Another Poke, Mom?

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I’m getting very good at satisfying my mother. I just fucked her for an hour, made her cum four times, and left her on her bed in a semi-conscious state. It occurred to me that how we got to this point in our relationship would make a good story, so here I sit at the computer with my glistening, still-twitching cock in my hand, trying to come up with a good opener. I’m a journalism student in college so writing my story will be an excellent way to practice grammar and composition. I need it.

It all started a little more than a year ago. I was home for the summer after my first year in college. At school, I shared a large house near the campus with five other male students. We agreed that we would be free to masturbate openly whenever we felt the urge. It wasn’t long before we were indulging in circle-jerks, competing in jack-off contests, and even helping each other out. I was jacking off, or getting jacked off, two or three times a day.

I awoke in my own bed that summer day with a serious case of morning wood. At school, I always started the day by jacking off, so I just naturally reached for my cock and began to stroke it. I knew that Mom was down in the kitchen making breakfast for Dad because I could smell bacon frying. My door did not have a lock, but I wasn’t concerned about my parents walking in on me because they always knocked first.

I played with my cock for thirty minutes before deciding to shoot a load. I pumped it hard and fast and soon got that wonderful feeling a man gets when he loses control. My cum shot two feet straight up in the air, and at that instant, as you have probably already guessed, Mom walked in and caught me. She just stood there gaping and watched me cum all over myself! When I was finished, she turned and left the room without saying a word.

The rush that I experienced as Mom watched me jack off was the best that I had ever had. I came even better than usual. I hadn’t had a chance to jack off in several days, so my balls had really been loaded! I had certainly proved my manhood to her. I lay there for a long time marinating in my own juices. When the adrenaline level in my system returned to normal, the inevitable shame welled up. A decent man would have at least tried to pull a sheet over himself, but I had just kept frigging like a monkey at the zoo. I cleaned up the mess, got dressed, waited for my father to go to work, and then went down to the kitchen to apologize to Mom.

Before I continue the story, I will describe my mother so you will better understand why I lusted after her. She was the most beautiful woman in our little town. When I was a small boy, I loved to be seen in public with her. Sometimes I thought my heart would burst with pride when I saw how the men fawned over her and how the jealous women glared at her behind her back. She had big tits that she flaunted with low-cut dresses. Below her narrow waist, a slightly-rounded belly gave her a voluptuous look. She had lovely legs, but, for some reason, she preferred to conceal them beneath slacks which were always very tight across her round ass.

She was sitting at the kitchen table reading the morning paper. When she saw me, she put the paper aside, smiled, and said in a cheerful voice, “Good morning. Did you sleep well?” I struggled to find the words that I needed for an apology. “Mom, I’m really sorry about that,” I said. “I didn’t expect you to walk in on me.”

“I’m the one who should apologize. While you were away at school, I got out of the habit of knocking on your door. It’s normal for healthy men to masturbate, so I don’t see anything wrong with what you were doing. I was more shocked by your size. Of course, I knew you had a big penis, but, having never seen it erect, I didn’t realize just how big it really is.”

I poured a cup of coffee and planned what I would say next. “Well, Mom, I masturbate a lot at school and so do my roommates. We do it together, so I guess I have lost some of my inhibitions.””

She smiled. “Together? That sounds like fun.”

“It is fun, Mom. Oh, and we help each other out sometimes.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I wished that I could take them back.

Mom frowned and furrowed her brow. “But you do like girls, don’t you, dear?”

“Oh, sure, Mom. I’m not gay.” She seemed relieved.

“Sit down, dear, there is something I need to tell you.” There was a long pause as she searched for the right words. “Your father and I haven’t had sex in years, so I masturbate, too. Now does that make you feel better?”

“If you aren’t having sex, why do you stay together, Mom?”

“It’s very complicated, dear, but trust me, there are some very good reasons. How big is your, dear?” Wow, that one came right out of the blue! What should I say? “Well, one night my buddies and I all measured each other for fun, and mine measured ten inches. I guess that’s pretty big, isn’t it? My buddies don’t even come close. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to have casino oyna a big penis?”

“Oh, it’s a very, very good thing to have a big penis, son. How often do you masturbate?”

“Once or twice a day, and I usually get a handjob every day, too.”

“Well, if you are accustomed to getting handjobs, maybe I should help you out.”

