Army Brat Ch. 06

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Note: Chapter 5 got away from focusing on Danny so this chapter will bring him back. I’m planning on this one being the last one so get your tissues ready. Please read chapters 1 thru 5 to catch up. All rights reserved.


Todd hid behind the louvered door in the laundry room and saw Ellen heading towards him towards the small bathroom by the garage. She looked a little unsteady on her feet which meant that Candy was successful in slipping some drugs into the punch. After she entered the bathroom he moved like a cat and used the key that Candy had given him.

Ellen locked the door and moved to the sink to check out her hair and makeup. The room seemed to be spinning so she had to grab onto the counter. After cupping some cold water in her palm she splashed it onto her face trying to wake up. She didn’t hear nor see the lock disengaging but did see the light going off. “Hey!”

Before she could turn around Todd swiftly moved inside, turned off the light and locked the door behind him. “Shhh…it’s me Danny,” he whispered softly so she couldn’t tell the voice.

Ellen giggled when she felt his hands moving to her waist. “What do you have in mind?”

Todd was too close to answer without her knowing it wasn’t Danny’s voice. He moved forward and lightly kissed the nape of her neck.

“Ummm…that feels so good.”


Lisa laughed at the fools in the swimming pool wearing only their underwear. The boy Tom, who brought her outside, was standing behind her. “Are Candy’s parties always this wild?”

“Always,” he grinned as he moved forward and pressed his hardness into her ass.

Lisa wanted to make friends but this boy was coming on too fast. She moved forward away from his erection and turned. “Excuse me but this was poking me.” She grabbed onto his hard dick and squeezed as hard as she could.

“OUCH!” Tom groaned. “PLEASE LET GO!”

Lisa smiled and peeked over her shoulder to see Danny in the large sunroom but he was missing. “Excuse me but I have something to do.” When she let him go he dropped down onto his knees moaning.

Lisa moved swiftly inside and saw one of the girls on the softball team she had met. “Have you seen Danny?”

The girl pointed down the hallway. “He’s with Candy.”

“Shit,” Lisa said as she hurried down the hallway. The first three rooms were empty but the last one was locked. She knocked. “DANNY!”


Danny’s legs were wobbly as he leaned back against the door. His hand was on Candy’s shoulder pushing her back as she tried to open his slacks. “I’m……in…here,” he managed to say.

Lisa tried the lock again. “The door is locked.”

Danny used his free hand to reach behind him and open the lock. When it clicked open he shifted to the side which caused the door and Lisa to fly into the room.

Lisa’s body tumbled into the room and crashed into a shocked and naked Candy.

“What the fuck?” Lisa asked when she looked down at the nude girl lying under her. She turned back and saw Danny shaking his head trying to regain his senses. “You fucking bitch.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Candy grinned up at Lisa with her perfect teeth.

Lisa smirked. “Just this.” She brought her right arm back, made a fist and blasted it downward onto the unsuspecting girl’s perfect nose. They all heard the popping sound. Seconds later streams of blood poured from the red nostrils.

Lisa moved off of the crying girl and grabbed Danny. “Where is Ellen?”

“I…don’t know,” he said with his arm over Lisa’s shoulder. She supported him as they walked back to the sunroom. The girl on the softball team rushed over to help.

“Have you seen Ellen?”


“See if you can wake Danny up while I go and look for her.” Lisa handed Danny over and moved down the hallway towards the bathroom.

She saw a girl standing by the closed door. “Who is in there?”

The girl grinned. “I’m not sure but it looks as if the light is off and some messing around is going on.”

“Shit,” Lisa said as she tried to open it. She turned and looked on the top door frames for a key and saw one a few doors away. “Stand back, “she said to the girl.


“Do you want to do it here?” Ellen whispered back to who she thought was Danny. He didn’t answer as he lifted her dress and pulled down her skimpy thong.

Todd got the panties off and pushed her upper body forward to fuck her from behind. He heard some talking outside and knew he only had a few seconds. “Are you ready for a real fucking?” He said loud enough for her to realize that he was not Danny.

“WHAT!” Ellen cried out hearing the familiar voice. “NO TODD STOP!” She tried to push back but his body was up against her ass and she couldn’t move. She felt his hard cock jamming forward under her raised buttocks and tried to reach down to stop it from entering her.

Todd heard the door open as he was about to push forward. He was almost in when a hand reached around the front of his face and fingernails dug into his cheek.

