach weather. It might be overcast this afternoon. So, I say we go out after breakfast and get some sun.”

“Sounds good,” Maria said. “How about later?”

Narda sneaked a look at me and said, “We have some unfinished business with Wright.” Lisa’s eyes widened as she imagined what her sister was referencing. She then sat back and smiled.

“What sorta business?” asked Maria, looking at me and then at her daughter.

“We need to clean up Wright, you know, between his legs. Lisa says it’s a mess.”

“Madre di Dio,’ cried Maria. “Such talk at the table.”

“Well, you asked,” shot back Narda.

“So, why is this cleaning up necessary?”

I suddenly felt like I was about to melt into a puddle because I was burning with embarrassment.

“Mama, you know, like it’s better when Lisa uses her mouth.”

“Pah,” Maria said. “Your Papa is hairy, and it’s never stopped us.”

“But, don’t you wish sometimes, he was not so hairy,” asked Lisa. “I think it could be so nice if everything was smooth. Especially i cogloni.”

Maria took a sausage and waggled it. “Maybe I can see your point.” She slowly pushed it into her mouth, and just as slowly pulled it back out.

That broke up all of us.

“But, why must Narda do the cleaning on Wright. Isn’t that the wife’s duty” Lisa said she did not trust herself, and that Narda had experience.

“I suppose with that finocchio,” Maria said

“Mama, please,” said Narda. “And, no, not just with him. I like my guys smooth. Just as they like me that way.”

“Humpf,” said Maria. “And, you Lisa? You also clean yourself like Narda?”

“Since we’ve been here, I have. Mama, it feels so good when Wright is kissing me there. Oh, just so good.”

“Merda,” Maria said. “God, just once I’d want Leo to do that. But, he thinks it would make him less a man if he eats his wife’s pussy. Where do they get these ideas! Maybe I should shave it off. You think your Papa would go for it? Got to be better than the smelly fish he’s planning to bring home.”

Lisa and Narda laughed, and then her mother joined them. I sat there stunned. Could a mother and her daughters really talk this frankly?

“Hey, Mama,” said Narda. “Maybe Lisa could loan you Wright. If he’s as good as she says he is, you might have a real treat.” Maria looked at me. My dick was so hard I was afraid it would split my shorts.

“Stick out your tongue, Wright,” Maria said.

The look on my face was probably the exact reaction they were looking for. In a second, the three women were laughing so hard I thought they would burst. After they calmed down, Narda said, “So, Mama, you never had casino oyna oral?”

“Did I say that?”

“Well, you said that Papa never…”

“Wait,” said Narda leaning forward, “You have a lover. You’re seeing some other man?”

“When did I say I was seeing another man?” Maria said.

“But, you said you had oral?” interjected Lisa.

“Oh, my god, Mama, are you gay?” she said, her mouth dropping open. Maria laughed, and shook her head.

“No, I’m not. But, you know Cousin Connie.”

“Gay Cousin Connie!” said Lisa.

“Yes, god bless her, she’s gay. And, as her cousin I do her a favor, and let her keep her skills sharp.”

It took everyone a second or two for the meaning to sink in.

“Oh, Mama, you devil.”

“What? I relax in bed, and Connie gets to exercise her tongue. I see it as win-win.”

“And, you, don’t, you know, with her…”

“No, that is a one-way street. She doesn’t mind. And, wow, she is good. Every Wednesday, we have a standing date. Maybe, I should say a lying down date. So, I guess we always find a different way to skin a cat.”

“Or a pussy,” I added. The three women stared at me. One by one they started laughing. I joined them, and we went on until we could hardly breathe.

“So, no, Narda, I think I shall not ask for Wright’s services. Besides, I don’t think Leo would approve.”

“Does he know about Connie?” asked Narda.

“Sweetie, sometimes a good marriage has to have a certain amount of mystery. No wife should let her husband know every secret. And, the same goes for the husband. What Connie and I do does not hurt your Papa or our marriage. Sometimes, I think maybe he suspects. He always asks how my visit with Connie went. He says that I always seem so relaxed after that visit. So, does he know or not? Can’t say. Anyway, Wright, please keep all this within the four of us here.”

