Audra Ch. 01

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Audra unconsciously licked her thin, red lips.

That’s him again, she thought. That’s his voice. It’s sort of a rich, husky voice, but it had a warm, masculine flavor.

She blinked her eyes and held back a sly smile.

That’s that guy that was here the other day, she thought.

It was incredibly rare for her office to have a visitor, especially one even close to her age. Other co-workers came by, but they were never there to see her or needed her assistance.

She might as well have been a ghost haunting the building, periodically jumping out and yelling “boo!”

She heard her boss, Cody, bantering unintelligibly with the man.

She listened as their voices ascended in volume as they neared. She brushed her blouse and fussed her golden brown hair just a bit.

They rounded the corner and there he was. A stout, 5-foot-7 man, he stood with glasses and a firm jaw. His young, round face and short black hair drew her attention, too. He had broad, strong shoulders. Audra knew her eyes had to stop pawing him there, lest she be considered unladylike for letting her eyes continue down.

She wheeled her chair to the left and rose to greet the visitor.

“And this, Mr. Bestia, is our Ms. Audra Renard,” said Cody.

Audra timidly brandished her right hand to shake. The man grabbed it and shook confidently, but not too forcefully.

“A pleasure, Ms. Renaud,” he said. Audra knew she liked how her name sounded on his tongue a little too much.

“All mine, Mister … “

“Bestia. James Bestia.”

Audra suddenly realized they had not stopped eye contact. He was locked onto her with an intense focus. He was so bold it was uncomfortable, and yet she found herself bewildered by how much she enjoyed it.

He continued, snapping her from her sudden trance.

“It’s Italian for ‘beast,'” he said. Audra couldn’t help but chuckle.

James smiled. “What a pretty laugh,” he said. His visual attention was undivided to Audra, but his mind pressed on regarding work.

“Help me understand, Mr. Collins, why I didn’t meet this woman earlier on the tour?” Audra couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, she just does our secondary storage indexing,” he said, dismissively. “She’s just a part of the archive team.”

Ugh. There he goes again, Audra thought. She knew she wasn’t a huge part of the company, but it’s hard to feel like a valued member of the team when you’re “just” a job.

James glanced quickly at Cody to acknowledge his remarks before returning his attention to Audra.

“And such a necessary part of it.”

“Oh!” Audra giggled.

Really, Audra? Really, she thought to herself. You just giggled in front of this man. You haven’t giggled when a man said something nice to you in years.

Cody, intent to press on with the tour so as not to lose even more favor with his bosses, boldly interrupted.

“Mr. Bestia, we should probably continue on. We have that meeting upstairs in five minutes,” he said.

James looked Audra up and down. She could feel him taking her layers of clothes off as he looked at her. Peeling off her blouse. Lowering the skirt to the floor. Those strong hands cupping her face and locking with hers.

“What a shame,” James said. “I hope I see you again, Ms. Renaud.”

“Likewise,” she cooed.

James and Cody turned and marched toward the double-door entrance to the archive offices, just around the corner from Audra’s desk.

After she heard the door click shut, she remained standing, puzzled but intrigued.

He was definitely as interested as she was. Right? He seemed like it.

She knew this was no time for work. She knew she wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

She walked down the rows of rusted orange shelves, each piled with neatly labeled files assorted in rows. There were hundreds of thousands of files in this office and she didn’t have responsibility for any of them. Her duties lay with the abandoned seventh floor, a paper junkyard for abandoned and unused files.

But she wasn’t thinking about any of that at the moment. She walked over to the big windows at the far end of the office. At just over 5’3″, they were nearly three times her size. It was a beautiful view, but her desk was trapped in a windowless corner of the room.

She pressed her palms casino siteleri against the windows and looked out at the building nearby.

Finally, a sigh. Did that just happen? It’d been a while since she was so dialed in with a man like that, and so instantly.

I wonder what he does, why he’s here and how I’m going to lure him back to this office so he can finish ripping off my clothes, she thought with a devious chuckle to herself.

As she slowly made her way back to her desk, she figured he was probably here because of the corporate merger that had been discussed. She didn’t bother herself with all of that nonsense, just as long as she had a job. She didn’t love it, but it paid the bills and kept her in her own apartment, which was better than living with her sister.

Back at her desk, she flipped a sheet of paper in the folder upon which she was working over and started describing the contents of the next sheet. “October 1965 … ” she began typing.

I wonder where he lives, she thought to herself. I bet he lives somewhere nice. That wasn’t just a $100 suit he had on.

She delved back into the correspondence. It was all gibberish to her. She had come to understand enough of it to do her job, but short of repeating exactly what the page already sometimes, she didn’t really have a clue what it meant.

Maybe he has a fancy studio downtown, she thought. With a great view overlooking the city.

On to the next page. “Nov. 22, 1965 … “

Huh. Two years after Kennedy died, she thought to herself.

