An Unusual Halloween

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Arm in arm, Jessica and Joanne, her daughter, walked into the Costume Shop their friend Kiko had recommended. They needed special costumes — this weekend was going to be special and they needed just the right look to add that final touch.

Their boss, Grant, had booked the mother-daughter stripper team into an exclusive engagement — a private Halloween orgy where they were to be the star attractions. Jessica’s pussy got damp every time she thought of it. She and her daughter were likely to get more fucking this coming weekend then they’d had in months. Not only that, but Grant had told them that many of the guests were coming in costume. The illicit thrill of fucking someone and not knowing who they were thrilled both mother and daughter. Whenever there was a new sexual escapade to be tried, both women yearned for sex any way they could get it.

Not that their sex lives were quiet when they were at home. Since discovering their mutual passion for each other, mother and daughter shared a bed every night and slaked their thirsts on each other’s hungry cunts. At least twice a week, Kiko made it a lezzie 3-way. The young Japanese cutie was a firecracker in the sack, wild, hot and aggressive. She used a dildo almost as well as any man and rarely did Jess feel the need to go out and look for a real cock. If she saw a man in the club she fancied, she might signal him to let him know she was available. If he was a good fuck — or generous — or both — she often offered to share him with Jo. The men couldn’t believe their luck, to be fucking both mother and daughter and most left unable to walk straight. One time, the duo had woken up and found five hundred dollars on the nightstand. “I guess that makes us professional whores, huh Mommy?” Joanne teased as she began moving down her mother’s waiting body.

Their reputation had preceded them and many men came to the Club to see their lesbian show. Lots of the clients thought it was likely phony — “Starr” and “Nova” being a mother / daughter act, but there was nothing fake about it — they loved to tease and please and the clientele got a great show. If Kiko participated, the house cleaned up and Grant — grudgingly — usually coughed up a nice bonus.

Jessica felt her daughter’s hands slip into her leather pants and stroke her clit. The older blonde giggled and chided “Jo. Stop that, we’re in public. God, you’re such a slut . Didn’t you get enough last night?”

Nuzzling her mother’s ear, the younger blonde whispered “I never get enough of you Mommy, you make me so wet. But I’ll behave — for now. Oooh, look at all these great costumes!” Kiko had been right; the costumes in this shop were indeed spectacular. Their Japanese playmate couldn’t join them this day, her parents were in town and were very traditional — they had no idea what their youngest child did for a living. “Or what you do in your spare time!” Jess had teased as she fucked their playmate with a strap-on. Kiko couldn’t answer, she was too busy cumming her brains out.

“May I help you?” The pair turned around and saw a truly spectacular woman, she was only around 5’2″, but every inch of that was curvy and spectacular. Dark, wavy brown hair that reached her butt, rippling muscles packed into a tight leather bustier, matching thong with garter belt and stockings. The caramel-skinned beauty had on high, black stilettos and was the kind of woman that got attention when she entered a room. Jessica realized she hadn’t said anything for a few minutes, she was so enthralled in the woman’s beauty, but she managed to regain her composure.

“Yes please — my daughter and I are looking for costumes for a performance we’re doing this weekend, do you have any suggestions?”

The woman looked them up and down; it was a look that seemed to convey hunger and desire, almost predatory. “Daughter, wow. I would have thought sisters. What kind of costumes did you have in mind?”

Joanne spoke up. “Kinky — it’s a private performance” she smiled.

The woman clapped her hands. “Oh, you must be Kiko’s friends. I’m her oldest friend, my name is Mary and this is my shop. She told me all about you two!” The beautiful woman bubbled.

Jessica somehow doubted Kiko had told Mary everything about them, but knowing their naughty lovemate, she wouldn’t put it past her either. Oh well, Jess wasn’t about to belabor the point. Mary put up a sign that indicated she’d be back in two hours and then motioned to the two women. They allowed themselves to be led to the back of the shop, a secluded area with many costumes that amsterdam shemale would likely not be worn in polite society.