That was the icebreaker. A few hours later, Mom told me to go to my room, take off all of my clothes, and lie on the bed. By the time she came into the room, my cock was as stiff as a bat. She pulled a chair up next to the bed and squirted hand lotion all over it before taking it in her hand. Instead of jacking me off quickly the way I expected her to do it, she played with it for a long time. She really knew what she was doing. It felt a lot better than the handjobs I had had from my buddies. They only jerked me off so that I would jerk them off. While she played with my dick, we carried on a rather bizarre conversation.

“Have you ever had intercourse, son?”

“No, I haven’t, Mom.” It was the truth.

“Ever had oral sex from anyone?”

“No, I haven’t, Mom.” That was also the truth.

“So my little boy is a virgin, huh?” With that, she really began to pump my dick hard. She was smiling and watching my cock intently. I got the distinct impression that she was trying not to blink lest she miss the first spurt.

“Oh, Mom, I can’t hold it back. I’M CUMMING! MOM, YOU’RE JACKING ME OFF. OH, MOM, DON’T STOP! PLEASE DON’T STOP!” Mom actually giggled as my watery cum gushed out all over her hand. She kept pumping my dick almost painfully hard to keep my orgasm going. I arched my back and thrust my pulsating cock upward. I was writhing all over the bed. By the time I finished, I was balanced on my shoulders and feet with my ass a foot off of the bed. Mom went to the bathroom and returned with a towel. After drying her hand, she dried my chest and belly.

“Thanks, Mom, that felt wonderful,” I said.

“Thank you, son. I enjoyed it very much. I’m a little tired, so I’m going to take a nap.”

I waited awhile and then went to her room and listened through her door. I listened to her sigh and moan for awhile, then there was a sharp hiss as she came. By then, I had decided that I would be getting a lot more than hand jobs from her.

The next morning I awoke with Mom’s hand around my woody. She was sitting next to the bed wearing a terry-cloth robe. I have no idea how long she had played with me before I woke up. “Good morning, son. I have to toss you off very quickly this time because breakfast is already on the table and it is getting cold.” She leaned forward and dropped a mouthful of spit on my cock then she started jacking me very hard. I think she just wanted to see how quickly she could make me cum. It was a genuine quickie, lasting less than a minute.

I took a quick shower to wash off the spunk, then hurried down to the kitchen with only a towel draped around my neck. Mom was sipping coffee and eating a pastry. She flashed me a cheerful smile and looked me up and down. I was glad that I worked out to keep my body in good shape. I could tell that she was impressed. I ate my bacon and eggs with my right hand and toyed with my cock with my left. I made sure that Mom could see me playing with myself.

“My friend Laurie is always looking for horny young men with big cocks,” she said. “Maybe I should fix you up with her.” I remembered that Laurie was truly a babe. Her kids and I had been playmates. “Yeah, that would be great, Mom.” With the food out of the way, we chatted over our coffee. By this time, my cock was fully hard.

“OH, NO, HERE I CUM AGAIN!” I shouted, as I shot a load all over the linoleum floor. Mom watched with a bemused smile on her glossy lips. “I guess thinking about fucking Laurie caused that one. I’ll clean it up, Mom.”

“Oh, that’s all right, dear. I plan on mopping the floor later anyway. Shooting two such sizable loads so close together is quite an accomplishment. You certainly are virile. I read somewhere that men reach their sexual peak at eighteen but women don’t reach theirs for another twenty years. It looks like we are peaking out together.”

I spent the day looking up old friends. Dad took us out to a nice restaurant that evening. It was my last chance to spend any time with him. He left on a business trip the next morning and didn’t return until the end of the summer. I was very pleased because it gave me time to work on Mom without having to worry about him catching us.

The following night, she and I were sitting on the couch laughing at a comedy on TV. Referring to one of the female protagonists, I said, “That woman always makes my blood boil.” Then I casually pulled out my hard cock and started jacking. “You are insatiable!” Mom said with a laugh. “You must get it from my side of the family. Your father has the sex drive of a tree stump. Okay, get your clothes off.”

