Breakdown Ch. 01

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Pulling over to the shoulder, I put the car in park. Climbing out of the red ’96 Ford Thunderbird, I was pretty sure I already knew what was wrong, but that didn’t make things any better when I walked around the front of the car to the passenger side. “Shit,” I whispered, looking down at the blown tire. I closed my eyes and shook my head slowly, trying to calm the growing frustration within. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

True, it wasn’t as though the car was totaled. Hell, there hadn’t even been an accident. In fact, I noticed as I did a quick look up and down the street, that there wasn’t even another car in sight. This time of night, almost eleven thirty if I wasn’t mistaken, that didn’t come as a shock. I’d been on my way home from a friend’s house, driving down a road I’d taken hundreds of times before when I felt the car start to shake. That was when I’d pulled over. “What the hell am I gonna do now,” I wondered aloud, leaning back against the hood of the car. I didn’t have a cell phone, I’d never been very good at making the payments, and the spare that I did have was nearly out of air as well. It had almost saved me a couple of months ago when I’d blown another tire on my way to work. That was when I’d learned of the state it was in. I’d kept telling myself that as soon as I had the time, I’d take it down to the gas station and fill it up. Unfortunately I’d never found the time.

“This is just great,” I mumbled just under my breath, “Just fucking great!” In a moment of rage, I turned around and kicked the front bumper as hard as I could. A moment later I had my shoe off and I was rubbing my tender foot.

The longer I sat here, the more apparent it was becoming that nobody was going to be passing by anytime soon. The road I was on was a back way. Thought it wasn’t quite a back country dirt road, it probably saw about the same amount of traffic. It was surrounded by trees and woodlands on either side which probably made it seem even darker than it was. Opening the door to turn my flashers on, I reached over and grabbed my pack of smokes off the passenger seat. Locking the door, I lit a cigarette and started to walk. At least it wasn’t a cold night, and it wasn’t raining or anything like that. Those thoughts were my desperate attempt to find some kind of silver lining. As I walked, I began to wonder exactly what I was going to do once I reached my destination. I lived with family, but they’d all be asleep by now, and I really couldn’t think of anybody else, at least anybody who’s number I could remember. I supposed there was always Rachel, but I really didn’t want to trouble her.

A slight breeze began to pick up, doing it’s best to thwart my attempts at lighting another cigarette shortly after I stubbed the last one out on the road. In the end, my determination won out though.

I walked like that for probably the better part of an hour before I could finally make out the intersection in the distance. What little there was of this town was pretty much built along it. The lights of the gas station were visible now. Though the building was closed, the pumps would be open all night. Too bad I didn’t need gas. Just beyond that I could see the outline of an old church. I honestly wasn’t even sure if the place was still open, but it had been standing there for as long as I’d been taking this road. On the opposite side of the street I could see the lights from the bar and the parking lot. At least it looked like I’d made it before they’d closed down for the night. As I approached, I decided I’d probably have to call Rachel. She was the only one I could think of who might still be up.

From the outside, the establishment looked rather plain. Simply another building with glass windows, doors, and wooden siding. There was one of those OPEN signs in the window in the shape of a beer bottle. Personally, I’d always found those things a little corny, but right now I certainly wasn’t here to judge. As long as they had a phone I could use, this place was alright by me. I pushed the door open and made my way into the dimly lit room. What it lacked in lighting, it made up for in sound. There were people all around talking and laughing and a few who were shouting at each other.

The center of the main room was the bar. It was basically a large square with silver colored bar stools lining the outside. Most of the stools were taken. As you got further away from that focal point, there were small, raised wooden tables, many of which were occupied by men and women enjoying their drinks. Finally, around the outer wall of the room were booths. Again there were people there enjoying their drinks and conversations, and a few who were getting kind of cozy with each other.

With purpose, I made my way toward the bar. I could already see the bartender mixing a drink for a young brunette, probably not much past her twenty-first. If it weren’t for Rachel, I might have approached her. Well, Rachel and the rather bulky looking biker who was chatting her up. Either way I casino siteleri was holding out for Rachel. We’d known each other since sixth grade and we’d been the best of friends. Sometimes, when we were in our teens, we used to joke that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but that was as far as it had gone. Now I wanted more, and I wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted. Finally I grabbed the bartender’s attention.