“I think you could wear this one … “Mary said, handing Jessica a package, inside it was a costume that made Jessica gasp “… and why don’t you wear this?” She said, handing a different package to Jo. Mother and daughter looked at each other with a slight sense of bemusement, shrugged and went to change. Mary’s eyes followed the pair, looking at the women with a hunger she hadn’t felt in some time — Kiko had indeed given her the full details about her friends.

“She can’t really mean for me to wear this !” Jessica said as she began to change into the costume that Mary had provided.

“She can’t really mean for me to wear this !” Joanne said as she began to change into the costume that Mary had provided.

Jessica emerged from the change room first; Mary knew she’d chosen perfectly. Jessica wore a black leather bustier that left her breasts bared, a matching leather thong and high, black, stiletto “Fuck Me” boots. In her hands, she held a tiny, black leather riding crop. The costume was tight and barely left the blonde mother room to breathe, but she looked imposing and spectacular. Mary had made exactly the right selection; Jessica had surpassed even her expectations.

Jo emerged a minute later, she was in a schoolgirl outfit — of a sorts. Jessica looked at her daughter and knew if she’d ever shown up at school wearing an outfit like that, she’d likely have been sent home — or to the principal’s office. Jessica grinned when she thought of Joanne’s former principal, old Mr. Mudgins — the old fart would likely have had a heart attack.

The plaid skirt Joanne wore was scandalously short, barely covering her ass, showing the tiniest pair of white lace panties. Her blouse was at least a size too small and hugged her ample breasts; those were also encased in white lace. It was knotted at the midsection and showed her smooth, tanned skin and flat tummy. Joanne wasn’t wearing white socks, but decadent black stockings and stilettos that were at least 3 inches high. She was any pervert’s fantasy and both Mary and Jess were practically drooling.

“Okay ladies, do you like your costumes?” Mary asked. They both nodded yes.

“Would you like to know the scenario I had in mind?” Their curiosity was killing them, they nodded yes again.

“Jo, you’re a girl who is flunking out of school. In exchange for tutoring and good grades, you agree to service Mistress Jessica sexually as her slave. It has the potential to be a very hot, perverted show. What do you think, ladies?”

The mother / daughter strippers thought it sounded like a wonderful idea for a show and thanked Mary profusely. They knew they’d clean up this weekend, but that was a ways off and Mary wanted a little preview.

“You perverted sluts — I wanted to see that show, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be invited to the party. You’re wondering if I know your little secret, well darlings, let me say that yes, Kiko told me about your incestuous, lezzie perversions. I know what you do with Kiko and I want to see it in person. Do it to your mother Jo, suck her pussy. Jess, you fuck your daughter and if you both get me hot enough, you can both fuck me , too!”

“I wanted to do her the minute we saw her!” Jessica whispered to her daughter.

“Me too, Mom!” Joanne whispered back. “God, we’re insatiable sluts — isn’t it wonderful ?”

Mary grabbed a chair for herself and sat on the edge of it, anxious for the mother-daughter duo to begin their naughty little performance. A thrill ran through her, because it was all for her benefit. She saw their eyes dart over at her own beautiful body, they’d get to see more of it soon enough.

Jessica got into position and stared over at her scantily-clad daughter. “Well, you little slut, you don’t seem to be getting the hang of your lessons — we’ll need a lot more work, but right now, I want you to worship me. Lick me boots and up to my cunt, don’t rush bitch, I want you to do a good job!” Jess growled, getting into her role.

“Yes Mistress Jess, of course. I live to please you, you’re so beautiful!” Jo sighed, also allowing herself to enjoy the play-acting. She knelt down before her mother’s imposing frame and readied herself for the wild time she knew was about to begin.

Mary’s eyes were fixed on the incestuous couple, her fingers stroking her pussy as she watched their performance. This was no act, this was genuine, perverted, incestuous lezzie lust rotterdam shemale and it turned Mary on beyond measure. She just had to keep her cool; her time would come soon enough.

