Anatomy Exam

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This is my first story for Literotica. All comments appreciated.


“Will you do me a big favour?” Sue asked. We were relaxing one evening in the week before Easter in front of the big coal fire at home. Although it was late March, the winter was hanging on grimly. Outside, it was minus four degrees. Our draughty old Victorian house in south London was cold and I’d lit the coal fire. The central heating system was ancient and the radiators threw out inadequate heat. But we had a huge open fire in our drawing room and it now blazed as we toasted ourselves in front of it, with the room lights off.

“What is it?” I replied lazily. I was half asleep as the flickering flames, heat and most of a bottle of red wine had a soporific effect. I wasn’t really paying attention.

“I need to learn all of the body’s major structures and mark them up on someone. Will you let me do it on you?”

“Oh, sure I suppose.”

“I’ll have to draw them on your skin.”

“Uh?” I sat up and blinked sleepily at her. I hadn’t expected that.

I’ve never been able to resist my twin sister since we stopped squabbling at the age of thirteen. We are our mother’s only children. We were at the time I’m writing about, nineteen years old. We are boy and girl twins, (what they call “fraternal”, which is pretty common, but we are not identical). She’s always been the brainy one, but she is, to me anyway, both beautiful and clever. We are both blond, but she’s got my father’s blue eyes, whereas mine are grey. She’s 5’9″ to my 6′. I am well built and average looking: she is, well, a blonde bombshell. We have always been emotionally close as you’d expect of twins and had tended to hang out with the same friends. People joked about us being joined at the hip. I almost always give in to her, whatever she wants, from borrowing my jumpers to driving her around when she needs a lift. But this was a new one.

At school I had mucked around and was sporty, eventually playing flanker for our school’s First XV rugby team. I scraped through my GCSEs and barely made it into the sixth form for ‘A’ levels, but she got straight As in everything. I managed in the end (by dint of heavy cramming) to get good enough ‘A’ Level results to get into a red brick University to read Law, but she again seemingly effortlessly got all A* grades and was accepted to study medicine at Oxford University,one of the top Medical Schools in England. She didn’t even rub it in that much.

That was last summer, and we’d started at our different colleges in late September. I’d never been away from Sue for long before, and in truth I’d missed her terribly, (more than I missed my friends to be honest). I’d never had a girlfriend last more than a couple of months, my last one ended when I left school. Jane said that she couldn’t cope with the competition. If Sue had a boyfriend at college, she had so far kept it quiet. I’d had sex before with Jane but I wasn’t massively experienced. I had a suspicion that Sue had lost her cherry when she went out with my mate Dean, the rugby squad’s burly prop forward, but that hadn’t lasted long after we left school, either. I was quite pleased as I was on my own then and two’s company, three’s a crowd and I didn’t fancy playing gooseberry. Sexually speaking, University was a desert. Maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I had quite a few drinking mates of both sexes at Uni, but that’s as far as it went.

In early November that year when we were just two months into our courses, our 64-year old lawyer dad had dropped his bombshell, announcing he was leaving our mother, citing her increasingly weird behaviour. Over the last five years, our mother, who was in her late fifties, had taken up the Roman Catholicism of her childhood and at times seemed quite unhinged, spending half her life at the local church. (Had Father Dennis been a bit younger and less portly, I might have suspected something was going on). After Christmas, being on her own whilst her two kids were at college, she stayed often with her spinster sister, (who was just as dotty). They had decided to spend Easter visiting Rome (and no doubt praying for my dad The Sinner) and as far as I was concerned, good riddance to them. Our dad had –surprise, surprise — moved straight in with his younger PA from his office and her two young kids and was spending Easter in their new love nest. Sue and I didn’t blame him, to be honest. Our mum was hard work at the best of times and being married to her would have tried the patience of a saint.

Still, Sue had been devastated by the breakup of the family home, as she and her dad had always been very close and he now had a new family to consider, so she felt like the spare wheel whenever they met up. I had done my best to be a shoulder for her to cry on, and hoped her studies hadn’t been too badly affected. We were now back at casino siteleri home for the Easter vacation, swotting for our end of first year exams.

So what did she want me to do? Sue explained.