Mom retrieved her hand-lotion and two pillows and returned canlı casino to the couch. After arranging the pillows on each side of her, she told me to lie across them and her lap. She squirted the lotion on my cock and slowly began masturbating me. Playing with me would be more accurate. She tenderly jacked me through another sit-com, a one-hour drama, and the eleven o’clock news. Whenever she sensed that I might lose control, she moved her hand onto my balls to let my cock cool down. “Well, I’m about ready for bed,” she said, and with that she began pumping my dick. “This will make you cum harder,” she said, as she slid the index finger of her free hand up my ass. I managed to hold back for a minute or two before the spunk went flying. Mom had a satisfied smile on her face as she watched my third load of the day inundate my face, chest and belly.

I awoke the next morning with Mom’s hand on my wood. As she pumped it her robe fell open and her luscious titties spilled out. The pear-shaped orbs were capped with beautiful round nipples, a sight that caused my mouth to fill with saliva. I think that my first look at Mom’s naked tits was what set me off, and I started shooting. I scooped up a tit in my left hand and squeezed. Mom pulled my dick toward her and took my load all over her tits. She brushed my hand away and then casually smeared the dick juice all over her tits until they glistened like pastries. “Would you like scrambled eggs for breakfast, dear?” she asked as she admired her shiny tits in the mirror.

I made my next move the next evening. We were watching TV and I was once again lying naked across Mom’s lap having my dick manipulated. To make it more interesting, Mom had hitched up her skirt so that my bare ass was against her bare thighs. We were watching a movie on HBO when a simulated blowjob scene came on. The girl’s head was out of the picture, but it was clear what was happening. That was my lucky break. “I would so love to be that guy,” I said. “It must feel wonderful to have someone sucking on your penis.”

Mom smiled knowingly. “Would you put your mouth on my cock just so I can see what it’s like, Mom?” She giggled, a good sign. “What I’m doing is sinful enough. If I sucked your cock I would surely end up in Hell.” The insincere tone of her voice led me to believe that she would give in with just a little more coaxing. “Come on, Mom. Even the President said a blowjob isn’t sex.”

“All right, close your eyes. I don’t think it would be proper for you to watch. I’ll just give you a little so you will know how it feels.” I closed my eyes tightly and a moment later her soft, warm, wet mouth closed around the head of my cock. As she bobbed her head, waves of pleasure rippled through the bundles of nerves in the head and neck. I watched her through slitted eyelids, and when I noticed that her eyes were closed, I opened mine wide to satisfy the voyeur in me. I had often wondered what my beautiful mother would look like with a big cock in her mouth. That curiosity was now satisfied.

Maybe Mom just intended to give me a sample, but once she got started she couldn’t stop. There was no doubt in my mind that she had sucked plenty of dicks before, and that she loved doing it. I was pretty far along when she started, so I didn’t last long. I didn’t warn her that I was cumming for fear that she would take her mouth off. She gagged on the first surprise spurt, but handled the rest with ease. She kept her lips tight as she pulled off, then swallowed hard many times. She had done a very neat job. I couldn’t see a trace of joy juice on her lips or chin.

“Why don’t you go get me a soda to wash this stuff down, honey?” On rubbery legs, I went to the kitchen and poured a can of root beer over ice in a glass. After Mom had taken a couple of sips, she said, “Well, what do you think? Was it what you expected?”

“It was incredible, Mom. Thank you so much. I’ve never felt anything so good.”

“Well, I’m going to bed. Good night.” She headed for the bedroom, then stopped and turned. “Oh, son, a gentleman always warns a lady before he ejaculates in her mouth,” she chided. A few minutes later, I listened through her door to her soft masturbation moans.

After that, I could count on Mom for a blow job every day. A few days later, we were both naked and she was on her knees in front of me. At her suggestion, I was standing in front of my dressing mirror so I could watch from above and the side. She was also keen on seeing how she looked with my big dick in her mouth. Mom was especially horny that day and had a vibrator stuffed up her pussy. I probably could have fucked her then if I had tried, but I wanted that blow job. I paid heed to Mom’s admonition about giving warning, and the session ended with, “HERE COMES THE JUICE, MOM!”

One evening, I was going out to the movies with a few friends when Mom’s best girlfriend Laurie came by. She was dressed to the nines for a night on the town with Mom. I am getting a hard-on just thinking kaçak casino about Laurie. She was one hot babe, almost as fine as Mom. I made a mental note to remind Mom that she had promised to fix me up with Laurie.

