Aunt Sis

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I sat in my room and listened to the two of them arguing back and forth. Lately it was always something. He would start with her! She would start with him! It made me sick! Husband and wife should get along better than that. At 18, I thought to myself that the last two years were a living hell. I hated to be home. It never stopped. I knew that couples argued but these two were making a full time job about it. Finally I heard a dish break. Then a few more crashed against the wall. I was about to run into the kitchen when I heard mom scream at him.

“You bastard. It’s not enough that you’re fucking around. You could at least have the decency to do it behind my back. Did you think I wouldn’t notice cum stains in my own bed? Or the smell of another woman’s perfume on my pillow? I want out Richard. I want out of this marriage and I want you out of our lives.” With that mom stormed out of the kitchen. That was when she saw me standing by the door. She knew I had heard everything. Her hand flew to her mouth and she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

Three days later, mom and I were on our way to her sister’s house. “Aunt Sis” was mom’s older sister. At 38 I always thought that my mom was a good-looking woman as moms go. But Aunt Sis was a real hotty. She was 8 years older than mom is but you couldn’t tell it by looking at her. She looked about 5 years younger. Her body could stop traffic and sometimes it did. The things that men would yell out their car windows at her whenever we walked down the street were lewd and nasty. But the way she dressed, I couldn’t much blame them.

Where my mom is reserved and somewhat shy, Aunt Sis is outgoing and sassy. She wears clothes that show off her fantastic body. Aunt Sis has the sexiest tits I’ve ever seen. The way her ass sways in those tights pants of hers gives you the idea that she can fuck all day and night and never get tired.

Being nosey, I had a chance to explore her bedroom when her and mom went food shopping. I found a big collection of sex toys in her night table. From the amount of vibrators and dildos I could tell that Aunt Sis had a lot of fun with her pussy. Being young and impressionable, this made me run to my room and work my hard dick in a frenzy while I fantasized about her.

I jerked off every day thinking about Aunt Sis. The weekend came and mom was in a really depressed mood. Her and Aunt Sis were talking in the living room. Both of them had been drinking and I noticed that Aunt Sis kept filling mom’s glass. Aunt Sis wore a thin housecoat and with her long legs crossing and uncrossing, I got a good look up her thighs.

At one point, Aunt Sis opened her thighs and I could see all the way to her cunt. She didn’t have any panties on. I almost couldn’t hide the hardon that sprang up in my pants. I made some excuse to go to my room and couldn’t wait to jerk my dick out and beat it. At 18 years old, my dick was already a nice size. I measured it once and it was 7 inches long and pretty thick. It was pretty thick too.

I had my eyes closed and was busy stroking my dick when I heard a soft voice beside me. “Don’t pull too hard baby. You might hurt yourself.” I jerked around with my hand still clutching my hard dick. Standing in the doorway was Aunt Sis. The way the light from the hall shown thru her dress, you could see her outline.

I didn’t know what to say. I know I looked stupid standing there like that. She walked into the room slowly and I felt like a trapped rat. I expected mom to walk in right behind her. She caught me looking over her shoulder. “Your mom is asleep in my room. I think she drank just a bit too much.”

Aunt Sis stopped in front of me and looked down at my dick. “You’ve been leaving cum stains in my sheets. Were you thinking about me as you fist fucked your dick?” I couldn’t believe the words she was using. I had heard mom tell her that she needed to tone down her language while I was around. But I had never heard her talk like this before.

Her hand dropped to lie on top of mine. “A nice sized dick for such a young boy. I can only imagine what it will look like when you’re older. If your mom knew what you had here she wouldn’t be whining about your dad so much.”

“What are you talking about Aunt Sis?” I felt her fingers peel my own fingers away from my dick. It had started to soften. “Billy look at me.” I looked up at her and she smiled down at me with a smile that made you want to hug her to you. “Even though your dad hurt your mom by fuckin around on her, she still loves him. Even more than that, she still misses him fuckin her.”

Aunt Sis smiled to herself. “From the way she described him fuckin and sucking her pussy, I would miss him too. Anyway, one of the things she needs more than anything else is to ease her frustrations. I know you have been going thru my night table. I know you have been fist fuckin your dick every night. Are you thinking about fucking me as you cum? I even teased you by not wearing any panties tonight.”

Her hand began to slowly casino oyna rub my dick. The blood rushed into it and I felt it begin to grow in her hand. “I can’t have two frustrated people in my house at the same time. It brings my own feelings down.”