“I’ve got to pass my Anatomy exam with flying colours or I can’t get into the Second year. It’s really hard. I’ve got to learn all the bones in the skeleton, all the muscles, the entire nervous system, the blood and endocrine and respiratory systems with all the major blood vessels, where they go and what tissue they supply, all the organs and their functions. But I’ve got to be able to find everything on the human body. It’s not just learning where it is on a page in a book!” Her voice went up a note. “I’ve got to find it in 3D! They can ask you to mark up a real person in the exam!”

She paused for breath. In a panicky voice, “I’m really struggling with this, John. I’m going to fail!”

“You struggling? Blimey. What does everyone else do?”

“Use their boyfriends or girlfriends.” Sue didn’t apparently have anyone at Uni either. She shrugged. “Some of us girls get together and mark it on one another, but I’ve never been able to mark up everything all at one go, and that was ages ago. Pleeease?”

“What do you want me to do, exactly?”

“Well, just stand still while I mark you with different coloured felt pens.” She frowned. “It’s not that hard, I mean even for for someone from a third rate University.” She poked her tongue out at me.

“Oh, great, thanks. Well,” I said, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” I ducked as she threw a cushion at me.


“Well-l, if it’s a question of you failing, okay then, I suppose.” I tried not to sound too enthusiastic.

“Oh, great”, she beamed, “That’s super. I’ll be sooo grateful!” Her lovely blue eyes held mine for a long moment. We both looked away quickly.

So, the next morning found us at 9am (9am, I mean, in the holidays?) in the dining room,wearing sweaters against the chill. I was in jeans and Sue was wearing a denim skirt and woolly tights. She had a pile of anatomy books on the dining room table. The curtains were closed, for privacy. I stood and waited for instructions.

“Okay”, said Sue, “you need to take your shirt off.”

“Hang on, it’s a bit chilly, I’ll catch cold. I’ll turn the gas fire on.”

“Oh, you wuss. Come on, get ’em off.” I lit the fire, which spluttered into life and started to take off my sweater. She stood and watched as I peeled it off over my head and quickly unbuttoned my shirt. I wasn’t wearing an undershirt. I stood there in my jeans. The room really was a bit cold, and goosebumps sprang up on my arms and my nipples grew hard.

“Hmmmm, you’ve been to the gym?”

“Yeah, a bit, for rugby. I’m hoping to play for the Firsts.”

Sue eyed my torso with what I took to be appreciation, and ran the tip of her index finger down my left arm. In truth, I’d packed on over a stone in solid muscle since early January. I think she’d already got a bit more of me than she’d expected.

“Do they use real people in Anatomy class?” I asked.

She wrinkled her nose.

“Sometimes. We learn from dissecting cadavers at first.” (She’d already told me this, I found it grimly fascinating). “The live ones tend to be fat old men and women doing it for a bit of extra money. They’re usually pretty unattractive. Not like, um – ” She broke off suddenly and blushed, and turned away.

“What?” (Not like what? Like me? What does that mean exactly?)

Truthfully, I was quite pleased with my physique and I was secretly glad Sue was evidently impressed. (Why do I want to impress her, of all girls?) A strange dialogue had started up in my head.

“Um, never mind. Can we make a start here?”

For the next hour and a half I watched her mark me, her brow furrowed sometimes with concentration, her breath and the soft, tender touch of her hand warm on my skin. Her perfume was “Miss Dior”, one of my favourites.

Black ink for the skelton — starting with my arms — humerous, radius and ulna, metarcarpals and phalanges, ribs, thorax, mandible, clavicles, shoulder blades, then gently feeling for and marking out my spinal column as I bent forward, arching my back. In green ink, the muscles: sternodeidomastoid, omohypid, pectoralis major, bicep, tricep, rectus abdominus, anterior and posterior deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, spinea erectae. Then in red ink, the blood system, arteries and veins, the aorta, the vena cava, carotid, jugular, and on. In blue came the organs. My torso was beginning to look like a road map, with all the towns’ names inked in as well, also with occasional crossing-out. She muttered to herself sotto voice as she marked me.

“Okay…spleen. Aargh! Too far over.”

“Gall bladder… there. Now, kidneys…”

I stretched canlı casino my limbs to avoid stiffness.

