Barriers Ch. 04

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Authors Notes: I’m back after 5 years and i’ve decided to revamp this story and see it though. If you’ve read this before please go back and read the first few chapters as i’ve changed a few important plot points, namely the one about Houston. If you’re new welcome, i hope you’re enjoying my work.


The doorbell rang about ten times before I realized the housekeeper wasn’t around and I had to wake up and answer it. I glanced at my phone as I groggily waked up the stairs, about 20 missed calls and even more texts from Jenna. I wasn’t about to sort through whatever she had to say nor did I care. I didn’t even want to think about what the hell happened last night. I wanted to believe it was all some ridiculous dream brought on by too much gin. I took a deep breath and reached for the door.

“Yeah yeah Jon I’m awake. It’s my birthday you could have let me sleep in.”

“I mean you should have woken up about three hours ago for school; I thought this was more than fair.” As I expected there was Jon with breakfast. He even managed to pick up some stupid looking balloons for my birthday. He was wearing my sweatpants but this time he had a black shirt and hoodie on, all of it needlessly tight. He motioned me out of the way and started walking into the dining room. “I got you the same thing you got last time we were there. Hurry up before it gets cold. I’m not even sure if anything works in this kitchen. Are you sure they aren’t the floor models?”

I scratched my head as I followed him. “I’m not doing anything today after last night.”

“You’re kidding right? I the room booked in everything.” He chuckled. “I mean if I have to go by myself I will but I think you’re over reacting. Who cares about Mark?”

“Houston isn’t the issue. It’s Jenna. Look at my phone.” As I pull the phone out of my pocket to show Jon, it vibrates again. “Oh my god she won’t stop.”

“Are you really not going to come with me if you’re still fighting with her?” He ran behind me to look for silverware in the kitchen, his tone changed slightly to indicate he was concerned.

“I don’t know. She’s the only other person I talk to Jon you have to understand.” I pressed my face into my hands again and groaned.

“Oh I do understand. I understand she’s a bitch and you should be happy on your birthday instead of worrying about someone who lied to you despite your trust issues. “

“Can you not be such an asshole for once?”

“I just don’t understand what’s so hard about forgetting her and making her sweat for a weekend.”

“You are a douche, are you just playing an act just for me so you can win me over?”

“Woah. Sorry if I hit a nerve I just don’t understand what’s so confusing. You let her be sorry and decide if she’s worth keeping as a friend.”

“Even if she’s your only friend?”

“What the hell am I then?” Despite my growing impatience with this conversation Jon maintained a ridiculously happy attitude about everything making it hard to take him seriously. “Your hangover is messing with your decision making just sit down and eat before you think about this stuff.”

I opened my mouth to continue to argue but realized the futility and instead took a deep breath and sat down to eat. What bugged me the most about the entire situation is how well Jenna managed to play it.

“You have two options.” Jon broke the silence after finishing up breakfast while picking up the trash and throwing it out. “Talk to her before we leave or let her squirm for the weekend. I’d prefer the second option because we have to go clothes shopping but it’s up to you. You mind if I shower? “He started walking towards the front door.

“Yeah whatever.” I waved him off as I got up from my seat and walked downstairs. Jon was right about eating, I felt much better despite the bottle and a half I went through last night. I decided to go back to sleep instead of letting my mind race around last night. Jon was right; thinking about it wasn’t doing anything but driving me insane.

“It’s time to get moving.” I woke up after an hour to Jon hovering over me. “I packed the car already; we gotta go to the mall before we head out to AC.”

“Stop Jon i’m not going.” I rolled over annoyed. “I was way too much on my mind right now.”

“Yeah, I’m not having this. Come on Jason let’s go.”

“Stop ok, if I don’t want to go I’m not going.”

“Alright you brought this upon yourself.” Jon proceeded to rip me off the bed and onto his shoulder. I forgot despite him being an inch shorter than me he was very capable of picking me up and throwing me. The sudden motion made me gag. Before I could process what was going on we were already out the front door and he was putting me down. “Now which key locks the door?” He looked at me rather proud thinking he had more or less won.

“Just give me the keys and I’ll lock it.”

“Nice try, I’m not an idiot. Which one is it?” My patience was more or less non-existent and this point as I was seething mad at how confident Jon was. “You’re a fucking canlı bahis brute. You think you can just force me to go on some stupid trip with you. It’s my fucking birthday. I’m going to choose how I spend it.”

