Ananda Ch. 04: Blonde Virgin Learns

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Cock Rub

This is the fourth part of the Ananda series.

Summary: After the previous evening’s all-girl orgy, Ananda wakes me up with a fantastic blowjob. She asks me to teach Gretchen, her beautiful blonde roommate from Germany, how to get the special someone for whom she is saving her virginity. Gretchen is game for most things asked of her, but Ananda is worried Gretchen is too passive and even too submissive to get the right guy, the perfect guy, to deflower her.

In the first story, ‘Ananda Visits Her Nanny,’ my friend’s daughter visits and gets her cherry popped by me after a street festival. In the second part, ‘Ananda Returns With Her Roommate,’ Ananda returns a year later with her blonde roommate and shows me her new skills. In the third part, Ananda leads her blonde roommate, my wife, and me on an exciting evening of sexy dresses, lewd public behavior, and girl-on-girl sex.

All persons depicted are over 18.


I woke to the exquisite feeling of my wife Holly’s signature morning blowjob. I laid there with my eyes closed, thinking about the previous evening. I remembered Gretchen giving my cock a little squeeze under the table at Antoinette’s.

Gretchen is our stunningly beautiful blonde houseguest. She is the college roommate from Germany here with my old friend’s daughter Ananda. Last night while dancing close with Gretchen, she told me she is still a virgin and saving it for a special experience with a special person. Later I saw her climb out of our limo wearing nothing but her heels, stockings, garter belt, and a little gold chain. Later still I saw Gretchen, and Ananda and Holly, eating each other out during an all-girl orgy on our bed. I was told to strip and watch the action from a chair. Later, Ananda asked me to find another place to sleep while the three girls rested for another round.

So I crawled naked into the king bed of the guest room downstairs. The room was strewn with girl clothes and all the rest of their stuff. I turned out the light but couldn’t sleep right away as I replayed the scenes from the evening over and over again. I must have fallen asleep at some point. Now it was morning, and I could feel the talented mouth working on my cock. I opened my eyes to look at Holly.

Only it wasn’t Holly. It was Ananda looking at me with my cock in her mouth. She had arranged herself in a comfortable position that allowed her to watch my eyes and hold my cock in her mouth. She was giving me a slow, leisurely blowjob designed to wake me in ecstasy, not drain my load. Her long, lean body was naked. I could see her small breasts with their tiny erect nipples. I could see her bald pussy. I could see the little piercing she had near her navel.

Ananda must have seen my eyes open. She sucked hard and slowly pulled her mouth off my cock. She said, “Holly is up in your bed. She was starting to eat Gretchen’s pussy when I left to find you.”

Then she swallowed my swelling cock again, gave it several expert pumps, and popped it out. I groaned, and my cock ached. She said, “Come on. Let’s take a shower. Then I want to talk to you.”

In the glass shower stall, Ananda used the soap, her hands and her entire body to wash me clean. She stroked my hard cock and scrubbed between my cheeks. She dragged one of her nails across my anus. She had me sit on the floor and stood straddling me while she washed my hair. She pressed her pussy into my face while she massaged my scalp. I could kiss the bare skin of her pubic bone. I wanted to taste her.

Ananda stood there like that while she washed herself. She moved so I could get my tongue into her pussy. I ran my hands up the backs of her long, lean thighs and pressed her close. My nose rubbed against her clit. I could feel her pussy flooding onto my tongue.

Ananda squatted down. She used one hand to align my hard cock with her pussy. She lowered herself down on me. I could feel my cock pushing into her tight hole that I had cracked open just a year before. Ananda. My little schoolgirl Ananda riding my cock while the shower spray kept us wet and warm.

Ananda put a hand on each of my shoulders and gave me a long kiss. A lover’s kiss. My kiss. Then she started pumping up and down while twisting her hips to give me a slow screwing like no other.

I put one arm behind me for support. I used the other hand between us, so Ananda had something to rub against as she rode my cock deeper into her body. I said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

Ananda said, “Cum inside me. Please cum inside me.” Her breath was quick and shallow. When I gushed inside of her with all the pent up force of what we had done in the past few hours, she must have felt my slickness added to her own. She shuddered and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. She came in three waves, the last with a guttural howl from out of an alley at midnight.

