An Hawaiian Vacation Surprise Ch. 01

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LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent in their country of origin.

English is my native language and thanks go to RF-Fast for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

Stanley and his sister Olivia were on vacation with their family in Hawaii. The family had arrived on the island of Oahu after a seven hour direct flight from Houston. It was only two o’clock in the afternoon.

Stan and Ollie go to university and every year during Thanksgiving break, the family goes on a holiday trip. This year just happens to be Hawaii.

It’s not like Stan and Ollie, as their parents call them, don’t want to be on this trip. They do, and have for several months, Ollie has all of the normal college student obligations such as texting, social media, selfies and the endless posting retweeting. Don’t forget about checking for likes, reading comments, and editing for her social media channel. Which usually consists of Ollie talking about whatever is on her mind that day. Which is mostly about fashion or cosmetics.

Stanley utilizes social media, just as much as his sister, but where her content is more self-help oriented, his is more do-it-yourself things like how to replace the fan in a refrigerator or how to change a tire. His major, in school, is Computer Technologies and Olivia’s is Psychology.

Stan wants to help with real world problems and Ollie has a desire to help people with emotional problems. So they came to Hawaii to get a much needed time away from their daily grinds.

As soon as Stan and Ollie got off the plane they felt the balmy eighty degree tropical heat. Not too unlike the humid weather in Mississippi, where they live.

The redeeming quality of the long flight, possible lost luggage, airplane food, and crying children is, the scenery found in Hawaii can’t be found anywhere in Mississippi.

Just walking from the airplane to the terminal Ollie became overwhelmed with an excitement of possibilities.

Stan was walking through a breezeway between the gate and the terminal when he saw an area to the side where he stepped away from the other disembarking passengers. He stopped next to the railing of the walkway feeling the ocean in the distance. With his eyes closed and his arms stretched out, he felt the warm tropical breeze blow across him giving him an almost peaceful calm.

That is of course, except for the people, planes, luggage carriers, and the jet fuel smell. Ollie noticed his trance like state and walked out to the breezeway and started filming him without him being aware.

“I think my big brother is trying to get some kind of divine inspiration or something.”

“For fucks sake sis, you nearly made me shit myself.”

“Eew, that sounds like a personal problem do you need a diaper wipe?”

“You have a lot of jokes that are funny and all, but we need to go get our luggage.”

“Ok, I need to go to the ladies room. I’ll be at the luggage carousel in a few minutes,”

Ollie was ready to shed a few layers and feel carefree.

She prepared in the ladies with a quick change from jeans and a hoodie, to a red bikini top almost not covering her ample breasts.

So she wouldn’t catch hell from the family she wore a white linen cover, and a pair of beat up looking denim shorts.

Ollie liked to push the limits with what she considered appropriate attire. She was a social media influencer after all.

Stan couldn’t help but notice that Ollie had obviously changed.

“I seem to be slightly over dressed for the pool party. When does it start?”

He liked what he saw and felt his pulse quicken a little as he stood next to her and could smell her citrus perfume. He does like that perfume on her but he also knows that it is still his hot sister; not some other hot cheerleader on her squad.

“Whatever, this is for social media so I can look hot.” She said blowing him off with the flip of her hand.

Ollie used her down time to update all two hundred twenty-thousands of her adoring fan on social media.

“O.M.G. you guys, we just landed in Hawaii and I am here with my brother Stan. Say hi Stan.” Ollie sang.

“Hi Stan.”

“My brother Stan as talkative as always. So, anyway, guys send me some suggestions of things to do while we are here! I love ya’all and stay tuned for more to come.”

The rest of the family began to trickle in to the resort kiosk. Stan and Ollie’s dad who had arranged the trip started talking to the customer service representative manning the desk.

“Aloha! And welcome to Kahuna Bay Resort kiosk. What transportation needs can I help you with?”

“Hello. We have eight in our party and we need to get to your resort on the north shore. Can you tell us what our casino oyna best options are?”

“Let me see, eight people, north shore,” the representative said typing into a computer “ok here we are, there is either a twelve passenger van or a full size SUV at Aloha Car Rental counter just over there.”

