Bad Penny Ch. 04

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I arrived at Mike’s on my own that Friday evening. Penny had arranged to meet Tara in town at lunchtime, and I had a late tutorial. So it was nearly six when I rang the door, and my breath was caught by what I saw when it was opened.

Penny was in full slave gear. Mostly leather and chains, although there was not much of either. She had a leather collar with a lead attached, and her hair was pulled back. Her nipples were showing above the balcony bra, and her thong was mostly chains with a tiny triangle of leather on it. There was no hair showing around it. She was standing on a low table in the middle of the hall, in catwalk model pose, one leg slightly bent, one arm up with hand behind her head, the other on her hip.

It was Tara who had opened the door, throwing it wide to display my girlfriend in this outrageous pose, and she laughed at my stunned expression. I looked at her, and if my mouth had not already been open it would surely have been.

Tara was dressed in a silk basque. It was striped in black and gold, it left her breasts almost entirely exposed, and it stopped just below the top of her ginger bush, which was now trimmed short and into a neat triangle. She was wearing bright red lipstick, and I had noticed a colour matching lip mark on Penny’s right nipple.

Both of them would have been visible from the street. I hurried to get in and close the door as Tara said “Welcome back Master Sean. Our slaves are ready for your pleasure. The Boy is in the kitchen, but I will call him if you would like your cock sucked now.”

It took me a moment to get my bearings. I was back in that crazy world again, and the shock was disturbing. “Ah, no, no, I don’t need him. I’m sure he is busy cooking. Anyway I’m sure this girl would be able to suck my cock if I needed it. Or perhaps you might do it?”

Tara grinned “I might. But just now the Girl can’t suck you. Hadn’t you noticed?”

Penny was gagged. How had I not seen that? A black leather bolster was strapped into her mouth. “Oh, yes, of course,” I stumbled out. “But I could remove it.”

Tara frowned “I would prefer if you didn’t, Master Sean. She is being punished for being cheeky to her Mistress. I told her she had to wear it for an hour. She has forty minutes to go.”

“Ah. Well, if you have ordered punishment, well, I wouldn’t want to interfere, Mistress Tara,” I said, again trying to find my way and pick up the rules of this game.

“Would you like a drink, Sean? And perhaps to slip into something more comfortable? Or at least out of your jacket?” Tara said, like a good hostess.

I agreed I needed a drink.

Tara ordered Penny to fetch me a gin and tonic, and we went into the living room. Tara sat on the sofa opposite me, picking up her own G&T, which I had interrupted by my arrival. Semi-naked and in any other circumstance quite ravishable, she chatted away about the events of the last two weeks, and she ignored Penny’s near naked form as she came back with my drink and then stepped up onto the coffee table to take her pose and await further orders. It was surreal.

I wanted to ask about Penny’s sudden lack of pubic hair. I could see that her thong at the back was simply a thick chain, and it had sunk slightly into her slit at the front. She was shaved. Was there anything under the small leather triangle? When had this happened? Why? But somehow I couldn’t say anything. The game was clearly that Tara and I should pretend to ignore her, and also ignore Tara’s near nudity. It was a strange sort of self teasing.

So we talked about my studies (exams were beginning to loom) and Tara’s work (animal rescue charity, an incongruous occupation, I thought) and about some ridiculous local politician’s latest gaffe. And then Tara suddenly switched the conversation around and said “Oh yes I meant to say, I have been instructing the slaves this afternoon. The Boy has been told he may not come in the Girl’s pussy this weekend, and may only come if permission is given. The Girl has been told that she should expect you to come in her ass at least once every day.”

I nearly choked on my gin. “Pardon?” I said.

“Yes,” Tara drawled, “I think it is time she got ass-fucked. She enjoyed the play with the butt-plug and the vibrator last time, and you liked fucking her with your finger and the plug, so I think it is time she had your cock up her bum. Of course she agreed when I told her. So I spent a little time this afternoon getting her ready. I gave her a good wash out with the irrigator, and two full syringes of lubricant afterwards. But I haven’t done much to stretch her yet. I was leaving that to you. I thought with her well lubed up inside you could break her in hard, if you wanted to. Just fuck her as she is. But if you want to loosen her up a little, since you are always such a gentleman, even to slave-girls, I have a range of butt plugs you could use. You could put one in now and maybe change it for a slightly bigger one before dinner, then swap it for a larger one before dessert and casino siteleri she should be ready for a nice tight fucking after coffee. What do you think?”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Penny looking at me. Despite the gag I thought she was smiling, excited and amused by this lewd proposal. I tried to play it casual, I shrugged. “Well, as you say, I prefer the gentle touch.”

