Best Friend’s Brother Ch. 2

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After my first experience, I made it a point to visit Terry’s house as frequently as I could, never actually knowing when his brother Billy would be visiting from college. It must have been a couple of weeks before I ran into him one Sunday. He was doing a batch of laundry so that he didn’t have to hang out around the coin operated units at the dorm. He had just thrown a load in the dryer when I walked in, said a cautious “Hi” and continued up the stairs to the kitchen. His younger sister was watching some television in the basement so I couldn’t actually say anything to him at the time. She also gave me a cautious look as I made myself comfortable in the chair across from the TV, but she is another story, ‘Two Experimenting’.

The two of us, Leslie and I, sat in silence watching a golf tournament for lack of anything better to occupy our time and I was just at the point of making a move on her when she suddenly jumped up off the sofa, as if to mind-read my thoughts, and said goodbye, heading up the stairs. In a few minutes I heard her footsteps across the living room floor and the front door close with her distinctive slam. That left only Billy and me in the house.

It wasn’t long before I heard the water running, pipes clanking in protest of the shower in full steam. It was then that I slipped up the stairs myself, and headed for the bathroom door. Standing outside for a few minutes, I listened to Billy shower and checked the lock on the bathroom door. As usual it was a hook, latched from the inside so that the door could be opened an inch or so before it stopped progress. Because of the makeshift design, I was able to unhook the latch making my way clear into the bathroom without pause.

Just as the latch popped the water stopped, the shower curtain ratcheted back and Billy stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel on the way. He was drying his hair, the towel covering his face and eyes as I slid in and dropped to my knees in front of his shrunken bahis firmaları and soft member. He never saw me before I slid his still wet cock into my mouth, pressing my nose against his hair and belly, gently chewing his flesh between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It caught him totally unawares and he began stammering about having to leave soon to go somewhere. I slowly withdrew his rapidly rising dick, cupping his soft and dangling balls in my right hand, while I asked him if he would rather I stop so he could leave or be a few minutes late.

Without answering, he chose to be late and I resumed my careful work on his stiffening member, my left hand stroking slowly up and down in unison with my mouth, my right hand still massaging his balls and the skin behind them. Every time I touched his taint, his cock would spasm in my mouth and his knees would become a little weak. I felt in total control of him, his body and his will.

My finger became bolder with each successive flick over his taint, moving farther and farther towards his asshole, brushing lightly over it time and time again, his ass cheeks quivering at each slight contact. My knees were getting sore from the tiled floor and he was having trouble standing so after I was sure I had him, I suggested we head to the bedroom right around the corner. He silently agreed, leading the way. I was able to watch his bare ass and tight thighs as he made the turn to the obvious room we could use. It was then I decided I had to have his ass.

As we walked, I took the towel from over his shoulders, tossing it on the top bunk and using my hands on his shoulders, guided him to the lower bed, not allowing him to turn around but to climb in on hands and knees. He started to stretch out on the bed, a move I quickly stopped, leaving him head down, knees in the air. Without touching his butt cheeks I leaned over and began to tongue his freshly washed back, along the spine, drifting slowly downwards. kaçak iddaa His knees were already separated slightly and, almost reading my mind, he widened his stance, spreading them further apart. I was torturously heading to the crack at the top of his ass and once there he shivered in anticipation. It really didn’t take long for me to accomplish my goal and I was soon rimming his anus with my tongue. Having just showered made his skin clean and fresh giving me no reason to be repulsed.

I was sporting a raging hard on by now, just thinking about what I was going to do to this virgin ass and the clothes I still wore were getting a bit uncomfortable. I removed my guiding hands from his butt cheeks, continuing to insert my tongue as far as it would go, wondering if he would now pull away since he was free. Much to the contrary, he pushed back against my face while I undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor, getting ready for action. With his head down, resting on the cold comforter, he had a perfect view of my cock. Although he previously had this dick in his cum filled mouth, he never actually got a look at it and I heard the sharp intake of breath when I unleashed it from the confines.

Billy was now arching his back up and down to control the angle at which my tongue penetrated his hole. If I shifted up he would arch down to insure the deepest recesses of his canal were available to me. I decided it was now or never and slowly withdrew my tongue from his depths, running it gently over his sack and back up a few times, just to tease him while I climbed up on the bed behind him. During my last lap at his opening I salivated as much as possible to keep access as wet as I could. A bit dripped down his crack and onto his sack, hanging there for a moment before falling to the bed.

He was as ready as I could make him and his motions appeared as if he was positioning himself to accept me. I grabbed my cock firmly in one hand, the other holding kaçak bahis his hips close, saw the opening and began a steady pressure forward against his muscle. I was rewarded by his steady push back against my hardon. His breath was coming in rapid bursts, his back working up a sweat, his ass cheeks shaking in anticipation as I slowly but surely slid against him. As they say, “All resistance was futile!”

In just a matter of moments I was in and he yelped, much like a puppy whose tail has been stepped upon, as I popped his cherry. Although he attempted to lean forward to stop my progress, I was in control and pushed steadily onward, leaning into him as much as possible. He soon stopped his efforts to get me to withdraw and I began the process of sliding in and then out, slowly but deeper on each stroke until I was into him to the hilt. I stopped for a minute, to allow each of us to catch our breaths and then began a steady pounding of his ass, building up the depth of each thrust, impaling him on my now huge cock with every downstroke.

Billy was now groaning loudly and for a minute I was worried about someone walking in the house and hearing us. It was not a sufficient worry to actually get me to stop. I could tell that I was nearing the limit of my ability to withhold and reached around to fondle Billy’s cock. It was almost like magic for as I grabbed tightly to his pole he let out a shudder and howl, squirting cum into my other hand. I was a bit late in reacting, his climax catching me off guard, so some of his copious juices were lost to the sheets below us. But I managed to get quite a handful anyway and as he began to go limp, I brought my cum filled hand to my mouth and licked it clean. It was all I needed as I filled his formerly virgin ass with buckets of my own cum, ten or fifteen spurts, until it was oozing out around my rapidly softening cock.

From the efforts and exertions we fell in a heap, me on top of course, just laying there, minute after minute, until Billy said he was really late and thought he should take another shower before he left. I watched him head for the bathroom, ass giggling, this time with my cum flowing down the backs of his thighs.

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