He was a young man, definitely under thirty, with short blond hair and dark green eyes. He was wearing a tight blue t-shirt that showed off his well defined musculature and probably got him a fair amount of attention from the ladies. I had to give him credit. If I had a body like that, I would have been showing it off too. I wasn’t fat or anything, just average. I’d tried many times over the years to work out and build some muscles, but it never seemed to take.

The man walked over to me, “What’ll it be?”

“Nothing to drink,” I told him, speaking loud enough to be heard over the din. “My car blew a tire a ways back. I was hoping you’d have a phone I could use to call a lift.”

“Sure,” he said, pointing toward the back of the crowded room. “There’s a payphone right back by the bathrooms.”

“Thanks,” I said.

He responded with a nod and went off to help another customer.

I made my way back toward the phone, and decided I should probably use the facilities as well. After I zipped back up, I walked over the mirror and took a quick look at my reflection as I washed my hands. Boy did I look tired. The wind had completely messed up my short brown hair, causing it to stick out in every direction, and there were the beginnings of dark circles just below my hazel eyes. And boy did I need to shave. I shook my head, first I needed to call Rachel and get the hell home. Or, I thought with a smirk, back to her place. The night was still young. Maybe I could convince her to…

My train of thought derailed as I felt a hand lightly grip my shoulder. Instinctively, though I could have just looked into the mirror, I turned. There was a man standing behind me. His hair was jet-black and neatly combed, and his eyes were a deep shade of blue. There was just the inkling of stubble on the bottom of his chin and just below his short nose, and his rather lean looking build was hidden beneath a rather expensive looking black suit.

“Excuse me,” I said forcefully, lifting his hand away.

“Well, aren’t you a feisty one,” he said playfully. “I like feisty.”

“Good for you,” I said uncomfortably, stepping back and bumping into the sink. “Unfortunately I don’t play for your team pal, so I’d appreciate it if you’d just back the fuck off.” I was leaning against the sink now, feeling more uncomfortable than I could remember feeling in a long time. The smile on his face was eerie.

“Are you sure?” he asked, taking a short step forward. For a moment I didn’t move as I felt and saw the back of his hand stroking my cheek, “Because I could make you feel really good tonight.” His hand sent a chill down my spine, and not the good kind.

“Look buddy, I’m gonna give you one more chance to back off. I’m not gay and I’m not interested. I honestly don’t care if you are… I could give a rat’s ass, but if you don’t stop hitting on me…”

“What?” he whispered, moving in closer. “What are you going to do about it?”

“This,” I said with gusto. The punch caught me off guard, and I was the one who threw it, so I could only imagine how surprised he’d been. It felt like life was happening in slow motion as I watched my fist make contact with the left side of his jaw, watched him fall backwards and land on his ass.

“Now, leave me the fuck alone,” I told him, getting out of there as quickly as I could. I thought about calling Rachel, but decided I didn’t want to be standing right outside the bathroom when that guy came walking out. Instead, I made my way toward the bar. I decided I’d watch for grabby to leave, and then use the phone.

I sat down at the bar, and the bartender walked back over to me. “Able to get a hold of somebody he asked, wiping out a glass.

“Haven’t used the phone yet,” I told him, stifling a yawn. “Some fag in the bathroom tried to put the moves on me.” I paused, hoping I hadn’t stepped over the line with that comment. I didn’t have anything in particular against homosexuals, the word had just slipped out. If the bartender was put off by it, he didn’t show it, so I continued. “The dude wouldn’t lay off, so I thought I’d wait until he left to use the phone.”

He nodded, “Sorry about that.”

“Not your fault,” I told him, resting my elbows on the bar. It seemed a little quieter than it had even a few minutes ago, and I looked around to find that many of the patrons had apparently left for the night.

“Can I get you a drink while you wait?” he asked, “You’ve had a pretty rough night, so it’s on the house.”

That brightened my mood a little. I’ll have a Corona with a lime,” I told him. As he went to get my beer, canlı casino my eyes turned back toward the bathrooms. I watched as finally the man in the dark suit walked out. He took a quick look around the bar, but didn’t make eye contact with me, and made a beeline for the door.

