Auntie’s Half Glasses Ch. 01

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Aunt Gert is as Larry says, “HOT.” Five foot seven curves in the right places. Brown hair shoulder length and dark red lips that begged to be kissed, and a lovely pair of 44Ds. He loved her looks even more when she donned those half-glasses.

Larry was doing electrical work in auntie Gert’s piano room when he saw her gold half-round glasses with the pearl beads style eyeglass chain. Knowing he could see better than he was he tried aunties glasses and the small print of the sheet music was quite legible.

“Down further Larry, you want to be able to see through them for reading. Yet look over the tops for seeing regular and you play very well.”

“Do you have any more of these Aunt Gert?”

“Probably a dozen pair in ovals, half-glasses why?”

“Well to be honest with you aunt Gert, they really turn me on. The pearls beads eye glass chain is very feminine looking.”

“Yes Larry I can see that.” She said as she gazed at the lump in his shorts.

Aunt Gert noticed Larry looking at her with lust in his eyes and Gert being honest with her self was very pleased.

So she sat on the bench and ran her red nails over the lump in her nephew’s shorts. Letting him know she had no trouble with his getting aroused over her reading glasses.

“Could you do that with your half-glasses aunt Gert?”

“Yes Larry I could but not here or now. I have a lot of things to do today but later on I could do something nice. How does that sound to you?”

Larry could not believe it! He always had a nice feeling being around his aunt Gert and he knew she has not had any kind of sexual outlet for awhile, or so he thought. There were a few boxes that had to be moved for Larry to install the lamp on the ceiling and when he lifted it the bottom fell out and there it was. Aunties purple dildo. It was electric and he had to see if it worked, and it did.

Larry was halfway done when he got hungry and went through the house looking for his aunt, who had slipped out to get groceries.

So he went out to the Waffle House for a bit and had a few breakfast sandwiches. All the while wondering what aunt Gert would do later on with her various pairs of reading glasses and beaded eyeglass chains.

While he was thinking about this, casino oyna Auntie was smiling as she shopped. Gert was liking the idea of an intimate relationship with her nephew and wanted to get her heels into this fetish thing. She knew Larry liked her black patent heels as he told her one time how sexy and dressy they looked.

Larry returned and went back to work on the wiring job. And when he was done he again tried on aunties gold half-glasses, liking the feel of her beaded chain so cool and smooth on the back of his neck.

He played Chopin’s nocturne opus nine number two and a bit of Beethoven’s Moon- light sonata and Green Sleaves. Larry had no idea what made him like wearing a ladies pair of reading glasses but he knew, “People don’t know how electricity is produced, but like what it does for them.”

By now it was six and aunt Gert asked Larry to stay for supper as she felt lonely at times. They talked about life in general. Auntie brought up the subject Larry wanted to know more about.

“So Larry, how long have you been wearing my half-glasses?” she asked in a voice more pleasant than usual.

“Don’t know, when I get small print I guess.”

“Does wearing my glasses always get you so turned on?”

“Yes aunt they do, maybe that’s why I like wearing them. Course it’s nice to see better close up anyways.”

“Lets go to the bedroom and see what pops up shall we?”

“Oh Larry, go lock the house doors will you?”

“Done auntie, locked up for the night.”

“You going to take off your clothes and get on The bed?”

I was naked in seconds causing auntie to say,

“Damn you can move fast when you want to!”

On her night table were a dozen pair of reading glasses. Ovals in silver and gold, gold half-rounds, pink and blue half-glasses.

Auntie was wearing a pale green gown and what was done that night would make me always have a special feeling for it.

“Larry, what style of glasses do you want me to wear while we do things?”

“The gold half-rounds style look very nice, aunt Gert.”

Auntie grabs a few pair of her glasses with beads and drops some skin creme on them. Then she holds them against my cock, wraps the beads around my cock so her glasses stay put.

“Put canlı casino my gown on, Larry as I want you to cum into it as well as allover my half- glasses. I know you like the silky fabric.”

