Awakened to the Forbidden Ch. 02

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*All characters are eighteen or over*

Ashley was licking her bottom lip. Colin followed the motion of her wet tongue passing once, then twice over the plump, pink flesh. It was distracting, but not enough to turn his mind from the problem at hand. What could he say? What could he do? What if his sister was so disgusted with him that she never wanted to see him again?

The look on his sister’s face wasn’t one of disgust. Granted, it was possible she was in shock, that the disgust hadn’t settled in yet. Shock didn’t really fit her expression either.

Pensive. She looked pensive. Pensive was good. Now if he could only remember where he’d left his pants. Talking to her, while naked, definitely wouldn’t improve the situation.

Ashley’s abrupt motion towards the tv shook Colin from his thoughts. Before he had a chance to say a word she spoke.

“You wanna watch that last movie ‘Drag me to Hell’? You said you hadn’t seen it.”

Colin nodded. Her back was to him, so she didn’t see it. He forced the words out, “Sure, but…”

“I’ll put it on while you get dressed,” she paused, rolled her shoulders back and left them set there, squared and stiff. “Don’t worry. I won’t look.” Colin was at a loss. It was clear Ashley didn’t want to talk about it. Not now anyway. Maybe it was a good thing, he didn’t object to giving her time to process everything. They could talk about it later. Or never. Never was good too.

Fully dressed, slouched back against the padded headboard, Colin was finally able to relax. Fine, Ashley had carefully left about a foot between them, but when the scary parts came she grabbed his hand and hid her face behind the pillow she clung to. It was all so natural, so much like how he remembered things before the mess of the past few years, he was able to forget a thing had changed.

When the movie was over Ashley went to the bathroom and traded his oversized shirt for her cute little dress from the night before. Her panties and bra disappeared from where they’d been hanging over the shower rod so Colin assumed they were dry and she was wearing them.

Tempting as it was he didn’t ask. He was going to be a good big brother and stop imagining that she had stuffed her panties in her purse, leaving her juicy bits to be caressed lightly by the gentle breeze, so very accessible and…

The level look Ashley was giving him made his blood run cold. Damn it, he had to stop. Ashley wasn’t stupid. There was no mistaking the flash of hunger in his eyes, he wasn’t the first to look at her that way. Damn Steph for putting the idea in his head.

Twice the request had to be repeated before Colin really heard what she was saying. Bring her by the house so that she could pack a few things. He could do that. More, he would do his best to keep his thoughts from drifting anywhere…obscene.

Looking at her as his little sister–and nothing else–became much easier when she turned for the door and her hair fell off her shoulder. Just a glimpse of the scars on her neck, the white lines that marred the beauty of her creamy flesh, and all that he’d blissfully forgotten returned. Those were scars that he’d put there, scars that went so much deeper than what could be seen. Ashley was not his to have; she was his to protect.

Without another word Colin followed her out to the jeep. Mind clear he efficiently went over how things would be handled from here on. With his savings he could cover both their rooms for at least a week. After that he could either help her get her own place or see if she and Steph could work something out.

After the fiasco at her party Colin wouldn’t question Ashley not wanting to go back to living with their parents. He wouldn’t stand in the way if she changed her mind but he doubted she would.

Ashley needed space to grow and heal. Neither of their parents constant presence would be conductive to her doing so.

Radio thumping out a pleasant beat Colin dropped back his seat in the jeep and prepared to give Ashley all the time she needed to collect what she couldn’t bear to leave behind before she started her new life.

Being able to help her, in any way possible, was more than he could ever have hoped.

* * *

Nothing was right. Ashley blinked, hand still on her doorknob, trying to make sense of what she saw. White sheets, covering everything. It was like walking in to a morgue.

Dark red on the walls. All her things in boxes. The light lilac accents were gone, the flowers she’d painstakingly painted two summers back nothing but a faded blur on the one wall that had yet to receive its second coat.

“Oh you spoiled the surprise!”

Ashley bit her tongue to keep from cringing at the bright assault of her mother’s words. Keeping her expression blank she turned and faced her mother. “Surprise?”