“AHHH casino oyna SHIT!” His body moved backwards to stop the digging nails. When his body moved back Ellen quickly turned and kneed him as hard as she could in his privates.

“OH FUCK!” he cried feeling the blood dripping down his cheek and the throbbing pain in his balls. His first reaction was to swing outward.

Ellen didn’t see the hand coming forward but did feel the blow as it struck her left shoulder. Her body fell to the floor but she reached down and managed to not hit her head.

Lisa leaned over to help Ellen when Todd pulled her up by her hair and pushed her as hard as he could back out the door.

“You fucking bitches. I’m going to kick your asses.” Todd screamed as he pulled up his pants. As Ellen tried to crawl out the door he pushed her with his foot causing her to crash on top of Lisa. They both turned and looked up as Todd reached down to smack them around. He didn’t see Danny standing next to him.

“Beating up girls now.” Danny said as he grabbed onto Todd’s wrist and jerked the boy out of the bathroom and then down the hall towards the front door. He twisted the arm behind Todd’s back and held it there until he managed to get the front door open and both of them out into the cooler air.

“Fuck man let me go,” Todd begged. “HELP…SOMEONE HELP!”

Danny was pissed. “I should fucking kill you.” He pushed Todd against one of the cars and smiled. “Let’s see how you can fight another guy.”

Todd knew he couldn’t run because a bunch of the kids were standing by the house and were watching. He hoped that Danny had taken some of the relaxant drugs. “I can kick your ass too,” he said before lowering his head and running like a ram towards Danny’s stomach.

Danny shifted quickly to the side and brought down his elbow on the top of Todd’s back.

“AYEE!” Todd yelled before his face and body crash landed down onto the sidewalk. He lifted his head and felt blood now coming from his forehead. “You fuck!” He scrambled to his feet and pulled a lawn light from the ground. After ripping out the electric wire he turned and smiled. “I’m going to stick this up your ass.”

Danny moved into the defensive position his father had taught him. He had never really faced someone who really wanted to hurt him so he hoped that it would work. As Todd held the light high to bring it down Danny leaned as far back as he could. The light just missed his face and stomach.

Todd knew he was in trouble when Danny’s elbow shot forward into his bloody face. It felt like he had been hit by a freight train before it suddenly went dark. His limp body tumbled down onto the sidewalk.

Ellen and Lisa rushed over to make sure Danny was OK but Danny pushed them aside. He moved down to Todd and saw him coming around. “Whew..I thought I killed him.”

Todd’s first reaction when he came to was to strike outward. He swung his fist outward and caught Danny’s chin. Danny fell to the side and tried to get up but Todd came at him again. As Todd tried to hit Danny again Lisa jumped onto his back and started hitting the back of his head.

Lisa wrapped her legs around his waist to give her enough leverage to use her fists. As she kept hitting his she looked down to see Ellen kicking into his crotch.

“GET THEM OFF OF ME!” Todd begged as he tried to cover his crotch and the top of his head.

Danny sat up and smiled as the two women in his life pounded the asshole’s body. Finally when Todd seemed to give up he pulled them away. “That’s enough.”

The three of them stood over Todd and looked at the total mess they were. Their clothes were torn and dirty. But none of them were seriously injured. “Let’s get out of here.”

Danny’s arms draped over their shoulders as they headed towards his car. It was Ellen who said it first. “Bula-bula.”

Lisa laughed. “Bula-bula.

“Bula-bula,” Danny chuckled.


“DAD!” Ellen yelled when they got into her house. “We need your help!”

Allan jumped up from his computer and ran to the front door. “What the hell happened?”

“We’re OK,” Danny said. “Just a few bruises.”

Allan quickly looked them over and got a few ice packs for their injuries. “What happened?”

It took about three minutes for Ellen to finish. “And if it wasn’t for Lisa I’m afraid what might have happened.” She took Lisa’s hand and held it.

“I didn’t drink the punch,” Lisa smiled.

“I should call the police,” Allan said. “Todd should be in jail.”

“Attempted rape might be hard to prove,” Ellen said. “He will say that I wanted it.”

“And whatever drug she used is probably gone from our systems,” Danny added.

“What if they call the police?” Lisa asked. “I think I broke that girl’s nose.”

“They wouldn’t dare,” Allan grinned. “Then we go forth with our charges.”

“There were a few witnesses that will substantiate our story.” Ellen said leaning back.

“How bad is Todd?”

