Awakening – A Sex Story Ch. 02

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I slip into English Lit class with seconds to spare. My usual seat is still open, in front all the way to the right of the room. Professor Saunders marches in dropping his hardback copy of Literature Theory onto his table with a bang.

“Seems in a foul mood” I think to myself. “What’s new…” I unpack my stuff onto my desk and settle in for the snooze fest that is English Lit 103. The seats in his class are set at an odd angle and after the first twenty minutes I begin scooting my butt forward in a vain attempt to get comfortable but all this does is start a slide which I can only stop by wedging my knees against the desk legs.

“Professor Saunders seems to be paying extra attention to my side of the class today” I muse seeing him once again turning towards me. “Fuck I hope I didn’t fail the essay I handed in last week. Shit. I bet you that’s it. He’s looking for some angle to publicly humiliate me again. He is such a douche.”

My eyes lock with Professor Saunders’ and I quickly glance down, feigning sudden interest in my textbook. I slowly raise my eyes again and see the he’s still looking in my direction but now at the front of my desk. His tongue darts out, briefly casino oyna wetting his top lip, followed by an audible intake of breath. “What a weirdo” I mutter to myself once again staring into my textbook.

I start thinking about meeting up with Carmen later and a small smile creeps into the corner of my lips. I close my eyes to imagine the dainty gold butt plug and the ruby red stone winking and shining as it catches the light. I start feeling a welcome glow in my pussy and a subtle throb runs along my clit matching my ever-increasing heart rate. My nostrils flare as I draw in a deep breath, the effort releasing a dribble of my intimate sap which works its way over my perineum to coat my tight anus.

My eyes shoot open in sudden realization, Saunders had spotted my commando situation and is now staring directly at my pussy! I sit bolt upright immediately, draw my knees tightly together and sneak a glance towards Professor Saunders. He starts to stammer, his cheeks bright red and immediately turns his head toward the other side of the class.

“Busted you old perv” I mumble. I glance down and see a small wet spot had started forming high in the front of his pant. My jaws canlı casino drops open when I realize that not only did Professor Saunders like the free show but judging from the height of the wet spot the old fucker was packing some serious firepower. Now this makes the class slightly more interesting!

I bite my lip to stop myself smiling, my eyes being pulled back to his crotch. I desperately search to make out the outline of his cock but the baggy chinos he is wearing is keeping all the secrets to itself. My pussy has gone into overdrive needing little motivation after imagining Carmen’s butt plug. I can feel my juices ebb out and stream over my butt cheeks before pooling onto the seat.

I slowly reopen my legs, returning my knees back against the table leg. I can feel my labia slowly bloom open exposing my pink delights. The professor’s eyes are immediately focused back on my tender offering. He swallows once, his eyes flit briefly up to mine before returning back to my pussy. This is really going to be fun!

The class bell rings a sharp retort and I shoot up out of the desk as the students start to make their way out. From the corner of my eye I can see Professor kaçak casino Saunders staring me intently, willing me to look his direction but I keep my eyes glued to the door. I breathe out a sigh of relief (or was that frustration?) as soon as I get out the door and start to walk down the hall. “Just one more look” a little voice in my head pleads.

I stop, take a few steps backwards and glance into the classroom. Professor Saunders by now is standing right in front of the desk I was sitting at. He quickly drops to his knees and starts sniffing the seat. He finds the pool of slippery pussy juices, lets out an audible moan before and starts to lap up my offering with long slow licks.

My knees buckle slightly at the sight and my breath leaves me with a little wheeze. I started the day thinking this asshole hated me and here I am a few hours later watching him lick my freshly seeped pussy nectar off a class room chair. I catch sight of the Dean walking towards me, obviously on the way to Professor Saunders’ classroom. I cough once loudly and promptly hear the professor’s head bang against the bottom the table.

A giggle escaped me as I started walking away. “Morning Dean Harvey” I coo as he walks past me.

“Morning Nicky” he calls back while entering the classroom.

“Close call Professor Saunders. You now owe me one you old perv” I grin to myself as I head towards the canteen.

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