Allison’s Ankle

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This is a story of a brother and his sister, a love story, more a romance than anything else. But it also chronicles a graphically sexual incestuous relationship. If this subject bothers you please don’t read any farther.

About 10,000 words long, the story is recounted mainly through conversations between Allison and her brother Will over a four week period as Allison recovers from a severe leg injury. I hope you enjoy it.


Thursday, July 13th 2005

“Billy…your sister’s hurt honey,” were Mom’s first words when I picked up the phone.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” I demanded, the hard-on throbbing in my hand completely forgotten.

“She fell…broke her leg, and her ankle…she just called from the hospital.”

“So she’s okay…crikee, I thought for a second you meant…hell, what’d she say?”

“She was doped up…she didn’t make a lot of sense…I’ve just left work…I’ll call”

“Can I help…I can come with you,” I interrupted.

“I’m calling from the car …I’m already on I-65 honey, I’ll be in West Lafayette in ninety minutes. I’ll call you as soon as I’m there,” she promised as she hung up.


Putting the phone down in its cradle, my other hand still absentmindedly stroking myself, I was stunned at how hard mom’s first words had hit me.

She’s just a little bitch, why should I care, I thought momentarily.

Yeah right, except you were jacking off to a picture of her when the phone rang you asshole, the other side of my brain answered. Like she’s the most perfect, sexiest, nicest girl in this world. Allie, sweet Allie, I moaned silently as my hand starting pumping my fat cock…


Allison Mae Shepherd, actually Jones now since she’d married that loser just before New Years, twenty-two, just graduated with an engineering degree from Purdue, funny, cute, intelligent…fuck, I could go on and on…anyway, she was fated at birth to be the love of my life…the person who’d been destined to be my wife…the mother of my children…the…

Except that I just happened to be her brother.

That, at eighteen, I was four years younger than her.

That she was married to someone else.

That we hadn’t said twenty kind words to each other in four years…

Most people would probably blame our estrangement on the afternoon four years ago when she’d arrived home unexpectedly and found me sitting on her bed with one of her bras around my neck while I was stroking myself with a pair of her favorite panties.

She hadn’t been pleased! To say the least! Her shrieks had brought mom running, and then in the following hours and days, had told her girlfriends, the neighbors, my friends, our pastor, etc., etc., all about it, and each time she recounted it she embellished the tale. It hadn’t been a particularly fun time for yours truly.

But that incident had just been the culmination of a long period of our growing apart. When she had grown older, when finally at twelve or thirteen her thoughts and interests had turned to make-up and boys and clothes and telephone conversations, she had found a younger brother trailing after her like a puppy increasingly irritating.

I didn’t understand of course. Couldn’t figure out why Allie didn’t want to spend all her free time with me. Didn’t understand why she’d snap at me for no reason.

I know now I must have been a horrid pest and that Allie had probably tried to be pretty gentle with her annoying brother. Her reaction to my exploring of her panty drawer was simply an explosion long coming.

Still it pissed me off royally and due to our respective stubbornness we’d never been able to capture the friendship and love of our youth after that day. She teased me for the balance of her senior year, never letting me forget the humiliation of that afternoon, often advising her friends when they were in our house to watch out for my little ‘perv brother’.

And during her four years at Purdue, her short visits home never seemed to give us enough time to get to know each other again, to mend the wounds. I never stopped dreaming about her though, never could stop remembering the promise she’d made for the first time when I was maybe five and then was repeated countless times over the next three or four years: “Will, when you grow up I’ll marry you and be your wife.”

“You promise?” I’d always demanded in my little boy’s voice.

“If you’re good,” she’d always answer and then give me a wet kiss on my cheek.


“She’s going to be okay honey.”

“Mom?” I asked as I held the phone to my ear.

“They operated…I saw the doctor…they’ve put in a metal plate…screws…she’s in a cast…”

“What happened? How’d she break it? What’d she say? Will she be able to walk?”

“I just saw her for a minute…she’s still groggy…has to sleep. I’ll stay here for the weekend. Make sure that she’s okay…you’ll have to help Billy.”

“What can I do? What do you need?”

“Allie won’t be able to put any weight on the foot for at least twenty days…someone will have to”

“Doesn’t casino oyna she have a cast on it” I interrupted.

“Not a walking cast. An almost full-leg cast. You’re going to have to come down here and take care of her.”


