Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 5

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The next morning Nicole slept until almost lunch time. She was sure glad that she didn’t have to go to work today because she would have never made it. She laid there on her quilt analyzing her dream from last night. It seemed so real. “Was it possible” Nicole asked herself? Nicole did know one thing for sure. She knew that she had turned her father on last night. Turned him on to the point of orgasm. As Nicole reminisced about how her father’s cock felt as it pressed against her labia and pussy just a few hours ago she felt that tingling in her pussy begin. She felt that ache in her cunt that needed to be relieved.

As Nicole laid there fantasizing about how she wrapped her legs around her father while she cried she reached over to her night stand and opened the drawer. She retrieved the six inch dildo she had taken from her mother’s closet and brought it to her lips. Slowly Nicole began to slide her tongue up and down the length of the fake cock as if it really was her father’s cock. Nicole rolled over on her hands and knees and placed the base of the fake cock on the pillow so it stuck up like her father’s cock. Nicole remembered the instructions that Mandy had given her about sucking cock. As Nicole knelt on her bed she continued to bob her head up and down as she fantasized that she was pleasuring her own father.

After ten minutes of sucking the lifelike cock Nicole rolled over onto her back. She raised her legs as they were bent at the knees. Nicole took the dildo and brought the tip of it up to her wet pussy lips. Nicole was so aroused that her pussy was already opened and forming a tunnel for her fake cock. Nicole watched as she inched the head of the dildo into her snatch, She liked how it looked as it began to disappear inch by inch until it was completely inside of her.

Closing her eyes, Nicole began to slowly fuck herself with the toy. In and out, in and out, slowly picking up speed while pretending that her father was between her legs fucking her. As she continued to fuck herself she began to twist the dildo. The twisting motion pulled on her clit and immediately she began to experience the tingling sensation of an orgasm. Nicole felt her breathing getting deeper and harder as she continued to fuck herself but now a little harder. Suddenly Nicole began to see stars as she felt her pussy begin to burn with passion. She felt her cunt muscles gripping at what she believed was her father’s cock fucking her. She felt her own juices running out of her pussy and across her ass hole as she exploded into an orgasm. Wave after wave of passion raced out of her pussy and onto the latex cock. “Oh god daddy” Nicole moaned as her orgasm peaked. “Oh god daddy fuck me harder” Nicole moaned loudly as she continued to pound the fake cock into her slippery pussy.

Suddenly Nicole wanted more. She raised her legs higher over her head. She withdrew the cum laden dildo from her pussy and pressed the head of it against her puckered ass hole. Nicole couldn’t believe that she was about to let her father in her ass like Father Joseph had done so many times in her dreams. Nicole pushed harder until the head of the latex cock popped past her sphincter and into her ass. Nicole winced in pain as the initial stretching of her ass hole caused her some discomfort. Nicole relaxed with her eyes closed as she imagined her father taking her virgin ass hole. Slowly Nicole began to press the fake cock deeper and deeper until she felt her fingers touching her ass. Next Nicole began to very slowly pump her ass with her dildo. Immediately Nicole felt the waves of pleasure begin to build. She felt every nerve in her body tingle as she began to quicken the pace. “Oh fuck yeah daddy” Nicole hissed as it seemed like she was being controlled by some entity. She never in her wildest dreams would have ever wanted anything to do with her ass hole getting fucked. But here she was ramming her mom’s dildo in and out of her ass hole and enjoying every minute of it. “Oh fuck yeah daddy fuck my ass harder”, “Fuck your little girl’s ass harder daddy” Nicole continued to hiss. With her free hand Nicole reached down and began to stroke her throbbing clit. “Oh god daddy” Nicole screamed as she touched her sensitive clit. Nicole began to rock her hips gently to meet the strokes of the cock in her ass.

Suddenly for some unknown reason Nicole slid a finger into her pussy. Then a second one. Something was causing her to fuck her pussy as she fucked her ass hole. Nicole couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling as she fucked both of her holes. Her hips were now rocking as every nerve in her body was on fire. Nicole worked the dildo in her ass and her fingers in her pussy in unison. Nicole saw stars as the first wave of pleasure raced towards her pussy. Nicole removed her fingers and rubbed her clit rapidly. “Oh god daddy I’m cumming” Nicole hissed as she felt her pussy begin to contract. Suddenly Nicole thought she was beginning to piss. She tried to stop but she couldn’t as spurt after spurt of gooey liquid began to spurt out of her pussy and onto her casino siteleri quilt. Just as Nicole realized that she just ejaculated her own cum she blacked out from the excess pleasure.

