Belinda and Sue – A Love Story Ch. 02

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Continuing their holiday love affair…


Just as they stepped into the hotel room from the bathroom, Belinda’s mobile phone rang. She picked it up, looked at the screen and saw that it was Dave calling her. Laughingly she put her finger to her lips to shush Sue, and answered in as normal a voice as she could.

“Hi sweetheart,” she said, “You must have read my mind, I was just going to call you.” Actually, the thought hadn’t entered her mind. “Sue? No, she’s probably gone down the shops, I’m on my own.”

She winked at Sue and pulled a face, and she grinned in return but came round behind where she was standing and undid the towel Belinda had round her and it fell to the floor. She reached round from behind and with both hands began to fondle her breasts. Belinda gave a little cry which she turned into a cough.

“You hear me OK?” Dave asked “Funny noises on the line.”

She tried to not giggle and answered “Yea, it’s fine my end.”

He told her about what he was doing, still at head office, but Belinda was badly distracted with Sue nipping and pulling on her nipples and just umm’ed and aah’ed at what seemed to be the right places. “We’re having a nice time, so don’t worry about me, Love you, can’t wait to get back.” Belinda lied.

Pleasantries over, he blew her a kiss, and hung up.

They both burst out laughing and with that, Belinda whipped round and threw Sue onto the bed face down and gave her a smack across her bottom. She screamed and they tousled about for a while until Belinda let Sue get the better of her and found herself pinned face down onto the bed with Sue straddling her sitting on her back, gripping both her hands above her head. They stopped struggling and Belinda lifted herself up a little so that so could feel the naked crutch pressing into her spine just above the cleavage that went between her buttocks. Sue knew that Belinda could feel her and moved her hips backwards and forwards a few times. Then she rolled off and got to her feet.

“Come on you, get your ass into gear and let’s go out before we start something we can’t stop.” She ordered. “I’m hungry and I need a drink.” Then making fun of Belinda, she held her hand to her ear like a telephone and mimicked “Love you.” and fell about laughing.

They dried and brushed their hair and decided by mutual consent to wear skirts and tops. Belinda chose a blue linen short sleeve yoke top with a white pleated skirt that she was fond of, Sue wore a black silk blouse over a black camisole top and with a matching pair of French knickers. Belinda’s mouth almost fell open when she turned and saw her standing there in those sexy clothes, yet to pull on her skirt.

The blouse was quite sheer but the camisole top underneath covered her breasts without losing their rounded shape and not transparent enough to let her nipples show through. She wasn’t wearing a bra and those French knickers were just so right. She had to tell her how beautiful she looked and meant every word of it.

Belinda could feel herself getting damp again just at the sight of her wearing such provocative clothes with the added allure of the openness of the loose legged knickers.

“You had better put your skirt on.” she finally managed to get out the words but really just wanted to stare and stare at her. She was so horny.

They decided not to eat in the Hotel, wisely, as in common with most hotels catering for holidaymakers on a budget, there was a queue at the self-service counter. Walking past the dining room with the lights that were far too bright, they knew that they wanted somewhere a little more intimate where they could enjoy each other over some good food, and local wine. Together, they walked in the still, balmy, evening air towards the harbour feeling sure that there would be somewhere that suited them and sure enough, after about a ten minute walk they found a group of buildings around the harbour. As well as a few fishing boats moored to the buoys, there were some pretty expensive motor boats and yachts tied up stern first to the harbour wall.

In the little group of buildings they spotted a small restaurant that did local food. It had some outdoor tables and just through the open, folding glass doors, a bar and behind that a cosy looking restaurant. The owner, a little stocky guy, hardly as tall as Sue, in his fifties, dark with the Mediterranean sun but with bright white teeth and quite good looking for his age, was sitting at the bar as they walked in, it was a little early but he welcomed them in and called his wife over to introduce themselves, Roberto and Consuelo. Belinda felt it was a genuine welcome and not done in the hope that they would spend lots of money there although that must have been going güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri through his commercial mind.

Sue took the lead, “Belinda and I’m Sue.”

He led them over to the bar “Wine?” and without waiting for an answer poured two glasses of glowing red wine. “On the house for two pretty ladies” he said.

His wife smiled at them, gave him a little conspiratorial nudge and made off back to her kitchen. He had enough English to ask where they had come from and where they were staying and he then launched of into a series of places they must go, what to see, what was good and what to avoid.

When they were ready to eat, he ushered them through into the restaurant and they chose a table in the back and then ate their way through the food specially selected for them by Roberto. They had a great starter and then a main course, a lightly spiced and delicious mouth watering lamb together with a superb mixed salad. During the course of the meal, they also managed to get through a few large glasses of wine and were both feeling the effects. Probably didn’t get too loud but they were certainly very giggly.

As they were sitting waiting for the dessert, Belinda’s mind wandered towards the vision of Sue in her French knickers and whispered across at her “Open your legs and pull your skirt up a bit.”

When Belinda saw the grin on her friend’s face and the movement of her legs, she accidently dropped her knife and made sure that she was able to reach down to pick it up looking between those inviting thighs. Not only had Sue done what had been asked of her but she had also pulled one of the lacy legs to one side so that Belinda was able to see the darkness and the pinkness between her labia.