“You’ve been wanting to wear this for a while, right Larry?”

“You are right aunt Gert.” I said as I donned that pale green silky gown.

“Oh Larry put these on.” She says as she hands me a pair of gold oval style glasses.

Auntie is donning those black patent heels that make her look so hot and as she is jerking me off and her heels move, light from the room sparkles on them as if to say, “Someday you will do aunties high heels.”

She is jerking me off nice and slow. Watching her dainty hand going up an down with her red nail polished fingers round my cock is absolutely delicious.

I had no idea aunt Gert could be so crusty but I liked this new side of her very much.

She gives me a pair of silver ovals and tells me,

“Cover these with your love sauce, that warm, thick man sauce, cover them good so I can lick it off the glasses you so love wearing!”

Breathing heavily and with a raspy voice I yelled,

“Oh Gertie um cumming your dress and glasses.”

And did I ever. I never knew auntie was easy about sex but I love that she is and I kind of figured we would be doing a lot of sexy fetish like things together. I loved seeing her dainty hand with her red nail polish going up and down my cock slowly and yes very lovingly.

The way her eyes sparkled with a new life behind her gold half- glasses as she licked the cum off her silver ovals I will never forget.

“Oh thank you so much Larry, that was just the best thing ever for an old auntie.”

“Well aunt Gert how could I not with your half-glasses round my cock by the beads and wearing a pair of your gold ovals. And you getting me to cum in your dress and looking at me through a pair of gold half-glasses and telling me to cum all over your sexy silver ovals.”

“So you really think my silver ovals are sexy?”

“OH yes, you have to touch me with them the next time we do this.”

“Aunt Gert, it was so loving of you to do this for me.”

“Well Larry, you really are a great nephew who loves his aunt and always helps me with just kaçak casino about everything, and for you to do wiring for me that’s up to code.”

“Up to code, ha ha ha that’s rich!”

“The wiring is not up to code?” asked auntie who looked very worried.

“It’s up to my code and the N.E.C. follows it strictly.”

“Larry, when did you become a cross dresser?”

“Oh that was when I had a girl friend named Lois. Her mom was Lois, Her mom was working on a dress when I came over but Lois was not home. Hell I liked her mom a lot anyways and she asked if I would wear the dress so as to help her sew up the hem or something like that.”

“Did you wear the dress?” Asked aunt Gert.

“I did and I put on a pair of heels as well. her mom liked that I was easy about stuff like this. When Lois found another guy I was still friendly with her mom.”

“So when did you start liking women’s reading glasses?”

“Well Lois’s Mom wore a pair of gold ovals for close up work and had them hanging from an eyeglass chain of beads when not being used.”

“I told her they did things for me. She asked, “Like what?” Well I get aroused seeing her in them. She touched me all over down there ad it was so nice to have a good looking older woman satisfy my needs.”

“What happened?” Asked Gert.

“Well as I stood there in her dress and she is stroking my plums with her gold ovals I came allover them and the dress. Drops of cum dropped down on her black patent heels and she licked it up.”

“You know aunt Gert it is so nice to visit the other gender from time to time.”

“I want to be honest with you. I wear your clothes when I come to take care of Puss when you go on your business trips.”

“Oh do you now?” asked aunt Gert with a warm smile.

“Yup a nice skirt an blouse, heels, your bra with my fake bosoms.”

“Oh Larry, I will have to see you in full bloom! Sometimes a guy gets even harder when he is wearing women’s clothes, I could love that!”

“When is the last time you came in a bra?”

“Yesterday and it was yours, so you have a bra less than you thought.”

Well the night was coming to an end and I had a lot of work for the next day. So I got dressed and aunt Gert asked what she owed.

“A couple of twenties or forty dollars for the supplies.”

“And labor?” asked aunt Gert.


“Anything in mind, Larry?”

“Yes aunt Gert, a lot more nights like this.”

The End

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