Bishop Takes the Queen Ch. 01

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***Hey all.

Every now and again characters from my stories will demand their own stories be told. This is a side story to Ben Loves a Challenge and involves Dean’s friend D’metrius Matthews, also known by his drag queen name Zion. This should be a relatively short story, probably five chapters.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it.



“You gonna take that skirt off yet?” Topher asked from the crisply made hotel bed. “And the tits?”

Zion froze, then replaced his annoyance with a smile. “No dice, lover boy. The skirt and the tits stay, non-negotiable.”

Topher frowned. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. It’s part of the package deal.” He licked his perfectly painted lips, tonight a brand new shiny opal-white lip paint that had cost more than he usually spent, but it contrasted against his dark skin perfectly.

“You have quite a reputation,” Topher noted with a shrug. “I mean, on Grindr, at least.”

“So, you knew what you were signing up for when you reached out to me.” Zion snorted out a laugh. “I don’t think you’ll mind once I get started.”

“Are you, I mean, are you, like, a woman all of the time? Like, a tranny? Is that why you won’t take off the clothes?”

Zion sniffed. “As if. I’m a Queen, darling. Fabulous, fantastic, and one hundred percent male.”

“Oh,” Topher said. “So, like, you’re the bottom cause you wear a dress while we fuck? Actually, I don’t really care. Fuck it, wear your skirt or whatever. Just, can you get started sucking me off already?”

Zion turned away from him and rolled his eyes. This wasn’t uncommon, the before banter, and it wasn’t uncommon to be confused with a transvestite, but tonight for some reason it was really annoying him more than normal. Something was off tonight, ever since they’d met up outside the hotel. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something just wasn’t clicking like it normally did. This brat wasn’t helping, either, though in the past mouthy brats like him made it more exciting for Zion. Usually.

Usually there was something about the pursuit, and eventual deflowering, of these handsome, headstrong young men, especially when they were bottom virgins. Usually he could brush off their words, could let them think they’d be in charge because of how Zion dressed. Usually it made him hot, he loved how it felt to take control of the encounter until they submitted to him.

Maybe he just needed some time to get into the mood. He closed his eyes, breathed out, then smiled his most winning smile before turning back towards the bed. He just had to keep this little selfish prick from annoying his erection away.

“What are you waiting for? I want those fancy bitch lips of yours wrapped around my dick,” Topher demanded as he spread his legs wide.

The size of the bulge pressing against his slacks was a bit underwhelming.

Another deep breath. He’d done brats like this before, knew what they wanted, and knew how to get what he wanted from them. He liked doing this, he reminded himself.

“Mmm, big man,” Zion purred. “I love it when a man knows what he wants.”

“I know I want those shiny lips of yours sucking my cock like it’s your favorite lollipop,” Topher said, lifting his eyebrows expectantly.

“Of course, sugar. Let me just get you outta those tight pants, they look so uncomfortable.” Zion crawled across the bed like a tiger, slow and practiced in his stretchy-tight skirt and tube top.

“Too slow,” the brat complained. He pulled himself from his pants and Zion had to bite his lip to keep from growling in frustration. “Are you gonna suck my cock or what?”

His dick stuck out of his fly like a stiff little hot dog, not even big enough to get Zion excited. He tisked. “Not until you’re completely out, since you had to do it yourself. I wanna suck your balls, too, but zippers irritate my beautiful skin.”

Topher wriggled, then pushed his pants down and kicked them off. Zion gave him a sexy smile, then crawled between his legs and licked his unimpressive length. Topher’s dick jumped and Zion caught it, drawing it back to his mouth. It twitched and Topher stifled a moan. “Someone’s frustrated,” he purred, then licked again.

He couldn’t help himself. He loved conquering boys like this, and the more little tantrums and power struggles they had only made him want to dominate them more. Zion licked again, trying to get lost in the enjoyment of giving good head.

Topher’s hands went behind Zion’s head and he slapped them away, pulling back. “Don’t touch the weave, baby.” He moved Topher’s hands to his neck. “Move me how you want, but from here. Wouldn’t want my beautiful hair out of place while we’re fucking, right?”

Topher’s dick jumped up and Zion caught it in his mouth, then Topher was pressing him down by his neck. Topher’s hand slipped as he pushed Zion down his cock, and Zion pushed back, firmly guiding Topher’s hands back to the base of his neck. He felt his wig slip, and if this whiny little white boy fucked bahis firmaları up his hair he’d be taking it out on his ass. “Why don’t you stand up, sugar? Gimme some room to work your shaft and balls.”