“We will take the SUV.”

“If you like, I can attach that to your reservation and you can just go to lot C, hop in your rental, and the fee will be added to your resort stay.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“You will need to take a shuttle to the rental parking lot C. Look for the board with your name on it. Your car will be in the slot next to the name. The keys will be in the vehicle. All you will need is a valid driver’s licenses after you sign this agreement.

Trent, Stan and Ollie’s dad filled out the proper paperwork for the rental while each member of the party was given a lei and each lady is given a flower and instructed that if she places the flower behind her right ear it signifies she is single. If she places the flower behind her left ear, that means she is married or just off the market.

Ollie, of course has to film a segment for social media about the flower behind the ear. While all of the ladies were filming their flower segment, all of the married women switched their flowers to the right ear, just for fun.

Thankfully all of the families’ luggage arrived and they took the shuttle to the car rental lot C. Stan had to find a restroom because in the confusion he neglected to empty his bladder at the airport.

He was on his way to do so when his dad told him to hold it, because the car was a priority and he needed to help pack everyone’s luggage into the car for the trip to the resort.

While he was waiting in the shade for his dad to bring the car to the luggage he stepped around the building to relieve himself because he couldn’t wait any longer. Just as he was almost finished he heard his dad pull up so he rushed out to meet him pull up.

Stan told everyone that they had to hold his or her own suitcase. Stanley was grabbing luggage and giving each piece to each respective family member until there were just a few pieces left.

Stanley and Olivia’s parents were Trent and Alexandria, they were in the front seats. To prevent visibility issues, they had no luggage, it was all going to be in the far back with Stan and Ollie. In the Middle seat was Christian and his wife Francis with all of their luggage. Behind them was Alley and Denver in the rear row with all of their luggage. Ollie would be sitting on Stan’s lap surrounded by eight pieces of luggage.

Before she got in the back Ollie took her white cover shirt and denim shorts off and put them in her bag, so she just had on her bikini with white canvas kicks.

She put her hair into a ponytail and climbed in the back and settled on Stan’s lap. It wouldn’t be a long drive and everyone was equally uncomfortable, since and it was the only seating arrangement that worked.

Stan noticed at the exact moment when Ollie was sitting in his lap his fly was still open from when he relieved himself and was rushed to help pack the car.

He didn’t mention this to Ollie, it was just an inconvenience at the time. Besides, it was only a forty five minute drive to the resort, no big deal.

Ten minutes into the ride Stan and Ollie found out that in the far rear of the SUV the air conditioner didn’t quite reach them. Combined with the luggage stacked all around them, it was just going to be uncomfortable at best.

A small part of Ollie was glad she was only wearing a bikini because of the heat in the rear compartment of the SUV. Everyone else was, as far as Stan and Ollie knew, talking about what they wanted to do on their vacation and Stan and Ollie just wanted to get out of the back of the SUV.

Ten more minutes and they realized the speed limit on all of the roads in Hawaii must be forty-five miles per hour or there is horrible traffic. Perhaps their dad picked the worst route to go to the resort.

While they are sitting in the cramped area being jostled by the poor road conditions. Ollie began to unintentionally give some direct stimulation to Stan’s cock by constantly grinding into Stan’s lap.

Thirty minutes into the ride and they are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a two lane road. Stan was unable to ignore his open fly while trying not to enjoy his sister grinding her pussy into him with nothing between his cock and her pussy but her thin bikini bottom.

Then the worst possible thing happened. Not surprisingly he started to get an erection.

“What is going on Stan? ” Ollie asked.

“Nothing” Stan said a bit too quickly.

Stan knew that she knew something was up, simply because she asked. Stan knew what was about to happen though.

“Be still and stop fidgeting; it’s already uncomfortable enough.” Ollie said.

At that moment his fully erect cock burst through his open fly and was pressing into the opening of her pussy.

“Wait! canlı casino That had better not be your dick!”

“Sorry Ollie, I swear it is not intentional, I took a pee and was rushed back at the car rental lot, so I accidentally left my fly open.”