Danny laughed. “His face is a mess and I’m sure his arm and chops are canlı casino hurting. Maybe you should call my mom and let her know what’s going on. She will probably come over here.”

Allan nodded and smiled. “Good idea.” After the kids moved to the den he called her. “Don’t hang up,” he started. After telling her what happened she headed their way.


Janet hurried into the house. “Where are they?”

“They are fine. Danny is in the den and the girls are up in Ellen’s room.”

She looked into his eyes knowing how much she missed them looking at her. “I guess I should go and see my son.”

Allan moved closer but not touching.

“Allan…I…” Her trembling hand moved to his.

“Me too,” he whispered as their bodies came together. “I’ve been miserable.” He leaned back and looked at her. “I’m so sorry.”

“We have a lot to talk about,” she said before hugging him closer.

“I love you so much. I only want you.”

Janet smiled and leaned back again. This time their lips came together.


“Thanks for saving me,” Ellen said to Lisa who was behind the frosted glass shower door. She removed her torn dress and then her bra.

“I want us to be friends,” Lisa responded. She turned and peeked at Ellen’s body through the door. “I’m almost finished.”

Ellen pulled off the panties and leaned against the sink. “You are welcome to sleep over if you want.”

“I don’t have a change of clothes,” Lisa said as she pulled open the shower door and stood dripping wet naked. She checked out Ellen’s perky hard nipples and blonde bush.

Ellen too visually admired Lisa’s firm and well stacked body. “I’m sure you can fit into some of my clothes except maybe for the breasts.” She could see that the girl was a size or two larger.

“I’m sure you have something loose enough,” Lisa blushed. She grabbed the towel from the bar and stepped out. “I bet Danny would like to see us now.”

“Yeah,” Ellen grinned no longer jealous. As Lisa moved closer Ellen turned and passed her without touching bodies. “But he’s been through enough for one night.”

“We better take it easy on him,” Lisa grinned. As Ellen moved into the shower Lisa greatly admired her round ass.


“Well look who is here and didn’t even come to check out my injuries,” Danny said seriously to his mother who walked in holding Allan’s hand.

“I was heading this way,” Janet grinned. She moved closer and saw the bruise on his chin. “Did you forget to duck?”

“No, I forgot about letting sleeping dogs lie.”

“Tusk…tusk,” she said. “How bad did you hurt him?”

“Nothing seriously. Lisa got him with some fingernails and Ellen kicked him in a delicate place a few times.”


“And, maybe I hurt his arm and messed up his face a little,” Danny said without expression. “I know that I need to control my anger but..”

“But he deserved it,” Janet said. “He deserved it when he cut you on that slide into second. I ‘m glad you waited.”

“Hi Mrs. Upton,” Ellen said as she and Lisa walked into the room wearing matching white terrycloth robes. “I’m glad you are here.”

Janet glanced at Allan. “They don’t look as bad as you described.”

“We needed a nurse,” Danny laughed. “And now we need to go somewhere else.” He grabbed Ellen and Lisa before exiting the room.

“I think I was set up,” Janet said sitting on the sofa.

“It was Danny’s idea,” Allan quickly said not wanting to get into more trouble. He sat next to her and took her hand. “I hope you will forgive me.”

“Yes, but if you have sexual fantasies warn me ahead of time.”

“No, that’s it…I mean not anymore…you know…I..”

“Let’s just keep it as a fantasy. I’m not ready to share you with anyone at least not yet.” She pulled his lips to hers and quickly met this tongue.

“Not yet,” Allan repeated in his mind.


“Where are we going?” Danny asked as he followed the two girls wearing robes up the stairs. He tried not to peek but he could see both of their bare bums.

Ellen turned and saw where his eyes were. “Quit looking at our butts. We need to find a guy for Lisa.”

“Hey!” Lisa yelled before pushing her robe downward.

“Sorry,” he blushed. They moved into Ellen’s room and over to the bed. The girls moved onto the queen size bed and left room for him in the middle. “Do you want me to lie there?”

“Yes,” Ellen grinned. “Don’t worry we won’t attack you.”

“Actually I was hoping that you would,” he joked as he climbed over his girl and fell back on the pillow. “Let’s see. I think that Corey is about to break up with his girl.”

“COREY STORM!” Lisa said sitting up. “God, he is in my Biology class and is so cute.”

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” Danny grinned.

“Thank you!” Lisa said as she moved down to hug him.

Danny felt her braless breasts against his chest and turned to look at Ellen.