A few minutes later, Nicole came too and realized that her dildo was still lodged deep in her ass. Reaching back Nicole grabbed the dildo and began to pull it out of her ass. She got up off of her bed and walked down the hall completely naked to wash off her toy. She returned to her room and placed the dildo back in her night stand and went to take a shower. As she showered she couldn’t believe how wicked she had just acted. She couldn’t believe she let herself fuck her ass like that. It was like there was a demon in the room making her do it. Even when she had her fingers in her cunt at the same time, that seemed like something she would never do. She felt the presence of some unknown force beginning to control her. Or was it just her fantasy of wanting to fuck her dad so badly that caused her to go over board.

After her shower Nicole returned to her room and pulled on her sun dress. For some reason as she reached into her panty drawer something prevented her from reaching in to grab a pair. It was as if some force prevented her from wearing panties today. A wicked smile flashed across Nicole’s face as she stepped into her five inch platform heels and attached the straps around her ankles.

Knowing she was alone, Nicole walked down the hallway to her father’s room. She walked into her mom’s walk in closet and found the hidden key. She moved the dresses on the rack aside and unlocked the door. Nicole almost screamed as there was the candles were already lit. Nicole was scared but looked down the stairs any way. All of the candles were lit. “Oh my god, who is down here” Nicole thought to herself. She knew her father was not home but she also knew that candles don’t just light themselves, or so she thought. Slowly and cautiously Nicole descended down the spiral staircase. Something caused the hair on Nicole’s arms and neck to stand on end.

As Nicole reached the bottom step she faced the door leading into the dungeon. Nicole thought that she should leave for fear that she would get caught down here. As she reached with the key to unlock the second door Nicole almost jumped out of her skin as the door slowly began to open, creaking along the way. Nicole stared in disbelief as the candles in the dungeon were already lit. As Nicole peered inside, there was not a soul in sight. Nicole cautiously stepped past the door and into the dungeon. Suddenly the door behind her slammed shut. Nicole spun around and grabbed the door handle. She pulled with all her might but to no avail as it was locked tight. Fear began to take over and Nicole was on the verge of crying. But something caused her to walk farther into the dungeon.

Nicole could feel a presence in this room. She felt as if there was someone in here but couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly another candle just magically lit on its own. Then another one. Nicole followed the candles as they continued to light one after another towards the wall opposite the funeral home room. It was as if the candles were leading Nicole to something. Nicole slowly followed the candles as they lit themselves. Fear consumed her body from head to toe as she continued to follow the candles.

Finally there were no more candles to light but after the last candle lit Nicole saw something that opened her eyes wide. Slowly another door began to open on its own. “Oh my god, is there another secret room down here” Nicole thought to herself.

Slowly the secret door began to open farther. Nicole could see light coming from within that room. As the door swung open farther Nicole let out a blood curdling scream. Dropping to her knees on the dirty dungeon floor Nicole stared in disbelief as she saw hundreds of candles lit. They were all around a small makeshift alter. Satanic symbols filled the room. “Oh my fucking god, no” Nicole screamed. She knelt there in disbelief. “Please god, don’t let this be” Nicole mumbled as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Nicole felt a strange presence as if she was being watched. As she knelt in her slinky sun dress and five inch heels she stared in disbelief into this fiery room. She felt as though she should get up and walk into this sacred satanic chamber but she was too afraid to. Nicole managed to get to her feet. She wanted to leave as she was scared for her life. Slowly Nicole backed away while she still faced the satanic room peering into it. Nicole stumbled backwards and realized that something grabbed a hold of her ankle.

Looking down, Nicole screamed loudly as she realized that her ankle was caught in one of the ankle cuffs. As Nicole turned to try to free herself, her other ankle stepped into the other cuff and it locked on its own. Nicole screamed as she struggled to free herself. She reached up and somehow her wrist became cuffed up over her head. Nicole screamed over and over as finally her other arm seemed to raise itself up to the final canlı casino cuff.

