Blissfully Hooked Ch. 10

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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to Nikki(My wettest fan.), Baikalisan & Syl(love you to bits sis)

Hooked for Life!




“Happy birthday, Lazy Bones.” Kyle chuckled as he watched Aaron stretch on the bed without opening his eyes.

“Ow come on, Kyle.” Aaron moaned, drawing a pillow to cover his head. “It’s not even morning yet.” Aaron’s voice sounded muffled under the pillow.

Kyle burst into laughter as he pulled the pillow off Aaron’s head. “Says who?” Kyle couldn’t stop laughing at the expression on Aaron’s sleepy face. “I just got back from my jog. The sun is already up.”

“Ten more minutes please.” Aaron whimpered, still refusing to open his eyes.

“But I’m lonely.” Kyle couldn’t suppress the whining in his voice.

Aaron gave a deep sigh. “Come here.” Aaron said and pulled Kyle on top of him. Then Aaron coiled his arms around Kyle’s neck and hugged him to him tightly. When he released his hold on Kyle, Aaron bumped his forehead against Kyle’s and murmured, “Let’s sleep for ten more minutes.”

Kyle chuckled. “Go right ahead, baby.” Kyle said, interspacing each word with a kiss. “I’ll go take a shower. And next time, when I tell you to come to bed, do it.”

Kyle pulled up the covers and tucked Aaron in again, and then went to take a shower. He knew Aaron was tired. Kyle had gone to bed early without Aaron because Aaron was spending time with the three very interesting fun-loving brothers who had become pals with them. Kyle had been with them too, enjoying the Ghanaian hiplife songs till he’d started feeling sleepy. Aaron, however, had wanted to stay out and listen to more historical stories so Kyle had gone to bed alone. He’d heard Aaron come to bed at dawn. His boyfriend was something else, Kyle shook his head in amusement as he stood beneath the shower. Kyle had gone for a forty minute jog along the beautiful beach before coming back to wake Aaron up. He’d wanted them to take a shower together, go for breakfast, and then come back to relax in bed with his surprise. Well, thanks to his lazy boyfriend, Kyle had to change the plan.

Their beach resort was simply beautiful. The atmosphere was so serene and refreshing Kyle couldn’t have enough. Their chalet was the biggest and most luxurious on the resort and they had all the privacy they needed. The food was to die for. Kyle particularly loved the jollof rice with fried ripe plantain. It was simply heaven. They had been in Ghana for the past four days and so far it had been fun, fun and more fun. The canopy walk had been so scary, exhilarating and exciting Kyle and Aaron had fucked each other’s brains out immediately they’d gotten to the privacy of their chalet. With all that adrenalin pumping, it had felt like they were high on drugs. They hadn’t even gotten to the bed. They’d fucked right there against the door, standing up. The fact that they were both still fully clothed except for what needed to get out of the way made it all the hotter. That had been hands down one of the best fucks of Kyle’s life. Just thinking about it was making Kyle hard. He quickly rinsed himself and got out of the shower before he got tempted to jack off. He wanted to save himself for what was coming.

Kyle pulled on cargo shorts, a sexy black polo shirt and a baseball cap, completing his casual look with flip flops. Kyle decided to allow Aaron to sleep in for a while without any disturbances. So he quietly stepped out of the chalet to make some important business calls and to change his laid down plans. Kyle also wanted to call and check up on Ken. His brother was on holidays in Britain with Stephen, spending time with Stephen’s folks. Ken was cancer-free after completing his treatment. They’d had a small party for a few close friends, to celebrate his good health. When Ken stood up to give a speech during the party, he’d entreated everyone to say a big thank you to Aaron for saving his stubborn arse. Ken had explained to the guests that had it not been for Aaron, his life would have still been in an uncertain balance.

“Thanks Aaron…for being the smart devil that you are and saving my arse.” Ken had toasted softly with a hitch in his throat.

Ken’s speech had been so touching some of the guests had wiped tears from their eyes. And Aaron…let’s just say most of the tears that had sprung to guests’ eyes had been a result of Aaron’s genuinely floored reaction. Kyle had remembered then, that he’d once prayed in Ken’s house, asking for the help of an angel to convince his stubborn brother to undergo treatment. Well, Aaron must have been that angel sent from up above to grant him his wish. Aaron sure did grant more than his wish though, Kyle couldn’t help thinking. He’d turned and looked at his gorgeous boyfriend with so much awe and love, people who’d noticed his reaction hadn’t been surprised when he’d walked to where Aaron stood and openly kissed him with so much passion. And amidst the cheers that had gone up, Kyle had whispered his thanks into a beaming Aaron’s ear.