Tara turned to Penny and said “Get the butt plugs and lube, Girl.”

Penny bowed to her, and left the room. Tara said “She is coming on well, don’t you think? She begged me this afternoon to help her get ready for you to take her anal cherry. She said she wants you to be her first since that will mean you took her virginity in all three holes. Romantic, yes?”

“Ah, yes, very romantic.” I said, and she laughed at my discomfort.

“You still don’t get it do you, Sean. She loves you, and she wants you to have her. Not just as girlfriend, but to possess her. She wants to be owned entirely by you. She wants to be yours and to prove she is yours by giving you everything, doing everything for you. The girl is a slave at heart. And she is anally orgasmic, you lucky boy. Not all women like it, but she almost came when I was giving her the enema.”

I couldn’t process this, although the image that flashed in my mind set my cock shifting uncomfortably. “And I take it you shaved her?”

Tara looked a little shifty. “Sorry, Sean, yes. I meant to just trim her, like I did with mine, but then we chose the thong, and I trimmed a bit more, and well, I’m sorry you missed the fun. But she’ll need shaved again tomorrow and Sunday, so you can do it then. Although Mike would love to have a go, if you’ll let him.”

Before I could answer the door opened and Penny came back in, carrying a tray.

On it was a range of vibrators, dildoes and butt plugs, as well as a tube of lubricating gel and a bowl of warm water with a slice of lemon in it. She had a towel over her arm, like a maid serving afternoon tea.

She placed them on a small table beside me, and stood waiting. Tara took control before I could think of what to say or do. She left her couch and came across to mine, sliding in behind the table and talking as she moved. “Well Master Sean I do hope the selection of toys is sufficient and pleasing. You don’t mind if I join you, do you, I would love to see what you do with her. Now turn around girl and bend over.”

Penny did as she was told, and stood with her hands on her knees, facing away from me, her bottom within reach. I could clearly see the chain dipping between her pussy lips, and the half concealed opening of her anus, all clean and hairless.

“Now Girl, pull that thong aside so your master can get a proper view of your arse. That’s it, now hold your ass cheeks open. There Sean, isn’t that a better view. Anus virgina, ready for your cock. Or some other stimulant. How about this one?” said Tara, picking out a huge black-rubber anatomically correct (but exaggerated) dildo.

I knew she was joking, but I shook my head solemnly. “No Mistress Tara, I want my slave in my bed, not a hospital bed. Something smaller.”

“This one? It buzzes.” said Tara, lifting and switching on a slim white rod.

I held my hand out for it. She gave it to me to look at, and I measured it by curling a finger round it. It was quite pointed, and I was suddenly turned on by the idea of what I was about to do.

I was finding all of this strange and shocking, increasingly feeling that I was out of my depth, or that a great joke was being played on me, but with the vibrator in my hand and Penny right before me, a wave of calm and erotic excitement washed over me. It was as if someone inside me had said ‘Go with the kinky flow, and enjoy it,’

I nodded, and smiled. Tara reached for the lube, and squirted a blob onto the end of the vibrator.

She smiled at me as I moved it over towards Penny’s bottom. Penny made a stifled gasp when it touched her.

I had gone straight to the centre of her puckered hole, no foreplay, no warning, just delicately placing the tip of the vibrating toy against her opening. She rocked forward a little and Tara said sharply “Hold still Girl, don’t you dare move away from your Master.”

Penny went still, and I felt her tremble as I rested my left hand on her naked buttock and twisted the tip of the dildo around against her bottom. Just the merest fraction of an inch pressed her ass open. Then I put a little more force on it and heard her try to gasp again as the smooth rod slid in about two inches, spreading the tight ring of muscle that fought to close her body.

I felt her body clench the vibrator, and she made little grunting noises as I moved it in and out a little, and I turned the vibrations down slow. After a few moments the spasms passed, and it was easy to move it, several inches gliding in and out of her, and Penny making a noise that could only be pleasure driven.