“Nope, you are spending it with someone who cares about you and isn’t going to lie or randomly abandon you! You don’t get a say, I spent way too much money to stop now.”

“Holy fuck you think I give a shit about money?” I reached into my wallet and threw the check my parents gave me at him. “There’s your fucking money back asshole now let me go back inside.”

“Who the fuck gives their kid… that three zeroes?” Jon held the check up to the sun to make sure it was real. “Holy shit this is a grand.”

“Yeah that’s the shut up money I get from my parents. Now that that’s settled let me go inside and drink in peace.”

“This is what I’m talking about Jason, you can’t keep doing this shit to yourself or you’ll have a liver disease before you’re twenty-one.”

“Why the fuck do you care so much?”

“Because nobody else clearly does and I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I knew my friend was literally drinking himself to death every day.”

“Yeah well friends make shitty decisions sometimes.” I pushed Jon out of the way and walked towards the door only to have him grab my arm.

“I’ll carry you again if I have to.” At this point I realized he was getting more serious about the situation. “I don’t want your money. I want to see you happy.”

“Sometimes you aren’t supposed to be happy Jon believe it or not.”

“Yeah but your birthday is a day you’re supposed to be happy.”

“Like last year…wait no….maybe the year before that…..nah that was pretty damn shitty too…maybe the year before that….”

“I get your point. Give me one day to try and make you happy. If you don’t have a memorable birthday today then I’ll stop pursuing you and leave you alone.” It almost seemed like he was begging by the way his eyes glimmered and his grip on my arm relaxed. “Just one day, if you hate what I set up I’ll drive you right back.” Something in the back of my mind suddenly took over and made me realize how retarded and impossible I was being.

“Alright let go of me and we’ll get going as soon as I go grab something in my safe.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“So you can see my combination? No thanks. I’ll come back out just let me grab what I need.”

“Alright your clothes are already packed in the car. I used a small suitcase I found next to your things.” Jon finally released his vice grip on my arm. “5 minutes and I come back in. I’ll be waiting.”

I ran downstairs and punched in my safe code. It had been a while since I had opened it. I keep emergency cash in here along with a copy of my parents will, and some family heirlooms. Today however I was looking for my fake id. Yeah, stupid as it sounds I had a pretty good quality fake id made just in case I needed to get in somewhere. I couldn’t seem to find it and after five minutes on the dot I heard mister happy come down the stairs.

“Are you hiding in that safe? What’s going on?” “Still looking for it. Give me a few.” I was at the point where I shoved everything to one side to look for the id piece by piece.

Jon groaned as he walked back up the stairs. “Come on I need to take you clothes shopping.”

After another 5 minutes of searching I found it stuck in the middle of the will; perfect sense as I just threw the thing around with no intent of looking at it straight on. One of my biggest fears in this world is the fear of death so anything associated to it freaks me out. After closing up and turning on the security system I locked my house. It was strange leaving the house for something that wasn’t a vacation with my parents. This would be the time ever I was traveling without them. I really was such a spoiled and idiotic kid, pissing away my youth because of my repressed anger and animosity towards others. It was time to take steps towards being someone in this world. I hopped into Jon’s car and saw he was busy texting someone.

“Holy shit finally.” Jon drove towards the mall in an abrupt manner.

“Sorry I didn’t realize how important your time was on my birthday holy crap.”

Jon groaned and stroked his chin at a stoplight. “Sorry, you scared me back there. I just want to see you happy at least once. You worrying about Jenna isn’t fair to you when she screwed up. I’ve known you for a year Jason. I’ve been biding my time trying to show you that I’m a great guy that just wants a chance with you and I’ll be honest, if I screw up today i just don’t know.” He was rambling aimlessly but it was cute and endearing like a retarded puppy. “I just want you to know. I like you, like a lot. I have never pursued someone like this ever in my life. I’m not trying to pressure you by telling you this but…”

“Off to a great start! What a great decision I made!” I honestly couldn’t stand the sappiness of this conversation so I decided to cut it with blatant sarcasm.

“I mean bahis siteleri it Jason. I just want to make my feelings for you very clear. I really do enjoy being around you. You make me complete and a strange kind of happy that I have never experienced before.”

“Oh come on plenty of girls have made your dick hard.” I said with a gigantic snicker.

