Banged at Bike Week Ch. 02

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After reading the story I wrote about Bike Week, Karrie decided to write her OWN version for me. I figured what the Hell, I should submit it to you all. Let her know what you think.

We’re on our way to Bike Week in Daytona, but we’re broke. You’ve lost your wallet with all our cash. We’ve already paid for the hotel so we don’t have to worry about a place to stay. But what about drinking, eating, entertainment? How will we make it back home I wonder. I hold tighter to you as we’re riding down the road, pushing the thoughts from my mind and enjoying the ride. I know you’ll figure something out. You always take care of me.

There’s a lot of bikes on the way down. Sometimes we ride with a group and other times it’s just us. We need gas so we pull into a station where a bunch of other bikers have stopped too. I end up flashing everyone as I get off of the bike. Maybe I should’ve worn jeans instead of the tiny mini skirt I have on. You smile as everyone notices the shot of my shaved pussy and pierced clit. You’re proud to show me and your bike off. You’ve worked hard on us both! I go into the store to use the bathroom as you fill the bike up.

When I come out of the store, you’re chatting with a group of bikers. One of the rougher looking groups we noticed on the way down. I walk over to you and you put your arm around my waist, pulling me close. You kiss me long and hard and my knees weaken like they always do at your touch. Just as I think I might collapse, you put your hand up under my skirt and shove two fingers in my pussy. You break off the kiss and turn my head to the crowd of bikers that I had completely forgotten.

Taking your wet fingers out of me, you put then in my mouth for me to suck which I do, my eyes locked on yours. A look of lust, and curiousity crosses my face.

You turn us around, and as we walk back to the bike you look over your shoulder and say “Like I told ya, see you in Daytona.”

You tell me to ride with my skirt up around my waist so I pull it up as you start the motorcycle and tell me I’m your good little slut.

As we finally roll into Daytona, I wiggle my ass to pull my skirt back into place, careful not to upset the bike or let you know what I’m doing. There are bikes, bikers, and just plain people everywhere, and more than a few of them stare as we ride down the main drag toward our hotel.

We finally get to the right place and pull into the parking area reserved for bikes. We find a spot way in the back beside a white fence bordering the beach. As we dismount the bike you tell me that you’re disappointed in me. At first I’m confused, so you explain that a good little slut does what she’s told and that I should have known better than to pull my skirt back down when we rode into town.

Next you tell me that as my punishment for disobeying I’m going to have to prove what a good little whore I can be by earning us the money we need to have a good time and to get home. You tell me that if I don’t make you enough money you’ll “sell” me to the rough bikers we saw at the gas station. I look into your eyes and although they’re playful, I know you mean what you’re saying.

You tell me to bend over the bike, which I do without hesitation. I look back over my shoulder and watch as you walk away, stopping to talk to different groups of people. As you point back in my direction, people laugh and whistle, clapping you on the back. A few of them shake your hand.

After what seems like an eternity, you come back and stand by the bike. There’s a crowd gathering and you tell them that for 25 dollars I’ll suck what’s in front of me and for 50 I’ll fuck whatever is behind me. “How else is my little whore going to earn us enough money to get back home?!” you say as you pull up my skirt and slap my ass hard.

As the crowd begins to form a line you bend down and whisper in my ear “You better make this good bitch.” Then you wink at me and move to the first man in line.

I’m a little scared at first. Ok, I’m a lot scared! But I relax a little as the hunky, tan guy with the blonde hair walks up and hands you 25 dollars. He pulls his dick out of his jeans and shoves it in my mouth. It’s hard and warm, not too long, but a bit on the think side, just the way I like ’em.

I do my best to suck his cock well and I feel a little proud when he tells you how good I am at it, but after only a few minutes I feel his cock swell casino siteleri even more, the head nearly doubling in size. I feel his balls draw up and suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and shoots his cum all over my face.

As soon as he walks away there’s another dick in my face. I suck it in, and soon this guy’s cum is mixed with the blonde guy’s all over my face and in my hair. I’ve suck two more guys when I notice the rough crowd from the gas station heading toward the line. I remember you saying I’d be going with them if I don’t get you enough money. This group doesn’t stop at the end of the line, but instead pushes their way right to the front. No one seems to object, or at least no one seems willing to challenge them.

As the cock in my mouth shoots more hot sticky cum on my face, you see a look on my face that makes you walk over to me. You bend down and pull my shirt open tearing the butttons off, then you pinch my nipples hard and tell me I’d better do whatever the people want me to do. “Don’t even think about saying no, my little whore” you say.

One of the rough guys is now first in line. He’s short and stocky with thick hairy arms and a large beer belly. He hands you a fifty and walks around behind me. He slaps my ass hard and says ” You better be worth it cunt.”

Kneeling down, he takes a good look at my pussy and ass then shoves a finger up my hole and laughs. “Whore’s wet.” he says.

Standing back up he spits on my pussy, its as much to let me know he’s in control as it is to wet it. He says I’m already hot and wet and ready for his fat cock. And with that he shoves it all the way in.

