Boss Likes Hypnosis Pt. 01

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Jack looks over the HYPNO-APP on his phone; with sunglasses, of course. The mid-aged and handsome silver fox looks at his very old pocket watch that he USUALLY uses for hypnosis. Jack has been practicing kinky hypnosis for years, and it’s been his favorite fetish since he was a teenager. But hypnosis hasn’t always been easy at all; just getting a guy into a trance is a challenge.

But recently, since Jack had discovered the revolution of a touch-screen phone, his nephew has been so gracious about showing him the odds and ends of app features, including the so-called HYPNO-APP. That’s one thing this aged uncle has in common with his feisty nephew. And according to him, this app almost works TOO good; he’s been told to wear some sunglasses when using the app so that it doesn’t affect him.

He’s still not too sure about this, he’s always used a pocket watch or other gestures to hypnotize men, and he’s always been able to get good results each time. But according to his nephew, this gets most people under in practically no time. Though from just checking it out, it’s just a screen with a basic black/white swirl. That alone CAN’T be enough to induce someone, is it? But his nephew also mentioned something about the app having a low-frequency noise that comes with subliminal flash-imagery that’s supposed to jab at the victim’s imagery, and yadda yadda yadda.

Frankly, Jack can’t make sense of half of what the boy says. But he has video proof that he had his former high school Chemistry teacher dancing in wearing nothing but a pink thong to the song ‘Barbie Girl’ in front of a roaring and laughing assembly.

So hey. He should give it a try.

After calling in one of his long-time subordinates up to see him, Jack turns on the app and sees the black-white spiral. Curious, he holds it up to his ear to listen for any noise… He hears… SOME sort of rhythm, but it’s not nearly loud enough make anything out. The boss perches his phone at a Velcro patch on the wall right below the ceiling; his nephew says as long as it’s on, and the screen is in easy view, the hypnosis should be almost instantaneous.


“Oop,” Jack turns a bit just as he fixed his phone up there. He gets down off his chair and situates behind his desk, “Come in?”

The door opens, and in comes John. Tall, tan, handsome guy. Chiseled jaw with a thin layer of stubble “You wanted to see me, Jack?” John says as he glances up a bit. Why is there a phone up on the ceiling?

“Good, you’re here.” Jack smiles and nods “Was wondering if I could talk you into getting drinks later after work.”

“… With some of the other coworkers, right?” John inquired as he keeps looking up and back at his boss. Did Jack put up some kind of new security camera?

“Actually I was hoping it’d be just you and me.” Jack says with a smile.

“Not this again, Jack…” John sighs. “Jack. Look. I am not interested in men. Didn’t you uh…” John looks up at the bright spiral again, a little longer this time before looking back at Jack “Didn’t you have a file to give me or something??”

“You seem a little distracted, John?” Jack gets up, already detecting a good sign here, “Are you considering on drinking me under the table?”

“What?? No! I’m don’t wanna grab drinks! I just want… I uh… Wanna…” John stares at the spot on the ceiling as his brain starts to draw longer and longer blanks. “File, sooo… Work?”

“You want me to file your work?” Jack asks as he crosses his arms.

“No, I can… Work… Fuh… Jack, whh…” John’s mentality slowly slips from him as he gazes at the ceiling.

“A file? I have one if you’d like to get it”

“W-Wha?” John fidgets and looks at his superior, before his eyes go right back to the phone.

“File. Folder. Cabinet. There.” Jack pointed while still staring at his colleague.

Finally, John’s brain clears entirely of free thought and will. He just stares into the distance, his eyes reflecting a blank mindset as he stands there with his mouth ajar.

“… John? Jooohhn?” Jack walks around his desk and waves a hand in front of the younger worker’s face, but received no response. “Wow. This worked faster than I thought.” He takes off his protective shades and looks to him, “But does it actually work?” Jack walks around looks John up and down. “John, casino siteleri do you hear me?”


“Do you know who I am?”

“You are… Jack… You are… My boss… At work…” He responds in a very monotone voice.

“Heh… John, I want you to give me a bright smile, and tell me you want a 100 cocks up your ass.”

