Blackmailing the Queen Bitch

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God how I hated those stuck up bitches! I’d only been working at the fashion magazine for a few weeks but it had already turned into a nightmare job, being the general office support man for a very exclusive high fashion magazine had sounded quite a good job, but those damn women had made it hell.

All the woman in the office upstairs were stunning, just unbelievably desirable, but the department heads were the absolute ideal woman of any man’s dreams, except they all treated the admin and support staff like dirt under their oh so high stilettos. They swanned into their large, swanky offices in the late morning, making calls, seeing people and calling all the shots, the admin and support staff worked away downstairs in cramped grubby offices, only going upstairs to answer a help call or when summoned; every time I met one of these women if was damn awful – they were so superior and arrogant, treating me like I was nothing and yet they were so beautiful and desirable I wanted to crawl and grovel before them for their favour, the upstairs office was like a fantasy sexual dream world, they wore the most expensive clothes, the sound of their killer heels even drifted downstairs, making me thicken with lust and lose my concentration.

The queen bitch as I called her to myself was the Editor in Chief, Ms Boon I had been told to call her. A call from her was the worst, from the superior tone of her voice to the huge erection I always got when I was with her she was the most arrogant of them all. Yes she looked like sex on legs – the highest heels I had ever seen, sheer silk stockings, wonderful clothes, sharply cut business suits, shiny slick blouses, sexy skirts, long buffed nails, a hot hot mouth, always glistening with lipstick, long blonde hair I wanted to run my fingers through, she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and I always struggled to hide my straining cock from her when I had to see her. But every word, expression, gesture shouted that she thought I was nothing, the lowest of the low, hardly worth speaking at. Oh the nights I thought about that queen bitch as I masturbated, cursing her as I came.

I hated the job but I needed the money, but as the weeks went by I began to loathe and despise those bitches upstairs more and more, and began to wish there was a way I could get back at them, to make them pay for treating me like nothing, for getting me so turned on that I had to wank off in the bathroom almost every time I had to go upstairs. I wanted them to be nothing, to crawl at my feet, for me to be the dominant one and to make them suffer, and now I thought I had found the way, I would be able to get what I wanted from them at last.

I knew that this was a tough business and to get to the head of this magazine Ms. Boon must have done some dirty deeds but now I had some really incriminating evidence against her, proof of fraud and bribery and details of many people’s lives she had ruined as she fought her way to the top. This is what I was going to use to blackmail that bitch Ms. Boon and to force some payback from that arrogant woman, she wouldn’t be able to shrug this off, she would be looking at arrest and almost certainly a jail sentence if this ever got out!.

I posted casino oyna a copy of the papers anonymously to her, and said in the covering note that she had to be alone in the office the next night at eight o’clock to take a call, when I would discuss how she could buy back the original copies; I left her in no doubt that if we didn’t come to an agreement the information would be sent to the fashion press, the police and her enemies, of which she had made many, it would ruin her. I knew what I wanted from her, although she didn’t know it yet, she thought it would be money this blackmailer would be asking for, I knew different!

The next night I called her office number from a payphone. “How much do you want you little bastard,” she snapped.

“Not so fast,” I said, “This is very valuable information and it’s going to cost you a great deal to get your hands on it.”

“Just name your price and let’s get this over with,” she said, her voice curt.

“It’s going to cost a lot more than you imagine, a great deal more, it’s going to cost you something that is going to hurt you a lot, but will give me great pleasure I promise you”, I gloated, knowing just how much this was going to hurt her!

“So what exactly do you want then?” Her voice still sounded domineering and superior but I thought I could detect a hint of unease, this wasn’t quite what she had expected and I began to get very aroused.

“I want you,” I stated.

“What? What do you mean, you want me?” There was confusion in her voice and I almost groaned with the excitement I was feeling!

“Just what I said, I want you, I want you to be my sex slave for a night, you can do all the things I’ve dreamt about making a bitch like you do, and when you’re finished and I’m satisfied I will let you have the papers.”

“Fuck off you little pervert,” she snarled down the phone, but could I detect a hint of actual fear in her voice? I was getting hard as I could feel my plan coming together!

“Are you sure? This information could ruin you, you’d be arrested, taken to court and sent to prison …… and with your reputation and magazine ruined you’d be poor afterwards,” I replied.

I knew I had played a trump card, I was sure she couldn’t even begin to contemplate what it would be like without her luxurious and decadent lifestyle, there was no possible way she would be able to refuse.

“So what exactly do I have to do?” she said with a delicious hint of defeat in her voice.

I explained in detail what was going to happen the next night, gave her precise instructions and hung up the phone; my cock was straining against my trousers and it had leaked pre-cum, tomorrow was going to be the best night of my life!

The next day at work went past in a blur, I was focussed so much on my plans for that night, finally the end of the day came and I left, I knew I would be seeing that bitch Boon later, and wouldn’t she be surprised!

Nine o’clock and I was waiting behind the wheel of a limousine I had rented for the night, the windows were tinted and the passenger compartment was separated from the driver by a screen, which I had locked, it was important to keep her off balance that she didn’t know who was canlı casino running this and where she was going to be taken. I was parked in the underground car park of the office, waiting to see if the bitch would follow my instructions.