“It’s OK. I trust you two.” Ellen grinned.

They stayed on the bed for another hour before kaçak casino Danny got up to use the restroom. When he returned Ellen took his hand. “I’ll walk you to the door. Lisa is sleeping over.”

“Can I sleep over too?” He grinned.

“No,” she said firmly. Danny waved good night to Lisa and walked down the stairs next to Ellen. “HELLO! WE ARE COMING DOWN!”


Allan had his hand down the top of Janet’s dress and was fondling her soft breast while she nibbled on his earlobe. “What did you mean by not yet?”

Janet grinned. “Let’s just say that I experimented some with my best friend after high school.”

“Geez…tell me about it.”

Janet reached down and was not surprised to find him rock hard. “Our parents went away leaving us alone for the weekend and..”


By the time they got to the living room Janet had fixed her clothes and was sitting innocently. “I’m going home,” Danny said. “Are you coming?”

“I uh…I uh was planning on spending the night here,” she said wondering what his reaction would be.

“Is it OK?” Allan asked his daughter.

“Yes, but please use the radio,” Ellen grinned.

“We will,” Janet smiled back.

Ellen walked Danny to the door and they stopped. “Thank you for saving me from Todd.” She pulled his lips down to hers. After frenching for a minute they parted.

“I’m glad that Lisa and you are getting along.”

“She’s your friend and therefore she is mine too.”

“God, I love you so much,” he whispered. They kissed again but when his hand moved under her robe and cupped her bare buttock she pushed him back.

“See you tomorrow.”


Danny met the four of them at Church on Sunday and they all had a big dinner later that afternoon. It was after the dinner when Danny asked Ellen to take a ride with him.

“Where are we going?” Ellen asked as they backed out of the driveway.

“Somewhere special.” He took her hand and drove towards the Army base.

“We just passed the base,” she said as the main gate passed by.

“I know,” he said looking straight ahead.

“Where are we going?”

“I want to introduce you to someone.” He said as he turned the corner and headed down a small single lane road.

Ellen sat forward as she looked ahead to see where they were going. It was when she saw the gravestones that she knew. She didn’t say anything as he turned into the military cemetery and headed up a steep incline.

Danny’s eyes were already getting teary which quickly spread over into her eyes. By the time they stopped near his father’s grave both were wiping their cheeks.

Ellen didn’t know what to say so she got out of the car and took his hand as they walked up a small path. She squeezed his hand tightly when they stopped and looked at his grave.

Danny stared at the white cross head stone and his father’s name engraved on it. “Hello dad. There is someone here that I would like for you to meet.”

Ellen wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged around his waist.

“This is Ellen Dad. You see she is someone that I love very much.” He wiped his nose and continued. “God, I wish you were here to see her and meet her. I know you would love her as much as I do.”

Ellen leaned up and kissed his cheek. “He is here Danny. He knows that we are here.”

They both stood looking at his name. “This is the first time I’ve been here since we buried him.” Danny said. “It looks different because the hole is gone and the grass and flowers are here.”

“Thank you for bringing me here,” Ellen said still sniffing. “I love you so much Danny.”

Danny turned and pulled her into him. They hugged and broke apart. “I know that he is gone and won’t be back. But, since I have you it doesn’t hurt so much.”

Ellen patted his back and wiped her face on his shirt as they hugged.

“Do you want to go?” He asked.

“Only when you are ready,” she answered. After five minutes he took her hand and led her back down the path. She stopped about half way. ‘There is something that I want to do.”

Danny was puzzled as she walked back to the grave. He saw her lean over and put something on the headstone. She turned and walked back. “What did you do?”

“I told your father that you were in good hands and not to worry.” She smiled.

He looked down and noticed that her necklace was missing. “You put your necklace on his head stone. But it meant so much to you.”

“My grandfather gave it to me when I was little and told me to give it to someone special,” Ellen said trying not to start crying again.

“But you never met my dad.”

“I think I know your dad very well. I’m glad that you took after him.”

Neither said much driving back to town. Lisa, Janet and Allan were sitting on the patio drinking Pina Colada’s when they walked out. “So are you going to tell us where you went?” Janet asked.

Danny was silent so Ellen spoke. “I met Danny’s father.”

“Oh my god,” Janet said standing up and moving to her son. “You went to the cemetery.”

Danny hugged her and did his best not to cry. “It looked nice. There were flowers and grass.”

Lisa too stood up and moved over to hug him along with Ellen.

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