Aunt Sis took her hands off my dick and fumbled with my belt. Then she unbuttoned my pants and slid them down my legs. She pushed me back on the bed and bent over me. “I know you’ll never tell anyone our secret.”

With that she opened her mouth and slid it over my dick. I thought I would pass out. I had fantasized about what it would feel like to have my dick sucked. It was nothing like I could even imagine. Aunt Sis rubbed her hands up and down my thighs as she worked her wet lips up and down my dick. I felt like electricity was shooting thru my body.

Aunt Sis grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit. Even thru the fabric I could feel how soft it was. But her nipple was rock hard. I felt her hand cradle my balls. I was not going to be able to hold off and I knew it. She knew it too. When I tensed up, Aunt Sis moaned and my dick went all the way down her throat. I blew my load then. I moaned out loud and the cum shot from my dick. Aunt Sis milked my dick, swallowing every drop.

I lay there shaking from the intensity as she continued to suck my dick. Then when she had drained every drop, she lifted her head up. “I’m gonna have to taste that again. Next time we’ll be a lot slower. I’ll even get naked so you can touch me while I suck you. Would you like to touch me Billy?” I nodded my head like a dumb kid.

She took my hand and slipped it up underneath her housecoat. I felt her smooth thigh as my hand slid upward. Then it came to her pussy. She opened her thighs a bit and I felt her wet pussy for the first time. I had imagined how it would feel, but it was so much better in real life.

“Push your fingers in Billy. Don’t be afraid.” I pushed my fingers in her slowly. She ground her hips down on my pushing hand. “Mmmm! That feels good. I bet with a little help, you could get your whole hand inside this juicy pussy. We’ll have to try that when we have a lot more time.” Her pussy was soaked. When she pushed my hand away it was covered with thick white goo. I looked at it.

“Smell it. It’s only cum Billy. Just like your cum.” I put it to my nose and sniffed. It smelled fresh, just like Aunt Sis smelled when she pulled me to her to kiss my cheek. “Taste it Billy. If I’m gonna put you in my mouth and swallow your cum, your gonna have to taste mine too.”

I stuck out my tongue and touched my finger. It really didn’t have a taste. But I could see the way her eyes shown as she watched me. I licked my fingers clean and her eyes never left my lips as I did it. Aunt Sis smiled at me. “Our secret remember? I’ll show you a lot of things but you have to promise to never tell another soul.”

I looked at her as she lifted her hands up and began squeezing her tits. “I won’t tell, ever. Will you really suck my dick again Aunt Sis?” She chuckled at me. “Billy! I want to do much more than just suck your dick. And I bet you would like to put it in more places than just my mouth?”

Holy Shit! She was talking about letting me fuck her pussy. I nodded my head fast. “Ok young man. I think you have had enough excitement for one day. Time to get some rest.” She closed the door behind her and I undressed and climbed into bed. I fell asleep with my dick in my hand. I dreamt of fucking Aunt Sis as I slept.

I woke up to the sounds of soft moaning. I thought I was still dreaming, but as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I realized it wasn’t coming from my room. I slipped out of bed and opened the door. The moans were coming from Aunt Sis’s room. I thought she was fucking herself until I heard two sets of moans.

Aunt Sis had said that mom was asleep in her room. I snuck down the hall and the door to her room was partly open. I got down on my knees and peeked in. I almost made enough noise to be caught. Mom was lying on her back in Aunt Sis’s bed. She was naked and her legs were open. Aunt Sis was lying between them.

“I know what you need baby. Lay back and let Sis do it like we used to.” Mom was moaning and tossing her head from side to side. Then she reached down and grabbed Aunt Sis’s head. “Yes Sis! Lick my pussy. It’s been so long.” Mom was grinding her pussy up into Aunt Sis’s mouth.

Aunt Sis lifted her head. “I’ll make you feel so good baby. You’ll forget all about Bill’s dick when I’m through. Are you still my bitch Helen?” Mom moaned as Aunt Sis worked her fingers in and out her squishy cunt. I could hear just how wet she was.

Aunt Sis reached into her night table drawer and I saw her pull out a dildo. My dick was hard and I slipped my hand around it. I couldn’t see so well so I stood up and peeked around the doorway. Mom’s pussy was shaved and she was soaking wet. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw aunt sis suck the dildo to get it wet. Then she twisted and turned it as she pushed it up into my canlı casino mom’s cunt.

Mom moaned as the head slipped in. “Oh sis! Fuck me like you used to.” Hearing mom say this, I knew they had done this before. Aunt Sis worked it in and out. The more she worked it, the deeper it sunk into mom. Finally Aunt sis stopped. “Beg me for it Helen. Tell me you’re still my bitch. Beg like you used to.”