Nicole couldn’t believe that she was trapped down in the dungeon. There was some force, some evil force controlling her now. As Nicole stood there shackled with her legs spread and her arms shackled over her head she could feel the cool air flowing over her naked ass as her sun dress rose up to her waist. As she was shackled there helplessly she could see into the fiery room. As she continued to stare in at the hundreds of candles Nicole felt something behind her. Nicole struggled but to no avail as she felt as if someone was behind her. She felt like someone hands were reaching around her and caressing her stomach. Nicole could not deny that she was becoming aroused as she felt her pussy begin to ache. Nicole felt her nipples begin to stiffen as if someone was caressing her breasts. Nicole felt her tits being squeezed and kneaded. Nicole inhaled sharply as this strange force began to control her more and more.

Scared out of her mind, Nicole screamed for help. Soon however she realized that nobody would help her because nobody could hear her. Nicole could feel her breasts through her sun dress being lifted. Looking down she saw her dress being pulled down so her naked breasts could pop out. Finally her tits were free as she continued to feel a pair of invisible hands caressing them.

Nicole was becoming so aroused that she could feel her pussy juice begin to flow down her thighs. Suddenly the hands that were caressing her breasts were now down caressing her smooth sexy legs. Nicole let out a low guttural moan when she felt the hands slide up the backs of her legs then over her exposed naked ass. As she stood there shackled and spread, Nicole could feel the invisible hands reach around and caress the front of her thigh’s. Nicole closed her eyes and moaned softly as the invisible hands inched closer and closer towards her pussy. She could feel her dress being pulled up slightly as she felt the other hand slide over her wet exposed mound. Nicole gasped for air as she felt the demonic force continue to squeeze her mound.

Nicole began to pant as she felt her toes and finger tips begin to tingle. “My god, I think Satan is going to make me cum” Nicole thought to herself. The continual caressing of her pussy caused her cunt to drip her love juices. Nicole closed her eyes and pictured that it was her father standing behind her doing this to her. Just as Nicole was about to cum, the feeling stopped. The shackles opened simultaneously and Nicole sort of stumbled to the ground on one knee.

As Nicole knelt there she watched as the door to the satanic chamber closed. Nicole stood up but still felt light headed as she pushed her breasts back into her dress and walked to the candles and blew them out. When there was only one candle left by the door to go upstairs Nicole realized that the door was now unlocked. Quickly Nicole blew out the candle and left the dungeon. Nicole ascended the spiral staircase and blew out the candles along the way. Quietly Nicole entered her mom’s closet and locked the door to the stairway. Peeking into her father’s room Nicole saw the coast was clear. Quietly Nicole tip toed out of his room and down the hallway.

Nicole was startled as she ran into her father in the living room. “I didn’t know you were home sweetie” Steve said. “I didn’t know you were home either daddy” Nicole said as she sat on the couch across from her father. Nicole saw her father glance down between her legs. Nicole closed her legs partly when she realized that she had no panties on. It was then that Nicole realized what her father was looking at. Nicole’s inner thighs were glistening from her pussy juice. As Steve starred at his daughter’s juice coated thighs he watched as she lifted one leg over the other to cross her legs. As she did this Steve was able to get a complete view of his daughter’s opened wet pussy. Steve watched his daughter begin to bounce her sexy foot in that even sexier high heel as they sat there. Steve excused himself and got up and left. Nicole sat there with a wicked smile on her face as she knew that she just turned her father on. She knew what he was going to do. She knew her dad was going to go jerk his cock and think about her pussy while he did it.

Nicole grabbed her purse and car keys and left. She hopped into her car and drove down to the salon to see Mandy. As she arrived she saw Tina leaving. Nicole got out and walked into the salon. Mandy walked up to her and reached out to hug her. She pulled her close and squeezed her as she let her hand slide down over her ass and then up under her sun dress. “Way to go girl” Mandy said as she cupped Nicole’s pantieless ass. Nicole smiled and leaned foreword to kiss her friend. Their lips met and they shared one lingering kiss as they parted and sat down on the sofa. Nicole began to explain everything that had been happening. Nicole never told Mandy about the secret room for the funeral home so she started there. As she spoke, Mandy just listened and stared kaçak casino at her in disbelief. When Nicole told her about her father waking her from her erotic dream all Mandy could mutter was “OH MY GOD” as Nicole told her how she felt her father’s hard cock parting her pussy and cumming on her tits and stomach. Next, Nicole told her about what had just transpired. Mandy sat there shocked. “Do you think your mom was into satanic worship” Mandy asked? “I don’t know, but what I do know is that some strange force put me in the shackles and began to seduce me to the point of nearly cumming.