Topher rolled off the bed, almost kicking him in the head in the process, then stood at the edge, looking expectant with his shirt and socks on, dick and balls hanging in the breeze. Jesus, it was gonna feel good when he fucked that tight, virgin ass.

But first he had to get the boy hooked. He crawled to the edge of the bed and caught Topher’s member between his lips, then looked up at him with his best cocksucker eyes as he sank deeper.

“Yeah, that’s right bitch, suck my cock. You little fag, dressing like a whore to get some hot, young cock. You want me so bad, don’t you? That’s right, you nasty slut, get me ready to fuck you. Mmm,” he moaned as Zion’s lips touched his pubes, the cock barely in his throat.

A rogue thought fluttered through his mind that it wasn’t long enough, or thick enough. He had the sudden urge to feel a cock so big it would suffocate him as it forced its way down his throat. Had the sudden desire to find out what it would feel like to have someone pump cum straight down his throat until it filled his belly.

Zion blinked several times, completely surprised at the thought, then closed his eyes and eliminated the offensive derailment. What the fuck was that about? Eliminated or not, his cock throbbed needily. He ignored it.

Zion refocused on sucking Topher’s cock, licking the underside as he pulled back. He licked a long stripe down the bottom of the shaft, then caught a fuzzy testicle between his lips. Topher flinched and his hands tightened on Zion’s neck. “Whoa,” he grunted. “No biting, bitch.”

Zion chuckled, sucking hard on the fuzzy ball between his lips, then sucked the other one in, too. There was something so satisfying about having a man’s most delicate bits in such a dangerous place that got him so hot. Topher twitched as he swirled the testicles with his tongue. The choked grunt that Topher made when he caught one between his molars made his dick throb.

“I said no biting!” Topher barked, pulling Zion away from his testicles. He forced him back to his meager rod, forcing himself into Zion’s mouth. “That’s better.”

Zion sucked down to his base, irritated at the disruption. Another rogue thought hit him and he was instantly disappointed that this little sword wasn’t even thick enough to stretch his lips. He suddenly longed for a meaty cock to open his mouth so wide it was almost uncomfortable.

He discarded this rogue thought, too, working hard to ignore the tightening in his balls.

Topher was oblivious to his internal distractions, at least. His hips had been rocking, and now he was thrusting, stabbing his little shaft in and out of Zion’s mouth. He was moaning like he was in a porno. God, the noises this boy was making were embarrassing.

And, Topher was terrible at receiving head. Zion was good at this, he knew it, but when he started sucking and bobbing to a rhythm Topher would thrust in a way that jarred him every time. He gave up and let Topher just fuck his face.

“Fuck yeah, Zion, that’s a good slut. On your knees like the slut you are. I know you want it.”

Zion sucked, but let Topher hump away to his own broken cadence. He let Topher get close before he slipped his hands back around his hips, then slowly back to his ass cheeks. Topher grunted when Zion’s fingers sank into the fleshy orbs, but didn’t fight or try to move his hands.

Zion grazed his teeth on the subadequate cock in his mouth. Topher didn’t disappoint him, his hips sped up as his orgasm grew nearer. Zion smiled around his dick, waited until Topher was as deep as he could be before he bit down hard enough to hold his cock hostage. It only took one tug for Topher’s hips to stall. Zion slipped one finger over Topher’s asshole, circling around the tight bud.

“Ah, yea, no thanks. I’m the one gonna be doing the fucking.”

Zion bit down hard enough to leave dents in the rigid flesh, then released his bite and let the brat’s dick slip from his mouth. “I figured you knew my reputation, Topher. I figured you wanted this, what I do with cherry boys like you.” He pushed his finger into Topher’s tight bud and Topher whined a little. Zion loved the rush of power it gave him when they whined. “Tonight you’re gonna take a ride on your first dick, and you’re gonna love it.”

“It ain’t like that, you slut. I don’t take it up the ass, I’m putting it in yours. I’m in charge tonight.”

Zion sniffed out a laugh. This kid was an idiot. “Not with this little prick you aren’t,” Zion purred, sucking him back into his mouth. He sucked hard and pushed a second finger inside. Topher shivered as his ass clenched hard on Zion’s digits.

“Dammit, Zion. You’re not gonna… Fuck, your mouth is good. Just be the good little slut we both know you are, I know you’re gonna love when I… No! Stop! I’m gonna cum!”

Zion kaçak iddaa hummed in the back of his throat and sped up, sucking hard as he pushed his fingers in and out of Topher. “Stop, bitch! Told you, gonna cum!” Despite Topher’s words, his hands wrapped around Zion’s neck, pulling his face firmly against his lower belly.