Kyle chuckled as he waited for Ken to pick up his casino oyna call. He sure did have an angel. And who in their right minds let go of an angel? Definitely not Kyle Dylan Parker. Aaron was stuck with him for life!


Aaron woke up about two hours later to an empty room. God he was famished, he thought as he stretched. He got out of bed and went to where his backpack stood and drew out a nicely wrapped box and placed it on the bedside table. Then he headed directly to the bathroom to take a shower. When he later heard the bathroom door open, he turned around to see Kyle leaning against the door with his hands stuck in his pocket and his ankles crossed. The smile on his face caused a delicious tingling inside Aaron’s body. Oh fuck, the man was too sexy for his own good, Aaron thought with a groan.

“Wanna join me?” Aaron asked with a grin, which turned into a groan of protest when Kyle shook his head, no.

“I’m hungry.” Kyle laughed.

“What has that got to do with being in the shower with me?” Aaron pouted making Kyle laugh even harder.

“Dude, besides the fact that I’ve already taken a shower…”

“When has that ever stopped you?” Aaron retorted.

“…if I should get in there, we’re not going to get out anytime soon and you know it.” Kyle concluded as though Aaron hadn’t spoken.

Kyle walked to where the towels were stacked and took one for Aaron. But instead of handing it over, he held it open so that Aaron could step into his arms. Then Kyle proceeded to wipe Aaron dry amidst hot kisses.

“Fuck, I love kissing you.” Aaron moaned against Kyle’s lips.

“Feeling is mutual baby.” Kyle husked. “What I wouldn’t give to have you eat breakfast in your birthday suit.” He murmured.

“I could. If we request for room service…” Aaron whispered, capturing Kyle’s lips in another searing kiss.

The minty taste of Aaron’s mouth, his scent which was lemony because of the soap he’d used, and his warmth was driving Kyle crazy. Kyle tore his mouth from Aaron’s and looked down at his flushed skin, his glazed eyes, swollen lips… Aaron looked as turned on as Kyle felt. They needed to get out of the chalet, Kyle thought desperately. He could only think of one thing…he wanted to thrust into Aaron’s body and never stop. Bury his cock in his slick, warm channel and pound into it so deeply they wouldn’t know where he ended and Aaron begun. Aaron must have been of the same mind because his hands were already reaching for the fly of Kyle’s cargo shorts.

“Baby, we need to get out of here.” Kyle panted, taking hold of Aaron’s wrists. “Much as I would want nothing more than to be buried deep inside you right now, I have something else in mind. Come on.” Kyle said, turning around to pull a grumbling Aaron into the room.

“Kyle, come on don’t be like that.” Aaron groaned even as Kyle pulled him into the room. “I ache with wanting you inside me.” He let go of Kyle’s hand and wrapped his arms around Kyle’s waist, looking up seductively at the man whose sexiness had gotten him so hard. “Just a quickie, come on.” Aaron whimpered.

“Stop tempting me, Hunter.” Kyle groaned, bending to press a quick kiss to Aaron’s pouted inviting lips. “Now, get dressed.” Kyle laughed softly and turned Aaron around to face the walk-in closet, slapping him lightly on the butt.

“Killjoy.” Aaron muttered, drawing more laughter from Kyle.

“Love you too, baby.” Kyle said, adjusting himself in his shorts. “Fuck.” He muttered to himself. “Oh, your mum called.”

“May I have the phone please?” Aaron demanded with a sigh. “Knowing her, she’s probably staring at her phone, waiting for it to ring.”

Kyle gave his phone to Aaron with a chuckle and went to change his flip flops for sandals, leaving Aaron to talk to his mother and dressed up. Kyle was shaking with excitement. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Aaron’s face when he finally hit play on their video. When he sat on the bed to buckle his sandals, he saw a parcelled rectangular box with his name on it.

“The fuck…” Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise. He reached for the parcel as he turned to look at Aaron who was busily dressing up and talking to Peggy Hunter.

With shaky fingers, Kyle tore off the wrapper and opened the box inside. Then he carefully took out the beautiful glass plaque that was nestled in there. It was exquisite. Taking a deep shaky breath, Kyle started reading the inscription on it:

‘To Kyle, My very reason for living.

Having you in my life is a beautiful feeling…

You make me feel so special with all that you say and all that you do…

You’re one in a million, my most special Kyle. Your smile makes all the problems in this world insignificant. And my heart really sings when I’m wrapped in your arms.

It’s all the big and little things you do that make me feel completely loved by you.

When you put your arms around me, I know I’ll never be alone.

When you kiss me, I feel kissed forever.

I’m happy you chose me from all the rest, and I’m proud because I know I got the best.

We may fight, and we may cry, but my canlı casino love for you will never die.