“Baby, don’t go down there without me” Mandy said to Nicole. “Don’t worry, I might never go down there again period” The girls continued to talk until a customer finally entered the shop. Nicole decided she should get home because her father was going to be home from work early tonight. Nicole jumped into her car and headed for home. As she drove home she went a different way passing the cemetery along the way. Sadness filled her heart for a few moments as she looked over to where her mom and boyfriend were buried. Finally Nicole passed the cemetery and headed down the free way towards her home. She cranked up the country music on the radio and began to jam.

Finally Nicole arrived at destination home. She pulled into her driveway and right behind her was her father. They both greeted each other in the front yard as they walked towards the house. Steve had a bag of carry out in his hands that Nicole noticed. “Hope your in the mood for fish and chips” Steve said to his daughter. Taking the bag from her father, Nicole headed towards the kitchen. Nicole set the bag down on the kitchen table and opened the refrigerator. She pulled out a bottle of wine while her father took a quick shower. Nicole poured two glasses full of wine and set each of their dinners out on the table. “Hurry up dad” Nicole yelled as she heard the shower shut off. “It’s going to get cold if you take much longer” Nicole exclaimed. Finally a few moments later Steve emerged from the shower wearing only his bath robe as he sat down at the kitchen table across from his daughter.

They began to eat dinner and Nicole couldn’t help but to sneak a peek at her father’s chest as his robe was partially open in the front. Nicole found herself more interested in her father’s smooth muscular chest than the food she was eating. As Nicole ate she began to undress her father with her eyes. She imagined her father sitting there naked in all his glory. She imagined how his cock would look as it hung down between his legs while he sat there. She imagined how his cock would look as it twitched on its way to full attention. Then Nicole imagined her father’s cock at total hardness and what it would be like to walk over to him and sit down on him impaling herself on his hard cock.

As Nicole ate and fantasized she closed her eyes and reached down between her legs with her free hand and squeezed her pussy under her sun dress. Her pussy was on fire and the squeeze she gave herself was too much too handle. Nicole sat there in the kitchen across from her father and began to have a minor orgasm. Nicole felt every nerve tingle in her body as she sat there eating dinner. Waves of passion raced through her body for a few moments as she continued to try to eat. Finally Nicole came back down to earth.

“How many times do I have to ask you” Steve said to his daughter with a confused look on his face. “Suddenly realizing that her father was talking to her while she was cumming embarrassed her. “I’m sorry daddy I was thinking about work” Nicole said. “How is your dinner” Steve asked. “It’s great daddy, thanks for bringing it home” Nicole responded.

They finished eating dinner and Steve excused himself to go get dressed. Nicole cleaned up the dishes that they had dirtied. Nicole realized that her father didn’t drink part of his wine so she raised the glass to her lips and tilted the glass to drink it herself. As Nicole cleaned up the kitchen, Something began to draw her attention. She began to think about the dungeon and the new room that somehow opened up all on its own. Suddenly Nicole felt like she was being urged to go down there, like someone or something was calling her.

As Nicole finished the dishes she had a primal urge to go down there but she knew she couldn’t because her father was home. She felt the burning sensation in her loins like some force or some entity was turning her on beyond imagination. Still standing in the kitchen in front of the sink, Nicole closed her eyes. Visions of when she was shackled and seduced to the brink of orgasm filled her mind. Nicole was really getting turned on and she wanted so desperately to go back to the dungeon but she knew she couldn’t.

Nicole fought the deep urges she was having as she went to her room to lay down on her bed. As she laid on her bed Nicole began to hear some weird shit. Nicole reached up and pressed her fingers in her ears as she was trying to block out the sounds she was hearing. When she closed her eyes all Nicole saw was fire. Nicole began to feel hot so she pulled her sun dress off. “What in the fuck is happening to me” Nicole wondered. “Why is this happening to me” Nicole said softly to herself as tears began to trickle down her face.

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