“Won’t be long,” she said, “I’m going to the ladies.” True to her word, she was only gone a couple of minutes and when she sat down, she passed something across to Belinda.

“What is it?” she asked inquisitively then suddenly realised it was Sue’s French knickers bundled into a little ball.

She stared at them in her hands for a couple of seconds before having a quick look round to make sure nobody else had noticed and then quickly folded them up and slipped them into her purse.

Sue wriggled in her seat a bit and then said “Now look.”

Dropping her napkin, it was quieter than an item of cutlery, when she looked, she was fully open and had discreetly slipped her finger into herself. They both grinned at each other, excited at the complicity, and made even more so with the awareness that the other diners had no idea about the sexual scene that was being played out between the two women.

Without saying a word, Sue reached across to Belinda and pretended to brush a crumb of food off the side of her mouth. The finger was sticky and she could taste her as she licked her lips. At that, they both screamed with laughter and this time the other patrons in the restaurant looked round at them with some surprise.

Roberto came across to the table with a wide grin on his face, happy that they were enjoying themselves without knowing what they were really laughing at. “Everything good?” he asked.

Through the laughter, Belinda said “Yes, great thanks.”

“Really nice evening Thank you both.” Sue said nodding towards his wife who had come through to clean the debris off the table.

“Can we sit out front at the table and have a coffee and perhaps a Cognac?” Belinda asked, looking to Sue for confirmation and she nodded in agreement.

Roberto was pulling the chairs back for them as they stood up, “Of course, of course.” he replied. “I bring them out to you.” adding “Please, please.” as he held his arm to guide them to a table.

They sat side by side, looking out towards the marina and after a couple of minutes on their own, the coffee and brandy arrived which they slowly drank.

“Are you having a good holiday?” Belinda eventually asked.

Sue looked at her and said “I can’t think I’ve ever had a better day. From the minute I woke up this morning and saw you standing there with no clothes on and all the other things we did together,” and leaning over and whispering in her ear. “..and you made me come, I’ll never forget that.”

Belinda’s heart almost missed a beat, when she said that and she turned half towards her and under cover of the tablecloth slipped a hand beneath Sue’s skirt and feeling for her in the nakedness between her thighs, began to gently touch and caress her clitoris, dipping downwards to slip first one and then two fingers into the wet warmth and then returning to that sensitive spot. Sue’s breathing started to become laboured until suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Belinda saw Roberto walking towards them from the bar. Quickly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pulling her hand back they both pretended that they had turned round to point something out to each other in the darkness.

They were sure he hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary as he was still smiling and asked if they wanted more coffee or brandy but even if he had seen then it would have perhaps added something to the moment with the added excitement of discovery.

“I think we’ve had enough thanks, it’s been a lovely evening.” Belinda said, “can I have the bill please?”

Sue had closed her eyes and was leaning back in her chair against the wall and probably Roberto might have thought that she was a bit the worse for wear rather than being so turned on by her friend. Within a couple of minutes, he was back putting down a plate with the bill on it and walked back into the restaurant.

Belinda looked at the end figure, pulled the Euros from her purse, her fingers touching the silky lace of Sue’s discarded panties as she reached into it, added a really nice tip, popped the cash on the plate and they made to leave. Suddenly from nowhere, the owner and his wife appeared and it was if the two girls were family friends. They both hugged them and wished them goodnight, watching and waving as they weaved their way down the path back the way they had come/ earlier that evening.

Both of them were certainly more than a little drunk but between them they made it back to the room and as the door closed behind them, Belinda pulled Sue towards her and kissed her. She returned the kiss but Belinda could tell that she was almost out of it so she led her across to sit on the bed and made her drink a full glass of water so that she didn’t dehydrate during the night and wake up with a hangover. Switching on the small bedside light and pulling back the bedcovers for her and then, slowly taking both Sue’s and then her own clothes off, she folded them and placed them on the back of the chair.

When she was naked, Belinda sat in the chair just looking at Sue as she lay back on the white sheet, fighting the sleep that she needed, trying to focus on her surroundings. Belinda watched her fall asleep and she just stayed staring at her friend who was now relaxed, legs slightly parted with the darkness of her pubic hair visible in the softness of the light from the table lamp and accentuating the curve of her body, her breasts almost hidden with an arm thrown across her chest.

Belinda was nearly asleep herself so after she had also drunk a glass of water to combat the effect of the alcohol, she switched off the light and after pulling the bedcovers over the two of them, snuggled up close behind Sue. Even so, Belinda couldn’t resist reaching around to fondle her friend’s breasts and play with the nipples before she too fell asleep.

Waking during the night Belinda needed the toilet badly, it was the water and wine filling her bladder. She gradually opened her eyes, puffy with sleep. They were still in the same position that they were in when they went to sleep but she felt that Sue was awake as well and as she started to move in the bed to make her way to the bathroom, Sue turned to face her and kissed her hard on the mouth, pushing her tongue between Belinda’s lips almost in a frenzy. Returning the kiss Belinda knew that if she didn’t go to the bathroom soon they would both regret it.

