Arrested Development

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It was a summer day not unlike many a summer day that came before it; hot, somewhere between fry an egg on the sidewalk hot and the surface of the sun hot. And sticky, unbearably sticky. Though clouds loomed in the horizon there wasn’t relief of rain anywhere in my general vicinity. I think I’d drained the local water well of all it’s cold water by taken a dozen showers that morning. Still I sat drenched in a light summer dress, wondering why I’d ever bought that leather sofa. And it was only eight am.

It was looking like a long day.

Heat has a funny effect on people. They get restless. They can’t sleep. They can’t eat. They just kind of drift around from place to place praying for a shift of a breeze. Or a breeze at all.

And that’s just about where I was that hot humid morning. Anything had to be better than sitting in that stifling house stuck to my expensive furniture.

Leaving the top down in the convertible I tooled around my quiet town generating my own kind of breeze since Mother Nature was obviously asleep on the job. The wind lifted through my long red hair, like a dozen fingers dancing over my scalp. My whole skin came alive as I began to think back to the last time I’d had sex. And not just your run of the mill sex, I’m talking howl at the moon sex, leaving permanent claw marks in the back of your favorite boy toy sex.

Maybe it was the heat, but I couldn’t even remember back that far. Had it really been so long?

The more I thought about it, the more real the thoughts became. I could almost feel the heat of breath on my neck… a tongue playfully darting between my full lips… the strong touch of a male chest pressed up against mine… a thick cock thrust way up inside my tight, deprived pussy.

Despite the wind, it was a thousand degrees in my car. I quickly pulled over to the curb, just outside a pretty big park. I took a deep breath, trying to collect myself as much as possible. Before my imagination could again betray me I hopped out of the car and hit the pavement.

It was useless by then. Every nerve was alive and tingling. That lightweight cotton dress was now teasing my sensitive nipples. Without a bra the feather light brushes felt like fingertips. I began to groan. Suddenly the hunger for human touch was overwhelming me. Had a man walked past me at this point, I’d have drug him to the bushes, pushed him on the ground, released his cock and buried it in my hungry pussy.

What are kids doing in a park?? It’s casino oyna just not fair. I need to be fucked… and soon!

I rushed to the abandoned side of the park, where tall trees separated the playground from the picnic area and beyond that the bathrooms facing the tall brush. My heartbeat pounded in my ears, my legs dripping wet from my hot cunt. If I couldn’t have a man, I was going to have an orgasm. Not even being in public could stop me.

On and on I went, till tall weeds tickled the insides of my knees. I couldn’t even hear the kids anymore… just birds and bugs and the faint sound of a breeze wandering through the trees.

Finally I found a big flat boulder. It was a perfect bed away from home.

I spread out on the rock, my knees bent, my dress falling away to let the air dance over my heated flesh. With shaking fingers I began to unbutton the button down dress, my breasts springing forth begging for immediate attention. Finally I lay naked, wet and taunt – nothing to stop me from getting off.

Or so I thought.

“Hold it right there, miss,” a deep masculine voice demanded.

I turned my head slightly to catch a glimpse of my unwelcome guest. To my dismay it was a police officer. One hand on his holster, his walk talkie the other. This is great. Not only am I going to jail, but I’m going to jail without my much-awaited orgasm. But thinking of that orgasm only made me want it more. A moan got caught in my throat and my whole body began to quiver.

“Stay right where you are,” he instructed briskly, moving slowly toward me. When he came close enough he grabbed one of my wrists and shackled it with the handcuffs. He drew my other hand above my head to secure the other one. He stood so close I could feel his body heat. I closed my eyes and tried to think of puppies…kittens…nuns… anything but this rock hardbody cop who had me bound naked and about a touch away from a complete mind boggling orgasm.

“Well, well, well,” another husky voice muttered, a bit amused. My eyes snapped open to find another cop standing by my feet. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a predicament like this?”

“It’s the heat,” I croaked. My nipples were rock hard, my cunt was dripping and I could barely talk. “I just needed to… I needed…”

The cop peered at me through my bent knees. “To get fucked hard and raw?”

“Oh god, yeah,” I groaned, squirming in front of them.

“Well it looks like we got two choices here, Tommy,” the older cop canlı casino at my feet said to his younger studly partner. “We can either arrest her, or fuck her brains out.”