Zion pressed down on Topher’s prostate with both fingers and Topher whined again, his hips moving on their own. He thrust himself in and out of Zion’s mouth, and also rocked on Zion’s fingers in his ass until he lost his rhythm. Zion sucked hard, but Topher pulled his head back forcefully just before the first surge of cum shot from his spit-coated member.

It hit Zion on the bridge of his nose, which wrinkled in irritation. It was gonna feel so good to turn this brat into a melty little mess as he broke in his new pussy.

Zion popped a third finger into Topher’s tight bud before the second surge streamed from him. He squeaked and clamped down and Zion laughed. “Relax, sugar, or this’s gonna hurt. I’m a lot bigger than you.”

“Not gonna… get plowed,” Topher mumbled as a third shot of cum shot from his dick onto Zion’s now-waiting hand. He wanted to make Topher eat it, but he thought that might push this cherry boy too far all at once. “Bitch.”

Zion tisked. “Sticks and stones, Topher…” He pulled his fingers out of Topher’s ass, scooped up some cum from his hand, then more from Topher’s now semi-soft cock, then returned them to his asshole. They pushed in much easier with his cum as a lubricant.

“I’m gonna fuck this ass until you’re screaming my name. You won’t be the same, not after I’m done with you.” He pushed his fingers in and out of the boy’s tight asshole. The muscles clenched and trembled around his digits as Topher swayed above him. “You’ll crave a huge cock in your ass after this.”

“I’m good, you nasty bitch. Get offa me.”

Zion tisked again. Too bad his tone didn’t match his strong words. He didn’t fight back, his hands still wrapped around the back of Zion’s neck as his hips swayed in time to Zion’s thrusts.

Zion chuckled, then scissored his fingers. “You brought me ta this hotel thinking you’d just fuck me and have a story to tell your friends? How you fucked a beautiful man in a skirt? How you were the one who finally conquered Zion?” He sniffed, looking up to make eye contact with the brat. “You can still brag, it’ll just be about how my thick dick made you feel your first anal orgasm, and how you’re hooked on cock now.” Zion tugged his skirt up and showed Topher his hard cock restrained in a silky pair of black panties. Topher swallowed hard. “Stop pretending you didn’t want this. Drop your act, sugar, and bend over so I can work this tight ass until you can take my dick.”

“I, ah…” Topher licked his lips, his eyes growing wide. “Nah, man.” Topher trembled as Zion curved his fingers over his prostate again. He moaned softly, then seemed to catch himself.

“Sugar, this’s just the beginning. Shh,” he cooed, pulling Topher by his ass to the bed. He took his fingers out and the boy gasped. “Only boys who deep down really want this hit me up on Grindr.” Zion emphasized his point with a tug on his generous erection, pulling it out of the silky panties, his shiny silver skirt bunched up behind it. The boy’s eyes locked on his member and he swallowed hard.

“Now try tellin’ me you don’t want this.” Topher opened his mouth, then closed it again, swallowing hard. Zion chuckled. “Ask me to pop your cherry, Topher, and I’ll make you feel even better.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Topher mumbled, his eyes locked on Zion’s cock. He was sure Topher didn’t even realize he’d been licking his lips as he stared at Zion’s package.

Zion chuckled. “Oh, sugar, we both know you want it. Let me open your tight ass up, get you nice and ready for my cock.”

Topher swallowed hard, then looked down. Zion reached out and pushed the brat down to the bed on his hands and knees. He didn’t resist at all. “What a nice view,” he commented as he stepped away to retrieve his purse. Topher was trembling when he returned with a small bottle of lube and a condom.

“Zion?” Topher asked, a tremble to his voice. “You’re really big.”

“Don’t worry, sugar. Let me take care of you. You’re gonna love how it feels to be plowed by a nice hard dick.”

Topher nodded, then his head dropped to the bed as Zion slipped two lube slicked fingers into his virgin hole. “That’s a good boy.”

“Mmm,” Topher grunted when Zion bottomed out, fist between his cheeks. “Fuck you, you bitch-ass fag.” His ass was so tight, it was gonna take some work to get him where he needed to be so Zion didn’t hurt him, but the mouth on the brat was making him reconsider.

“That’s right, talk dirty to me,” Zion purred. “Ride my fingers while you do, sugar. Help me open up this tight little asshole for me to fuck. We both know you want this.”

“Don’t wanna be fucked in the ass by you,” Topher half-moaned. Zion pulled back kaçak bahis and Topher’s ass followed as if it didn’t want to lose the fingers that had been teasing it so well.

“At least this part of you is honest,” Zion noted, pushing his fingers deeper.