I nodded. “Did I meet Connie?”

“She was the one wearing the yellow dress and big hat,” said Lisa. I recalled a tall, blond woman, with a nice figure. “She’s attractive” I said.

“Yes,” said Maria. “Broke a lot of men’s hearts before they figured out it was not salami she wanted. But, bless her, she has a talent.” Maria’s focus faded for a bit. She shook her head and looked at us staring at her.

“With all the wedding plans, we’ve not been able to keep our Wednesday dates. I hope to get back on track soon.”

The women started cleaning up. I offered to help, but was scooted out of the kitchen. Twenty minutes later we were gathering our beach paraphernalia and heading out. Being a weekend, the beach was crowded. We found a spot to spread out our two blankets. The women decided to work on tans, and I headed out for a walk. I must have been gone for an hour.

When I returned they were all face down on the blankets, their backs completely bare. I called out, and Lisa lifted her head to smile.

“Just in time. We need to be greased up. Now, one of us doesn’t have to put a top back on.” I studied the three naked backs. Even Maria wore a two piece. Her plump rump filled out the black bottom of her suit. I dug a bottle of lotion from a beach bag, and knelt next to my mother-in-law. I squirted a liberal amount on her back and began to rub it in.

“Ooh, that feels nice, Wright. Don’t be afraid to work it into my shoulders.” I gave her a mini-massage and could feel the knots slowly loosen under my fingers. I did her sides and lightly touched the mass of breasts trapped between her and the sand.

“Legs?” I asked.

Maria mumbled a yes. I spread the lotion along her calves and up part of her thighs. I did not want to get too close to her juncture. Maria spread her legs. “You can go higher. There’s nothing there that bites.”

Her daughters laughed and I worked the lotion into her legs and along the seam of her bathing suit. I delicately covered the insides of her thighs, but did not touch the covered mound.

“That’s good, Wright. Thanks.” Without even thinking, I patted her bottom. “No problem, Maria.” Lisa saw me, and pulled her sunglasses down to stare at me over the rims. I turned beet red.

“Me, next,” called Narda. She wiggled her butt and pulled the sides of her bikini bottom up to form a make-shift thong.

“Jesus, Narda,” said Lisa, “Are you trying to blind us with all that white?”

“That’s why I want to get some sun on them,” she answered. “I can’t just take my suit off, can I?”

“You wish,” snorted Lisa.

I covered her back and enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin and tight muscles. I did her sides and ran my hand along the little bit of skin showing along the sides of her boobs. I compared this to the mass of flesh that bulged out from her mother and to a lesser degree my wife. Narda’s were all contained underneath her.

As I did her legs, Narda spread them even wider than her mother had. I ran my hands up and over the white flesh of her butt. Being diligent, I made sure each cheek was well covered. As I worked the lotion between her legs, Narda shifted, and my finger brushed against her mound. I pulled it away quickly, canlı casino but felt the heat against my finger tip. She made a soft, low sound.

As I approached my wife, she turned her head. “Having fun?” she asked.

“Just doing what you told me to do,” I deadpanned.

“Right!” she said and grinned. I covered her body, and was not at all circumspect in letting my fingers tease her nipples or between her legs. By the amount of squirming she did, I assumed I was being effective.

We stayed on the beach until our stomachs and bladders told us it was time to head back to the house. Gathering our blankets and other stuff, we were happy to get out of the hot sun. In the house, we decided to get showers done and then have lunch. Maria said she’d go first while Lisa and Narda started on lunch. I said I had to take a quick pee.

In the bathroom, I dropped my bathing suit and was letting loose with a long stream when the door opened. A naked Maria entered, her towel draped over her arm.

“Thought I’d get things moving along, so don’t mind me,” she said. I couldn’t help but stare at her nude form. For a woman of fifty-two, Maria retained a solid and attractive figure. In addition to her large breasts, her tummy was firm leading to feminine hips and shapely legs. Between those legs was a thick and wiry patch of dark hair. She obviously did not believe in trimming as did her daughters.