“Hmm, well that seems to fit alright.” I said. “In fact I canlı casino think she could take something a bit larger.”

Tara laughed “Why don’t you put this in her, all the way up, then she can just wear it while

She gets us another G&T.”

She was holding a butt plug. Not large, less than an inch in diameter at the widest and only a few inches long, but shocking in it’s obvious function. I thought of what Tara had said to me a few weeks before, about Penny wearing one to lectures, and how I had been incredulous and a little disgusted, as well as excited, at the idea.

Looking at it now I had a twist of thinking. I wanted to see if it fitted. I suddenly wanted to be the one to put it in her, now and maybe again. Then I thought of a twist on the great, if scary, sexual games we had been playing around the University in the last week or so. I had a vision of meeting Penny in the library at Uni, making her bend over and slipping it into her, then sending her off to her class with a pat on the bottom, knowing she would be sitting on it the whole time, having it press up inside her and move when she shifted on her seat. Pretty Penny Harty, daddy’s little girl, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, prim and proper and just a bit prudish. That was her public face. The girl I fell in love with. Well she was showing a different side to her personality now, and I was ready to indulge it.

I honestly think that was the start of my corruption.

Up until then in my heart I had fought against it, but as Tara handed me the plug and touched the gel to the tip, and I pulled the vibrator out and simply pressed the plug into my girlfriend’s ass-hole, slotting it into her, pushing it deeper than the vibe had been, opening her up just a little more, feeling her sphincter clasp it as the shaft narrowed again past the maximum bulge, and her body pull it into her, then, at that moment, something changed. In my heart I owned her. I owned her ass. I owned her body. She was mine to do with as I please, to please me. And a world of possibilities opened up, and another world ceased to be.

It was only later, maybe a year later, that I realised that I stopped being fully human that night, because I stopped thinking of her as fully human. It was only then, far too late, that I was ashamed.

But that night I popped the butt plug into Penny’s ass, pulled the chain of her thong back in place over it, and patted her on the buttocks, saying “Good idea Mistress Tara. Off you go Girl, get us more Gin and Tonics.”

She straightened up, and wiggled her bottom a little to settle the butt-plug in place, and went off to the kitchen without looking back at me. I washed my hands in the finger bowl and dried them on the towel and watched Penny’s ass with the plug in it as she crossed the room, until she closed the door behind her.

“Nice ass, isn’t it?” said Tara, who had been watching me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“You are going to enjoy fucking it this evening, aren’t you?”

I looked round at her, sitting beside me. “Yes. I think I will. And then, according to our deal, I get to fuck yours.”

“No, Sean, the deal was that you were not allowed to fuck mine before you fucked hers. I didn’t say you could fuck mine at all. Although I think, for fairness, if you get to fuck mine, Mike should get Penny’s ass as well. And he would very much like to do that.”

“That’s a deal. I’d be happy to watch her get buggered by Mike. I think she would like it. Especially if she was tied up. Or down. Maybe on the piano stool? For that matter, I would like him to do her while I’m in her pussy, the way you got Mike and me to do you.”

Tara looked at me thoughtfully then. She opened her mouth to say something, hesitated and closed it, and then, after a pause for thought, opened it again and spoke, saying something completely different, I think. What she said was “Master Sean, I think you are beginning to understand.”

“You may be right. And you know I think I’m beginning to understand Mike as well, and you. Would you like to see me fuck him in the ass?”

Tara blushed. It didn’t often happen. “Sean Carver, you naughty boy.”

“Master Sean, please. I am not, and never will be, your Boy, or anyone else’s. Ah and here is my Girl with our drinks. Bring them here. Give the tray to Mistress Tara and clear that one off the table. Good. Now bend over so I can check your plug is in place. Good. Pretty ass, especially with something in it. Which could also be said of your pussy,” I said and caressed the bare lips that I could see as she bent over.

Tara had been flustered by my remarks, but resumed her role as mistress and said “Your gag can come off in a couple of minutes, but I think you need to go and help the Boy with dinner, it should be ready soon and he will need a hand to serve it. However, I’m sure you have got used to the plug by now, so we should change it. Would you like to put this one in her Master Sean, or would you like me to do it? Or perhaps you should get her to do kaçak casino it. I don’t think Penny has ever put something up her own bottom before.”