She kissed me. Ananda said, “Dry off, grab a robe and meet me in the kitchen. I’ve already started the coffee.”


“You remember last night while we were dancing, casino siteleri I said there was something I wanted you to do for me?” Ananda said while we sat at the kitchen counter in our robes. Ananda had made fresh coffee. She had found a bowl of cereal when she came into the room and saw that I had made toast with peanut butter and blackberry jam.

“Of course. I hope you know that I will do anything at all possible for you at any time,” I said, “except leave my wife.”

Ananda laughed. “Whew, that’s a relief,” she said. She got a serious look on her face. “No, that is not what I want.” She smiled at me. “I want you to do something for me by doing something for Gretchen. I want you to teach her something.”

Gretchen, stunning blonde Gretchen, what could she need, I wondered. She was holding onto her virginity for a memorable experience with a special person.

“What could she need?” I wondered again, aloud. “Are you asking me to have sex with her, to deflower her?” The idea was appealing. Gretchen was so beautiful, so effortlessly. “She could easily have any guy she wants.”

“No, not that,” said an exasperated Ananda as she tried to hit me with her spoon. “Men.” She smiled at me, and I smiled back.

Ananda said, “And it’s not as easy as you think. Oh sure, guys hit on her all the time wherever we go. Some lose the ability to speak and just stare at her like you did when we first got here.”

“Guilty,” I said. “All of you are so beautiful, lots of women are. Some are stunning. We get stunned.” I paused to think about it. I said, “There is something about Gretchen, the way she seems oblivious to her looks, that is just so captivating. She seems so real and here, and yet unreal and far at the same time. It’s weird.”

Ananda rolled her eyes. “We hear that kind of crap all the time,” Ananda laughed. “We’re over it. Gretchen can have wild fun with me, and fight off the jerks with a glance or a punch in their mouth. She learned to box from her dad. She is way smart and was not sheltered growing up.”

“That doesn’t sound like a problem to me,” I said. “So, what is the problem?”

Ananda looked at me. She said, “Gretchen is always up for anything I suggest but only if I suggest it and take the lead. She wants to lose her virginity with a memorable experience like she hears me talk about with you. I’m worried that if the right guy comes along and is stunned into inaction by her quote unreal beauty unquote, she won’t make a move, either. And I’m really worried that with all the jerks that constantly hit on her, she will have a weak moment. I don’t want her to have an awful experience, of course. But I don’t want her to miss her dream, not if I can help it. And not if you can help it, either.”

I said, “What did you have in mind? Do you think she is passive or submissive, or what?”

Ananda said, “Oh, she is definitely a little submissive. Or at least she seems to enjoy that kind of role-playing when she is helping on my hunt for cute cock.” Ananda pondered the question. “I don’t think she is fearful. She is quite brave and always has been from her stories. I think she is conflicted.”

I said, “I will do what I can. But what?”

“Holly and I are going to another mall today. You can at least talk with Gretchen,” Ananda said.

I said, “More shopping? Your room is filled with boxes and bags now.”

Ananda laughed. “No, not shopping. Hunting. Holly saw us on the hunt yesterday as I bagged three cute cocks. Today she wants to be my wingman.” Ananda smiled at me.

My brain overloaded with too many images and questions. I re-filled our coffees and ate my toast in silence. Ananda grabbed her cup and went to see what Holly and Gretchen were doing.


“Gretchen, since we are on our own today while Holly and Ananda shop, let’s go out for brunch. Afterward, I will show you some of the touristy spots that you haven’t seen,” I said. “The café is nice but not formal. We may go up to the campus, and on some of the park trails. Dress accordingly.”

“That sounds fun. I can shower and be ready in 30 minutes,” Gretchen said. She spun around and ran toward her room. She was wearing my dress shirt from the night before and nothing else.

At the café, we both ordered coffee, juice, and a quiche. Gretchen ordered a vegetarian and me the savory ham. After the coffee arrived, I said, “Ananda thinks I should talk to you.”

Gretchen nodded. She was wearing the same short black pleated skirt she wore when she arrived. She paired it with a clingy camisole top that accentuated her large breasts, with a low neck that showed a little cleavage. The top was long enough to leave only a little skin showing above her skirt. When she was standing, I could see her belly-button, an innie. She had her sneakers on again, too.