Going a bit overboard in her “acting”, Jo said “I’m such a poor student, Miss Jess, I’m so glad you’re helping me. Please Miss Jess; let me show you just how grateful I am.” With that, she began licking and caressing up her mother’s boot-clad legs, thrilled at how sexy and regal her Mom looked in the Dominatrix outfit. She felt the sting of a tiny leather riding crop on her buttocks and looked up again.

“You’re wearing panties bitch, I want your fucking cunt and ass bare!” Jess snarled, commanding her daughter to remove them. Jo’s head nodded and she used a free hand as best she could to remove the lacy panties. Another stinging swat followed.

“Much better bitch, you are always to keep your ass and pussy accessible, should I want to fuck you with one of my many toys. You may begin; make sure you do a good job.” Jessica was having the time of her life.

Jo started again, this time she made it up to her mother’s sweet pussy. She moved the tiny thong aside, but ate her mother in a different style than she normally would have, sweetly and with a fierce need, but gentle, not like the savage lesbian fuckings they often enjoyed. She was playing the role of the sweet, lesbian slave to the hilt, seeing her mother’s eyes close in desire thrilled her to no end.

“Oh, right there, that’s it — you’re such a naughty lezzie cunt slave, aren’t you Jo?” Jess groaned to her daughter.

“Yes Miss Jess, I am your lezzie cunt slave and I will do anything you ask. Please, may I have a kiss?”

“I suppose I can grant that request” Jess sniffed, as Jo stood up and slid her mouth against her mother’s. Their lips met and they kissed for a moment, then Jo returned to the task of servicing “Miss Jess”. This time, she massaged her mother’s round breasts, softly, with the gentlest of touches, licking each nipple gently to arouse her mother, which, judging from the blissful expression on Jess’ face, she was doing nicely.

Mary loved every second of the act before her. Her own panties were long gone and her hand snaked between her firm thighs to caress her own love-bud. This was one of the better afternoons she had enjoyed since opening the shop, with its “specialty” costumes and accessories. Quite a few of the more successful strippers came to her for their costuming needs, almost all of them were repeat customers.

Jessica had made her way to a little settee in the corner and now her daughter / slave was between her legs, working ardently to bring her to climax. Her tongue knew her mother’s cunt intimately; she always knew where to lick or rub to bring Jessica off and today was no different. Her tongue darted about like a living thing and Jessica was moaning with joy as her “slave” serviced her needs. The leather riding crop tapped Joanne on the shoulder and she looked up, eyes dancing with lust.

“The clothes, bitch. Lose them — now !” Jessica commanded in a tone that would brook no argument. She was truly enjoying this new role and could see the effect it was having on Jo.

“Of course Miss Jess, right away!” Jo said, shucking clothes like a miniature tornado. She stood before her mother, naked aside from stockings and stilettos, proud and lovely. She went back down on her knees to service Jess once more, but her mother tapped her on the shoulder.

“You’ve done well tonight — for a lezzie slut — so I think I shall reward you. Would you like my tongue in your cunt, slave?” Jessica teased.

“Oh yes, Miss Jess, more than anything!” Jo chirped, anxious to feel her mother’s skilled tongue bringing her to climax. Jess smiled a cruel smile.

“Well, I don’t want to be deprived of your licking, so I guess we can do a sixty-nine . Let me get on top — now keep licking and don’t stop!” Jess commanded as she lowered her body atop her daughter’s. Jo had no intention of stopping, the two blondes turned into a blur of lesbian sex, now fully engaged in their favorite type of play. The duo were long past acting at this point — now they were doing what they loved most, bringing each other the utmost of pleasures. Tongues stabbed, fingers drilled and hands caressed welcoming bodies and pussies, each woman eager to climax, to reach that point where neither could stand anymore and just had to surrender control.

Mary stood up and kissed Jessica first, then leaned down and kissed her daughter, tasting their spend on each other’s blog shemale lips. She ran her hands down Jess’s firm, leather-clad body and stroked her ass and looked over at Jo. Mary thought this was one of the sexiest sights she’d ever seen, passionate and kinky; it made her tremble with want for both women. She spoke to Jessica.