Mom’s mouth was open as she breathed hard. “I need it Doris. Yes I’m still your bitch. I’ll do what you say. Fuck me with that dick. Shove it up my pussy till I scream. Please fuck me. Please!” Aunt Sis started to saw the dick in and out of mom’s cunt.

I was standing in the doorway openly now. My hand was wrapped around my dick and I was pulling it as hard as I could. Mom was humping and jerking her pussy to the hard thrust Aunt Sis was giving her. “Take it Helen. You always loved letting me fuck you. Is this better than Bill’s cock?”

Mom couldn’t answer. She was on a fuck ride and she didn’t want to waste energy talking. She reached down and pulled the lips of her pussy open even more. At one point her eyes flew open and I swear she looked directly at me. Then she closed them and screamed out her orgasm. I slipped back to my room.

I jerked my dick until it was sore. For the rest of the night, I fantasized about fucking both of them. The sounds of them fucking and sucking lasted well into the night. I finally drifted off to sleep but my dick was sore as hell. I woke up to the feel of soft wetness on my dick. When I opened my eyes, Aunt Sis was kneeling between my legs.

Her head bobbed up and down as she gobbled my dick. Looking down at her, I could only think about watching her eating mom’s pussy and fucking her with a dildo last night. Maybe I just dreamed that about her. Maybe all she did was suck my dick and I dreamed the rest. Maybe I was dreaming now?

I bucked my dick up into her mouth. I watched as she finger fucked her pussy while she sucked me. I felt like I wanted to cum but Aunt Sis stopped. “You were a bad boy last night Billy. Sneaking in to look at your mom and me wasn’t nice. I had to work real hard to calm her down after you ran to your room. I think you should go and tell her you’re sorry.”

My dick went instantly soft. She did see me last night. Aunt sis got up off the bed and looked at me. “Go ahead Billy. Go tell your mom you’re sorry for spying on her.”

If there were a gun around, I would have shot myself. I would have run into a burning building rather than face my mom right then. But Aunt Sis stood there and looked at me. I pulled on a bathrobe and walked out my room. The walk to Aunt Sis’s room was like a condemned man walking the last mile.

I knocked on the door and mom said to come in. When I walked into the room, mom was sitting up in bed smoking a cigarette. She never smoked in the house before. She told me to sit next to her. I sat on the side of the bed. I turned to her and looked at her. She looked back but didn’t say a word.

I started to say something. “Mom I’m…” She put her finger over my lips to shush me. “Billy, I want you to listen to me. I like sex. One of the reasons why I married your dad is cause he was very good at it. He gave it to me every night. But I wasn’t enough for him. Or maybe he had to find someone else cause I’m old and not so pretty anymore.”

I looked at her. She was old, but she was still pretty. “I think you’re just as pretty as Aunt Sis.” Mom laughed as she rubbed my head. I hated when she did that in public but right now it felt good. “Honey. Sometimes when a man isn’t around, a woman can find pleasure with another woman. That’s what your Aunt Sis and I was doing last night. She knew I was frustrated and she was helping me get relief.”

Billy looked at his mom. “But you do have a man around mom. You’ve got me. And no man could love you or take care of you like I could.” Mom looked at me with a feeling of pride and amusement in her face. “I know you’re a man Billy, but I don’t think that you could do exactly what I’m talking about.”

A soft laugh from the doorway caused us to turn around. “Little sister, you were always one to throw away a golden opportunity. I think that Billy is the perfect man to take care of your needs.” The look on his mom’s face was one of shock. “Surely you can’t mean what I think you do?”

Aunt Sis stood there with her housecoat open. I could plainly see her naked tits and the hair between her thighs. I couldn’t help but stare at Aunt Sis. This was the first time I had seen so much of her. She walked up to the bed.

“Helen! Billy is the man in your life now. Bill has been fucking around for so long, he doesn’t have time to fuck you anymore. But Billy here,” with that she slowly untied the belt of my robe, “has more than enough equipment to keep us both happy.”

Mom looked from Aunt Sis to me. My dick had grown hard looking at Aunt Sis. “Doris. Surely you can’t mean for me to fuck my own son?” Aunt Sis opened my robe. “Look kaçak casino at the size of this magnificent dick. And he hasn’t reached full size yet. I bet that feeling this dick deep inside your hungry pussy will feel a lot better than my dildo. I already know it taste a lot better.” I turned to mom and could see her looking at my dick. It bobbed as the blood thundered in it. A small moan escaped mom’s lips. Aunt Sis wrapped her hand around my shaft.