“You’re just going to be difficult this entire time aren’t you?” Jon pulled into a parking space and looked me in the eyes.

“Just let me know if you have second thoughts about trying to make this work.” I gave made a dumb face and popped out of the car. “Where are we going?”

“I guess lunch right?”

I looked at the clock on my phone. 2:00pm.”Alright Chipotle it is.”

“Anything you want birthday boy.” Jon came up behind me and squeezed me really hard stopping us for a bit. Something about Jon’s hugs made relatively chilly days like today feel like summer. We stood around the parking lot for a couple minutes before he finally let go.

“So I’m winning.” Jon walked ahead of me and winked like the cocky bastard he was.

“One step forward, two steps back as always.”

“Oh come on you love me when I’m like this.”

“You were serious about 10 seconds ago and you’re back to being a jackass.”

“What can I say? That hug reinvigorated me. Come on we still have to get you clothes after lunch.”

For the little over a year I’ve known Jon, he always maintained this happy-go-lucky attitude. Now that I think about it, Wednesday night was the first time I had seen him serious. I guess this is why it took me so long to trust him. I have to admit it was becoming hard to ignore every advance and he was definitely growing on me.

“Are you coming or what?” Jon was waving from the entrance trying to pull me from my thoughts. I brought myself back to earth and ran to catch up.

“Sorry, just thinking about stuff.”

“Do you want me to fight Houston? I’ll beat his ass I swear. It will be your present!” He thought i still gave a shit about Houston.

“Yes, I need more bullshit drama. What a great present.”

“I’m kidding. I would never do something like that unless he hurt you.” Jon continued the conversation as we walked into the restaurant. “Are you ok to talk about this? I don’t want you to say anything you aren’t ready to admit yet.”

“No it’s fine I have to tell you eventually.”

Jon was insistent on paying when we got to the register. I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I found a table and made quick work of the bowl. Jon kept looking around like he was expecting someone to show up but i didn’t think much of it.

“So what did he say?”

“About what you would expect. Same old stupid apology”

“How did you respond?”

“Told him to get out.”

“Is that really it?”

“No he confessed his undying love for me and we fucked and had 12 kids and lived happily ever after” I was getting annoyed talking about Houston’s stupid ass. “It’s fucking Mark Houston. You think I care for any of his bullshit after our past? You think some stupid tears affected me?”

“No it’s just feels like…”

“WOW YOU’RE RIGHT HE WAS CRYING HE CLEARLY MEANT EVERYTHING HE SAID I SHOULD JUST FORGIVE EVERYTHING HE DID AND WE’LL BE HAPPY TOGETHER FOREVER JUST LIKE SOME GARBAGE ROMANCE NOVEL TROPE!” I was probably too loud but I really wanted to drive the point home that I had no intention of associating myself with him ever.

“Alright I get it. You hate him. I’m just making sure you aren’t going to run off and fuck him when we get back.”

“You still act like we’re dating Jon.”

“I’m pretty confident you’ll be mine by the time we get back on Sunday.”

“I thought it was only for today.”

“No, I said I would take you back today if you hated it but I know you won’t.”

“You are far too confident of yourself.”

“Nah, I just think I have gotten to know you over the past year and hopefully that translates into me knowing how to make you happy.”

I shook my head and went back to my food. Lunch went rather quickly as we continued the conversation. I kept asking the details of our plans for today but Jon insisted on keeping it a secret. He led me towards his favorite clothing store after lunch. I had never actually been in the store but Jon insisted that besides my tailored suit, nothing in my wardrobe would be suitable for this weekend. That was fair; I did a majority of my shopping online. Band shirts, Jeans and monochromatic hoodies were all I ever wore. As a guy that only really left his house for concerts it made a lot of sense, but it lacked anything formalwear wise.

“There you are!” A tall, slim Asian girl waved at us right in front of the store. “Johnny, I’ve been waiting for a half hour now what took so long?”

“Sorry, we had a couple of issues leaving the house.” Jon scratched the back of his head and flinched. “Jason, meet my cousin Suzy.”

“Hello Jason!” Suzy was about an inch taller than me with long black hair and glasses that accented bahis şirketleri her deep blue eyes. Her loose white sweater accentuated her perfect tan skin. She finished her outfit with some perfectly fit black jeans, a large black leather handbag and black platforms. Money was good enough to make all of the Hans look good or they were raised to take care of themselves, probably both. She walked over swiftly to get a closer look at me. “You’re just as Johnny described you! I already know what I want you to wear. Come come! We don’t have much time to waste.”

