Bedtime Snack

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I was waiting for Blue to get out of the shower and come to bed with me. As we always are, I was naked as the day I was born.

I had the little brown bottle of musk oil. She likes me in musk oil. I like her in musk oil. She makes me horny as fuck wearing musk oil.

I confess…I make my own self horny as fuck in musk oil. There! I said it! I’ll confess to something else: I buy it by the case…that’s 12 at a time. Everything about us smells like musk…our clothes, the closet, our hair, our entire bedroom and our bed. We would have it no other way.

Blue got out of the shower, also naked as the day as she was born. I said to her, playfully, “Oh! Have you no decency? Have you no shame? Have you no bathrobe?”

“Nope! Nope! And, Nope! And that sounds funny, coming from a slut who is using the musk applicator to play with her pussy!”

I laughed. “YOUR slut, my hot lover…Sunnypussy belongs to Blue! Now, come to me, my love.”

I spread my legs and Blue slid her body between them, bringing her mouth to my lips and kissing me deeply…her tongue slid to my tongue and hotly played with it, then she parted our kiss, keeping her lips barely touching mine, breathing on my mouth. “I think Sunnybuns would like to have her pussy sucked, wouldn’t she…”

“Oooooohhhhh, fuckfuckfuck, YES!”

With her still on top of me, I got the musk again, and went about applying it to her shoulders, the back of her neck and down her back. I kept dipping the applicator back in the bottle, and she purred for me when I caressed her ass with it.

She pressed her forehead against my shoulder when I slid it down between her ass cheeks. I dipped it in the bottle again, then used it to play with her opening…that sent her mouth to my neck, her tongue sliding on my skin. She whispered very close to my ear, her breath hot as hell, “Promise me you’ll fuck my ass with your tongue…fucking promise me…”

I whispered back to her, “I promise…deep enough to make your ears wiggle…”


I smiled and slid down between her legs, dragging my long hair down her body, her fingers woven through canlı bahis it. I delighted in rubbing my cheeks along her soft inner thighs…I pursed my lips and blew my hot breath on her pussy with my arms under her thighs, my hands holding onto her.

“Sunny, wait. I have to run and pee first, okay?”

This was going to be fun! I had to play with her…she started to scooch away from me, but I gripped her tighter.

“Oh, I don’t think so…your hot tigress has you firmly in her grasp…I want your pussy, and I’m not letting go of you!”

I touched my tongue-tip to her clit…her entire body JUMPED!”

“Sunny! Fuck, baby! You’ll make me wet myself!”

With my tongue on her clit, I looked up into her eyes and smiled. “No way…I really think you’ll cum before you pee…I’m sure of it…”

“Fuck no! I’ll pee right in your face! Now, let me go pee!” She squirmed harder, trying to get her hips free of my hands. I opened my mouth wide on her pussy and sucked ALL of her into my mouth and purred for her.



I giggled into her hot pussy while she wriggled her ass, trying to back her pussy from my mouth…her body was shaking now. Whether she knew it or not, she was sooooooooo close to cumming! I fucked her hard and deep with my tongue while sucking the HELL out of her…


I growled into her and, oh my goodness, did she EVER cum! I held onto baby real tight with her wild, bucking orgasm filling my mouth with every drop of her! I kept sucking her, wanting ALL of her honey-sweet cum, and she gave it to me, her pussy throbbing and pulsing in my mouth…

Right AFTER her orgasm ended, she struggled from my grasp…


Off she went, right over the edge of the bed…she quickly rolled to her feet and ran like hell to the bathroom! Upon her return, she found me playing with my pussy…of course. She stood there with her hands on her hips.

“Okay, what made you think I’d cum before I peed myself?”

“Eh, I just knew. Who do you think you’re dealing with, here?”

She climbed bahis siteleri on the bed and looked at me. “You know, you were a very bad girl! I think I shall have to fuck you very hard with the biggest double toy we have!”

My eyes widened in pretend alarm. “Oh no! You mean the big, huge one that completely fills my pussy?!?!”


“The one you grip with your pussy and ram it inside me, as far as it will go? The way you bruise my inner thighs and make me scream and cum all over you? That one?!?!”

“Yes, my bad-girl slut! And I might have to spank you while I do!”

THAT was all I had to hear…without either of us touching me, a quaking orgasm completely rocked my body and I came so hotly for her…

My pussy lips quivered, watching Blue slide the big double toy inside her. She watched my eyes, her lips pursed, breathing deeper while her exquisite pussy swallowed the toy…she arched her back…I could see her pussy convulsing as though hungrily eating it, intent on taking all of it…

“Oh yeah…take it all, my sweet Blue…”

Her juices were forced from her and were soaking her swollen outer lips…she whimpered when I held the end along with her own hands and gently moved it around in circles inside her, making her even more wet…she moved her hips and ass around to wriggle the toy to the back of her pussy, soft little screams coming from her throat, then, she was able to speak…

“Give me your pussy, Sunny…let me fuck you, baby…Sunnypussy belongs to Blue…it belongs to me!”

I brought my lips to hers…our lips were barely touching…

“Blue owns my heart, body, soul and pussy…now, fuck me…take possession of me…”

I slid down onto my back, spreading my legs for her…juices were already POURING from me. I pulled my knees back, happily surrendering my pussy to my hot, hot woman.

Baby smiled, gripping the toy with her strong pussy muscles. She sat between my thighs with her legs on either side of my body, raised her ass off the mattress…


“Baybeeeeeeeeeeee! bahis şirketleri Fuck YES! GIVE IT TO ME!”

Blue’s entire body tightened and she gave me one hard fuck after another to the back of my pussy, pushing my body, making me scream while holding onto handfuls of the sheets for dear life! I didn’t fuck back at her…I gave her my body to do whatever she wanted…she had a firm grip on my hips AND SHE FUCKED ME RELENTLESSLY!


Blue screamed and CAME LIKE HELL! Baby used her hard orgasm to fuck me even harder and I screamed with her, so close to orgasm!


She held my long hair and mercilessly rammed the toy against the back of my pussy, my whole body being shoved each time, then my wild fucking orgasm swept over me…


She slapped into my inner thighs over and over, drenching both of us by splattering hot ladycum all over us!

When our wild orgasms passed, she fell on her back, breathing deeply…I was out of breath, too…having been fucked soooooo well by the lady who loves me…

I could feel the toy moving inside me, caused my her quivering pussy muscles still holding onto it…I playfully wriggled my hips to move the toy around inside her…

“Sunny…fuck…oh, baby…”

“Want more, my precious baby?”

“Noooooooooooo…not right now!”

She propped her head on a pillow and watched as I hotly wriggled myself off my end of the toy…I smiled at her, sat up and held the toy, still buried inside her…hot thoughts flew through my mind…


“No Sunny!”

Blue started scooching herself off the toy. I held onto it and let her take her time, letting her slide from it herself. When she did, her body collapsed again on the mattress and I slid my hand through her pussy, then rubbed her juices and cum all over my tummy while she watched.

Yes, I really am a slutty-sweet whore for her…and I love it!

We held each other and kissed and kissed and kissed, our mouths and tongues absolutely lost in each other…

…and our pussies oozing and dripping on each other’s bodies.

“I love you, Blue!”

“I love YOU Sunny!”

The End.


Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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