Another Auntie I’d Like to Fuck

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Everyone in this story participating in sexual activity is at least 18 years of age.


Another Auntie I’d Like to Fuck

This was my senior year at university and I would be graduating in the spring. Then, out to the real world of work and career and responsibilities. Yuck! I would be ready when the time came, but until then, I would focus on the two things that really mattered to me: my education, and keeping my lovers happy. Both would take dedication, but I was up for it, as you might say.

The fall semester flew by. My courses were heavy in writing papers and research while my love life stuttered a bit because of schoolwork. Nonetheless I got enough sex from the women in my life: Eva, Kati and Rebecca, and occasionally Anna and her friends. I could have had a different one (or more than one) every night had I wanted to, but there really wasn’t enough time, and my education was important.

By the Christmas break I was starting to go a bit batty on the study side of my life so I decided I would need a real change to recharge my batteries. Sure, I could fuck my way through the full two weeks, but I was already getting a lot of sex and I really did want a change. That’s when my big idea jumped into my thoughts.

I would fly back east to visit the family I had not seen since we had moved West when I was a young boy. It would be good to meet my cousins, uncles and aunts as an adult. I had last seen them around age nine — except for Suzanne who have visited us a couple of years prior, and we already know what happened between Suzanne and me, right?

But this trip was about visiting, making new friends and enjoying some winter activities, something not really easy to get into here on the West coast. I found a pretty good deal on flights out of Vancouver to Montreal where my relatives would pick up from the airport. The plan was for me to stay with different relatives for a few nights each. I would find out with whom and where once I was in the city.

The arrangements were simple enough to make, even before the age of the internet and email and when the day came to leave, all I needed was a ride out to the airport. Kati had volunteered to drive me out and I was to leave my wheels at Eva and Ray’s house where Kati, their granddaughter, lived.

I was heading out on a late flight so the plan was to have dinner with my friends and then get a ride out for my flight.

We had a lovely meal with salads and light sandwiches and sat around with a bit of wine to have a chat. Eva and Kati were particularly interested in my plans and to find out more about my relatives. Ray seemed less interested, but then again, I would have been much the same if the roles had been reversed. Eventually, he got up and went upstairs saying as he left, “the girls have a little surprise for you, Paul. I should go up.”

I must have looked perplexed because Kati said, “It’s nothing, really. He’s teasing.”

My flight was in about four hours so I had two hours to rest, relax and visit before we would go. I asked if they wanted to play some backgammon or cards or something. Or maybe we could watch TV?

Eva sat back and gently shook her head left to right, and was joined by Kati also looking like I had said the wrong thing and they were disappointed. I got the idea very clearly so came back with, “Well, what the hell do you have in mind?”

They had something in mind, and I should have known, but I think I was too focussed on the trip because it surprised me when they told me, almost together, “We want to say goodbye to you in a way you won’t forget. Come with us…” said Kati, taking me by the hand and pulling me up the stairs with Eva right on our trail.

It was around this time that I started to get the idea. “Ohhhhhh….” I said on the stairs. “Right.”

Kati pulled me into her bedroom with Eva following me. Before we were even all in the room, Kati had pulled off her t-shirt and was sliding off her jeans. She had a simple but pretty white bra on, just barely holding her breasts in place and offering massive cleavage.

As she stripped, I turned to Eva because I had always believed we did not involve Kati in our games, but this was a new day. Looking at Eva, she also had already lost her top and was demonstrating an ever larger pair of boobs and the requisite canyon of cleavage. She was wearing almost the same bra as Kati, bright white and barely big enough to contain her generous mounds.

Kati had stripped down to bra and panties and as Eva was catching up, Kati took up the task of my clothing. She almost ripped some buttons off removing my long-sleeved shirt. Once it was off, she ran her hands all over my chest showing an appreciation that always impressed me.

Meanwhile, Eva had squatted in front of my and was taking off my pants. She got those off then yanked off my boxers as well. This was all going so quickly that my cock had barely responded. That changed soon enough.

Kati joined Eva at my feet and took hold of my growing casino oyna erection with her little hands. She pointed me towards Eva’s mouth as if holding a hose. I was getting harder, but still had flex and a bit of droop. Eva came at me from below, letting my cock slide into her mouth like she was sucking on a big candy.

