Amy’s Christmas Guest

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My wife Pam and I were visiting Pam’s sister-in-law for Christmas. Caroline was divorced from my wife’s brother, but we still got on really well with her and their two daughters. The eldest, Sally, had left home and married, but the younger one, Amy, still lived at home while she attended college.

When we arrived, Amy opened the door for us. Pam headed straight into the kitchen to see Caroline, leaving Amy to show me up to the guest room with our bags.

“Good to see you, Uncle Tim,” she said.

“You too, kid. How’s it feel without Sally?”

“Weird. She calls and stuff, and we Facebook a couple of times a week, but it’s not the same.”

I dropped our stuff on the bed. “Come and have a look what I’ve done with my room now I’ve got it to myself,” urged Amy.

I followed her across the landing. She closed the door behind us and sprawled on the bed, which was at least king-size.

“Loads of room,” she said, stretching her arms out to demonstrate. “Come on, try it.”

I must have looked a little shocked, as she grinned and said, “Nothing to be afraid of,” and patted the bed beside her.

“OK,” I said slowly, and sat carefully right on the edge of the bed.

“Properly,” she urged, and grabbed my shoulders from behind so that I lost my balance. I ended up on my back across the bed, and she playfully pinned me down with her body; I tried to ignore the pressure of her breasts against my chest.

She looked into my face, her expression serious. “Uncle Tim, I know I can trust you. I’d really like to spend some time getting closer to you while you’re here this time.” Her half-bold, half-embarrassed expression gave me a clue as to what she meant by ‘getting closer’.

“Well,” I said, suppressing my half-shocked, half-pleased reaction, “we’ll have to see what we can do.”

I looked at her again in a new light, and had to admit that she was turning into an attractive young woman; she had clearly chosen her fitted top to show off her still-developing but already shapely breasts, and her jeans emphasised her long, slim legs.

“We’ll have to be careful,” I said. “We can’t let Pam and your mum get the slightest idea.”

“Don’t worry about that,” she said. “Mum still treats me like a kid, and I know how to act like one. It’ll be easy to find an excuse for you to have to ‘look after’ me, while they go off and do boring grown-up things.”

It turned out she was right; Pam and Caroline went off the next day to the nearest town to do last-minute Christmas shopping, planning to be out until well into the afternoon, while I agreed with a show of reluctance to ‘baby-sit’, and Amy grudgingly conceded that sure, it would be OK to make a jigsaw or something with Uncle Tim and that – really, Mum! – she could manage to find something for us both to have for lunch.

As the car pulled out of the drive, Amy was already tugging at my hand.

“How about we use the hot tub?” she said. “I’ll get my swimsuit on – you brought trunks like Mum said, right?”

Without waiting for an answer, she skipped up the stairs to her room to change. I followed her up and went into the guest room to find my trunks. I changed quickly, coming back out onto the landing. Amy was already there, in a bright yellow two-piece, leaning nonchalantly against the frame of her bedroom door.

“Very nice,” I said, appreciating her shapely figure even more in the minimal swimwear.

“Come here and tell me that,” she teased. I took the couple of steps over to her, and as I reached her she pulled me towards her and kissed me hard on the mouth.

“That’s a sample for later,” she said, turning and walking down the stairs. I was sure she knew the impact she was having as I watched her barely-clad bottom swaying.

I followed her to the deck outside the patio doors where the hot tub was installed. Steam was already rising from the surface of the water.

“I made sure it’d be pretty warm,” she said, climbing in and lowering herself to her neck in the water.

I climbed in after her and sat facing her. I stretched out, and my foot touched the inside of her calf. I began to caress her lower leg with my foot, and she relaxed, closing her eyes.

After a while I deliberately moved my foot upward, gently stroking the inside of her thigh with my toes, and her eyes opened again. I watched her face as my foot reached the top of her inner thigh, and one toe lightly rubbed between her legs, touching her through the thin fabric.

“Mmm,” she said, “I would never have thought of that.” And she opened her legs wider to give me more access. I shifted position so that the ball of my foot was pressing against her, and began to caress her rhythmically. Her hands moved to her breasts, squeezing them and stroking her nipples, and I felt her begin to move her hips in time with my own movements, pressing back against me. Her movements became more urgent, and suddenly the water was rippled by her body shaking with pleasure.

When she had finished, her face flushed, her chest moving up and down as she still breathed rapidly, she spoke, her voice full of emotion.