As my eyes traveled toward Tommy I realized he had a huge bulge in the front of his uniform. I had to have that enormous cock. I licked my lips in anticipation of swallowing his thick meat deep into my throat. He let out a guttural groan as he went to release the handcuffs.

“Leave them,” was my husky reply.

Down between my legs, Sarg began running his fingers up and down the insides of my thighs. As Tommy unfastened his trousers I could feel Sarg’s hot breath against my hot cunt. But all was forgotten when Tommy’s huge dick sprang from his pants – long and thick just like I like them. I licked my lips and opened my mouth, hungry for the taste of him.

He thrust his enormous cock into my warm waiting mouth. My tongue spiraled around him as he sank deeper and deeper inside my throat. His fingers wound into my hair as he pressed into me, not letting up till my lips circled the base of his rod. I moaned against him, causing such vibrations that he shuddered violently. One hand reached down to grab my breast, tweaking my nipple in between his fingers.

Just then Sarg let his tongue run all round my clit. My body started to shake; I was right on the edge. Sarg wasn’t about to let me off that easy. He backed off, blowing against me, his finger rimming my hungry holes but never quite making it inside. I whimpered against Tommy, who responded by thrusting faster in and out of my mouth, his hand like a vice against my tit. I wanted to come so badly but neither was ready to make it happen. With my hands bound, I was at their mercy.

Sarg dove in yet again, this time moving his tongue fast and hard over my clit, his finger darting inside making me crazy, bringing me right up to the edge and then once again backing away. Again and again he tortured me until I was a whimpering mess.

Tommy withdrew his cock from my mouth and lifted me up like a rag doll. He slid onto the rock behind me, looping my arms around his neck. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and gooped himself up with the juices pouring out of me. He pushes his cock against my asshole and I nearly screamed as he thrust forward. Pain and pleasure mingled into one as he slid all the way up inside my ass.

I watched the Sarg carefully peel away his own uniform and gasped as I saw his member fly free. He was even longer and thicker kaçak casino than his younger counterpart. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have a cock inside my pussy, pronto!

“Fuck me,” I whimpered.

He got on his knees in front of me, stroking his incredible cock. “Polite girls say please.”

I could barely eke it out. “Please.”

“I dunno, Tommy. I don’t think she wants it bad enough.”

Tommy responded by thrusting up inside of me. “You heard the Sarg. He wants to know how bad you want it.”

“I want it,” I croaked.

“You want it?” Sarg taunted.

“I want your big hard cock inside me right now!” I managed between the grunts and groans of having my ass pummeled. “Fuck me, Sarg!”

He grinned as he spread my legs even farther apart. He captured my lips for a scorching kiss, his tongue jammed down my throat. I kissed him back just as hard until I could hear him moaning. He grabbed his cock with one hand and shoved as hard as he could up into my tight pussy. I screamed as he disappeared all the way inside.

His mouth captured one of my nipples, sucking and biting until I was incoherent. Both men were bucking hard, fucking me raw. The Sarg put a hand in between us to stimulate my clit as Tommy pulled my hair slightly to deliver his own red-hot kiss. Before I knew it I was coming hard and endless, filled with cock, every erogenous zone being assaulted until I could do was scream and ride the endless wave of my much deserved orgasm.

My scream was soon drowned out by the male shouts of release as both men began to fuck me harder and harder, their own release making them crazy with animal lust. I felt my pussy and my ass fill with their cum, matching them with my own orgasms that would not stop coming. Tommy withdrew my arms from his neck and his huge cock from my ass as the Sarg slid from my drenched pussy. I lay on the rock like a quivering rag doll.

The Sarg rubbed his still hard, still wet cock against my lips and I opened my mouth, letting it slip in between my lips. My tongue raced over the satin skin, licking away all my pussy juice from his impressive member. His fingers ran through my hair and his eyes softened a little as he withdrew.

“You’ve been a good girl,” he said, bending down to eye level. “You need to be more careful in the hot weather.”

As he stood and collected his trousers I murmured, “Supposed to be over a hundred tomorrow.”

He and Tommy shared a grin. Sarg bent to leave a kiss upon my lips.

“Then we’ll meet here and not arrest you again.”

He playfully tweaked my nipple as he arose, and then he was gone.

But I knew he’d be back.

They always come back.

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