“I need to use the bathroom.” she said, gasping for air.

Still thrusting her tongue into her bed partner’s mouth, Sue said between the deep sensual probes, “So do I.” and with one last thrust of her tongue let Belinda escape from the grip of her arms.

She followed into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath, watching her as she sat on the toilet. Belinda let her legs drop open and then felt the relief as her bladder begin to empty until it was in full flood and they listened to the sound of it raining down into the water in the pan. She wiped at herself and got up. Sue sat down and although she didn’t start going for a while, she opened her legs and began rubbing at her clitoris quite slowly, then taking her hand away, Belinda saw and heard the yellow liquid leaving her body.

Wiping herself and then, after flushing the toilet, she said “Come back to bed and do me again, I have been holding that in for so long that it’s made me feel so sexy, hurry, I need you to do it to me.”

Belinda was still a bit lightheaded from the alcohol she had consumed, but nothing would prevent her giving in to that urgent demand. Leaving the bathroom light on gave just enough light into the room to see what they were doing and then making Sue sit on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging down to the floor, Belinda güvenilir bahis şirketleri pushed on her chest with one hand and as she slowly sank backwards she reached up and put a pillow under Sue’s head so that she could look at her if she wanted.

She knelt on the floor in front of her and pushed her legs wide open so that she could see the entrance between those soft puffy lips and began to provide the stimulation that she needed to achieve what she wanted, another crashing orgasm. She slipped two fingers into her, curling her fingers so that the tips were making contact with the wall inside her and began slow movements, her fingers almost leaving the slippery warmth of the tunnel and then thrusting deep inside. With her free hand.

Belinda reached for Sue’s hand and brought it down towards the clitoris just above her fingers that were moving with a firm and insistant rythm and, giving her the lead, made her play with her sweet bud. She knew from her breathing and the gentle contractions on the walls that she was getting close and when Sue reached for her hair pulling her face hard into her, she knew what she had to do, and pushed her tongue out running sweet caresses upwards from where her fingers were, across and around her clitoris, all the time moving her fingers in the moistness and sexual secretions.

Finally with a little gasp, Sue began to moan and then, “Oh God, here it comes, Keep doing that with your tongue, Lin don’t stop.”

Suddenly, her legs came up and clenched Belinda’s head, her hands pulling her hair, holding her face tight against her sex until her body had finished pulsing, then. slowly letting the legs fall back to the rest position.

Belinda wasn’t going to stop there and she continued the ministrations with her tongue and began that once more insistent rhythm with her fingers. Without stopping, she looked up at Sue along the length of her body over the top of the hair covered mound and saw that her eyes were wide and her mouth open and suddenly, she said “Oh fuck Lin, I’m coming again. Do it harder, faster. Oh fuck Yes, yes, yes.”

Her head was moving from side to side and her hands now up at her breasts, were pulling at her nipples as the orgasm overtook her. This time Belinda let her come slowly back down to earth although she hadn’t yet pulled out the probing fingers from inside her.

She was still kneeling on the floor and when it grew quiet, she could hear the little wet gurgling sounds coming from between her own legs as she squeezed her thighs together in the spontaneous way that a sexually aroused person subconsciously does. She was so aroused after her efforts to please her partner that she knew almost certainly that just one touch would take her over the edge and she would come.

She managed to lift herself up from the kneeling position on the floor and somehow, with her fingers still tightly gripped in Sue, she laid alongside her, side by side. After a brief respite, Sue’s hand came down between Belinda’s legs and she began to masturbate her, slipping her fingers inside just like Belinda had done for her until finally, she put some light pressure on the clitoris.

The orgasm was instant, making every muscle Belinda’s body tighten. Feverishly they kissed and without thinking about it, Sue moved her fingers in her in time with the pulsations of the climax. They kissed, softly and deeply, sometimes with the urgency of sexual and animal desire and then with soft languorous movements across their lips and tongues. They kissed and touched each other for a long time, exploring and probing with soft sticky fingers, tasting themselves as they touched each others faces and lips, probing fingers into their mouths and being greedily sucked.

“Lin,” she spoke quietly in an enquiring way “that was so good for me, I came twice, I didn’t want it to stop, but I couldn’t hold back any longer. I didn’t do much for you though but I knew you had come, I felt you coming, was there anything else I could do to make it better for you?”

“Just tasting you and feeling deep inside you were the best feelings I have had ever, I fucked you with my fingers and you fucked me. We made love and it was sooooo great, I can’t get enough of you. You got me so excited that I was almost there before you touched me.”

“That’s good, I want you to want me as much as I want you. When I felt your tongue on me and with your fingers inside me I thought I would die. I didn’t know that it would be like that. I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you and I sort of felt excited then but I couldn’t have dreamt it would be like this.”

It was still dark, the morning light was just beginning to break through and they needed sleep now that the fervour had left them.

Belinda eased herself around behind Sue and pulling her tightly against her, she whispered in her ear “That’s good.” and allowed herself just one more touch between those thighs and heard a little moan in response, but they were both exhausted and gradually they drifted back off to sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

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