Black and White Ch. 04

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He watched, fascinated, as the white panty lowered itself to the floor. Then he could feel Miki next to him, warm and radiating. She bent over and pressed a hand on his cock, and she was close enough for him to see her clearly. She laughed and slipped the condom off, smearing the excess come on his belly, wiping her hand. She dunked the item in a bedside trash can. She touched his cock with her fingers, waiting and smiling while he stayed immobile.

Miki looked down at Aviva, and touched her face with her palm, stroking her sister’s face gently. Aviva mumbled and rubbed her face against her sister’s dark skin. The effect was striking, and Lee felt his cock stir. He wouldn’t have believed it, but he knew he could do this again.

Miki gently slapped her sister’s thigh and said, in a fun-filled voice, “Get up, girl. My turn.”

Aviva wriggled, got up, and walked out of the room naked. He watched her pale body shine in the dim light while Miki maneuvered him down on his back, moved on top of him, and sat down on his stomach. She was naked, but so hidden he couldn’t see much of her but a dim outline. He decided to touch her, and placed his hands on her thighs. Her skin was smooth and felt buttery, creamy, and he moved his hands on her body, enjoying the sensation of her skin. She laughed quietly.

Miki said, “You can touch me everywhere but my face or hair, and don’t try to kiss me.” She waited a bit, then said, “And no ass shit. Okay? You got it?”

He said, “Yeah, I got it.”

“And no hitting or rough stuff. None at all,” she said.

He nodded, then realized she likely couldn’t see him very well, and said, “You got it, Miki.”

“Cool,” she said, then smiled, and that he could see clearly, a dazzling display that made a gleaming half circle in the dark. He moved his hands from her legs to her body, feeling her waist and moving up, up, to the the bottom of her breasts. casino oyna Her breasts were as amazing as the rest of her, fine and pointed, with small, delicate nipples and lovely, slightly bumpy aureolas. He couldn’t keep his hands of them.

“Do you like my tits?” Miki asked.

“Oh yeah,” he murmured. “Yes.”

She leaned down, over him, while he fondled and caressed her. She said, to his face, breathing on him, “You get a treat tonight, you know.”

He said, “Yeah, I know.”

“No, really,” she said in a soft, amused tone. “You can come inside me without anything on. You can ride me bareback, honey. You can come right in me.”

He looked at her carefully, thinking of a reason why she’d tell him this, and then Aviva was back in the room, still naked, holding two glasses of wine. She handed one to Miki and he saw her arm move up to drink from her own glass.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Aviva said. “Miki can’t have kids, so you can go ahead and do it natural.” She took another sip. “For real and no shit. You can come, no worries. Lucky boy.”

Aviva sat down on the bed next to his chest and leaned over him, along with Miki, and the feeling of having two women practically on top of him made him overwhelmed, and he felt his cock getting hard again. It was incredible, and he had a flash that this could not possibly be real. No way. He closed his eyes, and heard Aviva again, close to his face.

“Lucky, lucky boy!”

Miki lifted up, gently caressed his cock at the very base, and within a short bit he was hard again. He thought, “Holy shit.”

She smiled again, and oh so slowly came down on him. While she did it Aviva leaned in and whispered in his ear, “You feel her pussy? You like her pussy?”

He was actually unable to answer. Miki was doing something unbelievable: she was taking an excruciating time taking him inside her, and while she was coming down canlı casino she was spasming around him, pulsing on him with her muscles. She started just behind the very tip of his cock, and continued all the way down, in an absolutely exquisite torment. He gasped and squirmed and gripped her thighs until she removed his hands. She grabbed one of his wrists and pushed it over his head, holding him down, and put the other one on Aviva’s warm, soft body, just near her waist. Aviva moved that one to her breasts, and he fondled Aviva’s breasts while Miki basically held him down and fucked him.

Aviva moved in and kissed him on the mouth, and the combination of Miki fucking him and the other girl at his mouth made his vision go spotty. Miki reared up, almost letting him slide completely out, and he groaned, more than a little loudly, and when he did, Miki laughed softly, then slammed down on his body. He bucked from the impact, and when she got him all the way in her, she clamped down around the base of his cock and kept him there, spasming her muscles around his shaft while he was inside her. It was magic, completely unbelievable, and he knew there was no way he could top this particular night. No way.

He caressed, then grasped, Aviva’s breast and moved his thumb to her nipple. He heard her suck in air, and she laid close and bit his neck as Miki fucked him. Except Miki wasn’t really moving, and was somehow shifting slightly and pulsing around his cock in a feeling of compression and release. He focused on her face and she was smiling, teeth shining in the weird light. He heard Aviva speak.

“Hey, baby, you gonna make it this time?”

He saw Miki shake her head in a little swivel, and heard her mutter, “It’s okay. This is fun.” She released his cock and lifted up, almost all the way out, and slammed on him roughly. She leaned over, still holding his wrist over his head, and he let go of kaçak casino Aviva’s tit and felt up Miki this time, cupping her perfect breasts in turn, rotating and sliding on her skin as best he could. Miki whispered, “You gonna come inside me, boy?”

He nodded, desperately, and when she let go of his wrist he gripped her slender waist, too hard at first; then he controlled himself, barely, and grasping her body he braced his elbows and helped her pick up a rhythm, fucking the girl on top of him, slowly, then harder. As he did it Miki clenched around the base of his cock each time he got all the way inside her, and the feeling slammed through his body and made his blood pound. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, not long at all. There was no chance of more than a few minutes with Miki.

Aviva pressed her warm body against his, talking quietly, saying, murmuring, dirty things and telling him to fuck Miki, to come, and he turned his head, still hanging onto Miki and kissed Aviva on the mouth. She came back on him, tonguing him, and put a hand on his cheek, holding his face gently as Miki fucked him violently, still doing the clenching thing. It lasted, he figured, as best he could figure, no more than two or three minutes before he couldn’t hang on for another second.

He grabbed Miki, still kissing Aviva, and groaned loudly, a ridiculous, embarrassing, uncontrollable exhalation, and came savagely in an almost painful explosion inside Miki. She rode him while he did it, slamming on him and fucking, pounding, and as she did he had enough time to feel his come sliding around inside her pussy and the incredible feeling of her constricting, using the come as a kind of slick lubricant and making the absolute tightest… thing… he’d ever had around his cock. It was indescribable and unique. He had to clamp his eyes shut and ride it out until he was absolutely done.

When he could think again Aviva was still kissing him, around his neck and shoulder, and he could hear Miki laughing quietly. He took a deep breath and let it out, vocalizing an impossible explanation of nothingness. He felt half dead.

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