Gretchen sighed. “I know. She told me what she said to you this morning.” Gretchen smiled. “She also told me about your shower. I wish I had been there.”

That gave me an opening. I said, “Just to watch, or canlı casino to join in?” I gave her a moment to think about it. Then I said, “Or could you have created that scene for you and a lover, and made it happen?”

This was the crux of Ananda’s concern. Gretchen looked at me. Her expression changed from surprise to fear, to shame. She looked down at her hands, which were balled into fists. My heart burst for her. I told her so.

“Gretchen, my heart is aching for you right now. I can see your angst and how it troubles you. I think I know what we can do.” She looked at me with hope and hunger. I said, “It’s going to be alright.” I reached toward her, and she put a hand in mine. Just then, our quiche arrived. I said, “Really, it will. But first, let’s eat. Then we can walk and talk.”

Her face brightened, and the brunch was delightful. Gretchen told me about her university and her plans to be a doctor someday. She had been top of her high school class, and her first-year university grades were on track. She talked about growing up in Germany and how it was both more liberal and more conservative than the US.

Gretchen said, “When my family went on summer holiday at the beach, we were all nude, and so was everyone around us, usually. Americans would never do that. But it is at the same time a very old-fashioned and conservative place, with many expectations about proper behavior and work. My parents were very strict with us about school and dating and church.”

She laughed. Gretchen said, “When I was fourteen, an older boy at school tried to grope me in the hall. I was getting noticed for these.” She looked at her breasts. I looked, too. “I told my mother about it. She had my dad teach me how to box. He had been a boxer in school.” She smiled at the memory of her father. “That same boy tried to grab me again. I knocked him to the floor and split his lip, right in front of his friends.” She laughed. “I didn’t have any trouble at that school again. But not so many date requests, either.”


We walked through the university campus. It was a beautiful day. Gretchen pretended to be interested in the old buildings, but I knew there were more exceptional buildings in Germany. I pretended not to be interested in the young women, but of course, she was on to me.

“You have an eye toward the young girls,” she said to me with a sly smile.

I said, “Yes, of course. They can be gorgeous. I think about their shape and their skin. I like how they will dress more provocatively than other women even a little bit older. I think about the fun things I would like to do with them.” We stopped so I could admire a girl dressed in tight yoga pants carrying a mat.

“But it is more than that,” I said. “I look at them and see all the potential ahead. All the adventures they may or may not have, the opportunities grasped or slipped away, all the choices to come. Beautiful young women could rule the world. Probably they should. It’s is one of the reasons I fell so in love with Holly.” I smiled at Gretchen. She nodded with a wistful look.

“As I see it when you are blocked, there a couple of things you can do,” I said. “One is an intellectual exercise; the other is more of an experiential project. When it was me, I went with the intellectual exercise. That seemed to work. You are smart, well-educated, and on your way to become a doctor. Maybe hearing about what I did will give you some ideas.” Gretchen smiled and nodded.

“Okay,” I said. “Here goes. I assume you have heard of Carl Jung and what might be called the Jungian school. It goes in and out of favor. I think it is out now, but some new grad student will propose some new angle and it will flip. When I was struggling, a friend mentioned to me something called the shadow self. I did some reading. The general idea is that we all have facets or urges in our personality that cause us anxiety or shame, usually because we think that part of us is rejected by our society, our family, and especially our parents. So we hide, we repress, that part of us, and the repression plays out in complicated and negative ways in our life. The Jungian idea is that we need to identify, face, explore, and integrate those repressed parts of us into the whole. Journaling is often suggested as a technique, but there are other ideas. Writing fiction and painting are good techniques that have produced many fine artists. Anyway, it started things moving for me. Does that make sense?”

I looked at Gretchen. She was breathing in rapid and shallow gulps. I gave her time with her thoughts, and we walked on through the trees.

Finally, Gretchen said, “And the experiential path? How does that work?”

I said, “It is a similar idea. Only you put yourself into a series of real activities to force yourself to experience and deal with those repressed parts of your self. That’s what worked for Holly. I know you’ve only known her for a few days, but she seems pretty happily integrated to me!”

Gretchen asked, “How did that happen?”

I kaçak casino said, “That’s Holly’s story to tell.”

