Australian Gathering Ch. 02

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The four friends had enjoyed their time in Cambodia. They had known each other for many years, and taken a number of holidays together. All in their 50s, they had managed to empty their nests and had started to enjoy some travel, both as individual couples and as a group together. They lived in Australian cities about 600 miles apart, so chances to get together were not as frequent as they would have liked.

Brigitta was a little younger than the others, and her Scandinavian heritage showed in her accent, white blonde hair and petite figure. She was a physical therapist, and kept very fit. Her husband Richard had recently retired after a long career as a pilot, and he too practiced yoga and stayed fit. Alex also had recently retired as a solicitor, and was enjoying his leisure, while Mia was still working in medical research and enjoying herself doing it.

After a wonderful night at the Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap, the foursome were enjoying cocktails in their hotel, and thinking that the night was too young for them to retire. The cocktails were slipping down easily, and Brigitta finally said:

“How would you feel about a double couples massage? When we were here last time with David and Julia, they took us to this lovely place not all that far from here. The people were fabulous and the experience really opened us up to some new possibilities. You might find it life-changing.”

“Sounds intriguing”, said Mia, “But how will the four of us get a massage at once, and how many people will it take to, er, do us?”

Richard joined in “Not a problem, Mia, there’s a big room with double beds and showers, and each couple will be massaged by a wonderful young lady. The girls we had last time were very skilled, and it was somehow unifying to just have one person for us both.

“The only thing is that, for the type of massage it is, we will all need to be naked. There’s a divider in the room between the beds though, which we can pull down if we want.”

“Wow”, said Alex, “You know, all these years we’ve known each other, we’ve never gotten naked together. If you all are OK with that, I’m happy.”

“Absolutely,” said Richard, “It’s fabulous, and I promise you will never be the same. One thing you need to be prepared for though, is that it’s an intensely erotic experience. The girls are very skilled in the ancient love arts of Cambodia, and they are very pleased to be able to pass on some of the skills they’ve learned to people like us. Brigitta and I have been prepared to seek some amazing new experiences since coming here.”

“Erotic?” said Mia, “you mean it goes beyond my usual massage? Actually that’s kind of nice. I’ve often thought it would be good to go a bit beyond the post-golf and workout massages I get at the club from Hans.”

“I thought you had a bit of a thing for Hans, darling,” said Alex, “I have to admit you have good taste.”

“You know you’re always my number one, Alex.”

“You mean there’s a number two, and three, and more?”

“Well, not yet, but maybe we might get a new perspective on that question tonight. It sounds like Richard and Brigitta might have some stories to share with us. In the meantime I could use another cocktail for Dutch courage.”

After a couple more drinks while Brigitta made phone calls to arrange their session and to give some direction to the masseurs, the four piled into a tuk-tuk for the 15 minute journey in the hectic traffic. The driver knew the place, of course, and asked if they would like him to wait for them afterwards. Brigitta decided it would be better if they let him go, as they did not know how long they would be, but at least a couple of hours.

“That seems like a long time for a massage” said Mia.

“Well, it’s casino oyna a bit more than just a massage, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed,” said Brigitta mysteriously.

The massage centre was modern and clean and dimly lit with candles and lamps. They were met by the owner, who in turn introduced them to two young women, barefoot and identically dressed in red silk kimonos, named Jorani and Rithy. The girls smiled graciously and motioned to the changing rooms. Mai and Brigitta went with Jorani, and Alex and Richard with Rithy. The girls handed each of them a black silk kimono, and indicated they should take off all their clothing and shower before putting on the garment. The two rooms and showers were separated only by a blind, which could be rolled up. The girls asked if the couples would like the blinds up, and Mai said:

“I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet”

Alex saw the look that passed between Richard and Brigitta which said: “Maybe that will change”

After drying off, the couples came into the massage room, which had two large firm beds, separated by another blind. Richard and Brigitta went into the left hand room with Jorani, and Alex and Mai to the other with Rithy. The girls quickly removed their kimonos, revealing beautifully toned young bodies, and indicated to their guests that they should do the same and lie down on their stomachs.