Topher moaned, then shook his ass. The boy had absolutely no rhythm at all. His ass was tight, but despite his words, the brat was eager. He nudged the snug opening with a third finger, testing the boy’s pain receptivity. “Mmmph, Zion,” he moaned, pushing his ass back hard enough to nudge his third finger inside. “Fuck! Oh God!”

“Oh my,” Zion purred. “Are you a little pain-slut?”

Topher’s hips pressed back harder, pushing Zion’s fingers deeper. “Shut the fuck up, fag,” he moaned.

“You keep telling me you don’t want this, but now you’re dancing on my fingers, your body begging for more. Tell me what you actually want, Topher.”

The boy grunted, grinding his hips back on Zion’s hand. Zion curled his fingers and the boy’s hips froze in place as they hooked his prostate. He moaned and Zion chuckled. He clenched hard on Zion’s fingers as he gasped through the pleasure.

“Tell me, Topher, or I won’t know what you want. I’m not gonna do anything you don’t really wanna do. What do you want? You still wanna ride my ass? Cause I think you need something else entirely, don’t you?”

He didn’t respond at first, he just tried to rock his hips on Zion’s fingers. Zion grabbed his hips with his other hand and held him still. Topher whined, which turned to moaning as Zion scissored his fingers again, then raked them over the brat’s prostate.

“Topher?” Zion cooed, petting his prostate.

Topher whined again as a shiver coursed through his body. “More,” Topher breathed out, barely a whisper. “I need more.”

“What do you need more of, sugar?”

“My ass, please, more,” he begged. He wiggled his hips and gasped when Zion’s fingers froze him in place. He whimpered and Zion curled his fingers over his prostate again, rewarding his honesty. “Mmm! Zion, I need more, please, Zion, please.”

“You want me to fuck your tight virgin asshole?”

“No, you can’t,” Topher moaned, his hips rocking Zion’s fingers over his prostate. He loved making brats like this sound so lustful, loved turning them into hot, needy messes.

“Tell me, sugar,” Zion urged, rubbing fingers together inside the boy. “Tell me you want my hard cock to rock your virgin ass. Tell me you wanna be a cum-slut.” Zion’s hand snaked around to the front, brushing over the brat’s dick. “Oh my, are you hard again?” Zion peeked beneath the boy. “Oh, you are. Look at all that precum. You’d never know I sucked you off already, not with how hard you are.”

“Please, Zion. Please. No more fingers.”

Zion smiled, rewarding the boy with firm caresses deep inside his ass. “No more fingers?”

“Fuck. I wanna… Shit. Zion, please. I wanna be, ah, um..”

“Say it, pretty boy. Tell me what you really need. Tell me how much you want my big cock inside your tight virgin ass.”

“I want it,” Topher breathed out. “I wanna be a cum-slut. Make me your cum-slut.”

He smiled, then removed his fingers, feeling victorious. He cleaned his hands on a towel and reached for a condom. He took a moment to admire the boy’s bubble butt, pressed high in the air, just waiting for him.

“You need to be clear, I don’t want any misunderstandings,” Zion teased.

“Please, Zion, I need you,” he moaned.

“Let me just get more lube on my fingers, then.”


Zion chuckled as he stroked the condom onto his cock. “No what? No more fingers?”

“Your dick. I want your cock. Wanna be a cum-slut.”

Zion clicked his tongue. “That’s not how you ask for something, is it?”

“Please, Zion, please fuck my ass with your big cock.”

“What a good boy. I knew you wanted it, it just took a while to get you to be honest,” Zion said, stepping up behind the boy. He really did have a perfect little ass. Zion gave it a light pat that travelled through the boy’s entire body. “I’ll go slow, to start. If you want more, you just move this tight little ass faster.”

“Please, Zion, please fuck my cherry ass with your hard cock.”

Zion lined himself up with the boy’s hole, then nudged his condom covered rod against the slight gape leftover from his fingers. “Relax, sugar.”

Topher whined. Zion pushed in slightly and the boy tensed, his whining growing louder. “Shh,” he said, rubbing the soft skin of his bouncy ass with his free hand. “Relax, that’s right.” He rocked his cock against the opening, circling around the sensitive ring of muscle there. He squeezed more lube onto his member, then pressed in slowly.

Topher whined and writhed beneath him. “No! Don’t! You can’t stick that in me!”

Zion froze, the tip of his cock barely breaching the brat’s ass. “Topher?”

“Don’t stop,” Topher whispered. “Please.”

Zion rocked his hips, nudging his head a little deeper. He thought he understood, but wanted to make sure. “I’m gonna pop your cherry.”

Topher pushed back and Zion’s cockhead popped through the muscle. “No, don’t!” Again, the words didn’t match the brat’s actions. “You can’t fuck me with your big, hard dick.”

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