It was partly my story, too, but I didn’t want to tell it to Gretchen or put the images into her head. In my lust, I had put Holly through a lot of kinky sex experiences of all kinds. She was just a game young girl from work I was fucking in every crazy way I could imagine. But over time, we both noticed she was getting stronger and more assertive, and I was falling in love. We were both surprised.


The next few days found a new rhythm. Ananda and Gretchen spent a lot of time in their room when they weren’t out hiking, in the pool, or doing some other activity. Ananda took the bus into the city to have lunch with Holly. I assumed they were hunting. Gretchen went back to the university to spend time in the library. I worked, ogled the girls in the various states of undress they all seemed to prefer, and cooked for them. We ate well. We drank well. It was peaceful. I could feel the change coming.

On Wednesday night, it arrived.

I was working late in my home office on a project I hoped to finish before the weekend. It was nearly 11 o’clock, and I was wrapping up for the night. There was a quiet tapping at the door, and it opened slowly. In walked Gretchen, wearing my dress shirt from our wild night at Antoinette’s. She was barefoot.

Gretchen stood next to me as I sat in my armless desk chair. With a lamp behind her, I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under my shirt. Her eyes were downcast. She was trembling.

I said, “What is it, baby? What’s happened?”

“I’ve been a bad girl,” Gretchen said in a tiny voice. She looked so young. “I need to be punished, Uncle.”

Of course, I wasn’t her uncle. It gave me a clue, though, when she called me Uncle, where this was coming from, and where it might be going. I stood up.

I put my hands on my hips and said sternly, “Young lady, tell me this instant what mischief have you been into this time. I’ve warned you before what would happen.”

Gretchen reached forward and used her hands to open my pants zipper. Then she unbuckled my belt, pulled it off my pants, and laid it on my desk.

She trembled. Gretchen looked at me and said, “I sucked a boy’s cock. At school.”

“That’s outrageous! You are going to be spanked this time.” I sat down and pulled Gretchen across my lap. I pulled my shirt up to bare her beautiful ass and gave it a hard swat.

My handprint glowed red on her cheek. I could see her pussy start to glisten with wet. I could smell her arousal. I said, “I suppose it was just a clumsy fumble behind the bleachers. A quick kiss on his little pecker, and he squirted all over himself.”

“No, Uncle. I got on my knees and held his balls while I pulled his cock into my mouth. I sucked him all the way in, and he fucked my throat. When he started cumming, I pulled him out, and he came on my face.”

“You have been a bad girl, Gretchen,” I said. I reached under her and cupped one of her breasts with my hand. “I’m going to spank you, Gretchen. I’m going to spank you hard.” And I did.

I gave her ten hard swats on her ass and thighs until they were all glowing bright red. Gretchen tried to squirm free at first, but I held her tightly in place. After four swats, she started to raise her ass into my swing. When I finished, she was dripping wet. I ran a finger through her pussy and sucked on the sweetness.

I said, “You may get up, young lady. You’ve been punished, and now all is forgiven. We do not have to speak of this again.” She stood up, trembling. She was breathing rapidly. She started crying, at least a few tears.

Gretchen said, “Uncle, there were more. So many more.”

I said, “Gretchen, take off my shirt and lie across my desk. Look at me. Now, tell it all.”

Gretchen took off my shirt and dropped it on the floor. She was beautiful, stunning. Her breasts were high and proud on her young body. Her golden skin was smooth and tanned. She bent across my desk. Her ass was a glory. She looked at me and told her story.

Gretchen said, “At first, Ananda would come home from her adventures and tell me the stories. Tell me of the men she picked and how she got to them. She would tell about their cocks: large ones, small ones, funny ones. Then she invited me to come with her to be a lookout. Soon I would cup my breasts or pull up my dress for the men to see while she sucked them. It felt so naughty. One day she picked two at once. She gave me my choice. She taught me how to suck a cock. At first, it was just that once, then more, and more. By the end of the school year, we would suck two or three a week. Once it was seven. Sometimes she would spank me, or make me eat her pussy while the men watched to get them hard. At the end, she would kiss me with cum in her mouth. It was horrible. I loved it.”

Gretchen’s breathing was ragged. Her cunt was gushing wet and running down her leg. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Uncle?”

I stood up. I picked up my belt and showed it to her. I said, “I’m going to whip you now. Ten times. The first will be gentle. A tease. Each one will be harder. We can stop anytime. This time, I will count for you. One.”

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