Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 12

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My name is Lorelei Jasmine Brandon and I’m a tall, sexy young Englishwoman ( recently naturalized ) living in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. I am a Marine Biology student at the world-famous New England Military Institute. Someday, I’m going to be a U.S. Army Officer. Until then, I’m an undergraduate at one of the best military academies in North America. This is where I found my true purpose, as well as the man of my dreams.

At first glance, the New England Military Institute looked rather imposing. A hundred-year-old school with a reputation for excellence. NEMI, as the Institute was affectionately called by students, was no place for the weak. Of the school’s eleven thousand students, females made up about forty one percent. I was in a very masculine domain. That didn’t bother me in the least. I’d rather be in a place like this than an all-female school any day. I used to attend a women-only prep school in Cambridge, England, and it was a nightmare. I don’t miss it at all.

The New England Military Institute was a fine place to be. I loved seeing all those sexy young men and women in uniform. Yes, I am bisexual, just in case you’re wondering. I’m also a student-athlete. The New England Military Institute Department of Athletics currently sponsors Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Track & Field, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, Football, Wrestling, Rifle, Archery, Rowing, Fencing, Sailing and Rodeo along with Women’s Intercollegiate bahis firmaları Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, Field Hockey, Rugby, Wrestling, Rifle, Archery, Rowing, Fencing, Sailing and Equestrian. We competed in the NCAA Division One.

I was the captain of the New England Military Institute Women’s Varsity Soccer team. I was quite fond of a certain young man in one of my classes, Jeremiah Stoddard. He was a tall, good-looking black stud with light brown skin and short hair cut in what the black guys called a bald fade. He was a very sexy man that many of the women on campus fancied. Yet he was mysteriously single. I wanted to catch this sexy man for myself. This proved to be harder than I thought. I was fast acquiring a certain reputation among the student body. I had lots of conquests, both male and female. Sexy men and sexy women who were very willing to hook up with me. I had toned down my profile somewhat in recent months, due to a certain incident.

My first semester, I met a gorgeous young black woman named Malinda Stone. She was tall, sexy and bodacious. The best player on the New England Military Institute Women’s Varsity Rugby team. I’ve always had a thing for athletes, both male and female. And Malinda had a pretty face, sexy body and a nice ass. I went after her like a fly after honey. Malinda was a closet case. She played hard to get. When I finally got her alone, she put up a meek fight. As I put the moves on her, kaçak iddaa she told me she had a boyfriend, some guy named Peter, who was a collegiate wrestler at Bridgewater State. I didn’t care. I wanted a piece of Malinda’s sugar. Once I kissed her, she was all mine.

In no time, I had Malinda up against the wall, kissing me like it was her first time. We got it on, right in the women’s locker room. I propped her up on a bench and pulled down her shirt and pants. I fondled her perky tits as I kissed and caressed her. My hands went between her legs, and I slid a tentative finger inside her pussy. Malinda gasped at the intrusion. I smiled and continued to explore her body. Soon, I had two fingers inside her. I tasted her pussy on my fingers, and rubbed her hand against my smooth mound. Malinda’s eyes lit up and she began fingering me. She was quite good at it too. I smiled. Closet case my ass. She was no stranger to lesbian sex. We both screamed and creamed like lesbian sex was going out of style. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

We had a lot of fun together over the coming few months. Malinda couldn’t get enough of my lovemaking. We hooked up in her dormitory as well as mine. It was a lot of fun. We spiced up our sexing. I bought a strap-on dildo and used it on Malinda. I’ve always had a fantasy of using a dildo on a sexy black person, either male or female. A natural submissive, Malinda was eager to go along with whatever I wanted. I put her on all fours and spread her plump cheeks wide kaçak bahis open. With a swift thrust, I shoved my dildo into the black woman’s asshole. Her scream was music to my ears. I pumped my dildo into her booty hole. Malinda squirmed but I grabbed her hips, holding her firmly into place. I fucked her hard and fast, until she finally surrendered to me. She simply lay there and took it. It was absolutely fucking glorious.

Yeah, I’ve had some fun with my fellow student-athletes. Malinda was a good fuck, but after a while, she simply got too clingy. I had to dump her. She was obsessive, claiming to be in love with me. I didn’t find this funny. Lesbians are not opposed to casual sex. Lots of us get together for hot fun. So, I told Malinda to get to stepping. And she got mad as hell. In the end, I had to take a restraining order against her. Oh, well. I didn’t want things to go that far but unfortunately, they did. Lesbian relationships can sometimes turn violent. Nobody in the community likes to admit that but it does happen. As far as I’m concerned, it was good riddance. I didn’t miss Malinda Stone. She did have the most delicious pussy I’ve tasted in a while, though.

Anyway, back to the present. As I walk around campus, I see Jeremiah, the sexy black football stud. He’s holding hands with this black chick named Michelle, and she seems so happy it makes me want to puke. Oh, well. The sexy black stud is taken. I noticed a hot Latin bombshell walking around the cafeteria at lunchtime. She turns around and looks at me knowingly. Yep, she’s a lesbian. Or at least bisexual. And she knows I’m into her. Grinning, I lick my lips. I am so going to get me some of that. Women hunting women. What could be more fun than that?

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