The lift door opened and after a moment’s hesitation she came out and headed straight for the limo; she was wearing exactly what she had been told, I could see the gloves, the highest of heels and the long mink coat draping down to her ankles; she strutted across to the car, heels clicking on the concrete floor, she opened the door, slid in and and pulled it shut.

“Where are you taking me? Who are you?” she asked several times as I drove around London, finally returning to the very car park we had started from. I turned off the engine, the lights in the car park roof dimly lit the car. I was going to use her on the cold rough concrete car park floor, to take her and degrade her and become the dominant one as I made her do what I wanted.

“Get out,” I said.

She slid out of the car and looked around, slowly realising where we were, “What?” she said, and then as I got out and she saw me. “You little shit, what the fuck are you playing at?”

I stood in front of her, for the first time not hiding the erection she had given me. “Oh, I see,” she sneered, “you could just have made an appointment!”

“If you want to keep your secrets you’ll shut the hell up up bitch! Now open up your coat, I want to see if you did what you were told,” I replied.

After a moment she slowly started to undo the mink fur coat, pulling it open to reveal the corset I had told her to wear, she truck a pose, thrusting out her breasts.

“Like what you see?” she sneered.

Even now she was so bloody sexy, her breasts heaving, her long silk-clad legs, her screamingly high heels. She was everything I had ever wanted but she had been a damn bitch and I was going to get my sweet revenge on this haughty woman.

I was desperate not to lose control of the situation.

” Listen you fucking bitch, you’re going to serve me tonight you whore, you’re going to kneel down on the cold concrete and I’m going to fuck your shitty mouth, then when I’m done I’m going to ram my cock right up your arse and fuck you on the bonnet of the car, then when I’m spent you can have your dirty paperwork back and you will know that I fucked the queen bitch, that I’m nobody to be put down and treated like dirt.”

This was exactly how I had imagined it, the bitch slowly sliding to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth, I would grab her head and just fuck her hot mouth until I came, making her gag and choke on me, and then to take her up the arse, hopefully she would squirm and wail if I fucked her really hard, maybe I might cum all over her face and hair! Oh yes I was going to make her pay!

She slowly ran the tip of her tongue across her glossy lips, I thought my cock was going to explode!

“If that’s what it takes,” she said in a slightly husky voice.

She took a step towards me and then, her eyes never leaving mine, she slid down to her knees. As her long fingernail started to work on the zip of my trousers I could see her heels jutting out from behind her kaçak casino fur coat, oh Christ this was going to be good! I couldn’t imagine a better way to start putting this bitch back down in her place than fucking her hot wet painted mouth.

She slipped my straining cock out of my trousers and I felt the tip of her tongue run across the head as she rolled my foreskin back, I started to groan with pleasure as she slowly took my cock into her mouth, I could feel her lipstick smearing down the shaft as she sucked me in, it was so wet and hot my legs started to tremble. I was drowning with pleasure, my eyes shut as I moaned and gasped out loud as her mouth started to work on my penis, I’d never felt such intense sexual ecstasy. All thoughts of my fucking her mouth, of hurting her and making her crawl and grovel had left my mind, all I could do was throw my head back and moan as she worked my cock.

Suddenly something was wrong, she still had her mouth sliding up and down my shaft but she must have pushed or tripped me, I fell backwards, I hit the floor hard and was dazed for a few moments, when I opened my eyes she was rinsing her mouth out and spitting out onto the floor.

“Stupid bastard!” she spat, “how did you think you were going to dominate me you pathetic little worm!”

My hands seemed to be cuffed together behind my back, I could see plastic ties on both my ankles, I had a huge bruise on the back of my head where it had hit the floor. She kicked me upright, and forced me to my feet, pushed me against the bonnet of the car.

“You won’t be going anywhere for a few moments,” she laughed and she slid into the back of the limo. I couldn’t see inside but I knew she had put the interior lights on. A few moments later she reemerged, makeup as perfect as ever, absolutely no sign that her lipstick was smeared down the length of my cock. She disappeared into the front of the car and came out after a minute holding the memo in her hand, she strutted back to me, all of her pride and arrogance on display again, her lush red lips curled in a snear of contempt and disdain, my cock leapt to attention once more despite my fear.

“You’re fired of course, don’t bother asking for a reference or indeed your salary this month! I don’t need to tell you that your feeble blackmail attempt has failed,” she waved the memo in front of me. “By this time tomorrow I will have concocted enough slurs and slanders against you that absolutely nobody will believe a word you say,” she smiled coldly, “and now I believe it’s time to ruin you.”

She pushed me down against the car, I twisted my head around and went cold, she was settling a huge strapon onto her.

“This has an extension that sits inside me, so as I fuck you with this thing I get pleasure not just from your screams and knowing your sex life will be over forever but also the pleasure of cumming while I do it to you.”

Her beautiful face showed excitement, her lips parted with anticipation. “Nobody is here, nobody will hear you scream and when I’ve finished you won’t be able to fuck anyone or anything again,” she giggled, it sounded obscene, ” and as you tried to blackmail and rape me I think possibly no lube, you’re going to suffer for a long long time you pathetic shit and when I’m done you will be my little slave forever.”

I felt something hard and cold start to press against my anus, the first of a night of screams ripped from my throat.

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