Being Humiliated , Loving It

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It all started the night I met my current wife we met at a she-male club in the private rooms out back. I was getting a blow job from a beautiful she-male when she came into the room to check on things, see she worked there as a cocktail waitress. Her name was Cindy and I fell in love with her right away. We went out after work and to my surprise she was a female. I had thought she may be a she-male but she had a lovely pussy and very large tits.

She told me she had worked at the club for 4 years and she loved to have sex with she-males. I told her that it was my first time at that club and that I liked to fuck she-males too. She ask me if I ever sucked a she-male cock before? I told her no but I had thought about it, she said that it turned her on to see a man suck a she-male cock. She ask me if I would suck a cock for her? I told her I am bi curious and was wondering what it feels like to have a cock explode in my mouth and ass.

She said she had a she-male friend that would let me suck her cock. She called her friend and he-she came over to the house her name was Carla. After we had a couple drinks we went into the bedroom and Carla took off her dress and she had a big beautiful cock she looked over at me and said; will you fuck my hot ass, while your woman sucks my cock dry. I said I had rather you let me suck your cock while Cindy fucks your ass with a strap-on dildo, see I have never sucked a cock before and I am dyeing to rap my lips around your big hard cock and suck the she-male cum out of you.

The only male cum I have tasted is my own and I have been eating it for years. I noticed my cock was rock hard and I got down on canlı bahis my knees and started licking the head of the big cock and it was jumping around every time I flicked my tongue across the end of it. Carla’s cock and balls was shaved and her ass smelled like flowers before the night was over I had tasted Carla’s sperm and had tongued her asshole out and me and Cindy has been together ever since that night.

We ended up getting married and she started making me dress up in women’s clothes and we would go out and have wild sex. She started dominating me from the first day we was married. On our honeymoon she tied me to the bed and got on top of me and fucked me hard till I shot a load of cum in her pussy then she got up and put her pussy over my mouth and let my cum drip back into my mouth. She said from now on whenever you cum in my pussy or ass you will lick it up and swallow it, and I have been doing that for years now.

We have advanced so much sexually over the years. I think it is so erotic, to be down on my knees, a she-male cock in my mouth, one in my ass, and my ‘wife’ telling me how pathetic I am for being a whore to a cock, and how my dick is to so small for her now and how she wants to fuck a bigger cock. We go out at night looking for a man or she-male to take home with us so my wife can fuck them and suck their big cocks. I love to jerk on there cocks and suck them up real big for my wife to fuck she always lets me suck the cum out of there cock to start with she says that it will keep them from cumming to fast when she is fucking or sucking them. I am very anal, and it has always been a favorite of mine to have my wife take bahis siteleri me with a strap-on and have me fuck another man as I am being fucked. Last night she fingered and licked my ass till pre-cum was leaking out of my cock she also used a big vibrating John Holmes dildo on me. I cum in bucket fulls!

One night we went to a she-male party and I bet 12 different she-males fucked my asshole. I had cum dripping out of my ass the next morning when I was walking around the kitchen. One time I set up a gang bang for my wife I had 23 young men and she –males come over to the house and they fucked my wife from 10 o’clock at night till 7 AM the next morning the bitch couldn’t walk straight for a couple days of course I had to eat all the cum that had been deposited in her ass and cunt.

Hell, she even made me lick up the dried cum that was on the sheets. She got me back a couple weeks later when I thought we was going to a party and we ended up over at a friend of hers. She had set me up and this time it was me that was the whore slut that sucked everybody’s cock that was at the party. I swallowed at least 15 loads of cum and I bet I took another 10 loads in my ass.

The next morning my jaws ached and my ass hurt Cindy made me put on a pair of women’s panties after the last man fucked my ass and I wasn’t allowed to take a shower till morning Cindy pulled my panties off and they was full of thick rich cum. She made me suck all the cum out of them for breakfast. Then she had me get down between her legs and clean her pussy out, she had been fucking some of the larger cocks, her cunt was gaped open wide and really wet with all that cum bahis şirketleri and pussy juice.

As I was sucking her cunt I was on my knees when I felt someone grab my hips and I felt a cock sliding up my loose ass I turned around and Carla was fucking me with her she-male cock. Carla said that my ass was so loose that she couldn’t feel any thing. I told her to pull her cock out and let me suck it off. She pulled her cock out of my asshole and I wrapped my fingers around the root of her cock and started jacking her cock off it front of my face licking the end of her pee hole and tasting the pre-cum that was leaking from her balls.

I looked up at Carla and ask her if I could jack her cock off on my face, that I loved to see a cock shoot its cum. She said I could. So I was pumping her cock and licking the head of it when I felt her balls tighten up I rammed two fingers in her ass-pussy and she shot off a big stream of cum all over my face. When I was done I had globs of cum hanging off of my face and my wife was licking it off and swallowing it. After she was done she told me to go take a shower.

When I got out of the shower Carla had pumped another load of cum in my wife’s pussy. My wife called me penis breath and told me to lick her pussy when I was getting the last bit of cum out of her cunt she pissed all over my face and told me to go take another shower. That was the first time she pissed on my face and I was wondering what was going to happen next. She apologized for pissing on my face she said it felt like she was going to cum again but instead she pissed. I told her I would forgive her if she would suck my cock and as she was going down to suck it I let out a big golden shower all over her. I told her I was sorry I thought I was cumming Ha Ha Ha (Any body out there that loves to eat cum as much as I do e-mail me while you are eating your load of cum)

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