As the couples watched fascinated, each masseur then picked up a small vase of warmed oil, and began to spread it over her body. The girls then gently climbed onto the bed and lay on each man’s back, taking time to apply the oil with their body from the toes to the neck. They then calmly moved over and did the same to each of the women, so that each person was now coated with a thin layer of exquisitely scented oil.

A slow, lingering massage followed, each girl reaching out at times to caress the person alongside along the length of their body to remind them they had not been forgotten.

Jorani and Rithy then gently helped the women to flip over, so they were on their backs. Brigitta was fully waxed, but Mai had a little pubic hair. Rithy asked if it would be OK if she could shave Mai, as she was sure it would make the rest of the evening much more exciting, and Mai dreamily agreed. A bowl of warm soapy water and a razor appeared, and within minutes Rithy had shaved Mai clean. Mai reached down to feel the area, and was delighted when Rithy took her hand and started to help her explore and enjoy herself.

Alex meanwhile was enjoying every moment, watching Mai stroke and explore her beautiful pussy, knowing that their enjoyment of each other would be enhanced even more when he licked and sucked her smoothness. Watching Rithy guide Mai’s fingers along her slit and into her pussy he became very aroused, and a little embarrassed as his erection grew.

Rithy smiled at him, and while keeping three fingers inside Mai, slid across so she straddled Alex’s stomach, and using her body applied more oil to him. Her body slid up and down over Alex, and then she slid her legs down and took the whole length of him into her vagina. Alex felt the delicious warmth of her as she took him, then lay still while she worked her muscles to massage his cock.

“Mai, this is incredible, Rithy has the most amazing pussy. Are you sure you’re OK with this?”

Mai answered dreamily, slowly approaching orgasm as Rithy’s fingers worked magic inside her “Darling, of course. I want to see you enjoy yourself as much as possible. As long as you’ve got some juice in the tank for me.”

This was not the shy, conservative, church-going soccer mom Alex had known for the last 30 years. He wondered where this sexy woman had been hiding, and was very glad she canlı casino had appeared. Through the waves of pleasure Rithy was giving him, Alex was excited at the prospect of fucking his wife and remembering this experience together for a long time.

As he began to feel a climax coming, Rithy slowly withdrew him from her, and kneeled between the two of them, her fingers still in Mai’s pussy and stroking gently. Mai’s legs were spread wide, and she was moving her hips to take more of the caress. Mai was close to coming, but Rithy had other ideas, and slowly stopped and withdrew her fingers.

One of the girls had raised the bamboo blind between the two beds, and Mai and Alex looked over to see Richard and Brigitta in a similar state to themselves. Jorani held Richard’s erect penis in her hand, and with the other was slowly massaging Brigitta’s clit as she moaned in ecstasy. Rithy then looked at Brigitta, and raising her hand in the air, gave the universal symbol for a switch by turning her wrist. Brigitta smiled at Rithy and Alex, then at Mai, who smiled back.

The girls then led their male pupils around the bed, leading them by their cocks and motioning to them to lie down next to the other women. Rithy then guided Alex’s hand to Brigitta’s thighs, and helped him to insert two fingers into her beautiful, shaven, soaking pussy. Brigitta gasped as the fingers went in and Alex started to move them slowly inside her.

“Please fuck me” Brigitta said breathlessly, “I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.”

Alex glanced over at his beautiful wife, but her eyes were closed in ecstasy as she sucked Richard’s very large, very stiff cock, and in the sixty nine position he licked her pussy noisily. Rithy and Jorani had discreetly left the room, leaving the four friends to enjoy themselves together.

Brigitta guided Alex’s cock to her pussy lips, and he flipped the tip of it over her clit, teasing her as her entered her slowly and gently, easing his way inside her at an agonising pace.

“I want to feel every little bit of you and remember it always,” Alex said as she spread herself out beneath him.

“I love your cock, it’s so long and thick. I love you filling me. I love you fucking me…Oh God.” Said Brigitta as she reached a shuddering climax when Alex’s cock reached the end of her love canal. “Now go fast, fuck me hard, and cum and cum and cum. I want it all.”

Alex obliged eagerly, feeling the hot spurts of cum entering Brigitta’s gorgeous pussy and making her even wetter.

