Anna’s First Time Ch. 02

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When Anna, Melissa, and Graham got back home their lives had all changed so much and for the better. Anna and Graham began seeing a lot of each other along with having a lot of sex. It was clear to the whole town that they were in love. Anna had told Graham she had a fantasy of having sex with the farm hand Barry. He said he was fine with her fulfilling her fantasy before they get married. At first Anna wasn’t sure if she was more shocked about him being okay with her fucking another guy or the fact that he just said he wanted to marry her.

She stumbled over her words saying, “marry ME?”

He said, “Yes, marry you so can I fuck you the rest of my life and finally release my seed inside you.”

With that Graham pulled a ring out of his pocket got down on one knee and officially proposed.

Anna immediately said, “YES!”

Graham put the ring on Anna’s finger and they kissed.

Then Graham said, “Now go fuck Barry and come back to tell me all about it.”

Anna ran home to tell Mary and Mason about her engagement, they were so happy.

Then she said, “I have to find Barry to tell him.”

She ran into the barn and found him. He immediately saw the ring on her finger. He said he was happy for her but was sad because he knew he would never fuck her now. To his surprise she backed him into a corner and kissed him.

He said, “But you’re engaged to Graham.”

Anna said, “I’ve always had a fantasy of having sex with you. I told Graham and gave his blessing.”

That’s all Barry needed to hear. With that they walked out of the barn to the little shack Barry lived in behind the fields. When they got inside they immediately started kissing passionatley.

Barry was frustrated with all the layers of clothes Anna wore. It made it difficult for him to play with her breasts and rub her pussy. Anna and Barry started undressing. When they were both finally free of their clothes Anna immediately bent over to suck Barry’s cock. Since her ass was up in the air Barry started rubbing her ass. Anna’s pussy was already wet with excitement. Anna was licking and sucking on Barry’s cock. His cock was so hard he couldn’t wait to have it inside Anna’s juicy wet pussy.

Barry said, “Get on the bed and spread your legs.”

Anna followed his instructions. Barry first wanted to know what Anna’s pussy tasted like so he got down, pushing her now trimmed red pussy hair aside and licked her entire pussy. Sucking on her clit he put one finger inside her pussy.

Anna groaned, “Yes, that feels so good.”

She moaned excitedly while her pussy flowed with juices. Then Barry got up and rubbed his cock on her pussy. She felt so wet and hot.

Anna said, “I want your hard cock inside me.”

With that Barry pressed the head of his cock inside her pussy.

Anna said, “You’re so big and feel so good in my tight pussy.”

Anna and Barry didn’t know that Graham was outside watching them, rubbing his cock. Barry went deeper and deeper inside Anna’s pussy, driving Graham wild watching Anna get fucked by another man.

As Barry began pounding Anna’s pussy she came several times.

Barry said, “You’re pussy is so tight and wet.”

Anna said, “Yes, fuck me harder.”

Both Barry and Anna were moaning loudly. Graham had a good view seeing Barry cock going in and out of Anna’s pussy driving him wild with excitement.

Then Anna said “I want to be on top.”

Barry complied slowly pulling out of Anna. As Anna climbed on top she got into her favorite position, laying close on top of Barry pounding her ass up and down on his cock.

Barry couldn’t believe this was finally happening, even if it was the only time he could ever fuck her.

Graham, meanwhile, pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it.

Barry felt like he was going to cum but didn’t want it to end yet.

He told Anna, “Turn around so your back is facing me.”

She hadn’t done this position yet so it took her a minute to figure out the position she liked best. Finally she figured out leaning slightly forward she could pound her ass up and down on Barry’s cock.

Barry enjoyed it because he could see his cock going in and out of Anna’s pussy. Anna’s pussy was dripping juices all over Barry’s cock. Graham thought he was going to explode watching this unfold. Anna started rubbing her clit and with the angle Barry’s cock was hitting inside her pussy she squirted pussy juices straight into the air. Anna screamed and was breathless.

Barry said, “Get off and get onto all fours.”

Anna did as instructed sticking her ass in the air. Her wet hot pussy looked so inviting and Barry rammed his cock right into her causing her to scream in joy.