The sudden intrusion borders on painful, but I’m wet from having sucked those cocks, and also from knowing that not only is some man I’ve never met pounding his huge cock into me, but he’s doing it outdoors in a public place with a crowd of some 30-odd people looking on, and one of those people is the man I love. In fact my man is the reason I’m doing this in the first place.

The beer-bellied man continues to fuck me fast and hard, and as he’s fucking me, a guy and a girl from the rough bunch walk up to you. I see you talking to the man, then you nod your head and take his money.

The new guy makes his girl stand in front of me then asks beer-belly guy to bend me backwards over the bike. He moves me roughly into the new position and shove his thick dick back into my waiting pussy while the girl in front of me pulls her pants down. Then facing away from me she lowers her ass until the puffy swolen lips of her excited wet cunt brush the tip of my nose.

Her man tells me to lick her pussy til she comes so I stick my tongue as far up her cunt as I can and then lick her clit in small hard circles. Soon she’s mashing her trimmed pussy into my face even harder while her man stands next to her, watching us and stroking his dick.

As the girl screams out that she’s cumming, her man shoots his load all over my face and her pussy. You tell me to make sure I lick all the cum off her cunt. While I’m licking her clean the man fucking me pulls out and splashes my belly and tits with rope after rope of hot sticky cum, but as soon as he’s done I get turned back onto my stomache and bent over the bike at the waist. I feel another dick enter my pussy and yet another gets shoved into my mouth. This new one in my cunt is not as long but its much fatter than the last.

I moan around the dick that’s in my mouth. You hear me moan and laugh saying ” I knew you’d get into it slut”. But just as fast as it starts, both men finish leaving me feeling momentarily empty, half anticipating the end, and half afraid that it actually IS over.

At just that moment, a large dirty man walks over to you and as he pays the two of you laugh. This man is huge. Easily 6ft 5, and probably close to 275lbs. He’s wearing cowboy boots, dirty jeans that look like they’ve been worn for the last few days, and a dirty t-shirt with obvious sweat stains at the armpits.

I can see the amusement in your eyes as the huge man steps up to my face. You know how humiliated I’ll be at having to touch this filthy man. You see me looking at you. Your eyes narrow and I know I have no choice, but I can also tell that all I have to do is say the word and you’ll put an end to the whole thing.

I tell myself to just concentrate on the new dick that’s just been shoved into my well canlı casino lubricated cunt and has begun pounding away.

The dirty man drops his pants. I can smell the sweat around his penis and almost gag as he shoves it into my mouth. His cock smells like a man who knows what it is to do hard labor and it tastes of salt and sweat, but I find myself turned on from knowing that I AM a slut whore, willing to do whatever I’m told because my man wants me to.

After only a minute of me sucking his huge dick, the dirty man pulls out and turns around. Looking over his shoulder he says “Lick my ass you fucking slut!”. I can not believe I’m expected to lick this smelly man’s asshole for $25!

You see me hesitate and storm over to me grabbing my chin in your hand. You look me in the eye and ask me who I belong to.

I answer saying, “I belong to you.”

You tell me I have to do this. I have no choice, and you slap my face hard as I start to talk. Then you look at the guy fucking me and say “Fuck her ass. Hard.”

You slap my face again to remind me I’m yours, call me a bitch, and walk away. The large man laughs and says “Get to it.”

I shudder but know I have to do it. As I stick my tongue out I hear hoots and hollers and clapping and laughing coming from the crowd. The man bends over as I start to lick his asshole. My tongue goes farther up his hot foul hole. At that moment I feel the guy behind me pull out of my pussy. I feel him line his dick up with my asshole and shove it all the way in. I scream out in pain and hear him laugh, but the pain doesn’t last long and soon turns to unbelieevable pleasure, heightened by knowing I”m surrounded by strangers watching me perform these lewd acts and waiting their turn.

The man who’s ass I’m licking is getting even more excited and he turns around and fills my mouth with his dick. I try to relax so it doesn’t gag me but the dick in my ass is pounding away so hard I can’t think. Just as I feel like I’m going to suffocate on this man’s smelly dick I feel him shoot his load straight down to my belly. I feel the dick pull out of my ass and hot cum splash all over me.

The man who was fucking me slaps my ass, throws you another 20 and comes up to my face. He puts his cock in front of my mouth and tells me to lick it clean which I do.

As another cock is put in front of me to suck, a tall athletic looking black girl with big tits comes up to me. She breathes into my ear, saying, “Your man says you like fat things in your pussy. Well then I’ve got a treat for you, sugar.”

She takes the last sip of her beer which is in a 40 ounce bottle. Right away I know what’s coming. So does the crowd. More and more people gather around to watch, some throwing money at me. You casually pick up the money near me telling me I’m making it for YOU. The black girl gets behind me and puts two fingers into her own pussy while she licks and spits on mine. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy and rubs the wetness onto the bottle. Then she pulls my pussy lips apart with one hand as the other one guides the massive bottle into my hole. She pushes the head and neck in but struggles as it gets fatter. The man fucking my mouth stops and walks behind me, but a woman with dark brown hair pulled back in a pony-tail pulls up her short skirt to show everyone her shaved pussy and immediately walks up to have it licked.