“I’ll be done in a second,” I said.

Maria looked down as I was doing my best to aim into the bowl.

“Wright, I guess you’d probably should get used to us. We don’t really have any hang-ups about our bodies. And, allow me to say, my Lisa chose a winner in many, many ways. Next to Leo, that is the best one I’ve seen.”

She continued to look at my penis. With a smile, she added, “Not that I’m admitting to seeing many of them. Well, not too many. We do have a pool, you know, and sometimes at night things get interesting when we have company. Everyone seems to enjoy skinny dipping.” She tapped my ass, letting her fingers linger for a few seconds, and then moved behind me to step into the shower. I looked and saw her round butt as she stepped over the rim of the tub. Her rear was smooth, sexy and free of cellulite.

I finished and picked up my trunks, holding them in my hand. “Maria, I’m going to flush.” Prior experience that week told me that the change in water pressure could almost scald someone when the cold water slowed.

She pulled the curtain back and stepped outside. I smiled at her, she smiled at me. She was naked I was hard. She stared at my erection with a grin as I turned to leave.

A few minutes later, Maria rapped on the bedroom door, stuck her head in and told me she was finished. With a towel clutched in front of me, I ran in and took a quick rinse off. I did manage to condition all my hair, just in case the crazy idea of man-scaping was actually going to occur. The last part of the shower consisted of turning the hot water off and directing the ice cold spray to my groin. I dealt with the pain as I watched my erection finally subside.

As I was drying Lisa open the bathroom door and came in. She stripped and fell to her knees to give me some loving. So, much for getting rid of an erection. “Mama said she came in before.”

“Yep. First time a woman caught me pissing.”

Lisa chuckled. “Remember when we had just gotten engaged?” She took me full in her mouth as she let me recall that time. Of course, my mind was not functioning at top capacity at the moment.

“Sure, what about it?”

She pulled off, held me by the base, and said, “You used to ask what my family was like. Remember?” As her lips reengaged, I managed to say something that resembled a yes answer.

“Well, I told you,” Lisa said as her hands fondled my balls, “that they were warm and interesting.” One testicle was sucked into her mouth. I grabbed the sink to steady myself.

“Yeah?” Releasing my nut, Lisa said, “You asked what ‘interesting’ meant. I think you’re finding out.” She giggled and sucked the other nut deep into her mouth. I groaned and she released me.

“Ok, out you go. I have to use the toilet and then shower.”

Back in my room I was aching to relieve the pent up tension. I wrapped my hand around my erection and was just beginning to gently stimulate it, when there was another rap on the door. Groaning I wondered if people ever left anyone alone in this family.

“Decent?” called Narda.

Before I could answer the door swung open and Narda looked in. I covered my nakedness with my hands as best I could. I think I had my shaft hidden from view, but feared some of my balls might be on display.

Narda looked and grinned. “Sorry to, uh, disturb you. Do you want chicken salad or ham for lunch.” She addressed her question to an area significantly lower than my eyes.

“Ham would be fine, Narda,” I said with a bit of an edge.

“Ok, lunch will be ready in a minute. Do you need more time than that?” These last words were spoken with more than a bit of taunting.

“Why don’t you concentrate on lunch,” I kaçak casino said. “Don’t worry about me.”

“Looks like someone needs to,” she retorted, and closed the door.

I released my erection, begging me for release. Just then the door opened again. If this were Narda again, she could damn well stand there and watch me jerk off. Lisa entered the room.

“Wow, I love the way you say hi. It’s just been a couple minutes.” I told her about Narda barging in, and how I had covered myself.

“Relax, Wright. It’s not a big deal.” Looking down, she added, “I mean metaphorically, only.” She brushed her hand along my sensitive head. “Get dressed.”

We sat on the patio and enjoyed lunch. It was early afternoon and dark clouds began to appear on the horizon. Maria tried raising Leo on her cell phone, but could not get through. “I just hope whoever is piloting that boat has the sense to head in before a storm hits,” she said.