Watching this was giving Graham casino oyna ideas on new ways to fuck his fiancée. Barry was pounding Anna so hard and slapping her ass till it was red. Anna’s pussy was soaking Barry’s cock in pussy juices.

Barry was going in and out her pussy so hard he knew he couldn’t stop himself from cumming now. He pulled out of her pussy, pulling on her hair for her to turn around and suck his cock. Groaning loudly he came in her mouth, Anna swallowing his seed. They both fell asleep naked.

Graham went back to his house thinking about how much he enjoyed watching Anna get fucked by another man. Mason went looking for his farm hand and went to the shack, peeking in the window seeing Anna and Barry sound asleep naked. Confused because Anna just announced her engagement to Graham two hours prior. Mason went back to the house to tell Mary and just the thought of Anna and Barry having sex made Mary and Mason have sex.

When Graham got back to his house he found his best friend Stan and his wife, Marie, kissing. Graham was about to walk out when Marie said come here. Marie and Stan shared the house with Graham. Marie had always wanted to have sex with Graham and her husband at the same time. Graham sat down next to Marie and Marie kissed Graham long and hard. Graham just looked at his best friend, Stan, with a confused look.

Stan had a huge smile on his face saying, “This is a long time fantasy Marie has had.”

Graham gave into the situation and the three retreated to Stan and Marie’s bedroom. At first only Graham and Marie undressed. They just started with kissing laying on the bed. Graham was still semi hard from watching Anna and Barry. As he grew harder Marie was surprised how big a white guys cock was. You see Stan and Marie are black. Marie went down and started sucking on Graham’s cock. Graham’s cock got so big and hard. Marie was loving every minute of sucking and slurping his cock.

Then Stan said, “Lick her pussy.”

With that Marie lay on the bed spreading her legs. Graham admiring her pussy spread open the lips of her pussy. He slowly started licking and sucking her pussy making her cum with her pussy dribbling juices. He stuck his finger inside her pussy, then added and second, and finally a third. Marie was loving it but she wanted his cock inside her and told Graham,

“Put your big white cock inside my black pussy.”

Graham did as instructed. As he started entering her pussy Marie was moaning in absolute bliss. Graham never knew another women’s pussy could feel as good as Anna’s. As he started pounding her pussy Stan took his pants off freeing his very big black cock and sticking it in Marie’s mouth. Graham had never seen a cock so big but seeing Marie suck Stan’s cock while he fucked her made him pound Marie harder.

Marie was in heaven, this was her dream come true. Marie came, pouring pussy juices everywhere. As she came the vibration of Marie’s moaning felt wonderful on Stan’s cock. Stan motioned for Graham and him to switch positions. Graham pulled out of Marie and Stan started fucking his wife. Marie’s juices were dripping off of Graham’s cock.

Marie said, “Let me taste myself.”

Graham put his cock in Marie’s mouth.

Marie starting licking Graham’s cock saying, “I taste so good.”

Graham watched Stan’s giant cock stretch and pound Marie’s pussy. Marie started sucking on Graham’s cock and

Graham said, “Wow that feels so good.”

Stan said, “My wife knows how to give good blowjobs.”

Graham just nodded his head. Marie sucking on his cock felt so good that between watching Anna with Barry and fucking Marie he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Then Marie came again and with the vibrations of Marie moaning caused Graham to explode in her mouth.

Marie swallowed all of his cum saying, “You taste good too.”

Graham was now exhausted and went to his room listening to Stan and Marie continue to fuck and fell asleep.

He woke up to Anna standing over him. He was still naked from earlier. Graham listened to Anna tell him about her adventure with Barry. Graham told her he was watching, how much he enjoyed it, and what happened between him, Marie, and Stan. When Graham told Anna how big Stan’s cock is Anna said she wanted to see it.

All four had dinner together exchanging looks at each other. Anna and Marie cleaned up after dinner, chatting, giggling, and giving strange glances at the men. When everything was clean Anna went and sat next to Stan and Marie sat next to Graham.

Marie started kissing Graham so Anna started kissing Stan. It became clear the women had discussed the earlier events and decided they wanted more. Anna couldn’t wait to see Stan’s cock. She grabbed for his cock and started rubbing it through canlı casino his pants. Meanwhile, Marie and Graham started undressing so Anna and Stan started undressing. When Anna saw Stan’s beautiful cock she was shocked and wondered if it would fit in her tiny pussy.