“I’ve got work honey…I have to be back Monday.”

“Can’t we bring her home?”

“No, her doctor, everything is here.”

“You want me to come down there and take care of her…alone…for three weeks?” I sputtered.

“I know you two aren’t exactly best friends these days Billy….but she is your sister, and Johnnies away…you havvvve to help her,” she said in a voice that brooked my argument.

Even if I had absolutely hated my sister I would have gone. I simply owed everything to my mom and couldn’t refuse any request from the woman who’d raised Allie and I alone, a woman who’d slaved away to make a loving home for us after our father had died when I was three.

“When do you want me there?”

“She’s going to be released Saturday, why don’t you drive down Sunday morning and we’ll spend the day together before I leave.”


Johnny, Allie’s numbskull husband, a nerdy, civil engineer who’d graduated from Purdue a year ago, was now in Iraq; part of a National Guard team helping to reconstruct the country even while the local assholes were continuing to blow it up.

Sis had married him at Christmas, a wedding rushed forward when an awestruck Johnny had received his call-up notice.

“I never thought I’d have to fight,” he’d told me in the days before the wedding.

“Fuck, why do you think they’ve been training you, giving you money, you idiot,” I’d responded, completely unsympathetic to this geek who was stealing my beautiful sister.

“I’m not a very good shot,” he’d added in a whining tone.

“Better learn quick,” I’d advised him, almost sick as I imagined his pale body on top of Allie’s, his little prick penetrating the woman meant only for me.

Sunday, July 16th

As I drove down to West Lafayette that warm summer day, on the one hand pissed off my summer was going to be ruined, I also couldn’t help but be excited by this unexpected opportunity that had suddenly presented itself.

According to mom, I’d have Allie to myself for a good three weeks. Could I finally succeed, I wondered as I approached her condo, my penis twitching and lengthening at the thought.


“Honey, you’re here,” mom said as she greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Hi mom.”

“Well, c’mon in. Go see your sister,” she instructed as she pushed me towards Allie’s bedroom.

“Hi Allie.”

“You came,” she responded in a semi belligerent tone.

“A chance to help my wonderful sister. I flew here.”

“Yeah right.”

“How are you anyway,” I asked, trying to inject warmth into my voice as I spoke.

“I’ll live apparently.”

“Will you?”

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” sis groused.

“Allison! Your brother’s willing to give up his summer to help you,” mom admonished.

“Sorry,” sis hissed but didn’t sound it.


“I’ve written a menu for the next week…I bought the food this morning…” mom started. “Your sister can give you advice”

“Don’t worry ma, we’ll just eat pizzas and drink beer all week. Big Macs. And chocolate cake for lunch. We don’t need a menu … Yuck, we definitely don’t need this,” I said pointing to the cauliflower and Brussels sprouts that sat on the counter.

“Billy,” mom warned menacingly.


Sis’s condo was on the fifth floor of a new development and her windows faced a large city park ensuring both privacy and a great view. A two bedroom, one and a half bath unit, I was to be relegated to the second bedroom, a room that had been converted to an office but had a single bed tucked into the corner.

The only shower and tub in the unit was in the ensuite bathroom that was attached to Allie’s master bedroom so I’d have to use that when I wanted to wash.

Mom spent her final dinner with us giving me instructions for every possible contingency but I finally stopped her when she started to explain the disposal of Allie’s ‘waste products’ as we were eating dessert. “I’ll figure it out mom,” I grumbled as I contemplated the bowl of chocolate pudding sitting in front of me.


“I’m not so sure about this,” were Allie’s last words to mom before mom left to go back to Chicago after we’d eaten.

“He’ll be fine. Won’t you sweetie?” she asked me.

“If she’s good,” I said with an evil grin.


With me on the sofa and Allie lying in bed, the two of us had a quiet evening watching TV in her bedroom, my few tentative remarks met by a glacial indifference that either reflected her discomfort from her still aching leg, or the fact she had to rely on me for the foreseeable future.

She finally shooed me out at ten thirty, claiming exhaustion and pain.

“Do you need anything? Water?”


“Waste disposal?”

“Shut up Will,” she ordered, using the name she’d canlı casino always called me.

“I love you,” I said as I bent and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.



The plaintive sobs of my sister broke through an erotic dream that had been starring her and woke me about two-thirty in the morning. My cock was still hard in my shorts as I rushed to Allie’s bedside.