John’s mouth curls into the happiest and laziest smile he’s ever worn, and says “I want a hundred cocks up my ass.”

“Okay. Still wanna test a few things.” Jack says to his employee. “John, when I snap my fingers, you will turn around, bend over, and start bongo-spanking your rump.”


John blinked as he smiles wide again and turns to show his backside to Jack. He immediately leans down, showing off his trouser-packed bottom to his boss, and both hands start slapping his own ass fast and hard.

“Hah, well I’ll be damned!” Jack beams as he watches John spank himself with a massive grin on his face. This old man is already getting a deep stirring in his pants as he witness this. “You like that, John?”

“I… Don’t know, Jack…” John’s monotone respose says, even with his mouth in a manufactured smile as his arms move on their own to slap both cheeks.

“Say you do.” Jack shrugged “Let’s just say you like me doing this to you.”

“I like you doing this to me, Jack.” John responds as his hands slap and abuse his rear over and over.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Jack says. John’s hands stops spanking and he stands up straight. “Now this time, when I snap my fingers, you will believe you are a happy and dumb dog.” His fingers go up and SNAP “Wake.”

John blinks awake, and his legs immediately drop him down and to his hands and knees. The business man looks up at Jack with glee and stupidity with his new mindset. “WOOF! Woof!” John barks as his butt starts wagging left and right.

“Oooh, there we go, that’s a good boooy” Jack says as he cups Jack’s cheeks and rubs them.

“RrruuurrrRRuuurruuu!” Jack murrs and pants with his tongue hanging out.

“Sit still, boy.” Jack says before he gets his phone out and hits ‘record’ on it; another confounded trick his nephew has showed him. He holds the camera view to his face and smiles, “Hey Mark! Just wanted to let you know if the hypnosis thing on my phone works. I got a new dog!” He turns it and shows John happily panting and shaking his ass behind him fast. “His name is John. Say Hello, John!”

“BORF! BOOF! Woof woof!” John barks out.

“Good booooy” Jack snickers “Roll over, John.”

“Rrruuff” John flops to the floor and turns around one way, and then rolls the other way.

“Beg, boy.”

“Rrrruuuuuuuu” John sniffled as he holds his arms up and limbs his wrists as he looks sad for a moment before looking back up with those beaming eyes.

“Okay! Now hump Daddy’s leg, John” Jack snickers.

“WOOF!” John barks happily as he crawls over to his boss and positioned his legs accordingly on either side of Jack’s leg. John shoves his thighs right onto Jack and starts to race his bulge up and down on Jack’s shin and knee. “Aaawwwrrrroooooooo~” John goes cross-eyed as he pants stupidly and faps his package like nuts on him.

“Hahahaha that is excellent.” Jack pats at John’s head, “Think he’s getting a chubby from this, aren’t you, ya dumb horny degenerate?”

“BOOORRRF! HhHHhhHHhhHHhhHH!” John pants as his crotch goes to town. Jack turns the recording camera back to him.

“Right then, I’m going to enjoy myself, Mark. Thanks again for teaching me this hypno-app thing, saves me a TON of time. I’ll send you this as soon as I figure out how to send this recording. Work hard, nutbuster. Say bye-bye, Rover.”

“ROOF! ROOF!” John barks at the phone as he humps away.

“Alright…” Jack fiddles with his phone and figures out how to stop the recording. “Aaaaand sleep!”


John stops humping and stares glossy-eyed forward. “Okay, get up, that’s right.” Jack gets him into position “Right then.” John’s eyes idle slightly as his brain awaits further instruction when Jack holds onto his shoulder.

“Alright, pay close attention, John.” Jack begins, “When I say ‘Wake’, you are going to forget you are married to your wife. Instead, you are going to think my ass is your girlfriend that you’ve known since high school. I want you to canlı casino treat my rump like a hot romantic date.”

“Yes, Jack…” John mumbles as his glossy eyes continue to stare forward.

“Further more, whenever I talk to you, you’re going to assume that it’s just my butt that’s talking instead of me.”