Such close proximity created intimacy. The room grew warm, and Sue took her sweater off. Underneath, she was wearing a white-coloured scoop top T shirt. As she bent forward over her text books on the table, it was impossible, if I craned my head in the right direction, not to see her deep, milky-white cleavage. Sue has always had nice tits. She must be a 34 C. She was wearing a black Wonderbra underneath that pushed them up nicely. I felt myself getting warmer.

When I thought it was safe to peek again, Sue suddenly looked up and caught my eye. “Do you like it?” Sue teased.

“What? The diagrams? Brilliant! Just like Picasso” I responded, knowing full well that I had been caught bang to rights ogling my sister’s tits.

“Ha ha, very funny. The view.”

“Well, it’s hard not to look, sorry.”

“You’re such a perv.” But she didn’t look too unhappy, or try to cover up.

Sue paused and abruptly changed the subject.

“I’ve finished. Your top half.”

“My top half -? You mean — hah, no way…”

“Oh don’t be silly” Sue rejoined shortly. ” Of course I’ve got to do the rest of you. Come, on trousers off.”

“But –”

“I need to do this. This isn’t personal, it’s clinical.”

I knew it was pointless, and anyway, I was privately suddenly quite keen to take them off. Did Sue have a glint in her eye? She was certainly smiling very prettily. ‘Clinical’, my arse.

I undid the top button of my jeans and slowly unzipped the fly as she stood and watched. I unlaced my shoes and kicked them off and slid my jeans down to my knees, then stepped out of them. I stood in front of her in just my boxers, suddenly glad they were clean and that I wasn’t a fat bastard and that I’d spent so much time in the gym doing deep squats to build up my legs.

My boxers were now too tight on my quads and hamstrings. My lunchbox bulged out. My mouth suddenly felt quite dry. Sue absent-mindedly licked her lips and unashamedly ogled my groin with a smirk.



“Don’t you have something to do -?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” With a guilty grin, she reached for her anatomy text book, and so we began again, starting at my toes. Within fifteen minutes, my legs to my knees were mapped in multi-coloured inks, with bones, sinews, arteries and veins. Sue was now kneeling to work and her breath tickled my thighs. Each time she bent forward, her T-shirt gaped open at the neck I was treated to a view of her creamy tits, held up in her black bra. If she knew I was staring, she didn’t object or try to hide it. Her warm hands and fingers then slowly probed up past my knees and slid up my thighs, now creeping in between my legs to the hem of the legs of my boxer shorts, inking with her felt tip pens as she went. The back of her hand brushed my scrotum… and again. Ah. I felt an involuntary stirring in my boxers. My cock twitched.

“Oh God”, I thought “don’t let me get a hard-on now.” Had she noticed? Her warm fingers crept closer.

She looked up at me from where she was kneeling. There was definitely a gleam in her eyes this time. She knew perfectly well what she was doing. She couldn’t help herself grinning like a Cheshire cat, and tugged at the left leg of my boxers.

“Okay bro, now the rest…”

“Oh, uh, no way, come on…”

“Strip… Look, I’ve got the urinary system, reproductive organs and your pelvis and end of your spine to do. Stop being such a baby.”

“Well…” I really hadn’t considered I’d be fully naked in front of her. I hadn’t thought about it at all.

With my heart in my mouth, I swiftly slipped down my boxers.

“Oh, wow…” she gasped, dropping the pretense of this being just a clinical exercise.

My cock was by now half tumescent, like a map of Norway. I was finally stark naked in front of my own sister. I have to say, my cock is slightly bigger than average, and is quite thick. (Not that I’d ever been in competitions, I’d just taken surreptitious looks at other blokes in the gym’s changing room). Although we’d played the usual games when we were young children, Sue hadn’t seen my cock since we were seven. I was very conscious of her looking at my now half-turgid cock.

She stared some more.

“Um, I’m going to have to touch you…” Biting her lip, she picked up her pen and marked my pelvis and the joints of my thighs, the bladder, kidneys, the sinews and arteries and veins, my gluteus maximus. As she marked my front, my cock was just inches from her face.

“Richard, I’m going to have to hold you now…”

She gently grasped my scrotum, and held each testicle in both hands. Her breath and mine quickened. Gingerly, she marked them both up and then she was holding my cock in her left hand kaçak casino warm to the touch. I was now erect. She eased back the foreskin. She was staring at the head with open fascination. My cock stirred in her hand and try as I might think about the Niagara Falls, Sue’s lovely creamy white tits in her black bra — no! No! The law of contract damages rule in Hadley –v Bazendale decided in eighteen fifty four-and-the-judgement of, oh yes the judgement of — of- oh God, of Baron Parkes in the case of-f-f-f- oh shiiit- I felt it stiffening and lifting some more.