Anna said, “Your cock is so big and beautiful.”

It was decided to retreat to a bedroom. The girls immediately kneeled on the floor and started sucking the guys cocks occasionally kissing each other. Anna was having a hard time fitting Stan’s cock in her mouth. Stan rubbed her jaw to open it further so she could fit his cock in her mouth.

Stan told Anna, “Put both of your hands on my cock, stroking it while you suck it.”

Graham watching Anna suck his best friends cock turned him on. Marie, meanwhile, was slurping and sucking Graham’s cock. Graham wanted to play with Marie’s pussy while she sucked his cock so he pulled her up on the bed, having her lay down on the bed, put his cock back in her mouth, and opened her legs to access her pussy. He started rubbing her clit and finger fucking her.

Marie got so wet that Anna could smell her wetness and wanted a taste. She stopped sucking Stan and surprising Marie started licking Marie’s pussy. Marie look down to see Anna’s tongue sucking on her clit causing Marie to cum oozing pussy juices. Stan picked up Anna’s ass and started licking Anna’s pussy sticking three fingers in her pussy to loosen it for his cock. Neither Graham or Melissa had never put three fingers in her pussy.

Anna shocked at three fingers fucking her said, “Oh wow that’s a lot.”

Anna’s pussy was so tight Stan knew it was going to be hard to fit his cock in her telling Anna,

“I need to loosen this tight pussy of yours.”

Graham pulled his cock out of Marie’s mouth with the intention to start fucking her but Marie jumped up and climbed under Anna to taste her pussy while Stan finger fucked her.

Marie said, “Hmmm, your pussy tastes so good, I don’t want to stop.”

Graham was able to position Marie on her back so he could access her pussy and Marie could continue eating Anna’s pussy. Anna watched as Graham slid his cock into another woman’s pussy and it turned her on so much making her pussy so wet it finally loosened up enough for Stan to slip his cock in but first he had Marie suck it to make it wet.

The emotions of the whole situation was overwhelming Graham and Anna but they loved it. Graham was pounding Marie and Anna screamed in joy as Stan pressed the head of his huge cock into her pussy. Anna had pussy juices streaming out of her, Marie was licking up Anna’s pussy juices while screaming and moaning at Graham pounding her pussy cause her pussy to explode in juices.

Graham and Anna started kissing. Stan was slowly slipping more and more of his cock into Anna.

Anna said, “You’re so big, stretch my pussy.”

Stan said, “You’re pussy is very tight, it feels so good.”

Anna was screaming, “It’s too big but it feels so good.”

Marie kept licking and rubbing Anna’s clit to help her husband’s cock fit. Finally when Anna’s pussy was filled with Stan’s cock he slowly started pounding her. In and out of her pussy, he thought,

“Damn she is so tight.”

The more he pounded her tight pussy the looser Anna got. Anna also repeatedly exploded in pussy juices squirting right onto Marie’s face a few times. Graham pounding Marie loved watching his best friend fuck Anna, it made him fuck Marie harder. All four were really enjoying themselves.

After several minutes both men pulled out of the pussies and layed on the bed. Both women climbed on top of their respective cocks. Marie facing Graham and Anna facing away from Stan. Having learned this position earlier she wanted to try it again. As Anna slowly went down onto Stan’s cock both Graham and Stan watched as Stan’s cock slowly disappeared into Anna’s pussy.

Anna said, “I can’t believe your huge cock fits inside me.”

Anna slowly started going up and down. Stan seeing Anna’s pounding up and down on his cock he started playing with her asshole. This surprised Anna but she immediately realized how good it felt. Graham was enjoying watching Marie go up and down on his cock and he started pinching her nipples causing her to cum. Graham watched as Marie’s pussy juices flowed down his cock. Stan looked over at Graham and said,

“You want to fuck Anna’s ass?”

Graham said, “Yes!”

Marie hearing that kissed Anna and told her to turn around on Stan’s cock. Without getting off Stan’s cock Anna moved around to face him.

Stan said, “Wow, that felt amazing.”

