Bi Man’s Bathhouse Adventure

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I was on a business trip to Cleveland got into town late on a Monday night. The condo I arranged to stay in through my favorite home share website was easy to find from the Amtrak station, which was a short 15 minute cab ride drive. After settling into a really great, modernized apartment downtown with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking a busy strip with restaurants and bars, I spent a few minutes assessing how “exposed” I might be to the neighbors across the narrow street if and when I got myself comfortable and moved around the condo in the buff. Candidly, the voyeur in me hoped to find some sexy and naked folks across the way to show off to, but no such luck. After realizing that it was late, and that I had little to worry about, I got undressed and called it a night.

After about an hour or so, I found myself incredibly restless and amorous. Though it was late, I thought I might check online for a bar nearby where I could have a nightcap and maybe someone with whom I could flirt. To my surprise, much of Cleveland shuts down pretty early, and there were no bars within a reasonable distance to me open after 10 pm. Trying to find a woman to seduce at this hour was a long shot, so I did what any self-respecting bisexual man would do. I looked for the gay hangouts nearby. Again, bars were either gay-friendly or closed. I did, however, find a bathhouse not too far away with fairly good reviews.

Showered and changed into my running tights and sneakers, I decided I would go there and find myself some action. In my running gear, I show off a fit, sexy, black, 6’4″, and 230 lbs. body including a firm bubble ass. My hairless body isn’t chiseled, but it is lean and attractive.

On this particular night, I visit this local bathhouse that is part of popular chain. After arriving at around 11 pm, I was able to check in pretty bahis firmaları smoothly. They offered quiet cabanas on the first floor that the attendant told me had beds that were more comfortable than the flat mats in the standard cabanas on the upper floors. These quiet cabanas were comfortable, private and cool, especially if you want to lounge around or sleep. As the freedom of nudity is in my DNA, it was great to take some time and chill in the buff for a moment alone before checking out the place. The random porn on the television was fun to watch while I felt myself up.

After relaxing for a half hour or so, I got undressed, grabbed a towel and went about exploring the spa. The place was incredibly huge and well laid out. There were a few people wading and relaxing in the nice sized whirlpool, which was situated just outside of the glass enclosed weight room. I decided to drop my towel onto one of the lounge chairs and make my way into the pool as well. There was no fuss and everyone was friendly and cool. My tentacles were up for any subtle invitations, but the other bathers were fairly tame. A few of us were eyeing one an others dicks through the relatively still water.

I found the water temperature about 5 to 10 degrees too cool for me to really enjoy a good soak. After a brief while of enjoying the communal nakedness of the pool, I decided to explore the place further. I found the first floor dry sauna, hung my towel and headed in. Disappointingly, the temperature was not hot enough to break a sweat, so I gave up and headed directly across the way into this dark, cave-like wet sauna. It had a number of dark and mysterious areas. I was beginning to regret that this particular weekday evening did not draw a meaningful crowd. The fun one could have in this cavernous place is limitless. That is when the floor attendant, kaçak iddaa who kept walking through with his fine ass, looking me up and down. He definitely wanted to stop working, hang out with me and play, but he kept it professional. We will have to get better acquainted during my next visit.

After getting myself relaxed and horny with my new friend, I grabbed my towel and headed upstairs, which turned out to be much busier. There were lots of TVs and gay movies for anyone looking for some sexual inspiration. There was a room with a bar, pool table, comfy sofas and a stage. The dry sauna upstairs was working and much hotter than the one downstairs. As there was no one in the sauna at the time, I decided to place my towel down on the top bench, lie down, relax and enjoy the heat.

In a short period of time, guys walking by and looking in from the large glass window decided to join me in the sauna. I had attracted a lot of attention. No one spoke, but soon the sauna started filling up. I both enjoyed the attention and the energy in the room. One guy asked if it was okay to rub me down. I answered in the affirmative. He massaged my shoulders and back. Then it was to my ass, and he gave me a really good, straight up rubdown. I was like putty in his hands.

With my bare ass kissing soaking up the heat and his generosity, he then reached underneath me and grabbed my dick and pulled it between my legs. While still on my stomach, he put his head between my legs and rimmed me good. Slowly he began to lick my ass and my balls. While he was getting himself comfortable, another guy took over massaging my shoulders and back with long strokes up and down my spine. Then my rimmer licked and sucked the head of my dick. The combination of the two of them was exhilarating.

My rimmer then stopped and guy

straddled me to continue kaçak bahis massaging my back. He clearly was well endowed as I could feel his manhood resting and rubbing against my crack. After a few strokes of his largeness between my crack, he began to press up against my very tight hole. I pushed back against him, all the while afraid of the pain that was to come if he push into me. And before I new it, he pierce me, and the pain made me see stars. After pausing for a moment to all me to gather myself, he smoothly inserted himself in me with what was a long, thick pipe. As I looked behind me to get a glimpse of the action around me, my rimmer had his head in the ass of guy

while the crowd in the sauna, all naked, all hard enjoyed the action.

After about 15 minutes of deep fucking, he paused and pulled out of me. He sat on the bench just below my head, occasionally turning around to kiss and bit on my back and neck. While he did that, my rimmer was back at it. I expected him (or someone else) to jump in and fuck me too, but the crowd was respectful and cool. Then he was back, guy

had come back for another round. Somehow, his dick felt harder than the first time. He was working it into me, and I began to really enjoy giving myself up to him. With each stroke, I started to feel myself getting closer to busting a huge nut. With my excitement building, I pressed back into him, our rhythm now in sync. We continued you like this for quite sometime. I was desperate to explode and now needed him to keep pounding me until I did.

Unfortunately, I could not reach my moment of ecstasy before he hit his. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a very good night. My restless itch had been scratched, and even on a very quiet night a bathhouse out of town, I was able to get a deep, penetrating rubdown and an exceptional pounding by a large tool that I could not handle initially. But after a few tries, he got right in there and did some real work. I certainly had a great time. I was all wobbly by the time I finally called uncle! Can’t wait for my next visit.

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