“You lucky slut. You get to come home to this every night, you incestuous whore. I want to join you — come over here and let’s get on the floor, I’m dying to taste you both. Jess, why don’t you unzip your costume and get totally naked, meanwhile, I’m going to suck your daughter’s succulent little snatch.”

Jessica found Mary highly arousing, she moved like a fierce jungle cat, there was an almost predatory manner in her movements. She saw the lithe, copper-skinned beauty part her daughter’s legs and begin eating her, Jess couldn’t get out of her costume fast enough and ran to join them. She parted Mary’s pussylips with her fingers and found them gripped tight by one of the hottest snatches she’d ever fingered. She crooked her finger and drove one into Mary’s trimmed pussy and began to move it in and out.

“That’s just what I like, you naughty bitch!” Mary hissed through clenched teeth, her own mouth seeking more of Jo’s juices. Jo was hanging on for dear life; this afternoon had been one of the best Sapphic love-sessions she had ever imagined. Mary was so much more demanding than Jess, her body was so finely toned and muscular, it was like screwing some kind of sexual athlete. Every move of Mary’s body, every stroke of her fingers and tongue, every time her round, large breasts pressed against Jo, the younger woman saw stars and felt her body wracked with spasms of pure joy.

Mary herself was grooving on Jessica’s seeking tongue — from what Kiko had told her, the blonde mother’s conversion to the girlie-girl games was fairly recent, but the beautiful woman was a shark on a cunt. Jess had her face buried deep in Mary’s pussy and ass as she ate her from behind, her hands gripping the cheeks of Mary’s firm, sculpted buttocks. There wasn’t an inch on Mary that wasn’t in spectacular shape; she obviously devoted almost as much time to keeping in shape as she devoted to her sexual appetites.

“Taste me, eat me, oh yeah baby, that’s what I like!” Mary groaned, it being slightly muffled by Jo’s sweet cunt. Her tongue swirled all around and she moved up and began to flat-fuck the younger woman, their tits mashed together and their pussies ground together, soaking wet juices lubricating their love-play. Jessica felt a pang of jealousy as her daughter was being girl-fucked by Mary, but knew she’d get in on the action soon enough, and resumed slurping Mary’s sopping pussy.

Jessica was right on the mark. Jo was the first to cum, her body literally arched forward and upwards in an orgasm, with an intensity Jess had never seen before. It sent their new lover over the edge and Mary followed suit, then both women were on Jess, sucking and licking, it was hard to tell who was sucking where; whose finger was fucking what orifice. No single man had made her feel this good, she wished there was a man there so she could have a throbbing prick fuck her senseless while the other two bitches drove her over the brink. Jess knew if they didn’t stop this soon, she’d black out from pleasure.

Which is exactly what she did, for the first time in her life.

Mary and Jo turned to each other, laughed heartedly, and resumed their lovemaking. Jo wasn’t about to let this exotic beauty get one over on her and soon, her skilled tongue and fingers had Mary climaxing once again. As she was cumming, she looked between her legs and saw Jess’ blonde head licking between her thighs. She was almost certain she climaxed on top of her climax, these two sluts were insatiable and the most skilled practitioners of the lesbian arts she had ever known.

Jessica confessed her desire for a cock to fuck her, so Mary went to a nearby closet and got out two large, strap-on dildos. “I’m sure a slut like you can handle a double-teaming, bitch!” she hissed as she and Jessica’s daughter donned the sex toys, then screwed her ass and pussy senseless.

Everyone reluctantly got dressed and Mary made her way to the front of the store. Jess pulled out her Visa and prepared to pay for the costumes, but Mary just handed her and Jo the packages, making a gift out of the costumes, with a few conditions.

“One, you must come and let me know how the performance was received. Two, I want to see you again, I’d like another private performance. May I assume we have a deal?”

Both women agreed to that, because once Halloween was over, Christmas was next and they would want some costumes for that Holiday as well. Hmm — how about Mrs. Claus in thigh-high boots and a naughty elf …?

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