Baby Chaos – Love Your Self Abuse

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Hello Sweetie

I miss you so much right now. I’m stuck at work waiting for someone to take over from me. No Internet access and I’ve left my phone in my bag. So while I’m waiting and thinking of you, longing for your touch, I thought I’d write to you. Write to you and confess. To tell you that when you’re away, sometimes I’m a dirty girl; a very dirty girl indeed.

If I’m home all alone and particularly horny, then I’ll spend the whole day reading hot stories and looking at sexy pictures. I’ll be getting so turned on and I’ll tease myself throughout the day, rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples. Taking myself to the edge, but always pulling back in time. I love that feeling of balancing on the edge and like to keep that up all day. It’s even better when we can talk online because I know that you aren’t in a position to stroke your beautiful cock while talking to me. So I can have the very great pleasure of talking dirty to you while you are surrounded by your colleagues. Teasing you, imagining your cock hardening, leaking, making a dark stain in the satin panties I knew you’d be wearing.

I go up to bed and if I’m wanting to prolong the anticipation I’ll have a shower. As I peel my panties off I’ll press them to my face and breathe in my aroma; the scent of my day-long arousal. The bathroom steaming up and the water stinging hot exacerbate casino oyna my mood. I take my time lathering myself up, relishing the feeling of hands on my naked skin. Stroking all over my body, caressing myself with the scented bubbles. Avoiding my most sensitive places as long as I can. Concentrating on washing my arms and legs. But then I run my hands along my shoulders and I can’t help myself any more. I slide my hands down to my breasts; the nipples hard and aching. I run my slippery hands over them, gently teasing; but soon I am pinching them hard and flicking my soapy fingers back and forth across them. My skin is flushed with arousal and the hot water and I daren’t touch my clit. I can feel the ache radiating from it, throbbing incessantly; demanding my attention.

But I ignore it for a while longer and dry my soft clean skin with a warm fluffy towel; rubbing my tender nipples more than is strictly necessary to get them dry. I sit on the edge of my bed and rub moisturiser into my arms and legs; my belly and then my breasts. I love the feeling of hands on my breasts; rubbing the lotion all over them. I cup them in my hands and imagine you are with me; holding my breasts, enjoying their familiar weight, before kissing them, burying your face in them. I continue to rub in the moisturiser; taking my time, pinching and playing with my nipples, canlı casino using the lotion to make my fingers slide back and forth. I roll my nipples between my fingers, pinching hard, but not so hard that I cum. Then I squeeze my breasts together and pinch both nipples with one hand; leaving the other hand free to slide between my legs.

I am so wet and slippery after surfing and reading stories all day and imagining your strong hands caressing me. I bring my hand to my mouth and suck all my juices off it; loving the taste of my own arousal. You see, Sweetie, how dirty I can be. I sit there savouring the sweet tang of my cunt whilst balancing right on the edge at the thought of you biting my nipples just hard enough to make me cum. I love the things you do to my body; you know it almost as well as I know it myself. You know just how far to take things; just how much my body can take.

I slide my hand back between my thighs. I am open completely: my lips so swollen, my clit begging to be touched, my cunt aching for release. I have to be careful on how roughly I play with my breasts and nipples now or I will cum too soon. I slide my fingers either side of my clit, so wet and slippery, so hot. I’m moaning softly now; it feels so good and I’m breathing hard as I imagine your cock head as wet and slippery as my cunt is. I slide my finger up and down kaçak casino from my clit to my ass hole. I run my finger over and around my opening; desperate to plunge it in and feel my cunt grab hold of it, but still not wanting this delicious feeling of anticipation to end just yet. I slide my finger back up and I pinch my clit gently, squeezing it between my fingers. It’s unbearable by now and I’m beyond waiting.

I slide a finger slowly into my cunt, so open so ready, but I take it out, feeling my juices coating it. I slide in my thumb instead, right to the base. Slowly because I am so ready, so close, I slide out my thumb. I am teetering on the edge here baby. Then. I slide my thumb back in my cunt and slide my juice coated finger in my ass. All the way. Quickly. Hard. Deep. Thrusting. My thumb buried as far as it will go, my wrist pushing hard against my clit. It takes just a few thrusts before my clit explodes and I grip my hand tightly between my thighs.

And I cum: shuddering and moaning and pinching my nipples hard. Feeling my cunt walls clutch at my thumb, my ass hole spasming around my finger, my whole body juddering. Calling your name. Missing your touch. Wanting you to cum too. Wanting you to stroke your cock and spurt while imagining me fucking myself in my cunt and my ass with pussy juiced-up fingers. I cry out as the tremors shuddering through my body make me realise just how much I want you. And then finally, I collapse on the bed and dragging your pillow close to my body, I wrap my arms around it and sleep.

Come home soon Sweetie


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