“Golly, he’s as big as my hand!” In a teasing voice, she asked “Did I do that?”

My cock was now pointing at the ceiling and throbbing. God, is she squeezing it? It felt like it. Sue was smiling up at me with her beautiful blue laser beam eyes again and was holding my pulsating cock firmly in her left hand, whilst her right was cupping my balls. She was biting her bottom lip.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it”, I mumbled. I tried to cover myself with my hand, but she brushed them away.

“That’s okay…it helps quite a bit.” She gave me a secret little smile and the tension was broken, for now. She bent her head and I felt her breath tickle my pubes.

She recited as she marked my cock with her pens.

“The superficial dorsal vein… the prepuce and, running backward in the subcutaneous tissue, inclining to the right… the corresponding superficial external pudendal vein, and the great saphenous vein. Buck’s fascia.”

She smiled up at me again and finally let go of my cock.

“There, done… oh, just one more thing.” She stood up and went round behind me.

“Can you bend forward a bit? I need to mark your coxyx at the end of your spine. A bit more…keep going, hold it, lovely…” I stayed bent over as asked.

SMACK! SLAP! I received two stinging great slaps to my backside! I yelled and nearly jumped as high as the table! Sue doubled up, howling with laughter.

“You fell for it! Ha ha ha!”

“Ooh, you little cow!”

I lost all self-control.

I grabbed her and spun her round, pulling her over onto the floor, on top of my lap, my cock jutting into her stomach. As she squealed and kicked and protested, I yanked at her skirt and pulled it up, pulled her tights and panties down to her thighs, and grabbing her hands that tried to protect her modesty with my left hand, spanked her hard on the bottom with my right. She shrieked and squirmed, whilst I gave her six of the best on the two glorious white cheeks of her bottom that wobbled and quivered with each ringing slap. I’ve always been a bum man, and my sister’s bottom was simply gorgeous.

Finally, I let her go and she struggled up, blushing and giggling, pulling up her underwear, her look avoiding my eyes.

My cock was absolutely raging hard by now, bobbing in front of my navel and as she stood up next to me, she quickly reached out and held it again, and this time, definitely squeezed. I grabbed her and pulled her to me: the next thing I knew, her tongue was in my mouth as we kissed, long and deep. My hand was under her skirt, groping for her pussy down her panties. I felt her pubes, her mound, her pussy. I pushed my fingers into her hole, and felt her other hand manouvering them away, pressing them onto a point slightly above in a fold of her skin whilst her hips rocked and pressed into my touch.

We broke the kiss and held each other tight as she rocked herself to orgasm on my hand.

“Oh God, don’t stop, yes, yes – yeeeeesssss Ohhhhhhhh” She stiffened in my clasp as she celebrated a massive orgasm and then relaxed.

I was already on the edge and her small hand quickly masturbated my cock, within three seconds I felt the sudden tightness in my groin as the first spasm took me and the first gooey ropes of my spunk spurted over her clothes… It was the most intense orgasm of my life.

We broke away, each panting hard. We stared at each other in wonder. What had happened?

“Oh God,” she said. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“Sue,” I said. “I’m not sorry. I love you.” As I blurted it out, I knew with certainty that it was true. I loved her, always had, always would.

“I love you too”, she said, “but you’re my brother! It’s incest!”

“Does that worry you so much?”

“Well — “

“Does it really worry you, or are you only worried that you should be worried and you’re not?”

“Oh Richard, you genius! That’s exactly it. I know I should be concerned, but this just feels so right –“

“I know… Look, darling, I’m going upstairs and running a bath. You’re coming upstairs with me and while it’s running, I’m going to take all your clothes off and kiss every lovely inch of you and you’re going to wash me all over to get the ink off. Then I’m taking you to bed with me and I’m going to fuck your lovely arse off. Does that sound like a plan?”

She put her arms round me and kissed me, and purred, “How lovely. You’re the boss. Call me ‘darling’ again.”

I took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

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