“Uh what’s going on?”

“He didn’t tell you I was your personal shopper today did he?” Suzy turned her head and gave Jon a glare. “That’s Johnny for you, always likes to leave out the details.”

“I was afraid he wouldn’t come if he knew about this ok?” Jon turned around flustered. Suzy had some kind of effect on Jon. He had gone from confident and cheeky to shy and confused. They began conversing in Chinese as I stood there still very confused.

“Whatever. Sorry sweetie allow me to explain, Johnny told me to come here today so we can get you some clothes for this weekend. Johnny doesn’t know the first thing about fashion so he asked me to help you out. Don’t worry this is literally my job.” Suzy was just as chipper and upbeat as Jon usually was. Something about this family really confused me. “Jon has to go get something apparently so it’s just you and me! Now come, I have to get back to New York by tonight we don’t have much time.” She took my hand and quickly dragged me away from Jon and into the store. “Ok Johnny, see you in an hour!”

“Hey woah stop for a second. I appreciate the help but what is going on?” She continued to drag me to the back towards the shirts.

“Johnny is so stupid sometimes. He wants to take you to dinner tonight at some fancy place and then you’re supposed to enjoy AC or something. I don’t have the full details because he didn’t bother to explain them to me. I’m just here to help you out with some clothes.” Suzy finally stopped in front of the button downs. “Now I want to find some solids and some patterns for you. What size shirt do you wear? Small right? Hmm…maybe a medium.”

Suzy had a way of drowning you out while she did her thing. Realizing I wasn’t about to stop her from shopping for me I gave up and waited as she moved shirts in front of me seeing what she liked. After being thrown several outfits and lots of projected emotions Suzy picked out 3 for me.

“So you’re going to wear the blue striped long sleeved with the white slacks for dinner tonight. After that the black shirt with the jeans should be perfect for Saturday and you wear the grey shirt with this hoodie and these dark grey slacks if you end up at the beach. Any questions?” Suzy handed the cashier the card told her she didn’t care about the cost and brought back her focus to me.

“You work fast.” I look at my phone and realized it had only been about forty minutes so Jon wasn’t due back for a bit. “No, no questions….thank you very much.”

“Not a problem! I have to wait on Johnny too, let’s go get coffee!” Suzy took the receipt and walked out of the store at a brisk pace, I was getting exhausted imagining spending a day with her. I thanked the cashier and ran out to catch up to Suzy. After about 30 seconds of running we walked into a local coffee shop and waited in line.

“Ugh, work.” Suzy took looked up from her phone to glance at the menu. “Sorry hun, one second then I’m all yours.” She swiped something on her phone then put it in her purse as she walked up to order. We got our overpriced coffee after about 3 minutes and sat down by the window. “So who are you, how did Johnny find you and how did you manage to be so special to him?” Suzy still in her face paced attitude bombarded me with questions I wasn’t really prepared for.

“Uh…I’m Jason. We go to the same high school and I don’t know.” I answered quickly trying to match pace with her.

“Calm down. You’re so timid for some reason I can’t imagine why. Are you nervous about this weekend?” Suzy was fairly oblivious to the affects her personality were having on me it seems as she glanced around the coffee shop and sipped on her latte. “Honestly I’ve never actually met any of Johnny’s girlfriends so you must be really special to him. I didn’t even know he liked guys before this week!”

“Uhh it’s just you’re so fast that i…”

“Oh sorry that’s what happens when you live in the city. Fast cars, lights, lifestyle and all that wonderful jazz. I do miss the suburbs though. When I need a break I spend a few days here or on a nice island and god knows I need those. Ah sorry I’m doing it again I’ll stop tell me how you and Johnny met and take your time I swear I’m not as intimidating as I seem.”

“Well, he started talking to me in detention last march asking for a date.”

“Wait, he has been trying to date you for six months and he didn’t give up? Aww Johnny’s in love! I have to text Karen about this oh my god this is just too cute.” She swiped her phone and started typing rapidly. “Keep going I’m listening.”

“After that date I kinda kept my distance but this week was different…so here we are going to Atlantic City this weekend…”

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