The noise of their passion had excited Mai and Richard as well, and Alex and Brigitta watched as Richard entered Mai from behind, giving her the length of his penis before withdrawing almost to the tip and plunging back into her. Mai came with a loud scream as Richard emptied himself into her, then collapsed onto the bed, her backside in the air as Richard’s cum flowed out.

Brigitta had guided Alex’s fingers backed into her pussy as they watch their partners fuck, but now she was moving over towards Mai, slipping her fingers into Mai’s still pulsating pussy, withdrawing Richard’s cum and putting it to her lips.

Brigitta leant over to Mai and whispered to her “I’m just the girl to clean that pussy of yours. Let’s give the boys a show and see if our own husbands might want to fuck us.”

Together on the bed, Brigitta settled between Mai’s legs and started to lick her thighs and stomach, and finally her pussy, lapping at the cum which was still dripping out.

As the men watched, Jorani and Rithy had re-entered the room and sat next to them, again applying a little oil to their now erect members. So fine was this attention that the men were having some difficulty concentrating on the show before them. The kaçak casino girls withdrew as Brigitta led Mai to her second orgasm, and said “I hope I’m going to fuck you again and soon Alex, but right now I want to feel my husband inside me, and Mai wants you too.”

The women lay side by side holding hands, and spread their thighs wide apart, inviting their mates to enter them and fuck them hard. Within minutes all four had noisily come again, collapsing in a tangled heap of bodies and caressing each other for what seemed a long time.

A thought occurred to Mai and she sat up, her hand still gently stroking Richard’s semi-erect penis. “So when you said this was a life changing experience when you came here with David and Julia, did you do the same sort of thing we did here today, you know, swapping partners and all?”

“We did, Mai, and it was almost as fabulous as the time we had today,” said Richard. “David and Julia said afterwards that they had been exploring a more adventurous side of their sexuality for a while, and they wanted to introduce us to their world and give us the opportunity to see if it was right for us.”

“And was it?” said Alex.

“Well, what do you think, mate.” Said Richard. “After an experience like this, how could you go back to the vanilla lifestyle? D & J introduced us to a couple of their friends, and we got together for a couple of parties. We made a slow start, but after a while there’s quite a few of us who meet regularly and enjoy each other’s company.”

“You mean some of your friends in Brisbane? What about Helen and Chris?”

Bergitta and Richard looked cautiously at each other, and finally Birgitta said “Well, we feel a bit circumspect about talking about our friends unless you are going to be joining us. I know Sydney’s a long way away and you might not be able to get to too many of our functions, but you would be most welcome if you want to.

“So then, will you come up and join us once in a while? We will still look forward to playing with you alone of course.”

Alex and Mai looked quickly at each other, then smiled and Mai nodded enthusiastically. “Of course we would love to join you, and fly up to Brisbane as often as we can for parties, as long as we can stay at your place.”

Birgitta hugged her “I so hoped you’d feel that way. This will be brilliant. You will love the others. As for your question, yes Helen and Chris are lifestyle friends.”

“That’s great.” Said Alex, “We really like them both. What about Jayant and Meera?”

“Oh yes. They’re fabulous. Meera just loves it. She can’t wait till the next party, and beforehand she’s on the phone to all the girls talking about themes and costumes and interesting options. The two of them have enormous energy, and they’ve brought along a couple of their friends as well who have been lovely.”

“What about Jason and Ruth?” Said Mai. Jason was African American, and had settled in Australia after playing professional sport and marrying Ruth a few years before.

“Funny you should ask that,” said Bergitta, “We had a nice long chat with them a few weeks ago, and they’re looking forward to coming to the first event in a few weeks’ time.”

“Count me in.” said Mai quickly, as Alex looked at her sideways. “Oh, come on Alex, you know you’ve always had a thing for Ruth as well.”

“Oops, caught me,” laughed Alex, “I am so looking forward to this.”

“Next party is on Saturday the 16th, and we’re hosting,” said Bergitta.

Mai smiled. “Done. Maybe we should shower and dress and head back. It’s late. Love you both so much.”

As they emerged from the building, their tuk-tuk and driver were waiting for them. The friends climbed into the back and they rode smiling and cuddling back to their hotel.

As they got out of the vehicle, the driver gave them a broad smile and said “Same time tomorrow?”



“You bet.”

“Try and stop us.”

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