The movie was a stinker, and after fifteen minutes, I couldn’t take any more. I whispered goodbye to my friends and headed for home. As I approached my house on foot, I noticed that Laurie’s car was still in the driveway. I had suspected for some time that Mom and Laurie were more than just good friends. Slipping quietly in through the back door, I took off my shoes and tiptoed toward the livingroom. My heart thudded when I discovered that they weren’t there or in the kitchen. That meant that they had to be in a bedroom.

I listened outside Mom’s door and heard their moans drifting through. I pressed a glass to the wall of the adjoining room, whipped out my cock and jacked to the sounds of their lesbian lovemaking. Then it suddenly dawned on me that this was the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level.

After stripping down, I approached Mom’s room with my hard-on sticking out like the prow of a ship. I flung open the door and stepped inside. They were locked in a passionate sixty-nine with Mom on top. What a glorious sight it was! “I need some pussy and you two need some cock, so let’s get to it.” It suddenly occurred to me that what I was doing could get me banished from the house for good, but I felt compelled to take the risk.

Mom stared at me through glassy eyes. The lower half of her face was covered with Laurie’s pussy juice. Laurie pushed Mom off of her. “Oh, my God, you weren’t lying. He is hung like a horse.” The next thing I knew, I was on my back with two beautiful women licking and sucking my cock. Much too quickly, it went off like a fountain in their mouths, faces and hair.

Mom told me to watch and masturbate to get horny again. I sat next to the bed and stroked my dick as they fucked each other with a strap-on dildo. With their stirring performance as my inspiration, I soon whittled a good woody. Mom was fucking Laurie when I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to my hard cock. “Yes, dear, I think she is ready for the real thing.” She rolled aside, guided my prong into her friend and gave me a playful slap on the ass to set me in motion.

I’m not sure it is possible for a man to describe his first fuck. The feel of that hot, wet, tight hole gripping your cock; the two soft tits crushed against your chest; the long sleek legs wrapped around your back. Overwhelmed by pleasure, I was nevertheless able to throw a manly fuck into Laurie, thanks to the blow job they had given me. Mom shouted encouragement. “GIVE IT TO THE BITCH, HONEY! GIVE IT TO HER GOOD!” And did I ever! I made that slut cum within a couple of minutes, then capped her second orgasm with my own.

Mom was reluctant to let me fuck her and had to be coaxed into it by Laurie and I. She finally agreed, but only on the condition that I wear a rubber. “When your father and I stopped fucking, I stopped taking the pill,” she explained. I ran to my room to retrieve the condom from my wallet. My hands were shaking so much that I couldn’t even tear the foil.

After giggling Laurie rolled the rubber onto my cock, Mom went to all fours and stuck her ass up. “It must be done doggy-style. If we were facing each other, I would be constantly reminded that my own son was fucking me. And maybe you had better pull out when you cum just to be on the safe side. Rubbers break sometimes.” Laurie briefly sucked my rubber-sheathed cock to wet it, then guided it into Mom’s pussy. The image of my big cock sliding in and out of my mother’s pussy, framed by the round, golden globes above, is burnt into my memory forever. Laurie pressed up against me and rubbed her tits and pussy against my backside. “Make up for the agony she suffered when you were born,” Laurie whispered. Before long, I had Mom all the way down and was lying on top of her with my hands underneath holding her tits. Her soft, cool ass felt wonderful against my belly. Laurie was on top humping her pussy against me like a bitch in heat. I bucked her off when I started to cum. As I pulled my cock out, she reached for the rubber and pulled it free. Her hot mouth closed over my cock just in time to catch the syrup.

Mom went back on birth control pills so I could fuck her without rubbers. The pills didn’t kick in for a couple of months, so, in the meantime, I continued to use rubbers combined with pull-outs. I will never forget how good it felt to shoot a load into her that first time.

For the rest of the summer, Mom and I sucked and fucked every day, frequently on the spur of the moment. We ran around naked most of the time. Mom made up for her long dry spell without man-sex, and, in the process, gave me a damn fine sex education. I did her doggy-style the first twenty times. Laurie and I eventually coaxed her into belly-bumping. I especially enjoyed having her on top of me because I could suck her big tits while she rode my cock. Every Sunday morning, Mom, Laurie and I went to church, then Laurie went home with us for Sunday dinner followed by a mind-boggling threesome.

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