Birthday Party Surprise

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You probably remember Stella and Brad from the story “Let’s Make a Deal,” well they have been together now for the last three years and their relationship has been going stronger than ever. Brad finished college and is working with Stella and their business Jupiter Data Systems is doing very well.

The time was spring, mid May, and it was a warm spring day in southern California. Stella had a surprise not only for her sister Ginny on her birthday but for as Brad as well. It was Ginny’s 40th birthday and she was feeling mighty low so Stella had decided that she and Brad would go over and cheer Ginny up. Neither Brad nor Ginny knew just what Stella had cum up with. Knowing Stella, it would be sneaky and involve good hot sex.

Ginny had just been divorced from her husband for three months after a thirteen year marriage from hell. Ginny was living with her best friend until she could get back on her feet. Stella gave her a job as a Customer Relations Manager at Jupiter Data Systems making very good money, about $4,500 a month.

Stella offered to let Ginny stay with them at the estate but Ginny wouldn’t have it. She said she needed her “space” and time to think things over and evaluate her life for now.

Ginny did agree however to let Stella buy her a nice condo about a mile away in a nice neighborhood. When Ginny said she would pay the rent Stella said “Nonsense, this is my emancipation present to you.”

Anyhow, Ginny was lying around her condo feeling sorry for herself because she had just turned 40 and was feeling old and because she had no man in her life to scratch her kitty.

Physically speaking, Ginny was fairly attractive. She stood slightly shorter than Stella about 5’8″ tall and had brownish red hair, hazel green eyes, golden tan skin. She measured 36D-26-36 and slightly pudgy(maybe 10-15 pounds over weight at about 135 pounds). In short, she was no Aphrodite, but no man in his right man would have kicked her out of bed either. She was just your average white female.

Stella and Brad had finished having good hot sex about an hour before and had cleaned up and were walking over to Ginny’s condo. It was about 10:30 A.M. on a Thursday and just when Stella and Brad are in view of the condo, Stella decided to call Ginny.

After about 4 rings Ginny finally answered it. “Hello,” Ginny said in a half sullen tone.

“Happy Birthday Baby,” Stella said smiling.

“Oh Hi hon,” Ginny replied in the same half sullen tone.

“Hey now girl that’s is that any way to act on your birthday,” Stella said in an upbeat voice. “This is your day to celebrate and party.”

“Yeah if you like turning 40 and being alone and,” Ginny said sarcastically. “I don’t feel much like partying and I ain’t got nuttin to celebrate except for being another year older and still alone.”

“Well cheer up baby sis, because I got something that’s gonna make you happy put a spring in your step and give you your groove back” Stella said.

“Well whatever the hell it is, bring it on over because I could sure use it,” Ginny replied.

“Well baby, we are turning the corner ready to walk up the sidewalk to your condo now,” Stella replied. “See ya in a few.”

“Just come on in hon,” Ginny said. “I’ll be in the bedroom lying down.”

Stella and Brad opened the door to Ginny’s condo, set the two bottles of Wild Turkey™ whiskey they had brought casino oyna over and the bottles of soda on the table and proceeded to go into Ginny’s room.

Ginny was lying in bed. The covers were at her waist and she was topless, her sumptuous 36 inch breasts glistening in the light.

Stella went over and hugged Ginny “Happy birthday sweetie!”

“Thanks hon,” Ginny said raising up and hugging Stella back.

Brad was standing over in the corner just taking it all in then Stella motioned for Brad to lie on the bed next to Ginny and he reluctantly complied.

Brad was wearing a solid black short sleeve t-shirt with a pocket in the front, blue jeans socks and sneakers.

“Who is this,” Ginny said perking up as she saw Brad.

“This is Brad, my step-son I was telling you about,” Stella said sitting next to Brad and putting her hand on his. “Isn’t he a handsome devil?”

“He is pretty cute for a college boy,” Ginny grinned as she looked him over.

“Is he the one, well, you know,” Ginny said in a whisper referring to the secret that Stella had told her about herself and Brad being lovers.