Lavina Walker put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder and gestured to the room at large. “Your room was only fit for a child. I’m giving it a full makeover. New casino oyna furniture, new colors, new everything.” She turned back to her daughter, a secretive smile on her lips. “A woman’s room should be sensual, inviting…a boudoir where a man feels welcome…”

“A man.” Ashley felt numb. Detached. Lavina didn’t notice. She continued talking. Ashley nodded, pretending that she was listening. When Lavina finally stopped Ashley forced a smile. “I’m sure it will be lovely. If you don’t mind I’ll get changed and get out of your way.”

Lavina kissed her forehead and nodded. “Of course. I’m sure a pretty girl like you has much better things to do with her time then hang around the house. Such a relief that you’re up and about now…”

When her mother was gone Ashley closed and locked the door. She found her suitcase in the closet and filled it without paying much attention to what she packed. All she needed was clothes. Clothes and a comfortable pair of shoes. For some reason nothing else held any value anymore. She had to be practical, take only necessities. Everything else could be replaced.

Tugging the sheet off the full length mirror in the corner Ashley looked herself over. Her hair was mussed up, windblown from ridding in the jeep with the windows down. Her eyes, they looked darker somehow. Ashley tore her eyes from her face and looked down at her dress. White. Fit for a child.

Jaw clenched Ashley pulled off the dress, not caring when it tore at the seems. It took seconds of ruffling through her closet to find what she was looking for. Dressed more appropriately she donned a black sweater, long enough to cover her to her knees, and buttoned it up to her throat.

Grabbing her suitcase and her purse, checking to make sure her little phone book was inside, Ashley left the room, closing the door for the last time. No one was in the house when she went downstairs, which was good. She didn’t want to say goodbye. She was afraid her tone would betray the fact that she wasn’t coming back.

By the time she climbed into the jeep Ashley was sure she looked perfectly normal. Must always look normal, mustn’t let them worry.

* * *

Colin righted his seat when Ashley got in the jeep, taking her suitcase from her and setting it on the back seat while she did up her seatbelt. There was something in the air, what he wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t good. He’d seen his mother leave the house, so he could only assume it was something she’d said. What he couldn’t decide was whether he should ask about it, or leave it to Ashley to bring up when she was ready.

One look at Ashley and his mind was made up. The very way she was holding herself, stiff in her seat, turned away from him, didn’t invite even idle chatter, never mind a conversation about their mother. Might even be better to wait until Steph got a chance to talk to her.

Leaving the music loud, hoping it would let Ashley know he was respecting her need to be left alone, Colin drove back to the hotel. He carried her suitcase for her, handing it over in the hall between their rooms when she reached for it, and stood for a few minutes in front of her closed door wondering if he’d done the right thing.

* * *

Stephanie tried the door, found it unlocked and rolled her eyes as she stepped into the room. Cocky bastard, she thought, letting her eyes drift over the darkened room until they fell on her brother. Sprawled out over the bed, fully dressed, shoes still on his feet, Colin was snoring loud enough to wake the dead.

Slipping her sensible two inch heels from her feet Stephanie padded quietly across the room. Colin had been a very light sleeper before the military. Stephanie imagined that would be even more true now if not for how tired and comfortable he was. Just the fact that he was sleeping, before ten o’clock, told her a lot.

Not that Colin would say, but it stood to reason that being a heavy sleeper in the field wasn’t very conductive to a long life. The thought made Stephanie’s hands shake. Rather than let the feeling overtake her Stephanie focused on the fact that her brother was here, now, within reach. There was no telling how long he would be home, which meant she wasn’t going to waste a second.

Besides, she wanted to make up for her last miscalculation. Colin might have forgiven her for bringing it up at such an inopportune moment, but he wouldn’t have let his guard down yet. Which meant she couldn’t bring it up again, not if she wanted him to consider it seriously.

Her best bet would be to let Colin think she’d forgotten about it. It was risky, Colin could get the dreaded call any day. Still, she couldn’t see any other way. Colin was damned stubborn, and if he’d convinced himself looking at Ashley that way was wrong then changing his mind would take some careful planning.

Hiking her pencil skirt up over her knees Stephanie climbed onto the bed, reaching for the top button of her brother’s jeans. If she was going to wake him up from such canlı casino a deep, much needed sleep, she was going to make it well worth it.

Colin grabbed her hands and rolled. A shriek of surprise was smothered by a breathless gasp when Colin’s heavy body covered hers. With a deep laugh Colin kissed her, his hand moving between them and into her blouse.