Marie got off of Graham and went behind Anna to show Graham how to loosen Anna’s ass. Marie first licked Anna’s ass then rubbed her ass slipping a finger kaçak casino into her ass. Then she took her finger out and Graham went to put his finger in Anna’s ass but Marie grabbed his hand and sucked on his fingers first to make them wet. Then Graham rubbed Anna’s ass.

While this is happening Anna is rocking back and forth on Stan’s cock with her clit rubbing against Stan. Anna is about to explode then she feels Graham stick his finger in her ass and she comes harder than she thought possible screaming,


Marie started sucking Graham’s cock to make it wet enough to put in Anna’s ass. Marie stops sucking on Graham’s cock and tells him,

“Time to put that cock into her ass.”

Marie spits on Anna’s ass to ensure it’s nice and wet. Graham presses the head of his cock into Anna’s ass. Marie rubs Anna’s back to get her to relax and allow Graham into her ass. Anna never dreamt of having two cocks in her at the same time. She couldn’t believe Stan’s cock fit in her. Now not only was Stan’s entire cock inside her juicy wet pussy but Graham had his cock inside her ass. Graham slowly went back and forth inside her ass as Anna slowly relaxed. Graham finally had his entire cock in Anna’s ass.

Anna said, “I can’t believe two big cocks fit inside me at the same time.”

Marie went over to Anna and kissed her. The three got a rhythm going and Anna’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she came squirting pussy juices everywhere making her ass wetter. Marie layed down next to them and started masturbating, rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself. Anna leaned over and started sucking on Marie’s tits. More and more pussy juices oozed out of Marie.

Both men were about ready to cum. Since Graham was in Anna’s ass he wanted to cum inside her.

Graham said, “I want to cum inside your ass.”

Stan said, “I can stay inside this sweet pussy a little longer.”

Graham groaned loudly and Anna felt his warm seed inside her.

Anna said, “You’re warm seed feels so good inside me.”

Graham then pulled out Anna, Anna got off of Stan and Anna put her mouth around the head of Stan’s cock, and Stan came in Anna’s mouth. Anna swallowed his seed and said,

“You taste as good as your wife.”

Marie kissed Anna and Stan said,

“We need to go before we start having sex again.”

The four were exhausted. Anna knew she should go home but was too exhausted and fell asleep in Graham’s bed.

Anna awoke in the morning worried about what Mary and Mason must be thinking, she was out all night. Despite her pussy and ass being sore she hurriedly got dressed and ran home.

When she got home Mary and Mason were eating breakfast. Anna joined them and she explained that the four were having a good time last night and lost track of time. Before she knew it it was too late to go home. Mary and Mason understood but we’re still very concerned that Anna was engaged to Graham yet they knew she had sex with Barry.

After Mary and Anna finished their housework Mary sat down to have tea with Anna and bluntly asked,

“Why she were you laying naked in bed with Barry yesterday?”

Anna had a thousand thoughts racing through her head. There was a long silence when Anna decided the best course was to just tell the truth. So she explained everything to Mary all the way back to the day she heard Mary and Mason having sex. Mary was floored, she didn’t know what to say. Just then Mason came in and both women stared at him. Mason just stood there confused as to what he had just walked into.

Then Mary said, “Anna knows we’ve been having sex.”

Mason dropped the wood he was holding staring at Anna fumbling over his words.

Anna said, “It’s okay, I understand. Sex is an amazing wonderful feeling. I really don’t care. I did at first but I understand now.”

Mary said, “Anna and Graham have an open relationship and Graham knew Anna was having sex with Barry. Graham actually watched them.”

Mason sat down next to Mary and said,

“I love my sister in many ways.”

Anna said, “I only have one question. How do you have sex and not get pregnant?”

Mary said “He has to pull out before he cums.”

Mason asked, “You and Graham have sex with other people while the other watches?”

Anna said, “Yes it’s a real turn on and its fun to get involved with the sex.”

Mason had a look of that was too much information.

Mary said, “Maybe we should try it.”

Anna said, “Okay I think this is beginning to be too much information. I’m very tired and I’m going to take a nap. Please wake me when it’s dinner time. We can start planning the wedding this evening.”

The next day Anna went over to Melissa’s for their weekly lunch together. Afterwards they went to Melissa’s room to talk and Anna told Melissa everything about Barry and Stan, and how much she enjoyed watching Graham fuck Marie. Then they did some wedding planning.

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