“Yep,” Stella said proudly, “and guess what sugar, he is your birthday present!”

Brad and Ginny were both surprised. Ginny was more excited and Brad was somewhat creeped out. He loved having sex with Stella but wasn’t so sure he should do it with Ginny, not that he minded it was just the fact that Stella would be watching.”

“Is he as good as you said he was,” Ginny said perking up.

“Just wait and see for yourself,” Stella replied proudly. “I promise you won’t be disappointed. After all, it’s just what the doctor ordered, a handsome strong young buck to give you back your vitality and make you feel alive like a young school girl again.”

“Mom,” Brad said with a whine in his voice. “I thought we talked about this.”

“We did baby,” Stella replied and she then added, “remember our agreement, well this is one of those special favors I am asking you for. After all, she is my sister and she is family so who better to do it with than family Besides, I just won’t be watching, I will definitely be an active participant,” and with that Stella planted a loving wet kiss on Ginny’s lips.

Ginny responded favorably to Stella’s kiss and took her hands and removed Stella’s light aqua blue tank top allowing Stella’s 38DD’s to fall free. Brad was awestruck at the sight of his stepmom making out with another woman, especially her own sister but soon he figured it’s normal and just enjoyed the show.

Stella pulled off Ginny’s black lace panties and laid Ginny on the bed, spread her legs and went at Ginny’s pussy eating her out. Ginny was so horny she came within minutes, flooding Stella’s face with her sweet honey dew nectar.

Stella then laid on top of Ginny and Ginny fumbled for the fastener on Stella’s white denim shorts. She unfastened them and with Stella’s help removed them, leaving Stella completely naked. They laid together, their hot naked bodies pressed into together and lovingly embrace.

It was like they had been lovers forever and in a sense they had been. When Stella and Ginny were younger Stella 21 and Ginny 18, they experimented with lesbian sex just as a drunk dare. They found out they both liked it and were lovers for about ten years.

As they grew older, they fell in line with society’s rules and canlı casino Ginny fell in love with some fellow that sold her a bill of goods and figured he was the only man that would have her so she married him.

Anyway, back to the story. Brad was getting turned on by watching his step-mom making it with her sister and soon had his fly undone and was stroking his cock as he watched. Stella happened to catch it out of the corner of her eye and then said “I’m sorry Ginny I got so excited that I forgot to give you your birthday present. Come on over here Brad baby and join the fun.”

Stella had Brad lay on his back on the pillow and she and Ginny finished removing his jeans and underwear as well as his shirt and soon Brad was naked on the bed except for his socks.

“Enjoy sweetie,” Stella said smiling and with that Stella placed her pussy over Brad’s mouth and Brad ate her out.

Ginny would suck Brad’s cock good and soon she would have him shooting his jism into her waiting mouth. Ginny would suck him some more until he was hard again and she would then mount him and begin riding him cowgirl style.

Ginny wasted no time and began riding Brad hot and heavy, riding him like she was riding a wild bucking bronco. Ginny was acting like a wild woman pumping up and down on Brad’s cock fast and furiously. Brad tried to putting his hands on Ginny’s hips and guiding her motions and it worked and soon Ginny settled down, riding Brad in a moderate methodical pace.

Ginny was so hot and horny that it wouldn’t take her long to climax

“Oh fuck yes,” Ginny exclaimed flooding Brad’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

Ginny would continue to ride Brad until she came again. Just as she was getting ready to cum, Brad could feel his cock twitch and fill with cum.

“Oh god I can’t hold on much longer,” Brad moaned.

“Gimme all of you baby,” Ginny panted. “I gotta have your hot manhood deep inside me.”

Brad grunted and then let loose his monster load deep inside of Ginny’s eagerly waiting pussy. Ginny purred with delight like a contented kitten as she climaxed flooding Brad’s cock with her sweet sticky cream and as she felt Brad’s jism flow into her.