“Will? Is that you?” she whispered in the darkness.

“Uh huh, I heard you crying,” I answered as I took her soft, trembling, little hand in mine. “What is it? What can I do?”

“You don’t have to stay up. I’m fine.”

“You’re crying. Can I get you anything? Do anything?”

“It hurts…so much…and I’m not supposed to take another pill for two hours,” she suddenly sobbed.

“Fuck that,” I answered, “If you need one take one.” After giving her another pill I held her hand until she fell asleep, then slept fitfully on the sofa in her bedroom the rest of the night.

Monday, July 17th

“You didn’t have to sleep there,” she started when she saw I was awake.

“And leave the beautiful princess all alone?” I asked, and then standing up quickly added, “And what would my lady like for breakfast? Your wish is my command.”

“Are you going to try to be funny all the time,” sis asked with a grimace.

“Yes fair maiden”


“Sorry. I’ll try to be more serious,” I promised with a grin.

“This is going to be a long summer,” she muttered, then added, “you should probably put some more clothes on before you serve breakfast.”

“You don’t like my boxers?” I asked as I did a quick pirouette.

“They’re not very modest,” she answered, and for just a sec I saw the sly, quirky grin I recognized so well from our youth. “What’s so funny?” she asked when she saw my amused look.

“Nothing, nothing. Let me just have a pee and then I’ll see to your breakfast…Do you need…”

“The pan,” she said pointing. “And some paper.”


“This is disgusting,” I said as I carried the smelly container to the bathroom, one hand holding my nose as the other held the offending pan as far away from me as possible.

“You’re a big baby,” Allie said smiling.

“It’s pitiful. Me, William M. Shepherd, brilliant scholar, reduced to cleaning the bottoms of ungrateful wenches.”

She was laughing when I departed for the kitchen. I knew then that somehow we’d be okay.


We spent the rest of the day in each others company, talking or reading or eating or watching TV but always aware of the other.

“Mom said you might not come to Purdue,” she said with a question in her voice late in the afternoon.

“Georgia Tech offered me a full scholarship,” I answered.

“So did Purdue. All our family’s gone here; I don’t understand…”

“I haven’t decided yet,” I stalled.

“Is it because of me?”


“You dislike me so much you can’t even come here? You won’t have to see me if you don’t want…I’m not that bad.”

“Maybe it’s because I like you too much.”

“I want you to come.”

“I don’t know,” I answered.


“What are you looking at,” she asked later when she heard me chuckle.

“I forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“What a nice sister you once were. Look,” I said as I stood and moved to her bed, the album of old family photographs in my hand. “Look at that costume I’m wearing,” I laughed as I pointed to a Halloween picture of the two of us when I was about seven. “Remember?”

“Of course. I made it for you,” Allie said as she took the book from my fingers. “Here, sit beside me,” she ordered, “and watch out for my leg.”

“You always were bossy,” I laughed as I sat next to her. “Look, we’re holding hands, and see, you thought you were a little princess even in those days,” I said as I pointed to the costume and crown she was wearing.

“I was a princess.”

“You were nice in those days,” I remembered aloud as I put an arm around her shoulder.

“That was before you became a pest,” she said as she smiled up into my eyes.

“You’re so pretty when you smile.”

“I loved you so much in those days. You were my little man.”

“You said you’d wait and marry me…and now look, I’ve been deserted for the first pretty face that came along.”

“Johnnie isn’t pretty”

“That’s for sure,” I groused. “You should have waited.”

“I might have,” she laughed, “that is, if you hadn’t become such a pervert.”

“It’s your loss.”

“Maybe it was,” Allie answered with more than a touch of regret in her voice.

Wednesday, July 19th

“You know, you don’t have to stay in with me all day, every day,” Allie said as I went to spoon a mouthful of corn flakes into her mouth the next morning. “Or sleep on that uncomfortable couch.”

“And if there’s an emergency?”

“Jill promised to come over for a couple of hours at lunchtime…you can at least get out for a while.”

“Maybe I’ll take your Purdue library card and get some books. Now eat up,” I ordered kaçak casino as I delivered another mouthful.


“Bath time,” I announced when I reappeared a half hour later, a large bucket of steaming water, a sponge, towel and washcloth, and a clean set of sheets in hand.

“Oh no. You can’t, you just can’t!” Allie said adamantly.