“Get out of that bed and come over here Helen.” Mom sighed and eased out from underneath the covers. When she stood before me, Aunt Sis took her hand and placed it on my dick. “Feel it Helen. Feel how alive it is.”

Mom stood there mesmerized as she slowly squeezed my dick. Aunt Sis reached around mom and opened her housecoat. Slowly taking it off her. Mom’s naked body was revealed to me. When mom stood there naked, Aunt Sis reached between her thighs.

“I think you pussy is wet enough to take this. Climb up on the bed and straddle that big dick.” Like a woman whose will has been taken from her, mom did as Aunt Sis told her to do. When she had climbed on top of me, Aunt Sis reached between us and guided my dick up into mom’s cunt. I lay back on the bed as mom settled slowly down on me.

Aunt Sis got up on the bed after taking her own housecoat off. “Now Helen, Billy doesn’t have any experience so you have to fuck him slowly. No matter how good it feels, don’t make him cum too soon.” As mom began to slowly fuck me, Aunt Sis began to kiss me on the mouth.

Hot Damn! Two grown women who wanted to fuck me. And mom’s pussy felt so hot and wet squeezing my dick. Mom was fucking me like a robot but then something happened to her. With a loud groan, she sunk all the way down on me. Then her eyes clouded over. “Oh Billy! Shove that dick up my pussy. Fuck me Billy! Fuck my pussy.”

With that she began to really work her pussy up and down. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. Then she bent her head and kissed me. The kiss was slow and deep. Like the kiss of lovers. Mom stiffened and then she let a cry escape from her lips. I had fucked my mom and made her cum.

Aunt Sis pushed mom up along my body. Mom’s pussy left a trail of her juice as she moved higher and higher. When mom got to my head, she turned around so that she was facing Aunt Sis. “Suck your mom’s pussy Billy. Suck all her cum from that sweet pussy, while I ride this big dick.”

I felt Aunt Sis slide her pussy over my dick. She was not as slow and gentle as mom was. Aunt Sis rode my dick like a sex-starved woman. “Oh Helen! This dick is so good. Oh shit! Was it good Bitch? Did you like fucking your son?”

Mom settled her pussy down on my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of her slit. Mom moaned and shuddered as she ground her hips down on me. I couldn’t believe how wet she was and I was soon sucking the juice from her pussy with loud slurping sounds. Mom was riding my tongue as Aunt Sis road my dick.

I could hear their voices but mom’s thighs muffled the sounds. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I wanted to shout that I was cumming, but I was too busy sucking mom’s pussy juice. I heard Aunt Sis shout and felt a flood of juice splash my dick and balls. Then mom stiffened and I almost drowned as her flood of juice caused me to cough and gag.

I felt my own dick explode. I shot a flood of cum up into Aunt Sis’s pussy as her cunt muscles milked my softening dick. The two of them rolled off me and we all lay exhausted. Mom lay on one side of me with Aunt Sis on the other. I turned to mom and kissed her lips. Then I turned to Aunt Sis and kissed hers. I didn’t know how long we would be staying with her but I was going to get as much fuckin from both of them as long as I could.

I woke up the next morning with the sensation of someone slowly sucking my dick. The bed rocked slowly and I thought I was in a boat being rocked back and forth. When I opened my eyes, mom was on her knees with my dick in her mouth. Aunt Sis was behind her and was rocking back and forth against her ass.

Suddenly Aunt Sis pulled back from mom. “Take your mouth off that dick and tell me you want it.” Aunt Sis’s voice left no doubt as to just who was in charge. Mom lifted her head off my dick. Her eyes looked directly into mine. I eased up onto my elbows to get a better look.

Aunt Sis had a bunch of straps around her waist and there was a fat dildo hanging where a dick belonged. She looked like a woman with a dick. Mom licked the saliva and pre-cum from around her lips and smiled at me.

“You know what I want Doris. I want you to fuck me in my ass. Show Billy how I love it best. Fuck me nice and hard. Fuck my ass Doris.” Aunt Sis smiled at me. “I taught your mom to love ass fucking when we were teenagers. And she’s never stopped loving it. But I want you to share her with me. Ease down so she can sit on your dick. We’re gonna double fuck her. And later on, I’ll eat her pussy while you fuck her ass.”

I scooted down on the bed and mom settled onto my dick with a sigh. Aunt Sis told me to reach around mom and pull her cheeks apart. Aunt Sis leaned against mom and mom’s face grimaced in pain. Then she moaned. I felt something sliding against my dick.

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