“I better know you are not trying to put that thing inside me right now?”

“No, it was not my plan. What do you think I am? Well, if you lift up I can put everything away and all would be well.”

All of this conversation was in not heard by the rest of the passengers, everybody was in their own conversations not really concentrating on the rear of the SUV.

Never mind the fact that there was a wall of luggage surrounding Stan and Ollie that blocked the view out the rear window.

“I can only go up so high. Everyone’s luggage all around me, and I have my carryon across my legs.”

“I understand your situation, believe me. I’m struggling here too, so can you help a brother out just a little?”

She lifted up as far as she could and Stan tried to replace his erect cock back in his shorts but in the struggle managed to expose her pussy by moving her swimsuit to the side. All of a sudden they hit a pothole with a jolt which caused the luggage to shift. This made Ollie fall back onto Stan’s lap causing his erect cock to impale himself deep in her pussy.

“You are inside me you idiot?” she was half whispering and half shrieked but struggled to remain calm.

“I know sis, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Ollie realized that her brother’s cock, although as violating her as it was, may have felt nice under completely different circumstances. Like if he wasn’t her brother, kind of circumstances.

“I understand that you can’t control it, but you need to get that thing out of me pronto!” she ordered

“I will try to remain as still as possible so it will go down and fall out.”

In reality there would be no ‘falling out’ until she could lift herself off of him. In the stop and go traffic and road conditions, it was as if they were full on having sex.

Stan was struggling to pull his cock out from his sister so badly, but the harder he worked to pull his cock out; the more of her of her struggle was blocked by a sudden stop or a bump in the road or an acceleration…it seemed he simply couldn’t stop fucking her as hard as he tried.

“I thought you were going to think of something else, because you have gotten harder. Wait, are you trying to cum inside me?”

Her pussy, like his cock, was reacting to direct stimulation. She could feel her nipples beginning to strain against the fabric of her bikini top. Her pussy enjoyed the stimulation even if she thought that she did not.

Just as the SUV pulled into the resort Stan finally began to regain his composure by willing his erection to go down. Thankful he did not shoot a load into Ollie’s tight pussy

“Ollie, I am so sorry!” Stan said. He didn’t know what else to say to make things better.

“It’s not okay, but I do understand and we will never tell anyone this happened.”

“It’s not like I wanted it to happen, but I totally agree with you. I’m sure that we are going to be sleeping in separate rooms all week anyway. We will be able to put this behind us like it never happened, no problem.”

“Yeah, totally, whatever.” She said with another flip of her hand.

His erection finally faded and she shifted enough for him to pull out and he put his limp cock back into his shorts.

Their dad stopped at the resort and found an area for guest check in, so he left the engine and the air conditioner running. He pressed a button on the dash that opened the rear hatch so they could stretch their legs while he and their mother checked in.

The tropical heat that came in from the trunk was unpleasant compared to the air-conditioned comfort inside the car. Stan and Ollie quickly straightened themselves up and were in no hurry to get back into the SUV to wait.

Ollie wasn’t sure she wanted to put this incident completely behind her just yet. The twitch that was deep inside her pussy didn’t care if that was brother’s or her boyfriend’s rock hard cock inside her wet pussy. That twitch just wanted more hard cock. And she needed to understand why.

Ten minutes later Mom and Dad came back. Stan and Ollie stood outside her window to hear the briefing.

“Ok we’re checked into the villa. There is good news and there is bad news. Good news: We got an ocean side villa. Bad news: It was only a four bedroom four bathroom villa, and not five bedroom five bathroom villa like we booked. We were comped two free massages and a dinner in the resort restaurant. Since Stan and Ollie are going to have to share a room and bathroom they will be inconvenienced the most on this trip, maybe they should have the freebies.”

Their mom said, and everybody agreed.

“Stan, it looks like you are going to have to remember to lift the seat for the whole vacation.” his Dad told him.

Everybody laughed kaçak casino at that joke except Stan and Ollie. So much for putting this ‘ride’ behind them.

