Birthday Bash

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“A little higher Tara, up above the doorway.” Sherri, and her sister in law, had worked for hours to prepare the house for Daniel’s 23rd birthday party. Tara and Daniel had only been married for about 4 months. And Tara, only being 18, had struggled to fit in with family. Her husband’s family all agreed that they should have waited until they were both a little older. That’s everyone except Sherri, Daniel’s younger sister, who, only being 18 her self, who had taken up with Tara from the very beginning. The two girls had been very close from the time that Daniel had introduced her to the family a year or so ago.

“Now that is perfect,” Sherri said. Tara climbed down from the chair where she had diligently been hanging balloons, and turned towards her sister in law.

Tara’s hair was beautiful natural blonde, she had long legs, and soft pouting lips. Her had a gorgeous figure, and loved to show it off, which was plain to see the way her party dress just hugged her upper thighs. Sherri, on the other hand, had velvet black hair like her brother, but she did have the same incredible legs, standing about 5’9 which was only an inch taller than Tara. Sherri’s every incredible curve held serious danger signs. And she was quite proud of her 34 C’s. Tonight, both ladies wore a black dress, with spaghetti straps, that hugged their upper thighs.

“I can’t tell you how I appreciate all you have done. Things have been really hard especially, well you know, your mom and dad….. well you know.”

Sherri touched Tara’s arm gently. “It’s ok. I love you, just like a sister, even closer. And I love Daniel. As important as you are to him, well, you are just as important to me.” Sherri took the bag of balloons from Tara. “You know, mom and dad will come around; just give them time. Now come on we have a lot to do.”

“Wait,” Tara said, turning Sherri back towards her again.

“Yea,” Sherri said.

“Well, I just……” For a moment, Tara stood looking at Sherri’s eyes, and for some reason had no idea why she had called her back or what it was exactly that she needed to say. Though she had never admitted it, this incredibly beautiful lady had made her weak, not just weak, but wet. And it scared Tara at times, the things that went through her mid when they were together. There had been a couple of times that they had gone shopping and been in the dressing room together. And Tara had wanted so badly to touch her, to find out if she was the only one who had felt this incredible want, no, much more like need, when they were together.

“What is it Tara?”

Her words were cut short by what had to be the most unexpected action that she could have imagined. Tara kissed her gently on the lips. It was a soft sweet kiss, one that sent Tara into complete shock. While their lips were touching, a million thoughts raced through her mind. Then the kiss broke suddenly and Sherri looked away in complete embarrassment.

“I‘m casino siteleri sorry, I didn‘t mean for that to happen. I just, well. Damnit, I don’t know why I did that. It was stupid.” Her cheeks grew a deep red color.

Tara couldn’t help but smile. “It’s ok.” She dropped her head. “Really, it’s ok.”

Neither of them spoke about it again, they just went back to work without another word.

By 8:00 the guest were pouring in and the party was proving to be a major success. Daniel was completely surprised. During the night, Daniel caught his wife making drinks in the kitchen. “Baby, you are really incredible. Thank you.” He said touching her cheek softly.

Tara smiled, but it was obvious that there was something pressing on her mind.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you having a good time?” He asked in concern.

“It’s not that, I just… well, I did something today that I cannot believe I did. And I may have really messed things up with Sherri and I.” Tara covered her face with her hands. “God the stupid things I do.”

“What happened, Tara ? It can’t be that bad.”

“I kissed her, Daniel. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. And I told her I was sorry.”

Daniel was quiet, thinking about the situation, actually thinking about his lovely wife’s lips touching his sister’s, and the hardness it provoked in his pants. He was shocked that such a thought would cause him to be aroused. And he made it a point to hide it from his wife.

“Well, honey,” Daniel said. “She doesn’t seem to have a problem with you. So maybe she, well, maybe she enjoyed it.”

Tara looked up in shock. “I don’t think so. No Daniel, I was out of line, and I shouldn’t have done it. I don’t even know why I did it to begin with.” She was totally frustrated.

“Well, I don’t know for sure. Why don’t you ask her?” he suggested.

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Then don’t worry about it. Let’s just go and have fun, and let it go for now, we will talk about it later.”

But the only thing that remained on her mind during the night was “the kiss”. The way it felt when Sherri’s lips touched hers and they way it made her ache inside to do it again. Neither Tara nor Sherri had ever been with another woman. But the intense feeling between them was so obvious, and Tara had actually wanted to kiss her many times.

As the hours passed and the drinks were downed, Tara felt as though it was time to at least talk to Sherri about what had happened, before the champagne had any more buzzing effects. Tara caught Sherri coming out of the bathroom and led her to the bedroom to talk where it was quieter and they could hear one another.

“Look, Tara,” Sherri said before her sister in-law even had a chance to speak. “I know you have been thinking about what happened earlier, and I want you to know that you are worrying over nothing.”