The man who had walked behind me strokes his cock a couple times and then cums on my pussy and the bottle, coating them both with his slippery jizz. The bottle slides in a little more now and I grunt into the pussy I’m fucking with my tongue.

The brunette cums on my face adding her stickiness to the mess I’ve become, and I hear a voice say “I hear you licked Tom’s ass real good. Now it’s my turn.”

I look up into the face of a gray haired old man. He must be about 65. I hear you laughing off to the side but I try to concentrate on the bottle stretching my pussy wide as I start to lick his ass. The bottle is splitting me in two and the pleasure I was feeling is replaced with pain. I cry out but the old man just shoves his ass harder into my face, moaning as my tongue probes deeper into his asshole. I feel something hot spatter my pussy lips and know someone else’s cum has helped to lube the bottle.

Just as the old man in front of me turns around and bathes my face with his load I feel my pussy stretched kaçak casino to the limit and know the bottle is all the way in. The crowd cheers and hollers as the black girl starts to fuck me hard with it.

I suck more dicks and lick more pussy. There’s a seemingly endless supply but I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m still being hammered by the beer bottle and am tonguing a pussy with whispy soft blonde hair when you walk up to me. The blonde asks if she can suck your dick, which you agree to with a smile. You begin to fuck her mouth with your hard cock while you look down at me. I’m a little unsure how u feel looking at me being such a mess, but u smile and wink at me and I feel ok. Good even. I know I’m your little slut, Ive earned you your money, and I’m yours.

I’m pretty well adjusted to the massive bottle in my pussy and I start to moan around the pussy I’m licking. Soon she’s cumming in my mouth. You pull out of her mouth and push into mine. As you fuck my mouth I moan around your dick and you know I’m loving the feel of the bottle now. You slap my ass hard and egg me on knowing I’m going to cum soon. You tell me how slutty I look soaked in the cum of countless men and women. I’m fucking back onto the bottle now and the young black girl fucks me even harder. You pull your self out of my mouth and move behind me. I can tell from the noises that you’re fucking the black girl as she’s ramming the bottle into my cunt. I start to convulse and scream out in pleasure and pain as I cum hard. A cock is in my mouth before I finish. I can still feel you fucking the girl behind me. Soon you’re back in front of me and I’m sucking her juices off your cock. You shoot stream after stream of hot tasty cum down my throat.

The crowd starts to thin out and as I’m sucking the last of the dicks and getting fucked by the old man who’s ass I licked earlier I notice someone bring a bucket of wamr soapy water. I’m so happy at the sight of the water and knowing I’ll soon be able to wash the stickiness and dried cracking cum from me body that I almost don’t realize that the two men have finished with me.

There’s still a few people hanging around, watching the show, seeing what’s going to happen next but you tell me to pull off my skirt and I happily shed it as you bring the soapy sponge from the bucket to me. I take the sponge and start to bring it up to my face. You stay my hands by covering the sponge with your hand. I look up at you, confused. You smile and shake your head. You nod at the bike and say bikes come before dirty little sluts. Now clean the jizz off this seat with your tongue, then wash the entire bike, and it better be done right, slut. You pinch my nipple and stare into my eyes before you walk away to talk to a biker and his dog.

I groan inwardly knowing I have to clean your bike before I can get washed up. I kneel down and start on the motorcycle seat making sure I do a good job. You go around talking to the remaining people as they watch me washing your bike naked. You come over to check my work and say that because I did such a fine job I can now use the leftover dirty to clean myself up. I do, knowing I need to be thankful for even that.

When I’ve finished, I pull my skirt on and wrap my tattered top around me and you walk me into the hotel.

We can go straight up to our room because while I was getting fucked and sucking everyone in the parking area you went and got our key. I’m grateful for that. You tell me to go get a shower while you get us lunch.

I stand under the hot spray for what seems like hours. I get out and join you in the other room. After we eat, you throw me on the bed, shove your cock in my pussy and fuck me. I’m about ready to cum and you turn me over onto my belly. You pull my hips up and spread my ass apart as you ram your slick cock up my asshole. You fuck me fast and hard, playing with my clit and fucking my well stretched pussy with four fingers telling me you know how much I liked being used for other peoples’ pleasure and how much of a slut I was. You tell me how good I was at it and how I made us all the money we needed and then some. You say there’s lots of ways you’re going to have me make money for you from now on.

You come in my ass as I cum on your fingers. You raise your hand to my mouth for me to lick off. Then you tell me to clean off your dick and suck it til its hard again. After you cum again down my throat, you tell me to lie down and take a nap.

You get dressed and tell me you’re going out and will have a surprise for me when you get back. I lie down with a smile on my face wondering what you’ll have when you come back……

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