“Your sheets are dirty, the room smells…you’re starting to stink,” I answered as I dropped the clean sheets on the chair.

“I can wash myself. Just give me a damp washcloth.”

“At least there’s a breeze today,” I answered, ignoring her comment as I opened her bedroom window and the patio door.

“Can’t we do it later,” she whined as I gently pulled the top sheet off her body and threw it on the floor. “At least shut the curtains.”

“We’re on the fifth floor…looking out over a park,” I said as I lifted her head and shoulders off the pillow and untied the blue hospital gown she’d been wearing.

“Just don’t say anything…anything bad…don’t try to be funny,” she threatened as I slipped it off her shoulders and bared her completely.

Keep cool, I tried to instruct myself as my eyes feasted on my sisters beauty. “You’re white,” I stammered as I dipped the hand sponge in the basin of warm water and then ran it up one of her arms. “Not too hot?”

“No,” she whispered, “Its okay. I haven’t been out in the sun at all this summer, been working too hard,” she explained as I ran the sponge over her full, firm breasts, my arm trembling as it moved. White, pink capped beauties that I was dying to taste. Her nipples were straining upward, hard little pebbles that ached for my lips.

My prick was throbbing in my pants as the sponge slid off a breast and down towards the lightly haired vee at the junction of her legs. “You shave,” I said nonchalantly as I dipped the sponge in the water and then brought it dripping to her mound.

“I haven’t for a while…it looks funny short like that,” she replied nervously, trying to act naturally, as if nothing strange was happening, as if we were just talking about the weather, not about her thin coating of soft, curly pubic hair.

“I’ll have to soap you…then rinse you again,” I said apologetically, then put my hands in the water and then grabbed a bar of soap and lathered them up.

She just nodded as my soapy fingers slid across her skin, but couldn’t help gasping as I cupped and lathered her breasts. Moving her gently onto her side I caressed her back, then slid my fingers lower.

“I have to wash your rear, you’re dirty,” I apologized as I ran my soapy fingers down her crack.

“Unnh,” she grunted lightly as I pushed a slippery finger into her anus and then quickly withdrew. I then slid my palm over her firm cheeks before I again slipped my big finger inside her bum.

“Willllll,” she groaned as I pumped my digit,” don’t…it”

“Sorry, I’ll just be a sec,” I apologized again even as she seemed to push back against my penetration.

When she lay back onto her back she actually spread her legs as my hand moved across her hips and towards her center, and then said nothing as my fingers spread her nether lips and started to clean her. Just a light gasp escaped her when I pushed into her slick cave for the first time, when I felt her moist insides seem to clutch my thick finger.

Ten minutes later I was done, and Allie was again covered in a clean hospital style gown, crisp, clean sheets under and over her.

But I could smell her sex. Her need. Knew she sensed mine.

“You know sis,” I said after finishing her, “being a male nurse does have some rewards.”

“I knew you couldn’t stay shut up,” she said huffily but with a glint of excitement and hunger in her eyes.

Thursday, July 20th

“Finally,” I said laughing, “a chance to investigate your lingerie drawer. No mommy to protect you now”

“Don’t you dare!” Allie ordered from her bed, her eyes angry as I went through her chest.

“Eureka,” I shouted when the third drawer I tried produced the bras and panties, hipsters, tangas from Brazil, boy shorts…the teddies, the nighties, the bustiers, the corsets…

“Will…please,” sis begged as I upended the drawer on the bed.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for four years,” I laughed. “God, what kind of weird, kinky sex life do you have anyway?” I demanded as I held up pair after pair of slinky, satiny panties

“God, you’re still a bloody pervert.”

“Me? And where do you wear these?” I asked as I held up a wispy, white lace thong and a crotchless black satin panty.

“None of your business.”

“You two aren’t swingers are you?” I teased.

“Bastard!” she griped as I rubbed the thong across the front of my jeans.


“You’re still mad about that, aren’t you? After all these years.”

“What,” I asked, looking up from my book later that afternoon.

“Me telling Mom.”

“Telling Mom! Fuck, you told the whole world!” I growled, still angry after four years.

“Well it was your fault. What the hell, I find you rooting around in my panties, your thing sticking out…yuck…it was disgusting.”

“I was just a kid. I didn’t know any better.”

“You surprised me. It scared me.”

“You were eighteen!”

“I was a virgin.”

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