Stephanie groaned and smacked his shoulder. “Will you get off me you big lug. I can’t breath.”

Setting his knees at either side of her hips Colin took his weight from her and moved his kisses to her jaw. “Is that better?” his eyes lifted to hers even as he glided his lips down her throat. Stephanie nodded. Still watching her Colin undid her shirt and freed her breast from its confines. His parted lips lowering to her taut little nipple made her head drop back. His sucking made her writhe against the bed.

“I wanted to surprise you.” Stephanie managed when her brother turned his attention from one breast to the other.

Colin flicked his tongue against her nipple and gazed up at her. “How?”

Stephanie’s lip curved as she gave him a sultry look. “Well I was going to start by getting your dick nice and wet, with my lips and tongue, taking my time so you woke up slow. Then when you came to I was going to slid my mouth over you until you were deep enough to hit the back of my throat…”

“No conversation?” When Stephanie shook her head Colin nodded in satisfaction. The bed creaked as Colin moved off her and dropped down at her side. “Sounds good. How ’bout I pretend to be asleep? You can start now.”

Giggling Stephanie pushed up to her knees, arching a brow when Colin turned to watch her remove her blouse and bra, eyes slitted to keep up the act. Shaking her head Stephanie unzipped her skirt and worked it down. Wearing nothing now but a black lace thong, intricately run through with pale pink ribbon, and a pair of thigh highs attached to garters, Stephanie sat on her side. Knees bent against the bed, one hand bracing her up Stephanie undid Colin’s jeans.

The button and zipper weren’t a problem. Getting the jeans down enough to get full access to the rock hard dick that was straining against Colin’s boxers was a different story. Colin wasn’t being very cooperative. Rather than lifting his hips when she pushed his jeans down he simply lay there, dead weight, as though he was really asleep.

Frustrated Stephanie gave up on the jeans and turned her attention to what she could get to. Laying down at Colin’s side so that her cheek rested against his pelvic bone Stephanie held the elastic of his boxers out of the way with one hand and wrapped the other around the center of her brother’s cock. This left only the tip of him for her mouth but it was more than enough to play with.

Mimicking Colin’s earlier actions Stephanie flicked the end of her little tongue across the indent under the head of Colin’s dick. Feeling his thighs tense against her Stephanie smiled and did it again, this time moving up a bit so that she could cover him with her mouth for a quick suck. Swirling her tongue around the hot flesh, slowly, lazily, Stephanie peeked up at her brother, wondering how much longer he’d let the teasing go on.

From the look of him it wouldn’t be long. Colin’s fist were clenched at his side. A gruff inhale caught in his throat when she grazed her teeth with care against the delicate skin of his shaft.

Finally he just shook his head and laughed, tugging his jeans down as he spoke. “You win.” Knees bent he pushed his hips up when Stephanie rose to pull the jeans off all the way. “Just hurry up. You look fucking hot like that. If you weren’t so good with that sweet little mouth I’d have you bent over the bed already.”

Stephanie smirked and shifted so that she was on her knees, elbow braced by his hip, ass up in the air to give him a perfect view. Holding up his dick she spoke, so close to it that her lips teased it with every word. “Bent over the bed? Why the bed? If you are going to bend me over something why not make it the table…”

Stephanie stroked her tongue up his dick.

“Or the sofa?” She took him fully in her mouth now, arching her neck to accommodate the head of him deep in her throat. Pulling back before she could gag she slipped her lips off him, leaving a glistening wet trail of her saliva to cover him. “Or maybe the balcony.”

Loving the tortured look on her brother’s face Stephanie grabbed hold of his dick and started jerking him off, never taking his eyes from him, even after her mouth joined her hand. Colin groaned and grabbed a handful of the sheet at either side of him. When it wasn’t enough he combed his fingers into her hair and fucked up into her mouth. Stephanie’s tongue slipped over the tip of him. The slightly salty taste of precum told her he was getting close. Just a little bit more and he would be spent.

Colin had only ever let himself cum in her mouth once from a blowjob alone. The first time she’d done it. After that kaçak casino he’d taken care to see to her pleasure first. Stephanie had once made a game of trying to see if she could get passed his ironclad self-restraint. His confession as to why he did it had made her even more determined to thwart him. His motives weren’t completely selfless. Colin liked to bask in the afterglow. Getting her off first meant he could do so without guilt.