“Here you go,” I turned to watch the blond man put my drink on the table, “Enjoy.”

“Thanks,” I told him. I squeezed the lime juice into the bottle, raised my glass to him, took a sip and stood up to head for the phone. It was good, and I decided I was gonna have to remember this place. Maybe I could bring Rachel here sometime.

I set my beer on the top of the phone, deposited my changed, and dialed. After a moment a bleary feminine voice answered. “Hello?”

“Did I wake you?” I asked, suddenly worried. I certainly hadn’t wanted to put anybody out.

“No,” and I heard a stifled yawn. “Is that you Trevor?”

“In the flesh,” I said and then thought about it, “Well, not exactly in the flesh I suppose, but yeah it’s me.”

“Where are you?” she asked, “There’s a lot of noise… are you in a bar?” She sounded a little put out. No doubt she was worried that this was going to turn into one of those drunken phone calls people often made in the early hours of the morning.

“Yes,” I admitted, “but not because I wanna be. My car blew a tire and this was the closest place with a phone.”

I heard her groan, “I’m guessing you need a ride then?”

“I don’t want to trouble you,” I started.

Rachel interrupted, “No, it’s okay. Just tell me where you are. I’ll come get you.”

I spent a little time explaining my location to her, occasionally taking a sip of the beer. “I’m almost out of time here,” I told her.

“That’s okay,” she told me, “I’ve got it. I know the place. I’ve gotta get dressed, but I can probably be there in about half an hour.”

“Thanks,” I told her, relief washing over me in waves, “You’re a life saver. I’ll be waiting.”

“Later,” I heard her say and then the line cut off.

Feeling a little better, I decided that I hadn’t really had a cigarette in a while. Damn the state and it’s decision to ban smoking in public buildings. Walking by the bar, I held my half finished Corona up in salute to the bartender. He nodded as I walked by.

I stepped outside, finished the last drink of beer and discarded the bottle in the garbage can. It was a beautiful night out. There was just the hint of a breeze and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to mar the beauty of the stars. It was romantic, and I began to wonder if I could use that to my advantage with Rachel.

I pulled a cigarette out and placed it between my lips. After several attempts to light it, I started to think I was just going to have to go without for a bit. The breeze kept hitting at just the right time and angle to put out my flame.

That was when a flame materialized in front of me. Instinctively I leaned the tip of my smoke into it and began to inhale.

“Thanks,” I started, looking up to see who had come to my rescue. It was the same man I’d ran into in the bathroom earlier. I stepped back. “What the fuck pal?” I asked, doing a poor job of pretending not to be startled. “I already told you I’m not interested.” I backed up a little more.

To his credit, he looked a little apologetic. There was the hint of humility in his deep blue eyes. “I know,” he said quietly. “I actually wanted to apologize for that.” He paused long enough to light his own cigarette. “Sometimes I get a couple of drinks in me and…” The stranger bit his lips and shook his head. “Anyway, I’m sorry about that.” It looked for a moment like there was something else that he wanted to say, but he apparently thought better of it. “That’s all,” he told me, turning to walk toward the parking lot.

Now who was the jerk? “I’m sorry too,” I said, taking another drag, “I shouldn’t have hit you. It’s just… I guess it’s been a really bad night. My car’s sitting on the side of the road a ways back,” I pointed in the direction I’d walked from, “and I had to wake somebody up to come pick me up and…” I paused, trying to think of a way to sum everything up, “I’m just frustrated, but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” I looked as he turned to face me again, “I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.”

He shook his head, “Nah. Trust me, you’re not the first guy to deck me.” To my surprise he actually smirked. Maybe this guy wasn’t so bad after all. “I’m Trevor by the way,” I told him, extending my hand in friendship.

“William,” he told me, taking my hand. His handshake was firm and strong and for some reason I found it comforting.

“Nice to meet you,” I told him, and realized that I was still gripping his hand. “Sorry,” I whispered, pulling my hand back.

“Nice to meet you too,” he told me, coming over to stand beside me, “So, who’d you get a hold of at this hour to pick you up?” he asked, obviously trying to start a conversation. I’m not sure why I noticed it, but it occurred to me that he kaçak casino had a really nice, really smooth speaking voice.