I was soon much harder and on my way to total hard-on, especially with these two fine lovers working in tandem.

A few sucks by Eva and a few more pulls by Kati and they had what they wanted: rock hard Paul-cock.

I was pulled onto the bed and placed in a comfortable reclining position. I was happy to be letting the women keep control because I had always had a good time with each of them. Together, though? Never. This was a brand new experience. I was getting blowjobs and likely much more from the two most beautiful black women I had ever been with, once milk chocolate, one dark chocolate and me, white chocolate at best.

Eva was talking to Kati as she played with my cock. I could hear a few words that suggested she was teaching Kati something.

“You have given Paul some good blowjobs, as he’s told me, but I know you want to get more out of it, and to give your man more pleasure, right?”

“Of course,” replied Kati. Turning to me she said, “how much do you tell her and Ray?”

Eva came to my rescue, “you already know how open we ALL are, including you, so please don’t be upset.”

“I wasn’t upset, I promise. Just surprised is all.”

I piped up, “besides, didn’t you tell me once about fisting Eva? That was incredibly hot, by the way.

For the next hour, Eva and Kati worked over my cock. Eva taught her granddaughter how to keep a man from coming and how to feel when he was getting close.

They took turns using their mouths on me. They licked my glans, up and down my rigid shaft and even my balls. Kati seemed to like having one in her mouth and playing with it with her tongue with just the right amount of effort. For her part, Eva spent lots of time demonstrating deep throating and having Kati try it. Much as she practiced, the younger woman only ever got about two-thirds of my meat down her throat.

When the time came for me to come, Eva asked me how I would like it and with which of them?

I had a very difficult time deciding, especially as Kati was stroking my cock at just the right pace to keep me going, but not quite enough to make me shoot.

“How about I come in Kati’s mouth and she snowballs it to you?” I asked tentatively because it wasn’t something I was sure Kati could handle.

“Do you know what a snowball is, Kati?” asked Eva.

“No idea, but I am curious.”

“It’s when a woman takes a man’s load into her mouth then transfers it to a second woman, or third…”

“Wow. That’s so fucking hot,” said Kati. “Let’s do it!”

With that commitment to expanding her sexual repertoire, Kati covered my cock with her mouth as Eva jacked me off to the same rhythm. In no time I was ready and mumbled something so Kati would realize it.

Knowing what was about to happen, Kati slipped one hand underneath my cock and grasped my balls just enough to push me past the point of no return. I had not had an orgasm for almost two days, plus this hour or so of teasing, so I was sperm-heavy and when it let go, I shot off enough to fill Kati’s mouth to the point where there was overflow. Eva knew what to do and quickly licked up the excess even before Kati’s lips had come off my shaft.

Then Eva lay on her back right beside me, in line with my cock. Kati had a mouthful and, cheeks bulging slightly, put herself into position above Eva’s face. She slowly dribbled out a long rope of my semen, letting it fall a foot into Eva’s open mouth. I watched in total amazement. My two best lovers were now sharing me in a very new and very private way.

Eva gave back the load to Kati who made a big show of swallowing it all. She jokingly burped afterwards, and said “tastes like sperm, mixed with hot older woman.”

We still had time before I needed to leave so there was a little more fun to be had. As I was getting back my erection, I arranged Eva on her back in the middle of the bed and had Kati lie in the same position, but on top of Eva. She was quite short so when I had their pussies lined up one above the other, Kati had Eva’s generous boobs for pillows.

I had them in that position as I moved around the bed, dragging my hardening cock along their bodies. I dipped my glans into Eva’s mouth, then did the same for Kati. Eventually, we all knew I was full-on hard. It was time for me to fuck my lovers.

I knelt between their legs and aimed my cock at Eva’s pussy, just below Kati’s. I pushed in most of the way and thrust in and out half a dozen times. Then I pulled out and placed my cockhead at Kati’s bare entrance. She was whimpering in anticipation so I pushed in just a bit, leaving at least five inches to go.