It was silly, but Stephanie didn’t care. She saw it as a challenge. Moving her mouth faster she wondered if maybe this time she’d win.

Colin jerked Stephanie back by the hair and jammed his mouth against hers. Movements a little rough and desperate he forced his fingers into her panties to test her wetness.

Stephanie whimpered and shifted her hips, not from pain or fear, but from desire. If not encouraged Colin would rein in his passion and take it slow. Whenever he was overcome by lust he did that. He never just let go. Always cautious, knowing well he was a lot bigger than her and could hurt her.

Stephanie wasn’t worried, and more, she wanted a taste of the animal passion she’d seen.

Grazing her teeth against his neck Stephanie pushed her hips forward, against his hand. Colin dipped his fingers inside her, pressing deep and then slipping out, quick and easy motions as he eased her down on the bed.

With a rough groan Stephanie shook her head. Colin was slowing already, taking such care it would drive her mad. “Just fuck me Colin!”

“I fucked you in the bathroom last night. I fucked you in the shower. Why can’t you just enjoy this?” His hand had stopped moving, but his fingers were still inside her. It made it hard to take the conversation seriously. Colin started pulling his hand back.

Stephanie clenched down on him and grabbed his wrist. “Please don’t stop. I’m sorry but for a second…” beating around the bush now was not going to get her anywhere, though the analogy used in a literal sense would serve her well. It took her a moment to realize how horrible her timing was. Any interruption would be taken badly after what she’d broughten up the last time. “Never mind.”

Colin latched onto her wrist when she reached for his dick. Twisting his other wrist free from her grasp he pushed her arms up over her head and held them there with one hand. “No Steph. You’re gonna tell me what’s on your mind. So long as it’s no other family member but this one I won’t get mad.”

Trying to free her wrist, proving that his grip on them was secure and that he had no intention of letting her go sent a wave of heat straight down to Stephanie’s groin. Inhaling Stephanie twisted and felt her face go red as Colin’s shrewd gaze lifted to her trapped hands, then down to her squirming body.

Suddenly he grinned. “You like this, don’t you?” he put his hand between her legs pressing his palm against her soaked panties. “I knew you liked me being a little dominant but that’s not what you want right now. You want me to be rough.”

“Yes.” Stephanie groaned as he tugged her panties down and stuffed his fingers deep into her pussy.

“I’ve been rough before.”

Stephanie could tell he wanted things clear before he went any further. She tried to find the right words. “Yes, but it’s always controlled. I want to feel you lose it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” His tone showed the lie. He liked the idea, she could tell in the way his dick throbbed against her belly.

There was an edge of uncertainty there as well. A bit of pain with pleasure was one thing, but he was afraid to take it too far. Stephanie had to let him know she trusted him to find the right balance.

“If you were anyone else I wouldn’t chance it, but you’re not just anyone. You’re my brother and you love me. I want to feel you pounding into my body as though you’re gonna go right through me. I want you to hold me down, I want you to pull my hair and bite me and do all the things you were too careful to do before.” She took a strangled breath, his fingers were jamming into her harder even as she spoke. “I’m yours Colin. I want you to use me.”

Colin groaned and pushed off the bed. Stephanie was sure she’d gone too far. She sat up, ready to take it all back.

Without warning Colin’s hand shot out. Hand latched into her hair he pulled her up to her knees. “You sure you want this?” Stephanie nodded, shivering with anticipation. Colin turned her so she was on her hands and knees, still gripping on her hair. His jeans around his knees he placed himself between her thighs. “Promise me you’ll tell me if it gets to be too much.”

“I promise.”

Stephanie let out a sharp breath when Colin stabbed his dick inside her. He reached forward and grabbed her hands, pulling them behind her back so that she fell onto her face. His hips slammed against her ass, again and again, driving him so deep Stephanie couldn’t help but scream. Her first orgasm ripped through her and Colin tugged on her hair so she was kneeling up against him.

“I can do anything I want?” Colin whispered gruffly into her ear.

Curious to see how far Colin would really take it Stephanie didn’t answer. Colin jerked her head back a little further.

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