Aunt Phyliss’s Visit

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I was an eighteen year old college freshman, home on Spring Break. When I got home, I learned that my mother’s 60 something year old widow sister, my Aunt Phyliss, was going to be visiting us for the week. During the day it would be just she and I home alone, as my parents were both working. Let me describe Aunt Phyliss, she is about 5’5 with short brown hair, but she must weigh about 170 lbs, she is pretty chunky and always wore loose house dresses around the house. Since I was mostly away at college, my bedroom had been turned into a guest room, and that was were Aunt Phyliss slept, I was stuck down in the basement on an old pull out couch. Also in the basement is where our laundry washer and dryer is.

On night early in the week, I was out catching up with some of my buddies, drinking and trying to hook up with some of the girls also home on break. Sad to stay, we all struck out and went home horny and unsatisfied. I was pretty drunk, and stumbled into the house at about 4:00, to find my Aunt Phyliss up and in the kitchen. She said she was having trouble sleeping in the strange bed. I kissed her cheek goodnight, and stumbled down the stairs to my sleeping area, but an idea started to form in my head.

I had acted a little drunker than I really was, and stayed awake downstairs until casino oyna I heard my parents leave for work at about 6:00, leaving me and Aunt Phyliss alone in the house. I quickly stripped naked, and sprawled on top of the sheets of the pull out couch, one of my legs hanging off the side of the bed. I arranged my semi-hard cock to it was laying across my leg. I’m not the most hung guy you’ve ever seen, but my cock when hard is a good 7 inches long, and thick. I left one of the window shades open, so it was pretty bright over my bed. I knew Aunt Phyliss did a load of laundry for my parents ever morning, she had tip toed down early every morning since she got here.

Sure enough, about five minutes later I heard the basement door open and Aunt Phyliss’s heavy footsteps on the stairs coming down. I arranged a pillow so that my face was blocked, but I could see where she would be standing when she loaded the wash. I saw as Aunt Phyliss loaded the laundry machine, and as she turned to get the detergent, she looked over and saw me sprawled across the bed, semi-hard cock and all.

Staying quiet, I saw her lean over to get a closed look, I wondered how long it had been since she had seen a cock in person, maybe years. I guess she couldn’t get a good enough look from the laundry area, she started to canlı casino tip-toe closer to the bed. I acted still asleep, but reached down and gave the base of my cock a squeeze and a quick scratch, causing it to harder a little more. Aunt Phyliss stopped coming closer, but didn’t back up at all. I knew she was interested. She stood there for a minute, so I started to rustle in the bed, grabbing the base of my cock, acting like I was waking up from a drunken sleep. I threw the pillow away from my face, and half sat up in the bed, my cock now getting almost fully erect.

Acting confused and half drunk still, I said, “Oh hi Aunt Phyliss, good morning” I stood up and walked right passed her, cock bouncing, to a small lavatory next to the washing machine. Not closing the door, I stood there and waited to take a piss, it took a while with a hard on, but I was able to unload a respectable stream. All this time, Aunt Phyliss, stood there watching, so I knew she was interested. I walked back passed her and sat on the bed, then lay back flat. Aunt Phyliss came over and sat on the bed, asking me if I was alright. I acted as if I was half passed out, and lay on my back with my arms sprawled over my head.

After a minute, I felt a chubby hand grasping the base of my cock, and giving it a gentle squeeze. kaçak casino Other than a drunken moan, I didn’t say a word. I lay back and gradually Aunt Phyliss started to stroke my harding cock, occasionally grabbing my cum-filling balls and squeezing them as well. Alternating between stroking my now raging hard on, squeezing my balls, and rubbing her thumb over the wet tip of my cock, Aunt Phyliss gave me the best hand job I had ever had. I still acted passed out, but after about five minutes of her hand play I was ready to shoot.

I guess it must have been partly because of the frustration of our unsuccessful poon hunt the night before, plus the skillful work of Aunt Phyliss, but I had about the biggest load of hot cum built up in my balls ever. With one final flurry of jacking by Aunt Phyliss, and one drunken moan by me, I suddenly shot a gusher of cum out of my cock, it must have gone three feet in the air. Four spasms later, I had finished shooting my hot, sticky load all over my chest.

I could hear Aunt Phyliss’s heavy breathing as she slowed down her stroking, then I felt her smearing the results of her ‘handy work’ all over my chest. She then stood up, and I heard her walking back to the laundry, starting the machine, and going back upstairs. I laid back down for a while, then fell asleep.

This was the first adventure of what turned out to be a very memorable week, if there is any interest, I can post some other stories of my Spring Break week at home. Let me know.

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