“Well, looks like more beach time is out for the day,” Lisa commented.

“I thought I’d go up to the mall and do some shopping,” said Maria. “You girls want to come along?” They both cast a quick glance at me. I nodded, and they agreed. Lisa and Narda took the dishes inside and said they’d get ready.

“Am I disturbing something?” Maria asked. I was about to respond when she slapped her forehead. “Now I remember. They were supposed to do that trimming business. I guess it can wait, if you don’t mind.” Maria was grinning. I smiled and said, “Maria, I am in no rush to have someone working me over with a razor in a most delicate spot. I can wait.”

“You’re a good man, Wright. I can see why Lisa enjoys your sense of humor. Laughing is almost as important as sex in a good marriage. Notice, I said ‘almost’.”

I stood and bent to kiss her cheek. “Maria, I’m the lucky one. I have the woman of my dreams, and I couldn’t ask for a better set of in-laws. I feel part of the family.”

“I hope you feel like family.”

“I really do,” I replied. “And, I can only hope Lisa looks half as good as you when she’s your age. You are a beautiful woman.”

Maria made a shooing motion. “Now, you’re shoveling the bullshit. But, thanks for trying to make an old woman feel good.”

“No bullshit, Maria. Leo is an extraordinarily lucky man.”

“That’s what I tell him all the time,” she said, and laughed.

The clouds had moved in quickly and the first drops fell. Maria and I ran inside. The girls were dressed in shorts, polo shirts and sandals. Maria went to freshen up.

“Sorry, Wright,” said Narda. “Looks like we’ll have to postpone our session. Don’t worry, after our parents go tomorrow, we’ll have lots of time to get things looking good.”

Lisa laughed and grabbed an umbrella from the junk closet. When Maria rejoined them, the three women dashed for our car. I waved from the door as they pulled out and headed toward the mall. The week of intense love-making and the hectic activity of Lisa’s family’s visit made me head straight to the bedroom. I collapsed on the bed and was asleep in minutes. I don’t know how long I had slept before a peal of thunder shook the house. I sat up and noticed the rain pelting the roof. I ran around and made sure the windows were closed. Taking a glass of water I looked out toward the ocean where white caps turned the blue water to a nearly black hue.

My cell went off. I saw it on the counter and looked at the id. It gave “Cantafio” and I answered.

“Wright, it’s Leo.”

“Everything all right?” I asked.

“Mostly,” he said. “Is Maria there? I tried calling but she didn’t answer her phone.”

“They went to the mall. Maybe they can’t hear it in there.”

“Yeah, listen. We had to head north to keep ahead of the storm. It came in really fast. So, we put in at Rocky Harbor. You know where that is?”


“Well, it’s not close to you. We can’t go back out tonight, and our cars are back down there. We got some rooms in a motel here. We’re going to stay tonight and when the storm clears in the morning, we’ll be back. Please let Maria know.” I assured him I would.

I looked back out on the turbulent sea. Maria would be happy to hear that Leo was safe. For some reason my mind flashed to Maria telling us that Leo didn’t go down on her, and Narda suggesting I could be her oral lover. Would she taste as good as Lisa? What would Narda taste like? I was never involved with women from the same family. Did they have similar tastes?

Before I knew it, my erection was out of my shorts and I was stroking it while standing in the living room. I thought about Maria standing naked by the shower. She smiled as I looked at her breasts and wild pussy patch. My hand continued to connect my deviant thoughts to my hard dick. In my reverie, I felt a naked body pressed up to my back as I looked at Maria. The small pointed breasts let me know it certainly wasn’t my wife. A hand snaked around my middle and started moving up and down my dick. Maria smiled and began to finger herself.

“How’d you like to fuck the both of us?” said Narda, her hand quickening the pace and her finger probing my anus. I opened my eyes as lightening flashed, and shot my load onto the wooden floor. I nearly collapsed with the intensity of my orgasm. The erotic images faded as I regained my senses.

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