Stan and Ollie helped everyone get their luggage out of the SUV then wasted some time gathering their luggage so the rest of the family was out of ear shot.

“Stan, I was planning I would have my own room, so I brought minimal sleepwear. Now, we are not only going to have to share the same bathroom we also have to sleep together. We must be adult about this situation and make best of it.”

A small part of her wanted to believe what she was saying, because the same small part really liked how good his hard cock felt inside her. In fact that small part that was very wet right now just thinking about it.

Upon settling in Ollie spread all of her things out on the sink leaving very little room for Stan. The only space that was open was the back of the toilet. Stan moved some of her things that were next to the sink so he would have room for his tooth brush, toothpaste, and hair products.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?” she asked

“Look sis, all I need is a small amount of space for my stuff. You can have the whole rest of the sink, and the side of the bathtub. The only area that is left is the back of the toilet and inside the shower. I’m going to put my shit right here next to yours, you can compromise a little.”

“Whatever, I think I’ve been compromised enough today. You should respect my space I’m going down to the pool and cool off a little.”

“No, wait, I think we need to talk this through. I shouldn’t have said that. I believe that I am angry at myself for what happened and I am trying to take it out on you. What I should be doing is talking to you about it instead.”

“Who are you? And don’t bring my stupid brother back.”

“I’m serious sis, I am trying to own this fucked up situation so we can start to heal here.”

“Woah, ok. Fess up then.”

“Olivia, I feel; no that’s not right. I violated you. I feel that I victimized you. I am remorseful for that. If we could go back, I would be sure to zip my fucking zipper.”

“That is all you had to say. By the way, I’ve had better. I didn’t even get a nut out of you.

I’ll be at the pool if you want to grovel some more.”

After she left the room he went to his suitcase, put on swimming trunks went back in the bathroom. Dropped his pants and looked at his cock in the mirror.

“Had better? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

His swim trunks rested just below his perfectly formed eight pack and just above his half hard cock that was freshly shaven before the trip. His board shorts fit well but seemed to be held up only by his dick and very muscular ass cheeks. Stan grabbed a towel and placed it around his neck and resting on his very firm pecs. He heard the front door close.

Ollie stepped out on the balcony to tell her family she was going to the pool. Which could be seen from the balcony. She was wearing the same swimsuit that she had been wearing earlier in the car.

“I’m going to go down to the pool and lay out for a while. This swimsuit and wrap were given to me by a swimsuit company to see if I can start a sales trend with it on social media. So, I got to work it.”

Ollie was wearing the same red bikini that she was wearing in the car. It was bright red and made of spandex. It revealed plenty of her very busty, top producing plenty of cleavage. Her bottoms were just as tiny, only barely covering her freshly waxed mound; while tied on her shapely athletic hips and ample bottom. She had a sheer white mesh mid-thigh cover-up that left plenty to the imagination and was unlaced to her very sexy navel.

“You are probably going to start more than a sales trend with that suit. It is so gorgeous.” Her mom told her.

Ollie walked back inside and out to the pool. She picked a sunny spot, took several minutes setting her chair so she could get the optimum visibility and started posting on social media.

Stan stepped out on the balcony looking like a model for a fireman calendar.

“I think I’m going to go down to the pool to check it out. Anybody want to come with me?” Stan asked.

“What a coincidence Ollie just went down to the pool by herself to do a social media thing. Maybe the two of you can do it together.” Alexandra said.

“I don’t mind mom. I’ll go keep my eye on her.”

“You know I wish that your sister would not put herself out so much on social media like she does. There is no telling what type of person is watching her.” Alexandrea said.

“I know Mom. And she sees no danger in any of it though.” Stan said.

“You better tie those shorts on better or we are going to have to find you another place to stay after you get kicked out of here for trying to have a banana party when those shorts slip off in the pool.” his uncle Christian told him.

Stan tied a bow in the drawstrings that was hanging between his legs.

“Ok you two have fun.” Alexandrea said looking down at the pool area “She has a pretty figure. I just wish she would leave a little more to the imagination some times. Try and keep an eye on her this week Stan, she is such a free spirit.”

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