“Good point, Mistress Tara.” I said, and she smiled a wicked smile. “Girl, I want you to see you take that plug out of your ass, and then put this one in.”

Penny nodded assent, and took the plug from me. She applied lubricating gel to it and hesitated a moment. Tara held the chain thong aside for her and with her left hand Penny gripped the plug that was in her bottom, and slowly pulled it out. It resisted at first, the thicker part of the plug inside her having to stretch her open a little, then it popped out an inch quite quickly and she drew the rest slowly. I watched her asshole carefully. It looked relaxed, but not open the way Tara’s was when Mike fucked her.

Penny quickly placed it onto the tray, without straightening up, and then guided the tip of the new, larger plug onto her ass with her right hand. She twisted it a little to open herself to it, then once the tip was in she simply pressed it home, steadily, until it popped into place as her ass closed around the stem and the flanged base was up against her. She stayed bent over for us to see, until Tara said “Very good Girl, you may go to the kitchen now and help the Boy, and have him remove your gag.”

As soon as the door was closed Tara turned to me with a smug look and said “You think you understand me, and Mike and Penny, but I don’t think you understand you. I know something about you that you haven’t worked out yet.”

“Entirely possible,” I said. “Self delusion is one of my specialities. But you have to tell me now.”

“I knew that given the suggestion to have me, or Penny do that, you would go for it. You see you are not submissive, but you are not the kind of Master who gets their big kick out of doing things to others. You are a voyeur, Sean, so you want to be a director, not an actor. Oh you like having nice things done to your body, and you get a thrill from being in control of that, but I really think you would have as much fun watching Penny get fucked while you had a wank as you would have if you did the fucking.”

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” I began, but Tara cut me off.

“If Mike, or Penny, or I was asked to go on a stage and strip and masturbate and show off our bodies to an audience, or to go on and fuck with each other for all to see, we would do it and enjoy it. You wouldn’t enjoy that. You are not an exhibitionist. Oh, you might fuck a good looking girl for fun while others watched, but being watched wouldn’t turn you on. It might even put you off. At most you would be turned on by imagining how it looked to the audience. Not being watched, but imagining being a watcher. You are an active voyeur, a dominant one, but not a Dom Master in the full sense.”

“Dom Master?” I asked.

“Dominant, as opposed to Sub, for submissive. Penny is joyously sub. You are reluctantly Dom, when it comes to ordering her, or anyone else to pleasure you, but much more at ease ordering her to do things with others so you can watch. I find it interesting.”

I looked at Tara for a moment and sipped my gin. Then I said “Penny once said that I was always too careful about what I said or did. Even when I was doing something in the middle of a room it was like I was also standing in the corner looking at myself, monitoring myself. Except, she said, when I came. She said there was a point in our lovemaking when I was all there, not in the corner as well, and she could tell when that happened, and she loved that.”

I sipped my gin again.

“I hated that idea. I fought it. I want to be there, and be in the centre. But she was right. I watch myself. You are right. I like watching others. I’m not sure that I’m happy about that.”

Tara took my hand, and said in a gentle voice that she didn’t often use. “Sean, you are a good guy. Being a voyeur and being self conscious, and a bit shy, are often tied up together. But you aren’t cruel, or nasty. You like to be in control, but you don’t want to hurt people. And you don’t try to look big by making other people look small. I’m sorry if you thought I was criticising you. I’m not. I’ve met a few hard Doms. Nasty people. They like inflicting pain and humiliation. Andy fits the bill, although now I’ve heard the full story from Shauna I think he’s actually a psycho. Now I admit I like getting Mike to do things that other people might think would be humiliating, but only those things he enjoys doing. I treat him like a dog sometimes in front of you, but never in front of other people. And as for Penny, I know it would be easy to abuse her trust. I think we did a couple of weeks ago, or at least Andy did, and we didn’t stop him. And I’m sorry about that. But never think I’d want you to be like Andy. I think you are wonderful just as you are, and I just want you to enjoy yourself, and help Penny to enjoy herself.”

I shrugged “I watch myself to keep control. But I can’t control myself enough to stop watching. I don’t live life. I’m like one of those Japanese tourists who never sees anything on holiday except through a camera viewfinder. Not really experiencing it, just checking the focus and looking for the next shot.”

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