Kati usually knew what she wanted, and right now, it was to be fucked. canlı casino She grabbed me at the hips and pulled me hard towards her pussy, burying me balls-deep as she did so. I took up the work and started to fuck her pretty hard, and always deep. I soon felt a hand between our bodies. Eva had reached in and was feeling around the area where Kati and I became one, where my cock was penetrating her young cunt.

As I continued to thrust into Kati, Eva put her fingers to work playing with Kati’s clitoris. Feeling this, she moaned and told us: “finger me Eva… fuck me Paul!”

And we did indeed. It was quite a while before I started to feel like I might be coming. I took that moment to pull out of Kati, “just for a minute, sweetie,” I said. I dropped to the lower level cunt and gave Eva a massive fuck, pounding into her as hard as I could until I couldn’t hold off any more. That’s when I pulled out of Eva and quickly thrust completely into Kati. She felt my renewed attack and was soon having an orgasm of her own.

Eva’s hand was still at work on the younger woman’s clit and I could see she was also masturbating herself at the same time. All I had to do was to have my orgasm now.

“Gusher!” I cried out quite loudly, making all three of us laugh as I shot off inside Kati’s hole.

Apparently we were a bit noisy because I heard the sound of the door opening and Ray came in. He’d also undressed and was sporting his big, thick hard-on and said, “Eva, I need to fuck you now. You kids can watch if you want.”

With that, Ray moved to the side of the bed and realigned Eva so her hips were facing off the bed. He spread her wide and in one easy move, had buried his thick nine inches into his wife. There was nothing special about his fucking this time. Just plain old thrust and pound, and that he did.

As Kati and I watched the action she snuggled up to me and whispered, “will you fuck me like that, too?”

It took very little time before Ray was ready. I knew that Eva had been working him over with her amazing cunt muscles, something she’d done to me many times. It took a lot of concentration not to shoot too soon when she did that.

Ray was finished so he fell onto the bed beside Eva. Laying on his back, we could see his sloppy, wet cock as it deflated. Ray had his eyes close; I was staring at Eva’s lovely nakedness; Eva was watching Kati whose eyes were locked on to Ray thick meat. Her eyes never moved until he was fully soft. Then she turned her head towards Eva and mouthed, “can I fuck that one day? Please.”

We showered up quickly and when Kati was all set, she drove me to the airport. I had enough time so we made out in the car a bit. This little minx was into sex as much as was her grandma. She had me slide the seat back so she could straddle me right there in the parking lot. She was wearing a short skirt and no panties. As soon as I had an erection, she dropped herself down onto my lap and fucked herself on my cock. I had little to do with it, other than enjoying her young and increasingly capable cunt.

We kissed and held each other and I assured Kati that I would be coming back in two weeks all ready to lose some loads to her, “after all, this is just a visit with the family, not exactly a sex-cursion.”

When I checked in I made the offer to allow myself to be bumped if they needed a seat. “I’m not in a hurry so I can wait for a later flight if you need me to.”

The airlines always like having this flexibility and I have been bumped just once, and made $500 for my trouble. This time, no need, but they did upgrade me to business class “for being so understanding,” they said.

That was all part of my plan, but they didn’t need to know that.

The flight to Montreal was uneventful. I was in the upgrade cabin so had free, top-tier liquor and a warm facecloth to refresh with as we took off. The meal and complimentary wine were delicious and the seating was quite luxurious.

Of course, there were very attractive flight attendants who enjoyed flirting with me and being flirted back at. The older one, probably at least 30, seemed to enjoy showing off a little and found reasons to bend over me to serve more wine or take my dishes. Each time I would get a generous view of her cleavage and she found reasons to bend over near my seat and always in my line of sight. I gently explored the possibility of taking things further, but she subtly clear we were just flirting. It was innocent fun so it was good for me, too.

When the time came to land, my flight attendant woke we up with a quite whisper right into my ear. “We going to be landing in a few minutes, sir. Can I get you anything?”

I had been sleeping lightly so I just opened my eyes to a perfect view of her breasts held snugly together to form an equally perfect little valley. Openly staring down her top, I just said, “There sure is, but I don’t think I am allowed.”

I looked into her eyes and got a lovely, sexy smile from her. “It’s too bad, but I am flying kaçak casino right out again so maybe one day.”