I wonder how much longer after that James was born. He looked like he might be in his early 30s.

She drew in a deep, strong breath of air and closed her eyes. She exhaled, laboriously.

She couldn’t rid her thoughts of the man.

His touch was electric, like she knew him somehow. But that was impossible, right?

I’ll make a trip to the ladies room, she thought. Maybe that will clear my head.

She moved to the exit on the opposite side of the room. Quick paces brought her there closer than usual. She paused through the solitary door and turned right toward the restrooms.

She grabbed and pulled the handled for the door. It swung open and she entered.

All of the stalls were unoccupied. She went to the one furthest from the entrance — the one for disabled people — and sat on the bowl and locked the door behind her.

I don’t even have to go, she thought to herself. I just need a few minutes to relax.

Why had she let this man have such an effect on her? Just breath. Just be Audra, she told herself. He’s into you a little. Just be casual.

The voices in her head began arguing with each other. She knew she wouldn’t be able to clear them so easily.

But his touch was so good. The way he rubbed his thumb on mine. He looked like he wanted to scoop me up and take me right there, didn’t he?

Easy, Audra, she said to herself. But the thought lingered. It was so powerful and so unlike her to feel so lusty for a man she’s barely met. She was typically so quiet and reserved.

She looked down and pulled a hair off of her chest. Her hand brushed across her breast in the process.

She was suddenly aware of how hard her nipples were.

Audra opened her hand and cupped her breast. She shook her head.

No, Audra. You can’t go there.

“Shit,” she said aloud to the empty bathroom. At least I’m wearing a bra.

The nipples were begging to be touched as they ached against the material of the undergarment.

She gently continued squeezing her own breast.

Mmmm, that feels so good.

Her other palm now met its sister and the two worked in tandem, clinching and releasing the fleshy pillows underneath.

Quickly, she dashed a finger to her mouth and her free hand slipped across to the opposite breast.

She licked the finger tenderly before sticking it all the way in her mouth. She sucked, needy but gentle, on her extended digit.

She pulled the finger for her lips with a quiet slurp. It was wet and shiny with her saliva.

No, Audra, she thought to herself. Not here. That’s so filthy. You know better than that.

But her body defied her mind, reminding her its needs were immediate and superior to logic.

Obeying her frame, Audra rose canlı casino from her private seat to roll her skirt up into a puddle on her belly before sitting back down.

Audra sat up straight against the bowl. Her hands were quickly back upon her covered breasts, kneading and holding.

She let a hand slide down her belly, across the bunched skirt and down to her purple lace panties.

She touched her hand to the undergarment. Oh, my. Her wetness surprised her. As she explored further, the fabric was beginning to melt into the creases of her sex. Her fingers swept their way up to her clit and she sweetly rubbed.

Ohhhhhhh, Audra, no.

She exhaled deeply.

Audra, you bad girl, you can’t do that there. Someone will hear you.

Another voice within her cried out in retort. Don’t stop, Audra. Fuck, that feels so good.

She imagined what the man whose powerful touch gripped the same palm earlier would feel like doing the same thing. He would be a little more forceful, she thought, but just as generous to please as her own hand was now.

She bit her lip.

This is going to happen here, she thought. I know I shouldn’t. I know.

Her body continued its betrayal, her need to relieve herself of this tingling sensation in between her legs.

She pushed her hips into the air a little and dropped her panties to her heels. She stepped out of one side of them.

Back on the seat, her bare skin touched down. She’d done this many times before, but never in a stall at work. She was never this brazen.

Audra parted her legs. The air of the room cooled her hot wetness.

She slid a pair of fingers down to the wet spot. Audra gently parted her lips and slid a finger inside. Oooh, she cooed.

Wow, she thought. She was burning inside. She began to swirl it in herself and squeeze her finger. Her free hand reached for her covered breast and massaged its shape.

A second finger slid inside. As the pair pumped in unison in and out of Audra’s slit, she moaned.

Fuck. She bit her lip. Shhh, Audra. Be quiet.

The hand squeezing her breast lightly stroked south, now hovering above her clit. She closed her eyes as her hand touched down.

Audra’s fingers strummed her clit as she slipped another finger inside herself. Her mouth struggled to keep silent. Her hips crept forward toward the edge of the seat.

The girl whimpered in the empty bathroom. Her heel clacked across the floor as she tried to spread her own legs wider.

Beads of sweat began forming on her brow and her chest heaved as her breathing quickened.

A third digit was swallowed by her hungry pussy. In her mind, James stared into her eyes with pure hot lust as he swarmed over her naked body, their sweaty flesh finding rhythm together. He drove into her with deliberate, powerful strokes, nibbling her neck and whispering his pleasure at her touch.

She whined through her closed mouth at the thought of him wrapping his arms around her and taking her even higher.

