Angela No More

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There is no greater joy to a father then walking in the front door of his home and being lovingly greeted by his children. My name is Tony and I am a father of one boy and one girl. I am proud to say that I get to experience this feeling on a daily basis. Almost everyday when I come home from work both my children are usually right there in the living room to greet me. The only days better than these is if my wife happens to make it home from work before me and she is also waiting for me.

Once I open the door to my home its pretty much the same everyday. I walk in and my son Vin is the first to yell out a funny comment. Sometimes he even decides to throw something my way and see if I can catch it. While this is going on my wife Jamie usually yells out a greeting from the kitchen or the laundry room. The best greeting of all comes from my first child Angela. No matter what she is doing she always runs up to me and gives me a hug. Angela and I have a bond that only a father and daughter could have. Family fights usual involve Vin taking his mothers side and Angela taking mine.

My household is very relaxed and comical. My wife and I are fairly young, me being forty five and my wife forty four. I try my best to keep fit and healthy. My body is fairly slim and toned, I however and proud of my arms which are still really muscular from years ago. I still find my wife to be a very sexy woman. She is about 5’2 and one hundred and thirty pounds. Jamie’s best features are her face and her chests. I must admit that these two reasons were the basis of me dating her many years ago. Her breasts are large but they also hang just like breasts were made to hang. Her nipples blend softly into the rest of the flesh on her breasts. Jamie’s breasts and areolas are almost the same color, but she has these thicker stubby nipples that always seem to be erect. To the untrained eye her face is simple and innocent. I however get the see the pain and pleasure faces she makes during hard sex. I think it’s that contrast that only I know of that turns me on.

My children are my greatest accomplishment and it just so happens that they are twins. Angela and Vin both just turned eighteen last month. Angela was the first to be born so I believe this is why our bond is so precious. My son looks pretty much like any other eighteen year old boy casino oyna does. I must admit that it is my daughters looks that have just recently started to trouble me.

Angela still thinks she is daddy’s cute little girl. Of course in my eyes she is, but I am not blind and I can tell she has the body of a woman. Angela is about five feet tall, about two inches shorter than her mom. However Angela is much slimmer and at her last doctors visit weighed a hundred and two pounds. The only fat Angela has is on her butt and her chests. Its weird because her legs and arms are really skinny; just her butt and breasts are really full. Her light brown hair is long and almost always in ponytails or pigtails.

The problem I am having is that Angela walks around the house like she is still fourteen. She wears tiny old tanks tops and shorts from many years ago that don’t fit anymore. On a few occasion She has even worn a long shirt that belonged to her brother and just a pair of panties underneath. This does not bother me because I never looked sexually towards my daughter and I am happy she is comfortable with her body. although I cannot say the same for Vin’s friends. I have caught many of his friends catching an eyeful of daddy’s little girl.

I was only guilty on one occasion for thinking naughty thoughts, but I had a very good explanation for them. It was about six in the morning as I climbed out of bed to go get a glass of milk. My wife was not in the bed next to me so I just assumed she started on breakfast already. As I walked to the kitchen it was pretty dark still and just the lights from the stove were on. My eyes focused in that direction and that’s when I seen my wife cooking. She was totally bent at the waist with her head in the stove, I think she was making muffins. I had no idea why she was wearing my sons long T-shirt but I didn’t really care either.

I approached slow and stealthy, my goal was to totally surprise my wife by sliding my dry finger deep into her Ass hole. I knew this would get her upset and grumpy but what the hell it was worth the laugh. As I tip toed to about three feet from the wiggling Ass in front of me I noticed she was wearing her plain schoolgirl panties. I Creeped even closer, I extended my pointer finger straight out like I was pushing a button. The tip of my finger was now one inch from canlı casino the hole it was intended to penetrate. I could clearly see the outline of two pussy lips and a wet spot right in the middle. I was not sure but I think I even seen the little bud outline of her Asshole, it looked smaller than usual. I felt the heat coming off of my wife’s crotch; she must have fingered her pussy very recently. Just as I was about to push past her panties I caught a glimpse through the window in front of me. It was my wife walking back in the house with the news paper!

“Angie?” I asked in total shock.

My daughter jumped and hit her head in a loud thud inside the oven, but quickly straightened up and spun around. “Dad, you scared the hell out of me!” A smile quickly replaced her angry face. I was glad she was at least happy to see me. She reached her hand out and shook my pointer finger in a funny motion. I Hadn’t even realized my finger was still in this position. Thank the lord I just so happen to raise it a few feet so now it was pointing at her face. To her it looked like I was just pointing her out. My wife came back into the house and had a few jokes about our weird handshake.

That incident was a few months ago and may I say since then I been more careful. I must say that the imagine of that ass bent over is still burnt in my mind. Every time Angela hugs me or talks to me I can’t seem to shake the thought of her face down and ass up. Even right now the imagine is popping into my head as I walk around the house trying to find the bag of stuff my daughter sent me out to buy. My Wife is still at work and I think my son is at a girls house, but he would never admit that. My daughter begged me to go out and buy her some things from the general store. Number 2 pencils, Bic brand pens, a note book, bar soap and a shampoo and conditioner combination.

I got everything except the shampoo and conditioner. The isle they were in had so many choices I had no idea what to buy. I finally found the bag of stuff where I assume I left it near the kitchen counter. I grabbed the bag and headed up the stairs to drop off Angela’s requests. As I arrived at her door I knocked lightly a few times but to no response. I grabbed the door handle and walked casually into her room. The sight that was beheld before me was something I never believed I kaçak casino would have seen in my life. No father should ever have to witness such a perverse and morally tempting scene.

Angela was on her stomach with her face in her pillow. She had a tank top and panties on. She had her I-pod laying on the floor with the speakers in her ears. All this Meant Nothing compare to what my little baby was doing to herself. She had one arm reached behind her thighs and was slowly grinding the handle of her hairbrush in and out of herself. Her panties were still on so I am assuming she had the crotch area pushed to the side. I really had no idea if the handle was in her Ass or her little pussy.

I stepped a little closer to get a better view. I was worried about my baby, I wouldn’t want her jamming anything up her butt and hurting herself. I was now about four feet away from her backside and I finally had a clear view. The handle of the hair brush gave away the mystery, because it was coated in unmistakable pussy juice. As the relief washed over me I noticed the part of the brush that was penetrating her was very old and worn away. It had cracks and tears in it that filled with her juice. I wondered if this was safe for her to use but I didn’t have the time to sit and think. Her twist and thrusts into her vagina got more violent. I assumed she was nearing her orgasm. Her other hand appeared from the other side and pulled hard at her panties. It totally exposed her mound and Ass hole. My baby was not totally shaved, but it was neatly trimmed and had a thick landing strip aiming right to her swollen pink clit. Her Asshole was tiny, it was the size of a dime. It also had a cute little beauty mark right on its outer rim.

little Angela was now in a frenzy and was totally abusing her little box.

“Eyyyy, eyyyy, eyyy.’ was the weird shrieks she was making. This all came to a screeching halt as she stiffened up and slowly withdrew the handle from her pussy. As she pulled it out a string of juice connected the brush and her clit. Out of instinct I reached in between the two and broke the string with my finger. I looked into my hand and I noticed I had a single drop of my baby’s juice on the tip of my finger. I rubbed it between my two fingers before wiping it on my shirt; it was so gooey.

As I turned and started heading out the door, I placed the bag with her items on her dresser.

“Ohhh shit, Ohhh shit.” Were the words I was forced to hear my unsuspecting daughter say as she spilled her juice all over her thighs.

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