The routine of deplaning (what a dumb word!), chasing down luggage and finding my way through the airport took a good half hour, but at the end, I walked right out into the concourse and there were my aunt Jeanie and my cousin Astrid holding up a sign with my name on it.

We greeted each other warmly, if a bit cautiously, after all it had been about 15 years since I had been her. But their hugs were warm and welcoming.

We hit the road heading to a small town about an hour outside Montreal where I had been born and where all my relatives still lived. This was going to be my home for almost two weeks, starting with aunt Jeanie’s.

I was surprised at the ease with which we fell into conversation even though we were basically strangers. They wanted to know all about our family out west and I about those we’d ‘left behind’ so many years before. I got updated on some of the biggest changes in the community like a new six-plex movie theatre and recreation centre and don’t forget the new mall! I do love small towns where this stuff makes the news.

We finally arrived at Jeanie’s house and it was almost as I remembered it: an eastern Canadian red brick and stonework classic; two floors with a small veranda at the back. And as we went in through the back entrance, I saw that other classic winter special: a backyard ice rink. This was a huge surprise as I hadn’t even considered it. But here in this winter place, there was real snow piled up by the roads and around the driveway; real icicles coming off the roof and now, a real ice rink. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, something they both noticed as we went into the house.

“You look pretty happy there, Paul. Glad to get home are you?” said Jeanie.

“I have been gone so long that I forgot about real winter… and the ice rink! I couldn’t ask for more. It’s perfect!”

“I’ll take you skating tonight if you like,” piped up Astrid.

“Awesome, but I am going to need skates.”

After my very long overnight flight I asked if it would be okay for me to get a few hours of shut-eye before heading out to do stuff. Astrid led me up to my room and made sure I was comfortable. It seemed a bit odd how she was acting, like she was holding something back, but I couldn’t figure it out. Probably I was too tired.

I slept for three hours until mid-afternoon and woke up from a dream about Kati and her hot body, and of course, the morning wood. Recalling where I was and with whom, I was soon cured of my rigidity and I went down to the kitchen to see if I could get a bit of late lunch.

Jeanie was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book and drinking coffee. She welcomed me down and offered me coffee and a sandwich — both went down perfectly. I was set to get exploring and asked if Jeanie was ready to escort me on a tour of the town.

“All set for you,” she said, “and Astrid will be driving if you can believe it.”

“What do you mean?”

“She just got her learner’s permit to drive and is officially our only driver so she can get practice.”

“Just got it, you say?”

“She turned 16 in October and was already set to get her written test and when she passed it, I had committed letting her learn to drive.”

I was reminded that Jeanie and Astrid lived alone as my uncle Theodore had passed almost two years prior and I got the sense they both appreciated having a man in the house (no, not like that).

I got bundled up with the heaviest coat I owned and had brought with me, along with a toque and good warm gloves and we were off to see the town.

We drove pretty much everywhere. I got to see the new mall, the new six-plex of course, and a few other sites of note. There was the outdoor community rink where a pickup game of shinny was under way with at least 40 players getting into the play. Friends, families and girlfriends surrounded the ice, cheering loudly at every pass and goal. It was a wonderful environment that brought back so many memories. We spent an hour joining in with the cheers and hoots and I had the best tasting hot chocolate of my life… it could have been the situation, too.

The three of us closed out the afternoon by going for a burger at ‘the best place in town’ I was assured. It was a great burger, poutine and a super slice of peach pie with ice cream for dessert. I was stuffed and said as much. We decided to head home for a Spanish coffee and more visiting.

It was after 9 pm when the topic of skating came up again. Astrid was prompting me to go out skating in the back yard and I was game, but had no skates. No problem, she said, as they had a number of pairs they kept for when friends dropped by, almost like the skate rental at the local arena, I thought.

To make sure I was properly dressed for the skate, Astrid dragged me upstairs and told me what to wear. I was to have longjohns (check), snow pants (check), gloves and my toque (check, and check). She told me to come get her when I was ready.

It took me only a few minutes to suit up for the night so I went by her room to let her know we were ready. That’s when it got weird for me.

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