“Oh, Rachel,” I told him, my eyes returning to the road, watching for any signs of her car.

“Girlfriend?” He asked.

Now it was my turn to smirk. “Not exactly,” I told him, not really sure why I was having a conversation like this with some strange guy who’d tried to hit on me in the men’s room less than an hour ago. When I looked over, I saw the confused look on his face. I shook my head slowly, “We’ve been friends since grade school and…”

“And you want something more?” he asked by way of finishing my thought.

“No… I mean… maybe. I guess I really don’t know,” I told him, taking another drag.

“Have you talked to her about it?” He asked, flicking his ashes on the pavement. “Asked her how she feels about it?”

“No,” I said dumbly. I dropped my finished cigarette on the ground and stomped it out with my foot. “I’m just worried…”

I hadn’t really noticed any movement on his part, but I noticed that he was suddenly standing right up next to me. Our shoulders were practically touching. What really surprised me was the fact that I didn’t very much care.

“Worried about?” He asked.

“About wrecking everything I guess,” I told him. William was turning out to be a damn good listener. At around that point a voice deep down inside started asking when I was going to stop mentally listing things I was starting to like about this man. I ignored the voice. “I mean, if she’s not interested, than that’s gonna make the friendship weird. You know what I mean?”

“I do,” he said, taking a step forward and standing directly in front of me. “Listen,” he told me, “Sometimes life puts us in situations that we didn’t expect, situations that we don’t know how to handle. Sometimes the best thing that we can do is just embrace the situation and accept the fact that life is driving us rather than trying to force the reverse. You know what I mean?”

“I think so,” I told him. He was stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. It felt good. I closed my eyes for a moment and just enjoyed the sensation, the warmth of his flesh on my cheek. Something about this was odd, but I really couldn’t put my finger on what. ,I placed my hand on his but instead of pushing him away again, I was guiding his hand against my skin.

When I opened my eyes, his face was right up next to mine and I found myself staring into those deep ocean eyes. “What’s going on?” I whispered. “Was there something in my drink?” It was said barely above a whisper. He answered my question by leaning in and planting his mouth firmly against mine. I leaned in to it, loving the strength of his kiss, the way his lips felt. I felt as though I were being pulled into the kiss by a whirlpool and I was powerless to swim against the current. Before I knew it, my hands were resting on his hips. I separated my lips ever so slightly, just enough for his tongue to dart into my mouth where it was met by my own. William and I stood there, making out for the better part of a minute or two before he finally pulled away. There was a soft warm smile on his lips. Those beautiful lips.

I couldn’t help but chuckle and look down, avoiding eye contact for a moment. “Wow,” was all I could manage, but it summed things up pretty well. That was one of the most amazing kisses I’d ever experienced. So, I had to wonder why the fact I’d experienced it with a man didn’t bother me just a little more, or at all. Finally, I looked up and our eyes met again. Pulling him closer, throwing my arms up over his shoulders, I whispered, “What did you do to me?”

“I think that was called a kiss,” he said in total deadpan. I laughed out loud.

“I know that was a kiss,” I told him in a voice that contained just a hint of mock chiding. “I just… I’ve never been interested in guys before, just never been turned on by them. I am,” I tilted my head and cracked a half smile, “Totally and utterly not into guys, so why…”

“Why ask why?” he countered. “Remember what I was saying a moment ago about just going along with life?”

“What I was going to say,” I said in pseudo-irritation, “If somebody had let me finish is, why can’t I stop myself from kissing you again?” With that, I leaned upward, he was an inch or two taller, and met his lips once again. This time, I slid my tongue into the warm inviting cavern of his mouth and wrestled him on his home territory. As we were kissing, one of my hands slid down and around until it was cupping his ass. It felt so firm and toned. I squeezed just a little. I desperately wanted to feel my palm up against the bare flesh of his cheek, without the annoying clothing in the way. My other hand wrapped itself around the back of his head, pulling him closer, and forcing our lips together even tighter. As incredible as that first kiss had been, this one was even more amazing. I felt his hands holding me tightly, and it felt so good and safe to be locked in his tight embrace. I could feel something beginning to push against the denim in the crotch of my jeans and realized just how into this I was. Using his ass, I pulled his pelvis against mine and began to grind.

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