“Wow, Uncle Tim, that was amazing, casino oyna not like anything that’s happened to me when I’ve just been touching myself.”

“Glad you liked it,” I said. “Want to stay in the tub a little longer, or have you had enough of being in hot water?”

She obviously got the pun, and replied, “Oh, I think we can stand to hot things up a little more, but you’re right, the water is a little warm.”

She stood, and stepped out over the rim of the tub onto the deck. I got out too, and we walked across the deck to the patio doors, picking up towels from a stack along the way.

We entered the living room, and I slid the doors shut behind us. Amy walked over to the fireplace, where a log fire was burning, and stood on the rug.

“I could use some help drying off,” she hinted.

I went and stood behind her, wrapping my towel around her and starting to dry her.

“I need to take my swimsuit off, silly,” she teased. I moved back, and she reached behind her and deftly undid the fastening of her bikini top, then did the same for the bottoms, tossing both garments on the floor.

“Now,” she said, “do what you were doing before.”

I wrapped the towel round her again, and dried her off; she moved her legs apart so I could reach between them with the towel.

When she was dry, I dropped the towel and moved up close behind her, putting my arms around her waist. She relaxed back against me, then said, “No fair, you still have your trunks on.”

She twisted in my arms and grasped the top of my trunks, pulling them down. I stepped out of them, and said, “So, you OK with what you see?”

She pretended to look unsure, then grinned and said, “Of course. But it’s not the first time I’ve seen a man with no clothes on.”

I paused for a moment. “Amy, can I ask, are you a virgin?”

She shrugged. “There was this one guy, but to be honest it was pretty disappointing. By the time he got the condom on and got inside me, he finished almost straight away, and he didn’t seem to want to do anything else for me.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that,” I said. “Hopefully I can make it up to you a little?”

“You already have,” she said, her face giving away that she was thinking back to a few minutes ago in the hot tub.

“Plenty more things we can try,” I grinned. I moved back behind her, this time pressing my erect penis into the cleft of her buttocks and wrapping my arms around her.

“Mmm,” she said, “feels nice.”

I moved my hands up to cup her breasts, then brushed her nipples gently. She gasped, then relaxed to the feeling. I continued touching her, then kissed the nape of her neck and her shoulders.

“Use your mouth on my breasts,” she requested. I moved round to face her, and bent my head to her breasts, kissing around her erect nipples but not yet touching them with my mouth or tongue. She took my head in her hands and deliberately guided my mouth onto one nipple; I obediently took it into my mouth and gently caressed it with my tongue, then suckled it. I slid a hand down her stomach, over her furred mound, and lightly touched the wetness I found between her legs. I switched to the other nipple, and she gasped again, this time putting her hand on top of mine and pressing it harder against her entrance.

I followed her implied suggestion, and began to slide one finger over her entrance, then onto her clitoris. Again her hand was on mine pressing my fingers more firmly against her. I began to move my hand rhythmically, and she began to breathe more rapidly, giving little moans.

“I think I want your mouth there,” she said between gasps.

I eased her down onto the rug and bent my head between her legs. I slid a finger inside her and flickered my tongue on her clitoris. Soon I felt the rippling of her muscles around my finger and she arched against me, her moans betraying the pleasure surging through her body.

She relaxed, and managed, “Wow, I didn’t know I could do that twice.”

“Well, plenty of time to find out if you have a limit,” I grinned.

“But what about you?” she said.

“I don’t mind carrying on like this for as long as you want,” I replied.

“But sometime you’ll want to release,” she queried.

“Sure, but the longer I wait, and the more times I please you, the better it feels at the end.”

She thought for a while, then said, “But could you come, then carry on?”

“As long as it didn’t involve that part of me, sure.”

“Then I’d like to help you next,” she said with an air of decisiveness.

“OK,” I said, “I’d really like that. But what did you have in mind? I have condoms in my case.”

“Can I tell you something?” she said, seeming slightly embarrassed.

“Of course.”

“I sometimes watch videos on the Internet, you know the kind,” she said hesitantly.

“That’s OK,” I reassured her. “Did you see something you wanted to try?”

“Yes,” she admitted, relieved. “I’ve always liked the thought of having a guy squirt his stuff all over my stomach and breasts.”

“Funnily enough,” I said, “most guys like the thought of that too.”