Next Ginny would get on her hands and knees and face the head board and put her hands on it. Ginny would then have Stella lay on the pillows with her legs spread wide and as Brad was taking her doggie style she would eat Stella’s pussy out.

Brad hammered Ginny hard and fast from behind and wave after glorious wave of orgasm rippled and cascaded through Ginny’s body. Brad would lift Ginny up so that she was now on her knees upright. Brad had his arm around Ginny’s neck holding her close to him.

Brad would kiss and nibble Ginny’s ear and tell her erotic sayings, telling her what he was going to do with her.

“Oh yes baby,” Ginny lustfully moaned. “I am your nasty little slut to do with as you please. Take me! Ravish me!”

In turn, Brad began telling her what he did to cheap whores and what he was going to do to her.

“You’ve been a bad little bitch and daddy’s going to have to spank you,” Brad said in his best imitation of stern parent and then put Ginny back down on her hands and knees

“Oh yes daddy, spank me,” Ginny crooned. “I have been bad and I need to be punished.”

Brad playfully slapped Ginny on the behind and Ginny cried out saying “Oh yes daddy spank kaçak casino your naughty little girl and spank me hard!!”

Brad continued to spank Ginny and Ginny begged to be spanked harder and harder and with each blow she crooned with delight.

Brad would pull her up again and this time he began to bit her neck which made Ginny even that much hotter.

“Drink my blood,” Ginny begged. “Partake of my essence so I can become a part of you.

Brad bit harder and harder and with each bite, Ginny got more excited. Brad then bit as hard as he could, broke the skin and blood oozed out

“Oh yes baby drink in my lifeforce,” Ginny moaned gasping for breath.

Brad bit her again and soon slight steady trickle of blood came out and he drank it all in. It was salty-sweet but he loved it and Ginny knees began to wobble.

Brad let her back down and Ginny dropped to her elbows and put her head in Stella’s snatch. Stella stroked Ginny’s hair as she bucked up and fucked Ginny’s face.

Ginny would climax and she arched her back went rigid and her mouth gaped open but no sound came out. Seconds later after the initial wave of pleasure had coursed through her body. Ginny caught her breath and lustfully moaned.

Brad would take Ginny one more time and this time it would be traditional missionary style. Brad’s cock slid into Ginny’s cum soaked pussy and Ginny would wrap her legs around Brad, lock her ankles and pull him in.

Stella had gotten off the bed and was in a chair in a corner with a dildo in her pussy as she got off seeing Brad do her sister.

Brad and Ginny would begin to move together as one and would become united together in a mystical bond. Time and space became suspended and lost all meaning. All they could hear was the beating of each other’s heart as they moved as one.

It wouldn’t be long until they both came and Ginny would croon with delight and Brad would grunt as he spunked his next load.

Ginny and Brad collapsed together and held each other kissing and caressing as they came down from their high. Time and space came back into view and Stella was on the verge of cumming herself and did.

Stella got up and her knees were wobbly but she focused, regained composure and was able to walk over to where Brad and Ginny were.

“So how did you like your present,” Stella ask Ginny with a big smirk on her face.

“Oh Stell baby, he was even better than you said,” Ginny replied fondly. “No one has ever made me feel so alive. Can I keep-em?”

“Well I think that can be arranged,” Stella said with a wink. “I tell you what if you move in with us then you can get this whenever and as often as you like.”

Ginny did not have to give it any thought She jumped at the chance.

“You gotta deal, Ginny replied and with that all three of them would toast with a shot of Wild Turkey.

Stella and Brad would take Ginny out to lunch and then come back to her place for another hot round of sex. Ginny watched as Brad did Stella and they would all three engage in multiple arrangements of hot three-some sex. If you can imagine it, they did it.

Little did Ginny know that when she woke up that morning that this would be the best birthday she would ever have and receive a present worth more than all the gold silver and precious jewels combined in all the world from the beginning to the end of time.

Ginny was now alive again and she had Brad and Stella to thank for it and Brad was now happy he fulfilled his part of the deal because his reward from Ginny and Stella was immeasurable as well.

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