“Yes, Jack…” John complies.

“Right…” Jack takes a step back and holds up his fingers to snap, “Wake!”

John blinks awake and quirks about, “A-Ah, so… What were we doing?”

“Think you were going on about your wife?” Jack says with a smile as he leans on his desk from the front, his rear pressing on the edge.

“Wife?” Jack furrows his brow and scoffs a little, “I’m not married. Not yet.”

“Oh, not married?” Jack chuckles as he casually nods at him, “Then what’s with that ring on your finger?”

“Huh?” John brings up his left hand and sees the gold band around it. “That’s weird, when did I get this?”

“Maybe you just forgot about Carol?” Jack jests.

“Who?” John asks, “Look boss, I’m not married, I’d remember if I was hitched already.”

“Oh really.” Jack smiles as he crosses his arms, “Then how about you and I hit up Tavers after work?”

“Not this again” John removes the ring from his finger and puts it in his pocket “Jack, I’m not gay. You need to stop making that pitch.”

“Alright alright. Well.” Jack unfurls his arms, “How bout I get those files for you?”

“Yes. That’d be great.” John frowns and nods. He watches as Jack turns around and walks to the cabinet. John looks down and raises a brow as he sees his boss’s rear under his office jacket just before Jack squats down somewhat and bends over. John smiles wide as he walks up behind Jack. “Hey, babe.” He says as he pats at Jack’s butt.

“Ooh,” Jack irks and turns around, “Frisky, buddy?”

“Ah-What?” John blinked as his attention is back at his boss’s face. What happened to his date?

“You just slapped my butt.”

“No I didn’t! I’m straight!”

“Your hand, was on my behind, and you and I are the only ones here.”

“Jack, I swear, I don’t even like spanking women.”

“Right. Just keep your hands to yourself, John.” Jack tells him before he turns back around. John looks down and smiles again.

“Hey babe. You been working out?” John asks as he looks down and puts his hands on his hips.

“Actually, yes.” Jack grins as he arches his back and wags his rump a little, “Thought you wouldn’t notice.”

“Oh babe. I always notice.” John reaches down and cups Jack’s bottom. The older gentleman growls as that rough hand molests his rear “You look great”

“Awww, and I thought I was getting too big” Jack goads on as he keeps his pose as he reaches back and starts to rub and massage his own buttcheeks.

“Mmmfff yeah, baby. You still got it.” John chuckles and grins as his sense of logic doesn’t even question Jack’s masculine hands folding and roaming his own booty — to John, that rear is his girlfriend doing a cute strip tease.

Jack snickers as he peers over his shoulder and sees his employee enticed by his rump. Jack goes to get the file in the cabinet again. “How about you give me a hug?”

“Oh yeah, sweetie…” John comes in close and puts his arm around Jack.

“Huh??” Jack whips his head around a bit; he was expecting John to grab his rump a bit. Instead, John just hugs Jack from behind and starts to gently hump his pelvis into his clothed rear. “Oooohh that is so much better.” Jack moans as he gets aroused by this and pushes his ass against John’s crotch.

“Mmmmhhh…” John smiles with contentment and closes his eyes as he smushes his bulge into Jack’s crack, “Reminds me of our prom. You remember, babe?”

“Pfff, hehehe…” Jack snickers “Oh yeah… You bumped uglies with me right on the dance floor. You were on me like a damn stupid dog.”

“Mmmhh, yyeeeaaahh” John rides his pelvis firmly and rolls his hips firmly up and down. To Jack’s surprise, he can actually feel John get a hard-on from this. “Mmhhhh… God, I just want to make out with you just like we did back then…”

Jack slaps his forehead and suppresses a laugh before continuing “So you’re sure you’re not married, John?”

“What?? Sweetie, no!” John scoffs as he gets on his knees to be eye-level with Jack’s ass, “Babe, I’m not a cheater!”