“Great,” she said. “So what’s canlı casino the best way to make that happen?”

“Well, the most obvious way is if I go inside you, then just as I’m coming, I withdraw and it goes on you. But I think perhaps we’d better save the going inside part till later?”

She thought for a moment and said, “I think you’re right – but don’t worry, I’m on the pill. You won’t need those condoms. So what else is there?”

“You can use either your hands or your mouth – or both – to make me come, then you basically aim it where you want.”

“OK,” she said. “But you’ll have to tell me as I go along what’s working for you. Stand in front of me, and we’ll see how we get on.”

I stood, and she knelt in front of me, then bent her head to take the head of my still-erect penis in her mouth. She used her tongue, hesitantly at first, then as she became accustomed to me in her mouth, more confidently, using her lips around me to give me the feeling that I really was inside her.

“I’m quite close now,” I gasped. She increased her pace, using her hands round my shaft as well as taking more of my length into her mouth with each thrust.

I groaned, and with perfect timing she released me from her mouth and continued to use her hands on my shaft as the first spurt of fluid got her right between her breasts. She gasped, then said, “Oh!” as my second spurt splashed over one breast and began to run down. A third got her stomach. She touched the slipperiness on her stomach with one finger, and put it to her mouth.

“Mmm,” she said, “I like.”

I nodded, still breathless. “Want me to clean you up?”

“OK,” she said. I fetched tissues and mopped her, then darted a quick kiss on each nipple.

“Wow,” she said. “I think I could take a break now – you hungry? I did promise Mum I’d get us some lunch, and I don’t want her to tell me off for being a bad girl.”

I grinned, and said, “Sure, how about some sandwiches? You need to keep your strength up if we’re going to do any more of that, and so do I.”

Amy made sandwiches, and we took them back into the living room to eat sitting on the sofa. When we had finished, she shifted position so she was closer to me and said, “So, what shall we do next?”

“I know something you’ll enjoy,” I said. “It’s a little like what we did earlier, but a different position, and I think you’ll experience the pleasure in a different way.”

“I’m game,” she said, “where do we start?”

“Easy,” I said. I moved to lay on my back on the rug. “Now you come to me.”

Amy complied, straddling my body. I pulled her towards me, and kissed her briefly on the lips. Then I began again to kiss her breasts and use my tongue on her nipples. Soon I felt dampness against my stomach from her entrance, and she began to move her hips a little against me.

“Now move upwards,” I said. She did so, and soon she was positioned so that my tongue could reach between her legs. I began to stimulate her clitoris, at the same time as using my hands on her breasts and nipples. She reached behind her and found my nipples, touching them with her fingers, and as I began to be more aroused I pleasured her more intensely in turn, until again she was writhing with pleasure against my mouth.

When her orgasm was complete, she met my eyes with hers and said, “I have an idea. Stay completely still; don’t move.” She moved back down, until I felt her wetness on my now-erect penis. She put her hand down, and carefully guided my tip against her entrance, then moved so that I slid into her. She shifted position so that I was penetrating her deeply, then became still.

She smiled at me and said, “Just a taster of what it’ll be like when we’re ready to go all the way.”

Then she slowly eased off me until I was out of her, and lay on me, wrapping her arms around me and holding me close to her.

“I think we ought to make some progress with the jigsaw, in case your Mum asks,” I said after a while.

“Definitely,” she grinned, and got up. “I’ll get dressed.” She quickly climbed the stairs and reappeared in jeans and T-shirt, not looking as though she’d had several hours of illicit pleasure.

I went to my room and dressed too, then went downstairs to find her at the dining table carefully turning all the pieces of a large jigsaw the right way up. I joined her, and started to assemble the edges.

“I have an idea you might enjoy,” I said, as we carried on working on the jigsaw. “Would you enjoy watching Pam and I having sex?”

A glint came into her eyes. “Sure – but how will you persuade her to let me be there?”

“I have a better idea. I’ll make sure she can’t see, and you sneak up to the door and watch round it in the dark.”

She grinned. “That sounds cool!”

Pam and Caroline found us halfway through putting the jigsaw together when they returned, and Amy put on a great act of grudgingly acknowledging that she might have enjoyed her day, well, a little bit, Mum.

We had a meal together, then I pleaded tiredness and suggested an early night. Pam followed me up the stairs and shortly we were in bed with the lights off.