Her gasps came faster and shorter now. Her hands now furiously pounded and rubbed as James’ speed and intensity increasing. He begged her to cum. Her ass began to lift off the seat.

In her mind, she screamed. From deep in her throat, repeated yelps of pleasure were barely stifled by her teeth gnashing into her lips.

Her hands were James naked flesh, the man she’d just met, eagerly and expertly bringing her to climax as he slammed into her and pushed her closer to pleasure.

Just a little further, Audra. She could feel the wave building inside her, how it bubbled up from her thrusting digits and radiated throughout her entire body until she knew her blood surged with a sticky ache for a man’s touch.

She pushed her hips toward the sky. She gnashed her teeth into her lips and began forcefully breathing through her nose, snorting as a charging bull. She rolled her head against the wall behind her as she lifted herself, her hands locked into a hypnotic rhythm of satisfaction.

Audra began bucking wildly at her own hands.

Then it came. She came.

The orgasm ripped through her. She worried she’d bite through her lip, but she couldn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop. Her fingers pumped and pumped and she rode the wave as long as she could hold onto it. Her kaçak casino juices leaked onto her hand.

Her head fell all the way backward and she let out deep groan before suddenly clapping her mouth shut.

She closed her eyes and rubbed until she couldn’t take it.

With a deep breath, Audra opened her eyes and saw her position, an awkward, backward arch over the bowl. She chuckled and exhaled deeply.

Her ass hit the seat with a thud. She collapsed into a heap — shuddering, shaking and satisfied.

She lifted a cum-covered digit to her lips and sucked it in, followed by its friends that were just inside her. Mmmm. She tasted tangy and sweet, and licked her fingers clean. She imagined her fingers were part of her fictitious lover’s frame, pleading with her to savor her own juices before coaxing his from him.

Oh, you bad girl, Audra. You very naughty girl, she thought to herself, rolling her index finger over her pink tongue.

She worked to catch her breath when, suddenly, she heard the entrance to the restroom swing open.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Someone in?” a voice called.

The door bounced shut.

The voice was another Audra knew immediately. That Broken English made it unmistakable. Suddenly, her hand and any part of James were furthest from her mind.

“Mary?” she called.

“Who is?”

“It’s Audra?”

“You have health problem?”

“No,” Audra said. She was incredibly conscious of her breathing. She was sure her panting would reveal her purpose. “I just needed a minute.”

“I hear you as I walk through hall and wonder if you are OK,” Mary said.

“Fine!” Audra hastily replied. “I just … I just need a minute.”

“OK. I know feeling,” Mary replied. “I leaves.”


Audra stayed motionless until the door thudded shut again.

When it did and no noises seeming to come inside followed it, she let out a huge sigh. She wiped herself up as much as she could before trying to stand. She dabbed the toilet paper against her sweaty brow. A few strands had stuck to her face, and she brushed them away.

Finally, leaning on the disabled rail, she rose to her heels. Her knees were weak. She was still shaking.

She slowly and laboriously lifted her panties to her waist and rolled her skirt back down. She sniffed.

Redressed, she flushed the bowl just for good measure.

Walking gingerly, she made her way toward the mirror. She dabbed a paper towel against her lips, even though she saw no traces of her tasting. She turned the handle for the cold water, added a squirt of soap, and rinsed off her hands.

She glanced at herself in the mirror.

“You naughty girl, Audra,” she said. She flashed herself a wicked smile.

She then dried her hands and exited the restroom.

Later, as the day was ending, she began shutting down her computer in preparation to go home when the big double doors opened again.

It was James.

“Ms. Renaud?”

“Please call me Audra.”

“OK, Audra. I live on the other side of town. Can you recommend a good place to eat?”


James laughed. “Yes, Audra, tonight.”

“Oh, OK.” She was bashful, knowing what she did earlier in the day that he did not. “It has a funny name but good food — Max’s Mexican.”

“I wouldn’t trust Mexican food to a man named Max,” James joked. “But I would take your word. Care to join me?”


Both laughed.

“Audra, is the world a series of straight lines to you or sort of a jumbled mess?”


“Is everything neat and organized in your head or is it sort of all over the place?”


James just looked at her, awaiting an answer.

“Jumbled. All over the place.”

“I figured,” he said with a smile. “You should tell me more about it at dinner. Tonight.”

“I will do that,” she beamed.

“I’ll wait for you in the lobby.”

He wheeled and departed.

Audra looked back at her computer screen, which had flicked to black seconds before.

She lifted up her purse and opened it up, fumbling around inside. She pushed aside the makeup and the keys and seized what she was looking for.

No, she said to herself. You know better.

“But I know me,” she said aloud to the voices in her head.

She grabbed what she sought and stuffed it in the change pocket of her wallet so she wouldn’t forget where it was.

And with that, Audra took a deep breath, stood up straight and walked toward the lobby to fetch James.

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