I love you.

Your Ron.’

After reading it twice, Kyle finally looked up and saw Aaron leaning against the wall, smiling uncertainly at him. Aaron looked like he didn’t know whether Kyle would like it or not.

“I mean every word.” Aaron said softly. “Do you like it?”

Kyle continued looking at Aaron without answering his question. Then slowly, he fixed the stand behind the plaque and displayed it on the bedside table. Then for about two minutes, Kyle just sat on the bed admiring the plaque. He didn’t know Aaron had moved from where he stood till he felt the bed dip beside him as Aaron sat down. When he felt Aaron take his hand, Kyle turned his head to look at the love of his life and gasped in surprise when Aaron reached up to wipe tears from his cheeks.

“Oh shit.” Kyle murmured. He honestly hadn’t felt the tears on his cheeks. “I love it, baby. Thank you.” Kyle said hoarsely. The emotions rolling through him at that very moment was so overwhelming, he didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m glad you love it.” Aaron grinned.

“You have no idea just how much it means to me.” Kyle whispered.

“Oh but I think I do.” Aaron countered. “I see tears for fuck’s sake. The last time I checked the cry baby in this relationship was me.”

Kyle laughed and leaned forward to press a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “There’s just one problem though.”

“What is it?” Aaron asked between dropping tiny kisses along Kyle’s neck.

“I need more than one of this. This is going to be on my desk in the office. I need one for my study at home too because I spend as much time in there. Can you get me another?”

Aaron burst into laughter. “Sure baby. I’ll arrange for a second one. Is that all?”

“Yep. That’s all.” Kyle said, leaning down to lightly bite Aaron’s earlobe, making Aaron squeal. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

And throughout their meal, Kyle simply couldn’t keep his eyes off Aaron. At a point, Aaron laughed and asked, “What?”

“You know it’s your birthday, right?” Kyle murmured.

“Uh-huh. So?”

“You’re the one who should be getting the presents, not me.”

“I’ve already received mine, remember?” Aaron’s eyes lit up. “This trip. Oh and the surprise that’s to come. What I gave you is not a present. It’s just how I feel. I should tell you every day. So that’s for days that I’m not able to tell you.”

“You mean days that my sexy banker will be too busy to tell me he loves me?” Kyle asked with a raised brow.

“Asshole.” Aaron guffawed. “I’ll never be too busy to tell you I love you, Kyle. That’s a promise.”

“I’ll hold you to it.” Kyle winked sexily at Aaron.

Aaron shook his head slowly with a besotted look on his face, remembering all that had gone on in their lives after weeks of therapy with Dr. Murray. All Aaron could say was that, he was very much content with his life because he had Kyle in it. He just couldn’t believe how good Kyle had been to him. Chris had also surprised both him and Kyle by giving him a superbly attractive offer to work in one of his banks. For a moment, Aaron had thought Chris was merely joking with him. He’d been over the moon when he realized it was no joke. Chris had made Aaron start work immediately but not before Kyle had made Chris promise to give Aaron a week off for his birthday.

“Who am I to say no?” Chris had growled with a mock scowl.

Aaron smiled, remembering that scowl on Chris’ face. Chris was such a sweetheart. The bank had given Aaron options of loans he was entitled to, so he’d quickly taken out a loan, even before officially starting work, and purchased a car for his mother.

“That’s one of the perks of having the owner of a bank as family.” Chris had flashed a grin and winked at Aaron.

Peggy Hunter had been so overwhelmed she’d remained speechless for the whole day. Later, she’d tell anyone who would listen that she was the luckiest mother in the world.

After finally getting tired of Aaron’s whining…that Tristan’s choices of cars were too expensive, Kyle had overruled all objections and purchased the latest Mercedes-Benz CLS, which actually ranked nine, out of twelve Super Luxury Cars, for Aaron.

“Oh my God, Kyle.” Aaron had whispered when the car was delivered to him one fine afternoon. He was to start work the following day. “No, no, no…”

But when he’d gotten behind the steering wheel and seen the extravagantly crafted interior, felt its powerful engine and experienced its fourteen-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system, Aaron had instantly fallen in love with the car. That first drive had been a totally exhilarating experience. After getting back into his driveway from that test drive, Aaron had called Kyle, who was then in a meeting, and simply breathed into the phone…

“I love you so fucking much it hurts.”

“You like it.” Kyle had murmured with a smile on his face, gesturing to the people in the meeting to go right ahead with their discussion.

“I LOVE IT.” Aaron’s voice was barely above a whisper but there kaçak casino was so much heat in his words.