“Darling,” kaçak casino I said, “seeing as we’re on holiday and don’t have to get up in the morning, how about…”

She stretched lazily and put her hands down to lift her nightshirt over her head. She never wore panties in bed so immediately her body was accessible to me. As I took her in my arms I reflected how different she as a mature woman was to Amy; not better or worse, just different. I kissed her on the mouth, and she returned the kiss with enthusiasm, her hands moving over my body. After a while I broke the kiss, and my mouth went down to her ample, womanly breasts and I began to pleasure her erect nipples.

She made a sound of enjoyment and said, “Mmm, Tim, take me our favourite way.”

I let her get to her knees and turn around so her back was to me. As I did so, I thought I saw a movement from the direction of the door. I glanced over, and caught the barest glimpse of a shadowy silhouette through the crack in the door, and a glint of light from Amy’s eyes. So she had come.

I turned back to Pam, and placed the tip of my erect penis against her entrance from behind as she positioned herself to open to me, then eased my way into her. I put one hand on a breast, and slid the other one down her stomach and began to caress her clitoris with a finger as I started to slide in and out of her. She began to moan gently, and I moved more quickly. I bent my head to her ear, so she could hear my response to what we were doing, and after only a short while – probably because I was already excited by being inside Amy, however briefly, earlier on – I reached my climax, and with a groan spent myself in her. As she felt the rush of warmth, she yielded to the persuasive touch of my finger on her clitoris and arched in her own orgasm.

Still entwined, we sank to a lying position on the bed. After a few minutes my erection softened and I slipped out of her, and I held her a little longer until I could tell from her breathing that she was drifting off to sleep.

“Suddenly I don’t feel quite so sleepy,” I said. “I think I’ll go down and read for a while so I don’t disturb you.”

She managed a half-asleep response, and I carefully slipped out of the bed and out of the door.

I quietly tiptoed down the corridor to Amy’s room; she had a nightlight on and smiled as she saw me enter. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she put out her hand to mine.

“That was amazing,” she said. “I really liked it when you kissed her, it looked really passionate and it was obviously turning her on straight away.”

Amy pulled the covers back as she carried on speaking; she wore nothing in bed.

“Then when you started to use your mouth on her nipples, I imagined what it had felt like when you were suckling me.” Amy’s hand moved to her breasts and she started to brush and gently pinch her nipples, obviously to imitate the feel of my mouth on her.

“Would you like me to help?” I asked.

She shook her head, and continued with her fantasy. “She was ready for you really quickly, and I really like the idea of that position – you behind her so she can’t see you, almost anonymous, like domination.” Amy’s hand moved down her stomach, over her mound, and she began to alternate sliding her finger in and out of herself, with touching her clitoris.

She continued, “I bet that your finger on her clitoris felt a little like this –” she gasped, ” – and to be penetrated at the same time, mmmm.”

She began to move her fingers on herself more quickly, more insistently, and I watched fascinated as her eyelids started to flicker, and her other hand brushed her nipples and squeezed her breasts.

Her voice betrayed her nearness to orgasm as she managed, “… and when she felt you spurting inside her…” Her words tailed off as a wordless moan escaped her lips, and her whole body shook as she finally came.

When the spasms of pleasure finally died down, she closed her eyes and with a smile on her face turned half onto her side. I bent and gently kissed her on the lips. “See you in the morning…” She nodded, her eyes still closed, and I slipped out of the room.

I returned to my room and slid back into bed, resting my hand on Pam’s hip. Then as she stirred in her sleep, I caressed her thigh and then her bottom gently. She shifted position, giving me access from behind to her entrance. My hand found wetness again, and I slipped my fingers inside her, then tentatively touched her clitoris. She shifted position again, more onto her front, parting her legs further, and I increased the intensity with which I touched her. After a surprisingly short time, she uttered the first sound I had heard her make since I returned to the room, a low moan of pleasure, and another orgasm rippled through her body. Then she drifted back to sleep.

In the morning, we all discussed plans at breakfast. Amy overdid her show of reluctance when Caroline mentioned that she and Pam would be out again for the first part of the day; Caroline, embarrassed by her daughter’s behaviour, took Amy out into the porch and there was the unmistakeable sound of a slap. They returned, Amy looking chastened – but with a strange glint in her eye – and Amy mumbled an apology. The two older women left shortly after that, with Amy admonished to ‘be good, and do what Uncle Tim tells you.’

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