“I kaçak casino don’t know if I believe you…” Jack snickers as he waves his butt left and right, “Maybe if you kissed me every once in a while…”

“Oh babe! Always!” John scoffs as his hands holds onto Jack’s hips. Jack’s face goes hot as he looks over his shoulder and sees John put on a shit-eating grin “Here, lemme give you some sugar…” John then moves in and puckers his lips.

“OOofff… Ohhhh” Jack moans as his loins aches in his pants. He’s always had a huge fetish for clothed sexuality; this is getting him so hot, John might as well be eating out his ass! He moans and his heart pounds while he reaches down to start rubbing himself while John licks into the pants and grazes his teeth into it, each move of the jaw making Jack twitch with lust.

John nuzzles and sniffs into Jack’s rear some more before he reaches up and slides Jack’s pants a little. “A-Ahh…” Jack looks over his shoulder and watches John positions the pants’ belt just below his Jack’s cotton-brief covered buttocks before those strong hands hold that round butt as his face mushes into them. “Oh my God, this is hot…” Jack mumbles harshly as his own dick makes the front of his pants tent big time.

“I am so addicted to yooouuu…” John moans as he rubs and roams his face all over those soft buns, “I remember the teacher always yelling at us everytime I kissed you out in the hallways…”

“Mmmhh, mm-hhmmmm” Jack moans and sweats as his entire mid-aged body trembles with heat. He wants to enjoy this, but he also wants to try some other ridiculous hypnosis tricks he’s always wanted to do as well…

John lays a kiss on Jack’s left cheek, a lush gnaw on his right cheek, and then buries his face into that trouser protected crack. John growls and huffs as his tongue licks and his lips slip along the cotton fabric, his mind fully convinced that he’s snogging a hot girl right now.

“Haawwhh… Ghhh” Jack moans verbally as he feels John actually feel his briefs down to below his butt, and even jerking and flinching with sheer lust as John’s hand gives that booty a few smacks.

“Come here, you hot piece of ass.” John growls romantically before he goes in.

“OHH! Oh fuck!” Jack moans and grasps onto the file cabinet as his pucker is licked. His legs shake as John’s hands roam and rub his mounds while that mouth tenderly smooches and slurps on and around Jack’s loose butthole. “Oh Christ”

“Mmhhhrrr” John purrs around that hole, smiling as he licks into that crack, “You like that, baby? You taste wonderful.” John once again goes in and makes out with the boss’s ass once more. John hums and moans as his lips and tongue makes slow and sweet love to Jack’s anus.

“Oh, you stud~” Jack snickers and moans as John kisses one cheek, then the other, and John just chuckles as he snoofs at Jack’s crevice “You never kissed me like that before”

“That’s because-”

At this time, Jack turns right around, and Jack snaps out of it as he suddenly is staring at Jack’s jutting crotch, the summit of the damp tend booping him right on the nose. Just like that, his girlfriend has disappeared and he is now looking at the business end of his boss! “I love you… Babe…” John blinks as his face goes numb with cluelessness. He whips his head around and gaps as he looks up at Jack’s face, “A-Ahhh”

“Well gee.” Jack smirks “I love you too, sweetheart.”

“Oh my GOD!” Jack springs to his feet and backs away, “Jack, I am so sorry! I- juh- dammit, I swear, I don’t know what I was doing on the floor right now!”

“Looked like you were about to give me head, John.” Jack smirked “I mean, I would NOT mind at all-“

“Oh my God- NOOO!” John pointed at him accusingly “That’s NOT what was going on!!”

“John, you should look down at yourself.” Jack remarked while he pulls the back of his pants back up to cover his butt.

“What??” John looks down at gaps as he too is sporting a large erection, pointing right at his boss’s boner! “A-Aaahhh… Ehhh…” John glances back at himself and his boss, his hands going and covering his crotch to hide his shame. “Look, this isn’t what it looks like!”

“I mean, there are plenty of employees who kiss their boss’s ass or suck some dick to get ahead in their career, and I’d love to oblige you if that’s the case-“

“JACK! Stop!” John barked angrily “I do NOT fuck MEN-“

“Sleep.” Jack snapped his fingers and John stops ranting. His arms drop down as his eyes go dormant and he falls into a trance again.

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