“Awesome. I’m glad you loved my choice.” Kyle chuckled. “Now if you’ll excuse…”

“No wait, wait…” Aaron said quickly, stopping Kyle from getting off the phone.

“Uh-huh?” Kyle couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face. Just hearing Aaron’s voice could do that to him…make him behave like a smitten fool.

“I…I’m sitting in the car. And I’m hard.” Aaron breathed huskily.

“Oh fuck!” Kyle groaned when he felt his own cock stiffen inside his pants at Aaron’s words. “Damnit Aaron, I’m in a meeting.”

“How about lunch? I want to take you out to lunch…in my new car.”

“Come now.” Kyle growled softly. “Go directly to my private parking area and wait for me in the car. I’ll leave instructions.”

“I’m on my way.”

“Good. Oh and Aaron?”

“Yes Kyle?”

“It will save both of us a whole lot of trouble if you went commando. Wait for me in the back seat.” Then Kyle hung up.

And when Kyle opened the door to the back seat of Aaron’s car about thirty minutes later, it was to the glorious sight of Aaron stroking his profusely leaking erection, with his already lubed up hole ready to swallow Kyle’s already hard cock.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle breathed.

And those were the last coherent words either of them had spoken for a while. If only that car could talk!

Unbeknownst to Aaron, his eyes had glazed over and his face looked flashed. Kyle didn’t miss it.

“What are you thinking about?” Kyle smirked. From the look on Aaron’s face, it was obvious that whatever it was he was thinking about, was very naughty.

“What?” Aaron whispered, his cheeks reddening. He was so hard he was grateful they didn’t have to leave the table till they were ready. Those memories…damn!

“You heard me.” Kyle chuckled. “Just now. What…”

“About how much I love you.” Aaron murmured quickly.

“Oh honey, I know you love me.” Kyle purred. “But right now, you’re blushing so hard, I’m…”

“I was thinking about the car, okay?” Aaron groaned. “In your office parking…”

“I get it.” Kyle grinned. “You have such a filthy mind, baby.”

“Well, yours is even filthier, my love. But seriously, there’s no way I can look at that car without remembering…” Aaron’s voice trailed off.

“Me too.” Kyle shook his head. “All I need to do is hear the sound of that car, then BAM, Mr. Bonner. If even the mere sound of a car can do that to me, then you can imagine what you do to me.” Kyle said, looking intently at Aaron.

Aaron squirmed in his seat, trying to get as comfortable as he could with the bulge in his pants. It didn’t help when he looked up and saw Kyle licking his teaspoon with a mischievous smoldering look in his eyes. “Kyle please don’t. I’m already horny as hell…” Aaron groaned.

“God, you so need to get laid, dude.” Kyle purred.

“Fuck you.” Aaron laughed and stood up. “Shall we? I want you in bed.”

“Let’s take a stroll along the beach first, baby. The weather is perfect.”


“Come on, that was too much food. Let’s walk it off.”

Kyle knew they had to stay outdoors and cool off before they went back to their chalet because with the way they were both feeling right then, they would probably be on each other before they got inside their chalet. Besides, he had a little surprise for Aaron before they went back to their chalet. So they strolled along the beach, enjoyed the serene atmosphere. They even joined some kids to play soccer, before they made their way back to the restaurant area of the resort.

“Why are we going back to the restaurant?” Aaron asked just as Kyle pushed the glass door to the restaurant open. “Shouldn’t we be heading for the chalet so we can wash off this sand and sweat…?”

“Happy birthday!” Shouted about twenty people inside the restaurant. They were made up of the resort’s management, workers and some few friends that Aaron and Kyle had made during their stay. The few guests who were having lunch joined the workers to clap excitedly.”

Aaron laughed, looking genuinely surprised. His eyes fell on a big lovely cake with lighted up candles…which Aaron was sure were twenty-two.

“You.” Aaron wagged his finger at a laughing Kyle. “Thank you everyone.” He said loudly to the still clapping audience.

Aaron blew out his candles after making a wish. Then the cake and assorted drinks were shared amongst all of them including the guests who were having their lunch. A local Rastafarian band started playing lovely tunes to everyone’s enjoyment. Aaron wasn’t surprised when they signalled Kyle to join them. His boyfriend had obviously planned everything, Aaron sighed with amusement. And as Aaron already expected, Kyle’s sexy voice captured everyone in the restaurant. There was one particular song…Sweet Sensation by UB40, which was originally sang by The Melodians…that Kyle sang so beautifully and sensually, Aaron had to physically stop himself from going to give his man a sensual kiss right there in front of everyone. He stopped himself by accepting to dance with a really pretty girl, who’d actually insisted on dancing with the birthday boy anyway. Aaron knew he was never going to forget that birthday ever. It was simple but fun.

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