“ I wouldn’t be so worried if it wasn’t canlı casino for the fact that you are my husband’s sister. I mean I have never ever done anything like that. And I promise not to ever let it happen again”

Tara’s concern and guilt made Sherri feel guilty for the thoughts that were racing through her mind. The thoughts of touching her lips, and just how often through out the night she actually wondered how it would have been if she had kept kissing her and….. ok enough, she had to stay focused, and the alcohol wasn’t helping, and neither was this incredible blond in front of her right now.

“Tara, I can’t say I didn’t like it. And I’m being honest.” She walked closer to her sister in law, and came within just an inch of her. “I’ve been attracted to you for a while.” Sherri’s hand slid up Tara’s arm, not that it was exactly what she had intended, but at this point, she just wanted to touch her, regardless of where.

Tara closed her eyes for a moment, trying to decided if she wanted to stop this, or just completely soak up what she was feeling. She decided to do neither. Instead, she reacted with what had to be the most natural response she knew.

Tara leaned closer to Sherri, closing the gap between them completely. This time when their lips touched, the soft passion was gone, replaced by this fierce lust, a need to touch and taste. And they did exactly that. Tara slid the hands up to Sherrie’s cheek, and then into her hair. Their tongues met, and the two girls began to moan and sigh in complete pleasure. The kiss deepened, and Tara’s fingers sought Sherri’s nipples through her bra. Her nipples were erect, hard, and screaming to be released.

Sherri began to back to the bed, and Tara followed, their eyes locked, and they both knew this is what they both wanted. One black dress fell to the floor, followed by another, and the girls lay body against body. Tara unsnapped Sherri’s bra, and slid it over her shoulders, revealing two beautiful hard nipples. She took each of them in her mouth, while Sherri’s fingers tangled in her sister in-law’s hair and her body began to rock with an incredible need..

Tara slid her tongue down Sherri’s stomach, and stopped to linger and trace the soft small patch of hair below. Sherri’s moans grew louder and her body began to rock in perfect rhythm to the fingers that Tara slid inside her. Tara licked around her clit, and then deeper inside her, and to taste her sweet juices. Her tongue pressed harder on her clit, and when she tasted Sherri’s cum, she did not stop licking and tasting, but sucked it from her like baby’s milk.

After only a soft knock, the door swung open to reveal a shocked husband. Daniel stood in complete surprise as he drank in the sight of his sister’s legs draped over his wife’s shoulders and her cum running down her thighs and onto the sheets. He could only manage a stunned look, not only because of the complete kaçak casino surprise, but the hardness it was causing in his pants.

Sherri sat up fast on the bed, and grabbed at the sheets to cover herself.

Tara looked at her husband in shame. “Oh God, I am sorry, it’s not what you think. I didn’t mean to…….”

Daniel placed his finger over his mouth in a hushing motion and closed the door behind him. His smile was uncontrollable. “Please don’t stop, just let me watch.”

The two girls looked at one another in shock, but then smiled in return. Sherri laid Tara down on the bed beside her, and caressed her body, her smooth, soft, beautiful body.

She slid her bra off and then her panties, and traced her tan lines across her breast with her tongue. Daniel sat in the chair by the locked door, and unzipped his jeans to stroke his hardness. For a moment, Tara hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the situation. But once Sherri’s tongue glided over the lips of her pussy, she took one deep soothing breath, and allowed herself to relax. Sherri pulled softly at Tara’s clit with her teeth, and Tara’s own body began to rock with the same motion as her sister in-laws had done before. Sherri slid her fingers inside her and moved to the rhythm of her body. Sherri’s tongue licked fast and hard at her clit, and within only a couple of minutes, Tara was releasing her own sweet cum.

Daniel felt as though he was about to explode. After his wife had cum in his sister’s mouth. he lifted her from the bed, and slid his hard cock inside her. He penetrated Tara with soft long stokes. They continued for a few minutes this way. Until Tara stopped him and motioned towards Sherri. “I want you to fuck her.”

Daniel looked at his sister, her body covered in, not only her cum, but his wife’s cum. Her breasts were beautiful, the way they rose and fell with her still hard panting breaths. Tara stepped to the side, and allowed Daniel to kneel in front of his sister. ”If you don’t want to do this, it’s ok.”

Sherri’s only answer was sliding down on the bed, and taking her brother’s hard cock inside her. God, she was tight. Daniels once soft thrust, were now hard and pounding. Tara had moved and held Sherri’s head in her lap. Sherri raised her head enough to take one of Tara’s nipples into her mouth, and sucked hard to match the hard thrust from Daniel inside her.

“Tara, I’m gonna cum.” He looked at his wife to warn her.

Tara reached down between Sherri’s thighs and rubbed her clit, so that they would cum together, sister and brother. And when Sherri’s body started to tremble with her climax, Tara reached farther down and slid her husband’s cock out and his cum covered Sherri’s stomach. In one quick move, Tara licked the cum off sister in law‘s stomach, and then kissed her softly on the lips.

The three of them emerged from the bedroom, in time to tell the last of the guest goodnight. The party was a success indeed.

i have had so much fan mail from those who have really been wanting me to do another incest story. So it is, just for you. ; )
Please let me know what you think. Keep the fan mail cumming.
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